25 Yummy Sweet Recipes For Festivals And Family Functions

Posted By : Myilraj , 01/04/2020

Prepare These Sweet Recipes and Add Richness to Your Festival Seasons

India is a country where people celebrate many festivals in every season. Explore unique sweet recipes to prepare during festival seasons.

Sweet recipes are always having a reputable place in our Indian food hospitality. So, sweet are serving in our feast.

Whenever, the grant parties, wedding ceremonies are held, sweets are serving as the first and primary dish.

Though our Indians are experts in the preparation of the sweet recipes. That's why Indian and Indian desserts are getting fame.

All over the world, Indian recipes have huge and unique names. Most of the dishes are preparing with milk.

Each and every Indian region are carrying their special recipes in the form of sweet items and milkshakes.

Laddu, rasagulla, burfi, kaju katli, Mysore pak, rasmalai and halwa are the famous sweet dishes.

Not only the taste, but the energy addition of the flour, sugar, and milk are also a wonderful combination for these sweets.

Most of the Indian sweets are getting its fame as a prasadams in our temples. Otherwise, cheer milk products also comes in sweet recipes.

Gulab jamun, soan papdi are the Diwali recipes famous all over the world as the traditional serving of India.

According to our Indian culture, sweets are serving to express our love and friendship towards friends and neighbors.

Home base sweet preparations are the first and foremost recipes to decorate your grant occasions.

Native taste of the shakes, milk products all is too famous in India. For your sweet tooth we offering multiple recipes.

Jelabi, sugar syrup recipes are more famous and easy to prepare at our home kitchen. Try all these recipes.

People Also Ask

Which One is Good for Homemade Sweet Recipes?Easy preparation sweet recipes are multiple ones in our Indian sweet preparation with enough nuts. When we consider the sweet items, milkshakes, curds, and flour relating items are multiple ones. Carrot halwa, Gulab jamun, Chocolate peda are the easy homemade preparation dishes preparing at home. For your fresh home recipes try all these sweet items. Within 30 minutes you can enjoy a sweet treat at your home.
What Are Your Favorite Indian Sweets Recipes?Coconut laddo, burfi, Coconut milk with nuts, Kheer and gulkand are the traditional Indian sweet items. Rava ladoo is the sweet enrich Indian recipe preparing with the addition of ghee, nuts, and rava. Indian festivals are celebrating with sweets. All these recipes are easy and offering a delicious taste. However, our festival seasons are filling with sweets and snacks. So try A simple recipe for your evening snack.
What's Your Best Sweet Recipe?Preparation of sweet recipes comes with the usage of nuts, raisins and coconut are offering the super taste. Though Indian sweet recipes can be a simple one as well as a grant also. Multiple milk recipes are preparing with the perfect process. Bengali sweets, Punjab shakes and common milk items and Paneer sweets are taking some time but offer a superb taste. Indian sweet recipes are the delightful combo. The preparation of the kheer, lassi, and milk gova are the favorite recipes.
What Are the Best Vegan Sweets Recipes?Dark chocolate, eggless cakes are the best example of your vegan diet. Otherwise, ladoo and Rava sweets are best to prepare. Spongy vanilla cakes, sweet pie with the use of vegetables and fruits are the wonderful combination. Sweet corn, carrot, and sweet potatoes are the main easily sweet ingredients that are vegan free food items. For your easy sweet search, we offer multiple dishes. Try all them we will ensure your tasty cooking.
What Are the Best Diwali Sweets?India is famous for its festivals as well as the colorful sweet preparations. All are easy to prepare. Milk sweets like Sandesh, chocolate sandesh, rasmalai, rasgulla are the merry sweets for the Diwali festival. Otherwise, halwa, Kesari recipes, and Kaju barfi are the traditional sweet items serving for Diwali. These are the best choice of sweet items exchanging as a token of bonding. Try all these recipes.

25 Yummy Sweet Recipes

1. Chiroti Sweet

chiroti sweet

Chiroti sweet is the traditional dish of Karnataka. It is serving only as of special occasions and festivals.

Moreover, the taste of this dessert uniquely preparing with the fries pastry style. Try this dish.

The presenting the color circles in the middle of the sweet offering the delicious tone to this recipe.

With the use of Rava and jaggery are offering the sweet tone with this we can store this sweet from four to five days.

2. Caramel Burfi

caramel burfi

Caramel burfi is the delicious sweet recipe preparing along with the milk, Rava, and coconut.

Sauteing the coconut with the ghee. And caramelizing the sugar is the perfect base for this sweet recipe.

All these preparations are taking in a separate bowl. Then cook the Rava along with pure hot milk.

Mix all these ingredients and cook them all with the light flame. Then cut this sweet as your desired shape.

3. Besan Burfi

besan burfi

Besan burfi is the colorful sweet dish preparing with the use of ghee, sugar and shredding coconut.

