25 Fast Starter Recipes For Lunch And Dinner Meal

Posted By : Myilraj , 28/03/2020

Planning to Prepare Starters From Home, Find Our Best List of Starter Recipes

Starters add some more value to our meal. Prepare some delicious starters following our variety of starter recipes from our list.

Indian food culture is a grant and never fails to admire the guests at the special time of festivity.

Festivity and food culture are binding. In those festivals, a time array of dishes are decorated with our dinner desk with multiple varieties.

Especially the starters are the eye-catching one and boosting us proper method of food consumption.

Eventually, starters can be the sweet items they will easily digestive one and improve our food carving.

The placement of the dishes is always getting its attention from the guest and the starters are the authentic recipes to impress them.

However, our Indian food culture comes with multiple varieties of dishes and taste to offer a grant food gala.

Not only the native dishes but also the multiple exotic dishes from the multiple dynasties offer various methods of cooking.

So, each of the dynasties and their culinary method using different kinds of startup recipes. Each is unique.

Whether it is a south-Indian food recipe or north-Indian recipe there are multiple sweet and starters are here.

While we offering our grant meal, try to select the best and ever-loving starter which needs to be memorable.

Vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes come with multiple varieties of starter recipes. They easily preparing one.

For the housewives who are searching for the varieties of startup recipes, here we offer the tasty startup dishes.

Try them all, these recipes and innovative style of cooking is a big threat for your family members to enjoy.

Easy and fast cooking is the special of this start-up recipes give your try. You will love these recipes.

People Also Ask

What Are Some Good Recipes a Starter Chef Can Try?Starter recipes are the simple but tasty dishes to decorate your grant meal. Mostly veg recipes are suitable ones. On the other hand, chefs have easily calculated the taste and cooking method of starter recipes. Most of the time easily preferable dishes are giving enough time and ease your cooking procedure. To be simple and restaurant-style dishes can be prepared from millets to grant chicken. All are suitable for chefs.
What Unique Indian Chicken Starter Recipe can you Share?Chicken startups are the core of our non-vegetarian delicious recipes. Diwali and other celebrations never miss this dish. First of all, Chicken is the ever-loving meat item as well as the favorite one for all. Try them to attract your guests. Of course, these chicken recipes are the fabulous starter and signature dishes for your grant meal. From chili chicken to omelets, egg chicken and chicken roasts are special for your chicken startups.
What is the Best Starter Food for Dinner?There are multiple startup dishes are available in the Indian food hospitality to decorate the grant meal. Lightweight and healthy dishes are the best one for our choice of startup dishes preparation for dinner. Mostly, milk and it relating items like Yoghurt, butter, and buttermilk are special to decorate your plate. Paneer dishes are also famous and multiple dishes can easily prepare one through this simple ingredient.
What is the Best Starter for Vegetarians?Though, starter recipes are the eye-catching one and first to taste for the grant, spicy tasty vegetarian food gala. Starter dishes made up of basil leaves, flour, and chicken need to offer the traditional taste to our dishes. These simple preparation of this start-up recipes nearly take twenty to thirty minutes of cooking time only. Hence, this time is enough for our delicious cooking. Start your variety of start-up recipes all will offer good taste.

25 Types of Starter Recipes

1. Masala Papad

Masala Papad

Papad is common and easy to prepare the recipe. But the preparation of Masala Papad varies from region to region.

Adding the delicious spices and unique flavors is the special one for your start-up preparation with papads.

This masala Papad is the signature dish of the Gujarathi cooking style. Try this recipe and all will remember your food gala.

The addition of lime and enough spices are offering a unique tone to this. Just give your try for this new dish.

2. Bread Barfi

Bread Barfi

Burrfis is the sweet and delicate dishes to taste. When the feast starts these recipes are coming as the initial consideration.

Most of the time, the vegetarian feast gives its main importance for the sweet items. So taking this dish is the finest one.

Sweet burfis are ready to make easy dishes available in the Market but preparing from our home kitchen is the best.

Bread burfi is the easy and delicious snack item try this special dish to decorate your grant and tasty meal.

3. Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup

Whenever we try to offer the grant meal for our food preparation offering the restaurant-style is a challenging one.

The keen and nutrient benefits are calculating one through this simple startup recipes. So soups are the main choice.

Now a day our birthday celebrations and wedding ceremonies are never completed without the offering of soups.

For the hot and healthy soups, tomato soups are the best one for your easy preparation try these soups at your home.

4. Vegetable and Dal Soup

Vegetable And Dal Soup

Soup preparation is one of the oldest styles of our cooking method and multiple recipes are available in this soup list.

Vegetables and dal soups are the best ones for your kids and family members with their abundant nutrient values.

In essence, veggies are the best elements which are carrying multiple minerals and vitamins to enrich our health.

