Tomato Recipes: 15+ Easy To Cook And Healthy Dishes Using Tomato

Posted By : Elavarsan , 31/03/2020

In this Article, Let Us Explain To You Some Of he Healthy Tomato Recipes

Discover some of the great tomato recipes, easy to cook and prepare quickly from home. Serve your family a delicious meal for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Tomatoes are the best vegetables often find in our home kitchen. There are too many potential elements are in this veggie.

Actually, Tomatoes are true fruits according to their botanical classification. Most we simply categorize it into the veggie.

While considering the demand of the tomato it is the best and first one. More than 60 million tons of tomatoes are using for culinary purposes.

Most of us identify our best tomato by its dark and eye-catching red color. Most not only red many colors are decorate this super veggie.

The tasty tomato comes in the multi-color of white, black, purple and pink too. So, decorate your meal with multi-color.

However, it is the ever-loving veggie, so annually La Tomatina festival especially celebrating for tomato.

Nearly 2 lakh tomato is using for this tomato festival. They just throw tomato and spending a whole for this veggie.

In fact, Tomato is a rich veggie comes with too many varieties. Around the world more than 10,000 kinds available in this veggie.

Ohio state proudly announced this tomato as their state fruit this tomato drink is the staple common one.

The nutrient elements of tomato contain 94.5% only the water content. On the other hand, Vitamin-C possesses in this veggie.

A higher level of beta carotene is the noticing element. So, the addition of tomato is the best choice for your growth.

For moms, we offering multiple easy home preparation based on this simple veggie try these dishes at your home.

People Also Ask

What are the best recipes using tomatoes? Salads, sauces, fresh jams are the easy and common recipes are preparing from this tangy vegetable. Choosing the juicy well-ripen tomatoes is the best one for the easy preparation of these food dishes. Subsequently, some continental recipes and international dishes are preparing from these raw tomatoes too. For our kids, Tomato rice and fresh jams are familiar dishes try all these ingredients at your home.
What are some great recipes involving tomatoes? Their multiple dishes are easily preparing with the use of the tomato. Mostly, veggie lovers never ignore this food ingredient. Soup is the ever-loving recipe need not any special introduction. All people around the world follow their unique preparation. Tomato soup is the best and easy preparing recipe. Try this home cooking and serve it with your family members. Other than pulao, biryani, gravies are preparing from this simple easily vegetable give your try.
What are some summer tomato recipes? Summer is the hot and sunny season; watery and juicy flavor base tomato recipes are the best to prepare. In fact, Tomato grill, juice and vegetable juices prepare with this tangy tomato are the best summer dishes. Give your try for this special and easy tomato recipes. All will fall for this simple and tasty recipes. Offer these simple recipes to your family members. These are the suitable summer recipes preparing from tomato.

Collection Of 17 Tomato Recipes

1. Tomato Kurma

tomato kuruma

South-Indian kurmas are the ever-loving recipe that easily matches the steaming rice and tiffin dishes.

For the Kurma lovers, there are multiple dishes are available here. But tomato kurma recipe is the best one.

It is the simple and best-ever recipe preparing along with the variety of spices and masalas ingredients.

Are you searching for the simple and superb kurma? then try this special dish. It is the tasty recipe easily prepare at your home.

2. Tomato Sauce

tomato sauce

Snack items are the best tea time partner for our leisure evening. There are multiple evening s are here.

Crispy snacks to potato base snacks are multiple in our food menu. For the perfect side dish is a complex one.

For such side dish lovers, tomato sauce is the ever-best combination. Give your try for this side dish.

Besides, Chili powder, ginger and tomato are the easily available ingredients offer best home base side dish.

3. Tomato Soup

tomato soup

Carrot is the Vitamin-A enrich vegetable offer more minerals and anti-oxidants to our body.

It is the special dish very famous and mostly using at the winter season recipe try this dish at your home.

The addition of sweet and tangy taste offer super base for this recipe. Try this Tomato soup for your dinner.

Now a day most the wedding functions and parties are arranging with these simple soup recipe.

4. Tomato Gojju

tomato gojju

Cooking the tomato with the multiple spices like chana dal, cumin is offering the delicacy to this recipe.

To offer the crunchy tone to this recipe more onion is adding into this simple colorful veggie dish.

Most of the people are calling it a pachadi. So, add some ginger and garlic paste to get a new flavor.

For your instant style of cooking, Tomato Gojju is the best dish. Give your try for this special simple tomato dish.

5. Tomato Bath

tomato bath

For the variety of rice lovers, it will be the best and tasty recipe preparing with the multiple spices.

Not only for housewives, but it is also the easy recipe all can give their try for this special Tomato Bath recipe.

The addition of green chilies, dal grams, mustard, and onion are preparing as the tasty spicy gravy.

Then the steaming rice is perfectly adding into this spicy veggie gravy. Try this dish at your home.

6. Tomato Puri

tomato puri

Our Indian breakfast recipes start its super flavor with the addition of the veggies and tomato.

For your healthy breakfast, tomato poori is the best and ever-loving new recipe shall add to your home menu.