Add some ghee on flour mixing the right amount of water is the best choice for our sweet preparation.

After the dough preparation, the small rounds are directly frying into the ghee. It is a basic cooking style.

Then the doughs are making as the powder and making around and the shredding coconuts are placing in this dish.

4. Samai Paal Payasam

Little millet kheer is the delightful sweet recipe preparing them is too easy with the use of nuts.

Roasted little millet is the right choice that offering multiple nutrients like fiber and protein to our body.

As an important step, the millet is cooking along with the milk when its cooked well ghee adds into this dish.

Finally, nuts like almonds and cashews are using as the topping for this deliciously

Samai Paal Payasam sweet recipe.

5. Varagu Urundai

Varagu arisi urundai is the delightful and healthy snack item common one in the South-Indian food preparation.

Besides the addition of moong dhal offering the more and more nutrient element for this sweet recipe.

Jaggery and Chana dhal are using for this delightful snack item. Try this varagu urundai recipe at your home.

Are you looking for an easy and healthy snack item? it is the best sweet recipe all will love this recipe.

6. Carrot Payasam

Fresh vegetables and the granting them with the simple slices are offering the sweetness to this recipe.

Moreover, Carrot payasam is the ever-loving veggie that carries the fiber content for our body. So, try this juice recipe.

The addition of milk and sugar is enough for the preparation juice with the right amount of sweetness.

Of course, it is the easily available vegetable. Try this vegetable as your favorite energy drink for your summer.

7. Homemade Coconut Sweet Recipe

It is the colorful restaurant style of dish preparation with the sweet and wonderful base of the recipe.

The dough preparation is an essential one for coconut sweet recipe. After the dough separating as equal part.

One of the parts is adding a colorful base. Then the plain dough is adding to the color dough.

Perfectly both these rolls are offering the pink color circle is apt to the sweet preparation. Try this recipe.

8. Strawberry Almond Milkshake

Strawberry almond milkshake is the colorful and ever-loving fruit for the sweet preparation of this summer shake.

Addition of honey offering the super sweet base this simple shake. To enjoy more nutrients milk is adding to this shake.

If you want more sweetness to add some sugar. It will give the delicate sweetness for this juice.

Finally, the healthy almonds are adding into this simple shake recipe. Try this simple milk recipe.

9. Apple Almonds Halwa

Apple is the perfect fruit and mild flavor is a suitable one for the traditional dish of this halwa.

Ghee along with apple and sugar are frying with the right consistency. Until the flexible texture tries this recipe.

Additionally, adding cardamom and color essence is offering the perfect blend for this halwa recipe.

To add more color and aroma, saffron can add to this halwa recipe. Try this apple almonds halwa at your home.

10. Strawberry Burfi

Strawberry burfi is a colorful dish. Buri making with the sour fruit offering a delicious taste.

More number of strawberries are adding into this simple dish. Without any strawberry essence, it directly preparing from fruit.

More cashew nuts are making as a powder. It offers the thickness of this strawberry burfi recipe.

Fresh juice of strawberry without any water content offering the delicate burfi. Add some almond as toppings.

11. Rava Kheer

rava kheer

The tasty and sweet juicy creamy kheer is the famous Indian sweet preparing along with milk.

Rava is perfectly cooking with the milk. Or add milk at the final stage to exact milk flavor.

The addition of almonds and cashew nuts is the perfect blend for this milk Rava kheer recipe.

Cardamom powder is the best ingredient to get the perfect blend of the taste and aroma for this kheer.

12. Wheat Rava Halwa

wheat rava halwa

Wheat Rava halwa is the base of this simple sweet recipe halwa. The deep brown color offering the appetizing feel to eat.

A cup of milk offering the white flavor addition ghee offering the mild color and tasty base for this recipe.

Ghee offering the sweet aroma right consistency for this wheat Rava halwa. Try this dish at your home.

For your ever-loving sweetness, halwa is preparing with the right texture. Share this recipe at your home party.

13. Aval Kesari

aval kesari

Aval Kesari is the delicious south-Indian sweet recipe preparing with the food components of aval.

Usage of coconut, ghee, elaichi is offering the perfect blend of Kesari recipe with the use of aval.

For the dark color shade, karuppatti is using for this sweet dessert preparation with coconut.

Badam, raisins are the adoring toppings that are elegantly set on the top of this aval halwa. Try this recipe.

14. Pineapple Payasam Recipe

pineapple payasam recipes

Payasam is the famous sweet dish preparing with a blend of milk and nut. Fruit payasam is a delicious dish.

Sabudana is the plain ingredient offering the simple tone to this pineapple payasam recipe. Adding coconut offers an extra taste.

Cardamom, offering the sweet flavor to this sweet payasam. Then how to add more sweetness to this recipe?

