25+ Delicious Vegetable Recipes Easy To Prepare From Home

Posted By : Myilraj , 28/03/2020

Vegetables are a Nutritious Food, Spice Up your Breakfast with These Vegetable Recipes

You might be surprised to see this list of delicious vegetable recipes. Prepare food that your family loves the most.

Vegetables are a rich source of food ingredients that offer various vitamins, minerals, and essential antioxidants.

More than that, the veggies are the dishes free from the fat and cholesterol content. So, it will improve your food consumption.

More than the meats and seafood, veggies are offering enough starch, minerals, and fibers through our intake.

According to the view of WHO, the consumption of veggies and fruits as a blend offers more nutrients than meat.

However, the veggie collections are the best one against the protection of various illness and nutrient imbalance.

At least consumption of 2 and a half cup of veggies is recommending for the good function of our body parts.

Collection of grains, green leaves and millets are offering the various nutrient content while we eating the raw vegetables.

Micronutrients in this fresh veggies are offering the perfect balance of blood sugar level and reducing the stress.

Whether it is a weight gain or optimal weight management the dietitians are recommending the fresh veggies.

There are multiple dishes are preparing from the raw veggies and multiple cooking methods are offering a delicious taste to the dishes.

All these special recipes are easy to prepare and offer more benefits to your kids and family members.

Try all these dishes to decorate your kitchen as a core place for getting new innovative cooking. All the best.

People Also Ask

What Are Some Fantastic and Delicious Vegetable Recipes? Vegetables are the energy source that offering the fulfilling fibers, antioxidants to our healthy body. Multiple fast and quick vegetable recipes are numerous in numbers. Try all these dishes to enrich your taste. Mixed vegetables are a good source to offer multiple various nutrient impacts on our bodies. So, try them for breakfast. From the vegetarian soups to multiple gravies and kurmas are offering excellent benefits to our body.
What Are Some Good Raw Vegetable Recipes? While cooking the vegetables there are some changes to lose the minerals and fiber in the cooking method. Then how can we get the full healthy elements? Taking raw vegetables is the primary choice to get all. Salads, vegetable juices are the easy and finest choice to get the full nutrients elements from the raw veggies. So, try different vegetable salads and veggie juices to get the full pack nutrient without any loss.
What Are Some Good Vegetable Recipes for Breakfast? To get a potential morning meal, vegetables are the inevitable ingredients to make your breakfast healthy. Comparing to the non-vegetarian recipes, veggies are the lite weight and easily digestive food. Trying the essential vegetarian dishes like a mixture of vegetable salad, soup is a suitable food for our energy morning. Multi veggie salad is the perfect food dish for our breakfast. Try this recipe and enjoy your morning breakfast.
What Are Some Good, Cheap and Easy Vegetarian Recipes? The delicious and protein-rich contents are most available in the vegetarian recipes rather than meat recipes. As equal to the meat recipes there are multiple varieties of good but cheap recipes are available in the vegetarian category. Spinach, potato, and mushrooms are the juicy and simple veggies that offer multiple minerals to our food hospitality. Mushroom soup, Potato gravy, and spinach are easily available but cheap veggies offer a variety of recipes to all.
What Are Some Yummy Vegetarian Recipes? Sweet and juicy items are always favorite ones from the kids to elderly people. There are multiple yummy recipes are here. Veggies like carrot contain the carotene and its juice offer vitamin-A content. Try this juice for your yummy meal. Beetroot is the other antioxidant-rich food that offers multiple benefits to our body. Try these vegetarian recipes. More than the meat items the veggies are filling with multiple benefits. So, veggie juices are the best for your yummy meal.

25 Types of Vegetable Recipes

1. Raw Banana Curry

raw banana curry

As a typical Trichy dish, raw banana curry offers a unique taste to this recipe. The appetizing color offers a wonderful meal for us.

Without peeling the outer skin of this famous dish, this dish is uniquely preparing with mouth-watering taste.

Most of the banana dishes are preparing after the removal of the hard outer skin. But Banana skin is a tasty and healthy dish.

Are you ready to offer a great meal using raw banana it is the perfect choice to try this recipe at your home?

2. Vegetable Gravy

vegetable gravy

To match the naan and chapatis perfect flavor of veggie gravy is the marvelous combination.

There are multiple types of gravies are offering in the southern Indian style of cooking with an apt blend of masala.

Potato, Onion, Tomato, and masala are the base of the ingredients that offer enough taste to the gravy recipe.

Cinnamon, cumin, coriander, coconut, Cashewnuts are the base for this masala preparation in south-Indian style.

Try this Spicy, herb enriches masala for your great breakfast recipe. Try this at your home and enjoy your morning meal.

3. Vegetable Kurma

vegetable kurma

To represent the restaurant-style of kurma this special dish is the best for your choice of cooking.

Kaikari vellai kurma is the authentic name of this south-Indian recipe and offers various nutrients to this vegetable kurma recipe.

