Gulab Jamun – Easy To Make Yummy Gulab Jamun Recipe For Kids

gulab jamun recipe

Gulab Jamun – Easy To Make Yummy Gulab Jamun Recipe For Kids


In India, the sweets fill all the festivals and occasions. That starts especially from laddu and end up with infinity.

That sweets include jalebi, halwa, rasagulla, and Mysore Pak,. Yes! there are plenty of sweets in Indian cuisine.

In fact, there are a lot of sweet lovers too resides in India. All of them have one special sweet always as a favorite dish.

That sweet is definitely the appetizing ‘gulab jamun’. This is a famous and favorite dish among all over India.

The small friend browny rounds give curiosity while we look on to it. The aroma of this sweet is just awesome.

All the sweet stalls have this classy gulab jamun. There are no words to describe how wonderful this sweet is.

Gulab jamun is the center of attraction on every special occasion in India. This sweet is not only a favorite dish for India.

But also loved in Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh too. Even though this is a favorite dish in India, it’s origin differs.

Surprising right? Gulab jamun is actually a dish from Persia. All gulab jamun lovers need to know this original fact.

Actually Persians named this sweet Gulab which means rose water scented syrup. And the Jamun means black plum.

Because the Gulab is prepared from the sweet sugar syrup. Then the Jamun is made in shape and color like that fruit.

The sweets such as the Persian bamieh and the Turkish tulumba are surprisingly similar to the Indian gulab jamun.

Here you will find more about the gulab jamuns. How to prepare them and what are the methods to make them in brief. 

What is Gulab Jamun?

Gulab jamun is a sweet that is in a circular shape. The gulab jamuns are deep-fried ones similar to the ball shape.

The fried ones are dipped in a sugar syrup finely. Moreover, this awesome sweet dish is famous all over in India.

In fact, gulab jamun is a royal dessert during the Mughals kingdom. Now it occupies every Indian special occasion.

Gulab jamun actually in two colors such as brown and black. They both are the same but slightly differ in flavors.

The brown color gulab jamun gets its color from solid milk, sugar content. This is delicious and phenomenal in taste.

The black gulab jamun also called Kala Jamun. The color of this Kala Jamun got by deeply frying them on the low flame.

The brownie ones are the most favorite ones of most. Making of this fabulous gulab jamun is also easy nowadays.

India involves gulab jamun traditionally and emotionally. Since, this is an ancient sweet dish of India.

How to Make Gulab Jamun?

Gulab jamun is a classy Indian sweet which is common on special occasions. This is actually a simple dish to make at home.

Generally, these are the sweet balls made form the kneading process. That includes khoa, milk and flour kneading.

These all are used to make balls in small or big shapes. After making the balls, they made to deep fry process.

For deep frying, you can use oil or butter to get a better taste. Then make the sugar syrup and dip them into it.

Syrup Making:

Firstly, mix well the water with sugar. You can use cardamom powder for getting a nice aroma and a flavor.

Boil well the syrup until it becomes sticky in texture. Similarly, you can add rose water and saffron onto it.

Finally, the sweet sugar syrup is ready as hot syrup. Keep this another side for using after making the Jamun.

Jamun Making:

Jamun making is the major process that includes kneading the flour and khoa with milk to get a soft texture.

Then make balls in the texture to make Jamun. You can make a heart shape and other shapes too for jamuns.

Finally, Deep fry the jamuns in the oil or ghee. After that dip them in the syrup and soak well for some hours. 

How Many Variation of Making Gulab Jamun?

Generally, there are two varieties in making gulab jamun. One is using milk powder and the other one is using khoya.

Both methods will give extremely good flavor to the dish. Try both methods at home to make Gulab Jamun.

Gulab Jamun With Milk Powder:

Milk powder is the better option to make gulab jamun in an easy way. Actually this is a readymade option for making this.

This is the best option for those who do not have access to khoya. Since khoya needs hard work for making that in hours.

Even beginners can make this recipe with milk powder. If you are a beginner, you can surely go with milk powder.

Gulab jamun with Khoya:

Khoya is even better while comparing to milk powder. Actually, khoya is similar to the term mawa, a frozen product.

All the Indian grocery stores contain this khoya. There are plenty of khoya varieties available in the market.

Generally, this recipe needs plain and also unsweetened khoya. This is a suitable method for making gulab jamun. 

Why Gulab Jamun Break on Frying?

Generally, Gulab jamun is the most popular sweet recipe of indain cuisine. Making the gulab jamun at home is quite difficult.

If you make a perfect texture, then it becomes a soft gulab jamun. Otherwise that will become so hard Jamun.

Of course, it all depends upon the water level you are consuming that. So make the right quantity of water content.

Before frying the dough of the Jamun you need cover it up. Hence, that should be in the required amount of heat.

Always fry the Jamun balls in low flame oil or ghee. Then, Don’t heat the oil too much before frying the Jamun.

The syrup must not be hot while putting the Jamun on to that. Because that will make the Jamun break inside.

Even the Jamun balls must not hot before putting them onto the syrup. Actually, this also will break the Jamun. 

Why Gulab Jamun Break Become Hard?

Gulab jamun is an easy recipe to make at home. But sometimes it may be difficult when it comes to a soft texture.

