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Posted By : Myilraj , 07/04/2020

Vermicelli Recipes - Sweet Recipes Using Vermicelli - Vermicelli Upma Recipe

Vermicelli recipes is a kind of pasta variety dish famous among south Indian cuisine. This is actually a maida or wheat made product.

Actually, vermicelli is a traditional dish of South Indian households. Breakfasts of south Indians will not complete without eating this.

This is easy to make recipe since it becomes a quick recipe. Even a kid can cook this vermicelli recipe.

Vermicelli can be fried with oil to make different dishes. The sweet, as well as spicy dishes, are prepared using vermicellis.

Similarly, vermicelli can be used to make sweet desserts. They are often used in cakes to make special flavors.

Vermicelli is usually a thin noodle that can create many wonderful recipes. Cooking methods always differ from each other.

Plenty of sweet recipes like vermicelli payasam, halwa, milk sweets are available. This will be the best option in the evenings.

Generally, vermicelli upma is a very famous dish among soh Indian households. This is always a major recipe.

Vermicelli upma can be made using the vegetables. So, this vermicelli upma is obviously a healthy recipe to have in the morning.

We can even make healthy idli recipes using vermicelli. This will be the best option instead of preparing regular idli.

Soups are even made using this vermicelli. Vermicelli soup is an awesome and healthy dish to intake before a meal.

Here you can find more about vermicelli recipes and preparation methods. Try that and amaze your surroundings.

People Also Ask

What are some good recipes that use vermicelli?vermicelli is a kind of pasta variety of food? Therefore, you can make the vermicelli recipes in the same way as making pasta. Generally, plenty of vermicelli recipes are available in Indian cuisine. These recipes are healthy and also yummy ones to taste. You can make different vermicelli recipes. Vermicelli payasam, vermicelli upma are the most famous and best vermicelli recipes. In addition to that, you can make kheers, sweets, and halwa using this vermicelli. Try all recipes and amaze your surroundings.
What is your own special recipe using Vermicelli? Generally, vermicelli recipes are always special ones. The Vermicellis can be used in unique ways to get enormous health benefits. The paneer and mushroom vermicelli broth is our own special recipe. This is clearly a tangy and tasty soup to drink in the morning. This vermicelli recipe requires only a short time. First, boil all the vegetables and vermicelli in the water. Then add salt as required. Finally, mix all well and serve hot during breakfast or evening time. This paneer and mushroom vermicelli is a very simple recipe.
How to make vermicelli payasam? Vermicelli payasam is a very easy and famous dish of South Indian cuisine. This is undoubtedly a mouth-watering vermicelli dish ever. In general, milk and vermicelli are boiled well to make this awesome recipe. After that, you can add sugar in the required amount. Add cardamoms for extra special flavor in this payasam. Similarly, you can add cashews and dry grapes to this recipe. To sum up, vermicelli payasam is a good option to prepare for special occasions and events. serve this payasam hot with vada.
What is the unique recipe to do with vermicelli? Generally, you can make awesome mouth-watering recipes using vermicelli. Plenty of sweet variety recipes are available in vermicelli. Other than vermicelli payasam, there is one special recipe which is vermicelli halwa. This recipe clearly flavors the best halwa to eat. Pineapple vermicelli halwa is a special recipe to do with vermicelli. In fact, you can use the usual ingredients to prepare this recipe. Of course, the pulp of pineapple will give extremely super flavor to this recipe. Try this awesome tasty recipe during special occasions.
How to make vermicelli idli recipe? Vermicelli is not only made like a regular dish like upma. In another way, We can also make an idli recipe using vermicelli. Idli is a healthy food always. While coming to vermicelli idlis, these are the awesome healthy breakfast dishes to prepare in the mornings. Vermicelli idli is a healthy diet that uses a regular way using idli pan. Thus, this is very easy to make vermicelli recipe. Prepare this unique vermicelli recipe in breakfast time to bright up your mornings. Serve this with chutney or sambar of your own choice.

Types Of Vermicelli Recipes

1. Tomato Vermicelli

Tomato vermicelli is a very popular recipe of south Indian cuisine. In fact, this is the recipe you can see the regular morning times.

People in India make this wonderful recipe as breakfast and also dinner. Generally, they use onion and tomato as the main ingredients.

In fact, the flavor of this tomato vermicelli recipe is just awesome. Try to make sure you buy the fresh vermicelli to make the recipe.

Prepare this tomato vermicelli to make your mornings as healthy ones and serve this recipe with chutney, sambar or sauce of your wish.