25 Spicy And Delicious Vada Recipes For Best Home Based Tips!

Posted By : Myilraj , 27/03/2020

Find the Way for a Variety of Vada Recipes to Add Fulfill to Your Meal?

Vada recipes are loved by many people because of its crisp crust and soft inner. Find a variety of vadas to cook from home.

Vada is a popular and delicious crispy snack easily available dish from street shops to top-notch hotels.

This dish made from a variety of millets, flour, and grains. This famous recipe often found in the South-Indian breakfast.

For most specialty of Indian dishes offers plenty of taste while serving in different regions of the Indian state.

Pakoras are the dish getting its origin from this traditional vada recipe. To offer the crispy tone to their snack the pakora came into the existence.

Of course, it is the more calorie carrying food recommending to the kids and adults who are seeking for their weight gain.

In South-India, there are multiple vada dishes are available in the street and fast food shops. They all are unique in taste.

Dhai vada, medu vada, masala vada, and even rasa vada also the collection of vada varieties available in this recipe.

Dhal is soaking into the water and the dhal perfectly grinds to get the paste texture then it frying in hot oil.

As one of the main snack items, there are multiple chutneys like mint chutney and coconut chutneys that are offering for this recipe.

To get modern attire, now multi-flavor hot ketchup is offering along with this traditional vada recipe.

Though it can be the rich tasty traditional food with the addition of healthy herbs, dhals and oil are offering the nutrient value to this recipe.

Not only in India, Singapore, Malasia, and other western countries also addicted to this delicious mouth-watering vada.

Here we offer easy and simple vada recipes for your easy snack preparation try all those recipes and offer them to your family.

People Also Ask

How to Prepare Medu Vada?Idli and medu vada is the eye-catching vegetarian dishes boosting our energy morning with enough protein. It is the common dish that follows the easy preparation method with the urad dhal in the soaked consistency. To avoid the more fat content, using the limited amount of water is the noticing process in this medu vada preparation. It is the vada recipe that perfectly made a hole in the center to fasten the cooking in every corner of this vada.
What is the Best Recipe for Dahi Vada?Vada is an ever-loving snack that comes with the multiple texture tones like crisp, soft and fluffy tone dhal. For the soft and fluffy tone medu vada is the epitome of the dish perfectly soaking with the base of fresh curd. Moreover, it is the urade dhal vada that follows a similar style of cooking with the addition of curry leaves and green chili. The only major difference is this vada soaking in Curd to get the soft and fluffy structure. Try this recipe.
What is a Good Recipe for Vada Pav?Vada pav is a simple and Indian style pocket-friendly snack easily available in bakeries and chat shops. This origin of this Indian style sandwich initiates in the city of Mumbai. Potato and spice filling in the heart of the dish. Boiling potato, Ginger, garlic, green chili, salt, turmeric and masala paste are stuffing in this bread. To enjoy the native taste along with the spicy chutneys like tomato or mint chutney offers a delicious taste.
How to Make a Potato Vada Recipe?Potato vada or Battata vada is the relishing snack item following in the top menu of the north-India dish. It is the common evening snack item serving with the delicious tone of tanginess. All fall for this taste. Ginger garlic paste, green chilies, garam masala, spicy red chili powder are the spices using to prepare this vada recipe. To add the extra flavor adding lemon juice and chutneys are the fabulous combinations for this special vada.
What Are the Different Vada Recipes?vada is the primary evening snack item so popular in India and it perfectly matching to tea and coffee. There are multiple varieties of vada dishes available with various millets and they all are unique in every part of India. Dahi vada, oats vada, Horse millet vada, and masala vada are the famous vada recipes available in India. The stuffing and texture of the ingredients easily making the vada dish in both round and flat shape.

25 Spicy Of Different Vada Recipes

1. Mudakathan Keerai Vadai

Mudakathan Keerai VadaiMudakathan Keerai is a famous south-Indian recipe that comes with multiple nutrients like calcium and protein contents.

The fresh leaves are perfectly fried with a limited amount of oil, mustard, onion, and dhal to offer great taste.

Then it is using as the central stuffing for the vada. Moong dhal flour is adding to get the outer texture.

Finally, the flour and masala stuffing greatly frying until it turns into the golden brown. Taste this spicy vada recipe.

2. Chana Dal Vadai

Chana Dal VadaChana dhal vada is a famous crispy and ever-loving evening snack matching to your evening snack time.

It is the traditional dish commonly serving in the North-Indian vegetarian meals and wedding ceremonies.

Offering the delicious and pakora texture is the signature style of cooking this delicious evening snack.

Finally, It is the famous North-Indian snack offering along with the sweet coconut chutney is the process of this vada serving.

3. Paruppu Vadai

Paruppu Vadai

Paruppu is the traditional vada recipe making with the essential ingredients like Bengal gram and ginger garlic paste.

