Variety Rice Recipes: A Collection Of 25 Indian Rice Recipes

Posted By : Elavarsan , 31/03/2020

A Collection of Indian Variety Rice Recipes for Housewives to cook a delicious meal

Rice is a primary source of many Indian kitchens. We have listed a great variety of common variety rice recipes that can be prepared from home.

The regular preparation of the lunch box never misses the variety rice combo. It offers a more delicious taste to taste palates.

Rice is the carbohydrate-rich ingredient. So, we need to add more vitamins, minerals, and fiber to our daily intake.

So, a variety of dishes are offering more and various taste and nutritious elements to our food consumption.

Getting the multiple nutrients in a single dish is not possible with a single ingredient. So the combination of veggies with rice is a good option.

So, preparing variety rice from the various veggies like green leaves and spicy masalas and veggies giving the supplementary vitamins.

Food is the primary medicine to all for the growth of our kids selecting the healthy ingredients is the primary choice.

Our modern lifestyle offering more junk foods and fast foods for breakfast and dinners. Hence selecting a healthy dish is essential.

Moreover, various recipes are mostly recommending for lunch and breakfast. Lunch is a fast way to consume our food.

Offering multiple and healthy dishes are the best choice for your good food preparation. Try this variety of rice recipes.

For the fitness freaks, millet rice is the best category of the variety of rice. So, try these simple recipes at your home.

The multiple veggies are offering unique and various nutrient elements to our growth. So, offer new recipes.

Break from your routine menu, it is the better chance from the taste and carrying more healthy food nutrients.

For our balanced diet. It is a simple and easy choice. So try all these listing variety rice recipes for your lunch.

People Also Ask

What are some good recipes for rice?There are multiple varieties of vegetarian rice recipes and non-vegetarian rice recipes are available in homemade preparation. While we are going out for a rich and elegant dinner, we are pleased with the super spice taste. Such recipes are now easily preparing at our home. Try all these recipes all will delight your taste buds. Chicken rice, mutton biryani, Prawn rice, fish rice, mint rice, and vegetable rice are the variety of rice best to taste.
What is the best rice recipe that you've cooked?While cooking many of us preferring the simple cooking rice for instant preparation for the new cook's variety is the best option. Of course, cooking the easy and fast recipes with easily available ingredients are the best choice for your cooking. Easily available veggies and herbs like carrot, tomato, mint, and coriander are giving a simple variety of rice preparation. Personally, I love jeera and ghee rice in the cooking category of Indian veggie variety rice recipes.
What are some quick recipes that include rice?For the fast easy preparation for your kids, multiple varieties of rice are coming under this variety rice category. Simple fried rice with enough onion, vegetables, spices and green chilies are offering the super taste. Besides adding the garlic, ginger, capsicum, tomato sauce are offering the finest taste to this variety of rice. So, try this fried variety rice for your tasty and ready-made dish for your satisfying dinner.
What are the best and cheapest recipes to do with rice?For the bachelors and the occasional chefs finding the veggies, buying the right veggies are a complex task. They are often searching for the cheap and best food recipes for their dinner and morning breakfast. For them, there are multiple kinds of varieties of rice are available in our traditional Indian cooking. Ginger, curd and mustard seeds, onion are the cheap and best ingredients that help for curd rice preparation.
What is your favorite rice dish?First of all multiple collections of spices, nuts, herbs are offering the superb taste to this rice dish. Considering the good taste with all these elements, biryani, and pulao rice are the best choice. Mutton rice is the low fat and mouth-watering delicious variety of rice and all will fall for this rich rice recipe. So, try all the meat and veggie recipe for your elegant breakfast or tasty lunch box recipe.

Collection Of 25 Variety Rice Recipes

1. Vetrilai Poondu Curry Sadam

Vetrillai Poondu Curry Satham

Betel leaves and garlic are the famous herbs and traditional spices playing a vital role in giving the best taste.

Almost betel leaves rice is sounds so new to many of the people. For the veggie lovers, it is a superb veggie recipe.

The addition of dry chilies, tamarind, coriander is giving the elegant taste to this simple variety of rice.

To add the tangy and sweet tone compromise the spiciness, tomato, and tamarind are adding into this rice recipe.

2. Nellikai Sadam

Nellikai Sadam

Gooseberry is the Vitamin-C enrich fruit offering enough and new taste welcome your special guests.

Taking the gooseberry juice is the finest base for your delicate gooseberry variety when it adds with spices it offers more taste.

Some times the green chili, coriander and gooseberry paste is preparing and directly adds into this dish.

Besides, adding nuts, spices, and rice is enough for the preparation of this special gooseberry rice recipe.

3. Masala Bhat

Masala Bhat

There are multiple vegetarian dishes are preparing along with the collection of veggies and spices.