Dals are the protein package ingredient that offers multiple health benefits along the collection of veggies try this simple dish.

5. Manchow Soup

Manchow Soup

Most of the North-Indian people are often making their cooking along with various soup varieties and dishes.

To compensate for the hard cold and monsoon season soups are the best dishes to nourish your taste buds.

Corn flour, multiple veggies, garlic, and noodles are the base of ingredients elegantly decorate with soy sauce.

Try this simple and elegant Soup recipe at your home. The spicy unique taste loving one for all. Give your try.

6. Chicken Lollipop Recipe

Chicken Lollipop Recipe

As per the choice of the non-vegetarian lovers, the chicken lollipop is the best and ever-loving dish in our starter list.

Starter recipes in the non-vegetarian category need to be soft and juicy. So, try this tasty dish at your home.

Are you waiting for the delicious and tasty chicken recipe? then it must be a wonderful choice of cooking.

The soft crunchy sticky texture of this dish is the favorite one for the kids. Try preparing chicken lollipop at your home.

7. Paneer Recipes Dry

Paneer Recipe

Primarily, paneer recipes are the nutrient contain ingredient good one for our tasty and delicious meal item.

Commonly, juicy flavor is the primary choice of the cooking method. To offer a different style dry paneer is the best one.

Addition of paneer, tomato, green chili is offering an excellent source of minerals and anti-oxidants.

This is the special Andhra style meal, carrying the spiciness in the overall dish. Just offer this spicy dish to all.

8. Kiwi Salad

Kiwi Salad

Salads are the best and healthy fiber carrying dishes offer multiple nutrient elements to our body.

Most of the people are choosing their healthy and light meal with the choice of various salad recipe.

Besides the addition of honey, kiwi, dates, and zuchini are the multi-nutrient package-carrying goodness of flavor.

Try this fruit salad, to add the fresh aromatic presence the mint leaves are the perfect combination. Try this recipe.

9. Tomato Carrot Soup

Tomato Carrot Soup

Soups are often noticing for the addition of hot spiciness and fresh veggies are the best collection to taste.

To offer the delicious and unique taste, frying the veggies and adding the different spices like bay leaves offer a richness to the soup.

Without any addition of green chilies, the black pepper is using for the presence of the spicy tone.

Try this biryani style soup at your home. It must be the best dish for your family members. Try this unique dish for tomato soup.

10. Paneer Kebab Recipe

Paneer Kekab Recipe

Deep fry and elegant spices along with the paneer are the ever-loving dishes in the long recipes of the Indian cooking method.

Instead of Paneer, sometimes the cottage cheese is using for this vegetarian Kebab preparation. Try this at your home.

For a delicious evening snack along with hot coffee is a wonderful combination for your relaxing evening.

Try this recipe at your home. Particularly, kids will be the fans for your innovative crispy paneer kebab recipe.

11. Baby Corn Pepper Fry

Baby Corn Pepper fry

Baby corn pepper fry is the delicious starter recipe for your elegant breakfast with an impressive spicy tone.

Ginger, garlic, and pepper offer the effective hotness to this our special recipe. Try this mild fry at your home.

Usage of cornflour in this dish offering the crunchy and crispy tone to this dish. Spring onion offers the crunch base to this dish.

Try this easy preparation of baby corn pepper fry for your starter all will love this spicy fry. Serve this t your kids.

12. Besan ka Dhokla

Besan Ka Dhokla

Sweet items are getting their primary position when serving the superb meal with effective dishes.

However, preparing the sweet dish with protein contain flour is the best recipe for your grant lunch.

Addition of spices like cumin, ginger, ghee, sugar is the best of choice. Khaman Dhokla is a special dish.

Moreover, For the change of routine sweet taste, we offer this dish with the mild spiciness. Try this unique recipe.

13. Masala Popcorn

Masala Popcorn

To getting the mild and soft delicious startup recipes, popcorn is the best of choice. How to present the best popcorn dish?

Adding the different spices with the cinnamon powder is the good one for your innovative style of cooking.

However, using ginger, cumin is a different combination offering the perfect flavor to this dish.

Try this Masala Popcorn recipe at your evening snack and an effective starter for your delicious meal. Taste this new dish.

14. Fried Sweet Corn

Fried Sweet Corn

American sweet corn is the delicious snack ingredient and most of the time perfect starter for your grant meal.

Using the cornflour in this recipe offering the perfect juicy base for this delicious starter to this recipe.

Black pepper and addition of other veggies are offering the elegant and eye-catching color for this tasty dish.

Adding egg, garlic, cloves, and capsicum is the different one. Give your try for this spicy Fried Sweet Corn gravy.

15. Kara Boondi

Kara Boondi

Snack item preparation is one of the toughest tasks for moms to choose the best and spicy ingredient.