Adding fresh pineapple slices is offering the deep yellow color and fresh flavor to this payasam.

15. Kamarkat


Kamarkat is the typical Tamil Nadu dish preparing with the use of ghee, coconut, and sweet jaggery.

It is a simple dish, within twenty minutes it is easily cooked at our home kitchen. So try this recipe.

However, the cardamom powder is adding into this simple sweet recipe. It is the healthy recipe suit for your kids.

Ghee is deeply frying with the karupatti or jaggery, when it gets the juicy flavor it adds with the coconut and cardamom powder.

16. Barley Laddu

barley laddu

Millets are the super base to prepare the sweet and healthy snacks for our kids, adults elderly people.

Barley is one of the healthy millets. This offers multiple sweets and snacks. One of them is Barley laddu.

Almonds, sugar, ghee coconut are the effective ingredients to offer the best taste of this barley laddu.

Grinding the barley offers enough base for this soft laddu then cook the barley finally add ghee for a sweet aroma.

17. Pottukadalai Urundai

pottukadalai urundai

Pottukadalai urundai is the super evening snack recipe preparing with the use of easily available ingredients.

Just take this main ingredient and cook them well. Then take it aside. Jaggery is easily melting with water.

When it gets the juicy consistency, cardamom powder is adding into this juicy recipe to get the sweet smell.

Finally, kadali is adding into this juicy texture and rolling the round ball with the addition of ghee offers perfect shape.

18. Papaya Payasam

papaya payasam

Papaya payasam is the new and healthy dish preparing with the ripen papayas and its juicy paste.

Then fry the ghee with jaggery, until it gets the brown color then add the cardamom powder for a sweet aroma.

Subsequently, add this papaya paste with milk it offers the elegant yellowish color to your this fruit payasam.

Finally, add the fried cashew nuts and raisins on this flour. It is the sweet dish all will love this colorful dish.

19. Seviyan Halwa

seviyan halwa

Seviyan halwa is the colorful and aromatic sweet recipe we can easily prepare them at our home kitchen.

Ghee and Sawaya are perfectly frying until it gets a flexible texture. To get the juicy texture milk is adding into this dish.

Add some cardamom powder along with the bowl of sugar and cook them until they fully dissolve stage.

Finally, add some almonds as a wonderful topping for this sweet dish. Serve this dish with your family.

20. Amarnath Ladoo

amarnath ladoo

Amarnath ladoo is a nutrient millet fills with multiple protein, micronutrients, and essential fibers.

It is a gluten-free food ingredient. So, preparing multiple dishes are good for your family.

However, it is the simple north-Indian sweet recipe. For your kid's it will be the wonderful sweet recipe.

Try them at your home. It is easily available millet. So, all will love this simple and super sweet recipe.

21. Peanut Ladoo With Jaggery

peanut ladoo

Peanut ladoo is the easily available ingredient offering enough protein and essential nutrients to our body.

The preparation of the Ladoo follows healthy ingredients like ghee, jaggery, and a pinch of salt.

Take this peanut as a powder, it will easily offer the flour base for your simple sweet recipe.

Then add the jaggery powder along with the peanut powder. Serve these sweet balls with the addition of mild ghee.

22. Papaya Ladoo

papaya ladoo

Papaya ladoo is the ever-loving recipe and Vitamin A enrich fruit offering the delicious taste to this recipe.

Just peel the outer skin of the fruit and grind them until they get the perfect sweet juicy flavor.

Add the cardamom and another jaggery like sweet ingredients to this simple dish and finally add the coconut.

The shredding coconuts are offering a wonderful texture to this ladoo. Try this sweet recipe at your home.

23. Strawberry Pastry

strawberry pastry

There are multiple cake recipes and ice creams are the best and favorite one for the kids and adults.

Now these homemade preparation offering the fresh taste and simple preparation offering the good taste.

Usage of the sugar syrup and strawberry pastry cream is enough for the preparation of the sweet pastry recipe.

Simply, the bread slices are the easily available ones. So, all housewives can easily prepare this sweet item.

24. Suji ka Rasgulla

suji ka rasgulla

suji ka Rasagulla is the wonderful milk recipe, moreover, many of us not ready for this milk sweet preparation.

The traditional way of rasagulla preparation takes more time and enough steps to get the right texture.

Preparing this rasagulla with the use of Rava is the new and innovative dish. Addition of cashew and nuts offering the delicious taste.

Not only nuts but also the cardamom, almonds, and pistachio are using for this sweet preparation.

25. Kalakand


Kalakand is the famous Indian sweet serving as a special occasion and devotional poojas and festivals.

The preparation of kalkans is too easy but many of the housewives are not known this simple preparation.

Boil the milk well then add some lemon juice into this pure milk and some creamy base will come out.

Then add the sweet and aromas and grind them well. It will get some solid stage then add some topping and serve this dish.