Most of our Indian regions are filling with a variety of tastes and aroma. As the same many kinds are available in this rice recipe.

Vegetable rice is the best one for the kids to consume more veggies in a single variety of rice recipes.

It is the typical Maharastra style of special cooking. Try this masala bhat dish for your favorite Sunday lunch.

4. Beetroot Rice

Beetroot Rice

We all know beetroot is the healthy veggie that carries multiple vitamins and minerals to our body.

Preparing chutney and other salads are simply ingredients among the toddlers and school-going kids.

If we add this dish along with the multi-veggie, it offers super taste and kids will love this veggie.

However, the fabulous color and collection of green veggies are the best in the preparation of a variety beetroot rice.

5. Khichuri


Quick making recipes are the best for the preparation of the variety rice recipe and it is the best Bengali recipe.

However, the richness of the dal, spices are offering the mouth-watering taste for khichuri is wonderful recipe.

The cooking method along with the other veggies and right ratio of the Indian spices are offering a super taste.

Give your cooking attempt for this new recipe. All of your family fall for this delicious recipe so try this recipe.

6. Chirer Polao

Chirer Polao

Offering a bowl of rice with enough combination of veggies and spices are the best dishes to delight your family.

As a simple recipe without any addition of the so many spices and spicy ingredients ii is the simple recipe.

Give your try for this special chirer polao recipe. Within 30 minutes of cooking, all will easily cook this dish.

Adding some sugar into this spicy recipe enhance the super taste. So, it will be the ever-loving dish for your family.

7. Curry Leaves Rice

Curry Leaves Rice

For traditional rice lovers, it is the best food. With the small number of veggies, it offers a superb taste.

With the rich in calcium, iron, as well as the phosphorous minerals are rooted in this curry leaves.

Preparing the rice with the curry leaves is the wonderful preparation. Cooking with the tamarind and sesame oil are offering a new taste.

Try this simple and easy recipe at your home all will love this simple rice recipe. Enjoy this recipe.

8. Vegetable Rice

Vegetable Rice

For the modern name, vegetable rice combines all the rice relating recipes with enough collection veggies.

Mostly carrot and beans are noticing vegetables are using in this simple and grant veggie rice.

In our TamilNadu, Kootanjoru is the famous cooking recipe using the multiple blends of veggies.

Without any separation, rice, spices, herbs, and veggies are cooking in a single process. So, all will enjoy this recipe.

9. Puliyogare Gojju

Puliyogare Gojju

For our fast preparation of breakfast or the lunch recipe, some of the rice recipes instantly come into our mind.

In those categories, this Spicy tangy rice is the best and wonderful choice for our wonderful rice cooking.

To add the taste and giving enough taste to this variety of rice jaggery is the main ingredient playing its vital role.

Adding Sambar, Groundnut, and curry leaf are the delightful ingredients offering the native taste to this dish.

10. Veg Tahari Recipe

Veg Tahari Recipe

Taheri rice is the typical Uttar Pradesh recipe preparing with the numerous collection of dhals and veggies are offering here.

Coriander seeds, garam masala are the deep ingredients giving the authentic taste to this veggie recipe.

However, the addition of ginger cube and cumin seeds are offering the unique and different taste to this dish.

Actually, it is the cauliflower curry separately mixes with this veggie curry. So, try this special dish.

11. Curd Rice Recipe

Curd Rice

Indians are giving their primary importance for their dairy products. So Indian cooking never misses these milk products.

Ghee, butter, and Paneer are the staple ingredient offering the delightful tone to this veggie recipe.

For the creamy and mild tone variety of rice, this curd rice is the best and ever-loving dish.

Kids are the first lovers for this curd rice recipe. So, add some fruits and serve this creamy rice.

12. Mango Rice

Mango Rice

Mango is the king of all fruits. Undoubtedly, summer is the best season to try these delicious dishes.

Though Mango rice is the seasonal food and the tangy and sweet aroma of this rice recipe offers enough taste to this recipe.

Shredding mango and the perfect cooking are coming in the thick flavor. So, try this dish and prepare this recipe.

The addition of dhal and turmeric powders is offering the finest texture and tone to this special recipe.

13. Tomato Bath

Tomato Bath

Tomato is the common veggie without any seasonal term, it is the all seasonal veggie offers more tasty dishes.

The preparation of tomato rice is a wonderful one. For fast and ready to eat dishes it is the best choice.

The addition of ginger and garlic is offering the native tone to this special tomato rice-based dish.

If you looking for the other type of cooking style add some more veggies and colorful spices. It will taste too good.

14. Capsicum Rice

Capsicum Rice

Capsicum is a wonderful and colorful veggie using the preparation of multiple varieties of rice.

The different color combinations, as well as the more anti-oxidant properties, are giving a new tone.