Although the addition of direct extract of the tomato is the best for this new what flour breakfast recipe.

With the addition of chili and other spices are offering the finest taste to this tomato poori recipe.

7. Tomato Dosa

tomato dosa

Dosa is a staple menu while you searching the delicious south-Indian menu. So, try this tomato recipe.

The kids are the lovers for this crispy and mild dosa recipes. Tomato dosa is a unique recipe.

However, the addition and right balance of spices and masalas are giving the perfect taste to this veggie dosa.

While you trying a new food preparation try this simple and fast recipe for your healthy breakfast.

8. Tomato Halwa

tomato halwa

Not only the spicy and masala filling egg curries multiple sweet and dessert items also preparing with this veggie.

In essence, Halwa is a famous Indian sweet dish. It is very easy, possible and fast to prepare a dish at your home.

Preparing the Tomato halwa with the tomato is the innovative choice. Give your try for this wonderful recipe.

Cornflour, dry fruits, and cooking tomato are enough for this sweet halwa preparation. Give your time for this preparation.

9. Tomato Methi Chutney

tomato methi chutney

Tomato methi chutney is the perfect preparation for preparing with the addition of fenugreek seeds and spices.

Adding red chili with the tomato offering the perfect color and taste to this tomato recipe and suits for rice and dosa.

Not only sweetness to add some extra tanginess tamarind adds to this sweet delicious tomato recipe.

For instant morning breakfast, it will be the best choice. Your kids will fall for this spicy methi chutney recipe

10. Tomato Paneer Recipe

tomato paneer

Moreover, Paneer is the healthy food ingredient offer enough flavor and taste while preparing our veggie dish.

With the addition of the tomato is giving the unique and tasty texture to this spicy veggie gravy.

It is the eye-catching delicious veggie curry cooking along with the milk and masala powders and green chili.

The addition of lemon offers a unique taste to this dish. Try this restaurant-style dish Tomato paneer now at your home.

11. Stuffed Tomato Recipe

stuffed tomato recipe

Noodles are the favorite recipe among the kids and college adults. There are multiple recipes are preparing with these recipes.

To offer the grant taste with Indian style, meat can be adding to this simple and delicious noodle mix recipe.

Moreover, Black pepper, ginger, carrot, and cabbage are perfect supplements for this elegant breakfast recipe.

So, meat lovers and noodle freak Stuffed Tomato Recipe is the wonderful recipe. Try this Indian style dish at your home.

12. Thakkali Soup

thakkali soup

Are you trying soup for the first time? it is the base and initial step for your cooking method of this traditional soups.

For the time of fever and sick, it is the healthy recipe recommending in our Indian style of cooking.

Black pepper is the base and taste changer of this special spicy tomato soup. Try this dish for your kids.

The soups are the ever-loving dish. For your hot and delicious evening snack, it is the first choice.

13. Tomato Rice Bath

tomato rice bath

Tomato rice bath is the ever-loving morning breakfast zenith it tastes with the addition of curd.

However, in the delicious south-Indian menu, this tomato bath rice is the spicy and mouth-watering recipe.

As per the pulao preparation, the onion, dhania spices, and grind masala are adding in this rice recipe.

Are you looking for the new breakfast recipe? Try this rice recipe for your Sunday meal. All will love this recipe.

14. Banana Tomato Curry

banana tomato curry

Banana is the easily available fruit commonly using for the preparation of milkshakes and sweet dessert.

But the preparation gravy on the base of this banana is a new dish. Try this banana Tomato Curry recipe at your home.

However, banana- tomato combination is the delicious gravy and a staple food gravy in Gujarathi cooking.

Multiple masalas, Indian spices, and simple cooking method offering the unique flavor for this curry.

15. Spicy Tomato Soup

spicy tomato soup

Tomato soups are the delicious and easy preparing vegetable soups in the list of Vegetarian cooking.

Whether it is a simple soup recipe or an elegant starter for your function it is a wonderful dish to prepare.

The addition of cloves, cinnamon, peppermint, and bay leaf are the spices are using for this soup preparation.

Besides, it is the traditional north-Indian recipe preparing with the tasty flavor. So, try this recipe at your home.

16. Potato Tomato Curry

potato tomato curry

Potato is the ever-loving dish preparing along with the tomato, spices and the sweet coconut paste.

Offering the typical Indian flavor, turmeric powder, mustard seeds, and ghee are using for this special dish.

Eventually, Rice and wheat rotis are preparing along with this spicy juicy veggie curry. Give your try.

Coconut paste is offering enough color and spices for this special potato- tomato recipe.

17. Onion Tomato Chutney

onion tomato chutney

Onion tomato chutney is the flavorful spicy preparation. It is preparing in the unique Andhra style.

Although, Cumin, black gram, and red chilis are giving the traditional taste to this tomato onion chutney.

Consequently, Chana dal and curry are the antioxidant enrich flavors. To get the tangy flavor to add some tamarind.

Coriander leaves are the nutrient enrich herb offering the wonderful aroma to this veggie recipe.