To match your simple and tasty dinner this sambar is the perfect match to your idly and dosa. Taste this dish.

Besides, the collection of enough veggies like carrot, potato, onion, and ginger-garlic are adding taste to this recipe.

4. Veggie Patties

veggie patties

To prepare an elegant dough like the recipe is possible in Veggies? Yeah, it's now possible with veggie patties.

Protein enriches Amarnath leaves is the main ingredient for the preparation of this yummy ingredient veggie patties.

An array of the spices, herbs and easy dough preparation will reduce the time for this patties preparation.

Besides, it is the restaurant-style dish easily prepare within 30 minutes. Try this dish at your work.

5. Veg Chilli Milli

veg chilli milli

A lip-smacking spicy with ever-loving taste is an anticipating dish for all. Now such dish ready for your cooking.

Veg Chilli Milli is the signature spicy dish of north-India. All households of north-India fillis with this dish.

Are you looking for a new and spicy recipe? then take this recipe and submit this super recipe for your family members.

For the spicy lovers, it will be the super treat. Veggie spicy recipes are very low in number try this recipe at your home.

6. Chickpea Salad

chickpea salad

Moreover, Chickpea is the protein enrich dish that comes with multi-nutrient health benefits. Your kids also love this a lot.

Subsequently, to add the taste and eye-catching texture adding the multi-veggie is the unique specialty of this salad.

For the fitness lovers and weight-reducing folks can try this recipe for the optimal maintenance of their body.

Try this new chickpea salad. With enormous health benefits and simple preparation, it will be a suitable one.

7. Kadamba Curry

kadamba curry

Beans are the multi-nutrient veggie that comes with the abundant filling of protein and antioxidants and fiber.

To offer the healthy veggie dish to your kids. Kadamba curry is the best one for your instant choice of cooking for this kadamba curry dish.

Almost, it is the delicious Chinese dish very famous one for its healthy veggies. To offer the native taste our spices are adding into it.

Taking more veggies the finest choice for your meal preparation so, start your healthy meal with this veggie curry.

8. Vegetable Curry

vegetable curry

Pumpkin, beans, carrot are the different veggies full holding the multiple health benefits with various vitamins.

Making the curry with seven different veggies without spoiling the authentic taste is certainly a good task.

To replace the simple and routine taste of cooking picking the north-Indian dishes are the finest option.

Try this unique and multi-color veggie curry for your stomach filling lunch or breakfast. Enjoy your breakfast.

9. Vegetable Kurma Kerala Style

vegetable kurma kerala style

Multi usage of coconut is the signature style of Kerala food preparation. Abundant use of Coconut offers white color.

As equal to the pulao and biryani this is the special kurma that carries all the opt taste. Try this dish once.

For a change of biryani, try this kurma with the same flavor. Coriander leaves, Mint leaves all are the aromatic ingredients.

It is the apt and superb veggie kurma suits to white rice and chapatis. Try this easy and tasty kurma at your home.

10. Veg Spring Roll Recipe

veg spring roll recipe

Veg Spring roll recipe is the fabulous evening snack perfectly matches to the tea and coffee time.

Carrot, beans, chopped ginger are using as the main stuff for this veg spring roll chat item for your snack.

The outer layer is perfectly covering with the mild layers of Maida. Try this layer with what and Millets too.

Until getting the crispy golden brown just fry this stuffing. Then serve this hot chat item for your coffee time.

11. Fish and Vegetable Stew

fish and vegetable stew

Adding fish with multiple vegetables is the perfect stew for all. From kids to elderly people all will love this stew.

Indian fish curries are always the best ones to taste. Getting the authentic taste is the central thing.

To offer such authentic taste, adding the fresh veggies along with the more veggies offer the richness of the stew.

Fish is the ingredient carries the essential nutrient elements like protein and folate. Try this Fish and Vegetable stew at your home.

12. Vegetable Rice

vegetable rice

Are you looking for a healthy village recipe preparing with the full of healthy veggies? then try this vegetable rice.

There are multiple categories of vegetable rice is available in the typical south-Indian cooking style.

One of the famous vegetable rice is Kootanjoru. Cooking the rice along with more veggies is the superb supplement.

The excellent source of minerals and nutrients offers the special taste and texture to this dish. Give your try for this recipe.

13. Vegetable Soup

vegetable soup

Carrot, Cabbage, and french beans are an excellent source of vitamins and fibers. How to get such healthy nutrients?

Soup is easy and fast preparing food that offers enormous health benefits. Vegetable soup favorite one for all.

Preparing the fresh soup with multiple veggies like carrot, cabbage, and onion is the best source to prepare the hot soup.

The healthy breakfast and energy source of cooking is possible with this tasty veggie soup. Try this veggie soup.

14. Madhya Pradesh Style Veg Curry

madhya pradesh style veg curry

Many of the vegetarian gravies are carries their unique taste from the region to region. All are so exciting to taste.

In this list, Madhya Pradesh's style of veg curry is the ever-loving one in the top-notch restaurants.