Kara boondi is the regular and easily available snack item. What is the best way to prepare a new dish?

Adding the rice flour, chana powder, red chili, and cumin are the healthy spices and offer a unique flavor to this dish.

It is easy to prepare snack item and most of the time besan flour is the only ingredient adding into this dish.

16. Boondi Recipe


Homemade preparation of snacks is the best choice of food for the gluten-free recipe. Easily available kara boondi offer multiple dishes.

Protein enriches Bengal gram is the main ingredient offering the perfect base for this boondi starter recipe.

However, the preparation of the snack takes only twenty to thirty-minute of time. Try this simple snack.

Apart from a spicy starter, the school kids can love this recipe and taking this protein dish for their snack time.

17. Parwal Pakora

Parwal Pakora

The pointed gourd is the effective water content recipe carrying multiple nutrients to build healthy elements.

Adding the flour with the collection of spices like turmeric powder and chili powder until the juicy flavor.

Similarly, Adding the paste along with this veggie and fry them is the unique but delicious snack for your guests.

For routine bonda and vada, replacing this special Parwal Pakora snack is a wonderful combination. Try this recipe at your home.

18. Fish Kebab

Fish Kebab

For the fish lovers, the fish curry and gravy are the first choices. This meat ingredient comes with less fat and more nutrient.

Trying this fish ingredient to prepare a healthy snack item is an ever-loving combination. How to prepare this recipe?

Fish kebab is a delicious meat snack item offering in the grilled form. The smoky flavor never fails to get its attention.

This is a perfect starter to try this easy and spicy meat item. Once you offer this recipe all will fall for this fish kebab.

19. Raw Banana Kebab

Raw Banana Kekab

Grills are the perfect combination for your veggie treat. Raw banana fry is a new one try this recipe.

Adding spinach is carries multiple anti-oxidant elements to this crispy veg grill. How to prepare this banana fry?

Peeling the outer skin, and boil the raw banana in the smashing texture is the perfect one to enjoy this veg grill.

Moreover, Making the recipe in ball shape with the addition of spices and paneer is the perfect combination. Try this easy recipe.

20. Rice Crackers

Rice Crackers

Rice crackers are the favorite and crispy snack item serving along with the butter and spicy ginger.

Roasting the nuts and adding the chili paste are offering the delicious mouth-watering recipe to your feast.

Moreover, rice flour is the base and adding the spices and making the flatten round base suits for this crispy snack.

Then making the deep fry at the pan is the easy and simple process to cooking this raw cracker taste this dish.

21. Wheat Flour Chips

Wheat Flour Chips

Chips are the ever-loving crispy snack item one of the best starters for our grant and delicious breakfast.

Adding healthy spices like cumin and chili powder is the fabulous combination for preparation.

However, adding the baking soda helps to get the soft and crispy texture to this healthy wheat recipe.

Making fry until getting little brown pr orange this the right tone. Try special Andhra style recipe at your home.

22. Fish Croquette Recipe

Fish Croquette

Subsequently, this recipe is a signature dish preparing from the Bengal style of cooking. The fish croquette is a special dish.

Most of the grant celebrations and functions are never miss this ever-loving fish starter while presenting the restaurant-style cooking.

To tender the raw fish meat adding the egg, ginger garlic paste and garam masala are the perfect ones for this recipe.

However, to offer the tangy tone lemon is the staple ingredient using in this fish croquette recipe.

23. Aloo 65

Aloo 65

Potato chips are the best and ever-loving crispy snack and favorite one for the kids and adults.

To avoid the fat and cholesterol content, preparing the home base dish is the best and healthy one.

Adding the cornflour and besan flour is offering the crispy base of this ever-loving potato snack.

And Lemon juice is the perfect combination to present the mild and lip-smacking tanginess to this potato chips.

24. Chamadumpa Pakodi

Chamadumpa Pakodi

Taro root or Chanadumpa is the delicious and fiber enrich content offering the multiple nutrients to the consumer.

Pakkodi is the crispy and ever-loving street sack common in every region of India. Try this recipe at your home.

Chamadumpa pakodi is the special Andhara style recipe preparing along with various garlic paste and spices.

Then frying these spices along with the shredded taro root until getting the dark brown is the right way to get crispiness.

25. Stuffed Tomato Recipe

Stuffed Tomato Recipe

Chicken and noodles are the unique combinations to attract your guests with the lip-smacking starter dish.

To offer the flavorful tanginess tomato are the best of your choice. Try this ever-loving recipe at your home.

However, getting the Indian flavor the blend of rice and noodles is the ever-best combination for your starter.

As a result, Cabbage, carrot, chicken cube is a wonderful combination offering multiple nutrients to this starter recipe!