Only the soft texture will keep the Jamun unbreakable. The harder jamuns will break faster while heating them.

So, making the jamuns in perfect texture is most important. This is a very difficult part of making jamuns.

The major reason for this breaking problem is moisture. Therefore, make the dough of the Jamun with perfect moisture.

Try to fry the Jamun balls once they get the right consistency. If you are late to fry then cover your jamuns with clothes.

If the Jamun balls are right in their consistency, the frying will not bother the soft texture of the gulab jamuns.

Finely refrigerate the flour doughts before frying it. Refrigerating the doughts will make the Jamun balls softer.

Then the moisture should not be overcompensated. Because this will make the Jamun balls become so hard. 

How to Perfectly Fry Gulab Jamun?

Frying the gulab jamun in the perfect form will be the tricky one. Since, it will only determine the taste of the Jamun.

Firstly, don’t heat the oil too much before frying the jamuns. This will help the jamuns to perfectly fry.

If you fry the jamuns in highly heated oil, then Jamun will become brownie in color but it will remain raw inside.

Perfect gulab jamuns are the ones that come with more practice. Since experts even get ruin in their recipes.

Generally, determine the number of jamuns before frying them in the oil. Fry a small number of jamuns on a time.

Because, if you fry more number of jamuns at the same time, it will lead to sticking of jamuns with one another.

So, try to put the jamuns at least four at a time. Therefore, this will help the jamuns to fry in a softer texture.

Also fry the jamuns depending upon the vessel you are using. Use large vessels for the better frying of jamuns. 

Gulab Jamun Recipes:

1.Gulab Jamun (Brown):

Gulab jamun is a famous and favorite sweet recipe in Indian cuisine. This is easy to make a sweet recipe at home.

Firstly, prepare the perfect dough with plain flour. Make the round shape balls for frying the jamuns in oil.

You can also use ghee for frying the jamuns. And you can also make jamuns in heart shape and other shapes too.

Make a perfect syrup using the pure sugar for dipping the jamuns. Try this amazing Gulab Jamun recipe at home.

2. Kala Jamun (Black):

Kala Jamun is also the same as gulab jamun but in black color. This is actually the major difference in this.

Similar to the brown jamuns, this black jamuns are also delicious in flavor. The regular steps are only needed.

Therefore, do the same preparation methods but include paneer with the dough. Then, you need not fry this.

If you wish, you can fry this Kala Jamun in oil or ghee. But without frying also you can eat this royal Kala Jamun.

gulab jamun

Gulab Jamun – Easy To Make Yummy Gulab Jamun Recipe For Kids

Gulab jamun is a traditional diwali sweet recipes , instead of buying from outside , you can prepare at homemade kova. A classic Indian sweet very famous most liked by kids.
Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 35 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian
Servings 10 people


Gulab Jamun Preparation

  • 1.00 cup kova
  • 1.00 cup All purpose flour
  • 1.00 tbsp Baking powder
  • 0.25 tbsp cooking soda
  • 0.25 tbsp Salt
  • 0.25 liter oil for frying
  • 0.50 cup water

Sugar Preparation

  • 1.00 cup Sugar
  • 1.00 cup water


Gulab Jamun Preparation

  • The key ingredients to prepare instant kova gulab jamun,we need a cup of kova or khoya or mawa,all purpose flour, sugar,baking powder,cooking soda ,salt a pinch,oil for frying ,little amount of water.
  • Take a cup of kova or khoya it is a evaporated milk solids in a bowl and mash it well ,here i used home made kova ,you can also buy from outside.
  • Add a tablespoon of baking powder,little bit of cooking soda,salt a pinch in a mashed kova,you can also add a cardamom powder for flavor in a kova.
  • Add a cup of all purpose flour or maida you can also add a corn flour and a tablespoon of semolina for crispy and soft.
  • Add a tablespoon of refined oil ,you can also add a clarified ghee or butter,vanaspathi for more softness and smoothness in a bite of mouth, now make a dough .
  • Now make a dough,mix well ,add a little bit of water or add milk and gather together to form a dough ,just gently mix don’t knead it.
  • Gently mix and gather together and form a dough ,if the dough is too hard then add little water or milk ,then close the dough under 10 to 15 minutes.
  • After 10 to 15 minutes open the dough and make a small lemon sized balls and keep aside for 5 minutes.
  • Now put a vessel and pour oil and leave it till oil gets heat,to check the oil gets heat or not put a pinch of ball into oil,if oil get heat the batter will comes up.
  • Now take the balls , put into oil slowly the sound subsides and rotate them using slotted spoon till it turns golden color.
  • Gulab jamun balls are to be evenly golden brown and take outside and drain it ,using kitchen towels you can drain to balls to remove the excess oil.
  • Then place the hot drained ball in a sugar syrup,once again you can heat the balls with sugar syrup oil on a low flame and chill the gulab jamun and serve the kova gulab jamuns.

Sugar Preparation

  • Now turn on a medium vessel ,place a vessel add a cup of sugar or as per your requirement you can add the sugar.
  • Add a cup of water in a sugar,heat the sugar tiill the sugar dissolves in a water, till it gets sticks and one string consistency.
  • Now stir it well heat the sugar solution till it turns a sticky,now turn off the flame and let the sugar syrup cools under 5 minutes.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

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