Many of us using this simple veggie as a side ingredient. So, it will offer a new flavor when we use it as a main dish.

Are you seeking for the brand new spicy vegetarian rice?. It will be a superb choice. So try this dish Capsicum rice.

15. Mexican Rice

Mexican Rice

For the modern generation, offering special treats is not an easy task. They are too familiar with more dishes.

More elegant recipes and exotic international dishes are now easily available at restaurants and hotels.

Offering the native dish will not enough. So, try this Mexican rice with olive oil at your home.

It is the tasty dish offering the blend of international taste with the apt spices. Give your try for this variety of rice.

16. Baby Corn Pulao

Baby Corn Pulao

Baby corn is the easy available sweet ingredient that offers a mild taste to our home cooking process.

Whether it is a simple snack item or the rich vegetable cooking adding the correct spices is offering the super taste.

Pulao preparation with this starchy ingredient is the best one. So, give you enough time for this cooking.

Are you ready to cook for your lovable kids? It is the only dish easily gets its favorite place. So give your try.

17. Peanut Rice

Peanut Rice

Chickpea rice is the lip-smacking and easily available food ingredient offering a fabulous taste to this rice.

Usage of cardamom offering the traditional taste to this variety rice recipe. Cloves are fabulous spices.

All these ingredients are easily available spices for this special chickpea recipe. Otherwise use this chick pea powder.

For the native lover's usage of the ginger is the fantastic one. Try this variety of rice for your breakfast.

18. Potato Rice Recipe

Potato Rice

Fresh potato is using without any boiling process. To get the raw taste it is the right tone for this variety rice.

However, using the boiled potato will easily mixing into this rice. So, taking the raw potatoes the best choice.

As a usual fry, the potato along with capsicum, spices, ginger all are the best for the cooking of a variety of rice.

Later, finally, arrange the cooking rice as layers then steam the rice. We will get the perfect potato rice.

19. Banana Flower Rice

Banana Flower Rice

Banana flower is the base of this special rice variety. Adding spices is giving super texture to this recipe.

Garam masala, Ginger rice perfectly mingling with the rice. So, choose the best rice for this preparation.

Bengal gram, cumin seeds, and potato are offering the fabulous flavor to this  wonderful variety rice recipe.

Most of the housewives and moms are not well about this unique recipe. Give your try this Banana Flower Rice recipe.

20. Ghee Bhat

Ghee Bhat

Bengali recipes are more familiar with the cooking style of Bengal. But veggies are also a more famous one.

For the veggie lovers, it is the special occasion dish Ghee bhat that comes with the multiple usages of spices.

The richness of spices only offers great taste; so follow the exact spices without any fail.

All these offer the ever-loving taste to this special vegetable rice. Give your time and enjoy your mealtime.

21. Orange Rice

Orange Rice

Orange juice is the famous fresh juice category other than that, nothing will come to our mind.

The preparation of the orange rice is actually new and the best try. Many of us feel it will be the best idea.

Though it is the orange rice, this special juice adds only at the end of the layer to get the authentic taste.

Usage of nuts, spices and curry leaves are the best to taste the new orange rice. Try this variety rice.

22. Tomato Rice Bath

Tomato Rice Bath

Tomato bath is the delicious and mouth-watering recipe perfect one for your great Sunday meal.

Whenever we need a grant vegetarian special try this recipe and serve your family members.

It is the delicious South-Indian recipe that comes with multiple shades of tastes as per our cooking.

Try this simple recipe at your home and share this special and humble recipe with your friends.

23. Coconut Rice

Coconut Rice

There are multiple Kerala dishes are available in our South-Indian food menu. The addition of Cumin offers a wonderful taste.

Green Chili offers the finest taste to this dish. Ghee and mustard seeds are the well useful ingredient for this recipe.

Tomato and coriander are the juicy blends using the preparation of this juicy recipe. Give your try.

Adding the rice is the last but the perfect blend. Try this masala-free recipe for your kids and family members.

24. Jaggery Rice Recipe

Jaggery Rice Recipe

There are multiple and delicious dishes are preparing from this sweet and mouth-watering jaggery.

Preparing the sweet rice is a delicious combination for your occasional dish along with nuts.

For the sweet rice preparation, jaggery rice recipe is the super variety rice. Try this dish it can be easily prepared one.

Dried nuts Ilachi powder is the fabulous combination offering the taste as well as the good aroma.

25. Veg Dum Biryani

Dum Biriyani

Dum biryani is one of the famous biryani varieties offering delicious and mouth-watering taste with this cooking variety.

Preparation of the dish, not a complex one, but the perfect addition of the herbs and spices is the best combination.

The juicy flavored and spiciness are carrying multiple vitamins, minerals to your healthy body try this dish.

Third fourth of the cooking, slightly flaming with the tight vessel. It offering the special flavor to this recipe.