Are you seeking for the low-fat treat with multiple nutrient ingredients? then vada is the best choice.

Limited amounts of calories, protein and fiber are easily gaining through this simple vada recipe.

To clarify, For the delicious evening time snack, paruppu vada is the perfect combination to try this snack for a while.

4. Konda Kadalai Vadai

Konda Kadalai VadaiKonda kadali or chick pea is the fabulous base of ingredients to prepare various types of vada recipes.

Besides the addition of cloves, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, and fennel seeds are offering the sweet aroma.

Similarly, To enjoy the spicy flavor green chilly and herbs are adding into this traditional vada recipe.

As an effective protein content and ever-loving combination of chickpea offer a perfect taste to this vada.

5. Horse Gram Vada

Horse Gram Vada Horse gram is the superb food ingredient that carries multiple health supplements like protein and minerals.

Kollu is an important dietary food that easily burns the fat and offers more fiber substance to our body.

A traditional vada preparation with this gram is a wonderful choice of recipe for your healthy snack.

To improve the immunity and growth of your kids it will be a wonderful option. Try this Horse Gram vada recipe.

6. Thatta Payaru Vadai

Thatta Payuru VadaiCowpea is a base of this Thatta payaru vadai carries the multiple health elements like folates and daily value minerals.

And also, It is the simple ingredient but offering multiple health benefits to kids, adults and elderly people.

Preparing vada from this grain is the perfect choice for your delicious evening snack. Try this crispy snack.

It is the typical Andhara style recipe common in one in every household. Give your try for this simple recipe.

7. Kothimbir Vadai

Kothimbir VadaiKothumbir vadai is a crispy and delicious snack item making from the base of Bengal gram and coriander leaves.

Ginger, onion and green chili and curry leaves are the tremendous veggie ingredients offering the taste to this recipe.

To get the crispy outer layer the cornflour is using in this recipe. Try this pakoda style recipe at your home.

Moreover, For your kid's evening time snack, it will be the perfect hot and spicy choice to serve this dish with sweet chutneys.

8. Chicken Vada

Spicy Chicken VadaVegetarian snacks are an easy and routine dish in the vada recipe. But many of us not know about the non-veg vada.

An array of spice and veggie collection offering the unique and delicious taste to this non-vegetarian vada recipe.

The boneless chicken is the best choice for getting the soft and smooth texture for this non-vegetarian base.

Chicken is the easily available and fast cooking meat suitable for this recipe. Try this non-vegetarian vada at your home.

9. Kadalai Paruppu Vadai

Kadalai Parupu VadaiKadalai paruppu vadai is the mouth-watering and delicious evening snack preparing along with the tasty spices.

It is the protein enrich delicious snack item and noticing dish in the grant vegetarian meal feast.

As well as this delicious mouth-watering dish serving along with the hot and spicy chutneys to add a spicy flavor.

Moreover, It is an easy and special dish calling under the name of Chana Dal Tikki. Try this hot and spicy snack at your home.

10. Maddur Vada

Maddur VadaMaddur vada is a famous Karnataka snack recipe especially noticing for its crispy texture and perfect taste.

The preparation of vada is an easy recipe but the authentic taste and consistency in the complex thing in this preparation.

Maddur vada is preparing with the rice flour and rava. So, it offers a unique taste and crunchy texture to this dish.

As per your calorie intake add the rice flavor and rava with the right quantity. Give your first try.

11. Punugulu

PunuguluPreparation of vada is a fabulous chat item and the making of this offer different tastes to the consumer.

Punugulu is a famous coastal area snack item and staple street food available in the Andhra seaside area.

It is the deep golden brown snack item is a famous one in the long list of Andhara snack items.

However, it is the round and spicy snack item and easy to make recipe ready to serve within 30 minutes.

12. Raw Banana Vada

Raw Banana VadaThe smashes of slicing raw bana are the base of this special vada along with maida and chana dhal.

Garlic and ginger are the noticing supplements adds the spicy and authentic taste to this Raw Banana Vada recipe.

However, it is the protein and iron enrich snack item and ever-loving evening snack for the kids.

Are you ready to offer the different delicious snack items to your family members? try this perfect vada recipe.

13. Masala Vada

Spicy Masala VadaBalancing the herbs, spices and dhals are the perfect combinations for preparing a delicious dish or new recipe.

In Indian food hospitality, all these blends are perfectly matching one whether it is a gravy or snack it is well suitable one.

Masalas are the base of the perfect taste. Getting the authentic flavor and healthy food is the finest one in vada preparation.

Masala Vada is one of those categories offering delicious taste to your taste buds. Don't miss this recipe.

14. Mathri Recipe

Mathri RecipeMathri is a spicy, crunchy and ever-loving crispy snack item famous one in the region of North-India.

The kneading of the maida with the right structure is the core process to get the right consistency of this dish.