The preparation of this takes only thirty minutes. So try this simple and exotic recipe for your happy meal.

Free from the routine style of cooking try this less familiar dish and all of your family members will love this recipe.

15. Vegetable Masala Curry

veg masala curry

Veggies, nutrient peas and the combination of coconut slices are the elegant richest ones while making this dish.

However, Bengali style dishes are rich in masala, to get the exact taste trying this cooking method as mentioned is crucial.

The right volume of spices and the correct quantity is the main reason for the different shades of taste.

Give your unique shade of taste and enjoy your special meal with this Bengali style vegetable masala curry.

16. Avial Recipe

avial recipe

First of all, Avial is one of the famous methods of cooking methods following in the south-Indian cooking process.

The perfect combination of cooking the raw vegetables and adding the spices and getting the soft flavor is important.

After vegetable salads, avail is the most healthy healthiest dish and offer more nutrient values for your lunch.

To secure the essential nutrients and saving them at cooking it is the finest choice for your kids. Pack this dish for their lunch.

17. Veg Nuggets

veg nuggets

Evening snacks with good much, hot, crispy and crispy texture is an all-time favorite for the young adults.

For your hungry time, choosing the instant spicy preparation, try these veggie nuggets for your evening snack.

Cabbage, Capsicum, Carrot, and corn flour are the right and perfect ingredients offer tastier to this dish.

Try this dish for your pleasing snack time. For long chat, it is the suitable side dish add all will love it.

18. Fruit and Vegetable Salad

fruit and veg salad

More than meat, fruits, and veggies are the perfect and co-ordinating combo to offer a fresh taste to your dishes.

Salad is a healthy dish most of the time directly offering from the dietitians. Try this dish for your weight management.

This dish free from fat and cholesterol content. All people can try this dish without any medical bias.

Fruit and vegetables with an effective collection of masala give the new tone to this dish. Try this salad at your home.

19. Vegetable and Dal Soup

veg and dal soup

Vegetable and dal is the enriching combination offer protein as well as the effective vitamins and minerals.

For the toddlers to improve their growth adding the dals are directly recommending from the doctors.

To prefer the healthy dish for your kids, try this fresh veggie recipe is a wonderful option. Try this recipe.

Veggies are the nutrient balance ingredients that offer a great volume of the essence for our food. So dal dish.

20. Vegetable Chicken Fry

veg chicken fry

Vegetables are the crunchy combination and offer a unique base while it serving along with the chicken.

Chicken and its inner meat are rich packing one for the excellent protein element. When it is mixing to veggie the taste is unique.

Try this vegetable chicken fry for your Sunday meal. All your family members certainly fall for this vegetable recipes dish.

Chicken fry is the most loving combination for the chicken lovers when adds to the veggie its taste is in upper grade.

21. Vegetable Khichdi

vegetable khichdi

Vegetable Khichdi is the juicy and spicy dish and less familiar one among the south-Indian cooks and chefs for vegetable recipes.

Mostly, Kichadi is the juicy ingredient to add the richness to this recipe adding the vegetables is a wonderful choice.

Rice, ginger, cauliflower, tomato, potato are the healthy ingredient to get the exact spiciness to this kichadi.

For the tasty and healthy full meal, this vegetable kichadi is an excellent supplement. Try this dish at your home.

22. Mexican Soup

mexican soup

Offering international flavor to your kitchen, trying this Mexican soup is the best to decorate your dinner.

Adding the enormous tomato, butter, fresh cream and garlic are the effective ingredients that offer the base for this dish.

The deep and rich red color offering the appetizing flavor and all your guests will love to taste this dish.

For spicy and fulfilling meal can easily match with this Mexican soup try this recipe and enjoy your meal.

23. Vegetable Rice Soup

vegetable rice soup

Although, Soup is the traditional dish follows the different flavor among the various countries and different methods.

Making soup recipe with the addition of the rice is a different combination and less known dish.

For the soup lovers adding the rice and green leaves offer iron and calcium elements. So try this vegetable rice soup recipes.

According to the doctor's advice, making soup once a week is the great one. So, try this effective dish for your breakfast.

24. Hyderabadi Sahi

hyderabadi sahi

Though it is the pure veggie recipe getting its unique white and Masala texture from the addition of Paneer.

Hyderabadi sahi are signature dishes forcefully offering the lip-smacking spiciness to the dish.

The addition of garam masala, capsicum and ginger are offering the different tone of spice taste to your tongue.

Try this signature style of the Hyderabadi creamy dish at your home. It will add proudly to your style of cooking.

25. Kurma Recipe

kurma recipe

Bengal grams are the energy filling ingredient and adding the abundant veggies is the best one for your soup.

Rice is the major ingredient fills with more levels of carbohydrate. While adding the protein with rice offers a super taste.

In the essence of this dish offering the soup texture to this recipe. So, a soup lover doesn't lose a good recipe.

Protein enrich soup is strongly recommending for the wellness of kids and elderly people. try this kurma special recipe.