For a remarkable and delicious homemade recipe, this is the perfect choice for your daily snack.

Moreover, This is the delicious snack item preparing from the easily available maida and other spice varieties.

15. Sabudana Vada

Sabudana VadaSabudana is a sparkling and easily available ingredient using to prepare the colorful and mouth-watering vada recipe.

And soaking sabudana adding with the plenty of spices and this perfect past consistency using for vada preparation.

Adding potato and chilies are offering a thick and colorful outlook to this special vada recipe.

However, your kids not like this routine vada recipe try this new recipe and offer them to this new dish.

16. Multigrain Masala Vada

Multigrain MasalaMulti-grain masala is a perfect one for preparing a healthy and easy evening snack item preparation.

Getting the multi-volume of protein, anti-oxidants, and floats are high in this multi-grain masala vada.

First of all, our regular food consumption needs to be healthy and free from gluten ingredients.

For this healthy line preparing foods in fresh and homemade style is the best one. For them, this vada is the best one.

17. Corn Vada

Corn Vada

Corn is the primary nutrient ingredient that carries the protein and fiber content for a healthy lifestyle.

Usually, corn vada is the traditional dish and many of the fitness freaks can avoid this recipe by its oil content.

For them, without any considerable amount of oil, the minerals and nutrients are observing from the body.

So, for your healthy consideration take this spicy and spongy corn vada for your healthy diet. Try this once.

18. Rava Vada

Rawa VadaRava vada or maddur vada is one of the famous vada recipes in the traditional cooking of Karnataka.

Adding the maida flour and rava with equal quality and kneading the floor with the right consistency is important.

In essence, to add the spicy flavor, chili powder and green chilies are using in this traditional vada recipes.

Moreover, For crispy and mouth-watering snack item rava is the wonderful recipe share this recipe to your friends.

19. Bamboo Shoot Vadai

Bamboo Shoot VadaiBamboo shoot vada is an authentic and lip-smacking delicious recipe preparing in a new method of cooking.

First of all, bamboo shoots are the most recommending ingredient by its enriching nutrient value of fiber.

Rice and addition of turmeric powder offer the mild and loving yellow tone to this floor paste with vada recipes.

Then it simply taking in the round shape and directly frying into the hot oil. Have this delicious vada recipe.

20. Tulsi Vada

Tulsi VadaTulsi Vada is a famous and healthy snack item preparing from the typical Andhara style of cooking method.

Although, the basil leaves are the tremendous folk medicine recommending for seasonal cough and cold.

Now a day, kids are easily affecting the cough and cold. As the precautious method give such nutrient food for your kid.

However, the basil leaves green chilies, ginger and black gram all are offering the perfect tone to this vada recipe.

21. Dal Vada

Dal VadaMixing dal vada is a common recipe but offering different texture to the dish with a variety of tastes and spices.

Dal Vada is a famous North-Indian dish and easily available snack item in most of the households.

Equal ratio of urad dhal, massur dhal, toor dhal is taking for this delicious evening snack preparation.

Grinding the dhal with a variety of spices like garlic and red chili offers a unique taste to this recipe. Try this new vada.

22. Sweet Corn Vada

Sweet Corn Vada

Sweet corn is an easily getting and protein enrich sweet ingredient favorite one for our little kids.

To offer an innovative and delicious recipe to them, it must contain any sweetness to appeal to them.

While considering the health of our kids offering homemade food snacks is a suitable one for growth.

Vada preparing from sweet corn is a delicious snack item that offers its extra protein from the black gram. Try this dish.

23. Nippattu Recipe

Spicy Nippattu Recipe

Preparing a less oil and consumption and healthy snack is a complex process for moms who seeking evening snack.

Now our people become aware of the fat and the easy way to control it and following a healthy diet.

Snack is the ever-loving dish and at the office or home, snack perfect combining to the tea and coffee.

For such snack lovers, here is your less oil consumption snack. Try this delicious snack as your favorite.

24. Idli Batter Bonda

Idli Batter Bonda

Adding black gram and rice perfectly grinding to get the paste texture to this base of this idli batter bonda.

To increase the taste and consistency chana powder is adding into this mixture and the spices are following to thick the paste.

Without any grinding process, the small pieces of ginger and cumin are adding into this floor to get the aroma.

Finally, this solid and soft powder frying into the hot until getting the golden brown. Give your try for this special easy snack.

25. Thotakura Vada

Thotakura Vada

Amarnath leaves is the perfect and healthy ingredient for this new preparation of this Thota Kura vada.

It is the protein-enriched leaf offering as the best ingredient along with the mixture of this vada floor.

Due to its health benefits, these leaves are often adding to our south-Indian cooking vada recipes.

As a result, For your new tasty and crispy vada, snack try this healthy ingredient base. It will be the best in your dish.