24+ Easy Soup Recipes To Make A Good Soup For Your Meal

Posted By : Myilraj , 27/03/2020

Find the Collection of Best and Healthy Soup Recipes for Tasty and Yummy Servings

Soup Recipes are a favorite starter meal of most of the people in India and other countries.

Soup is the ever-loving food recipe that takes its primary pride as one of the oldest foods in the world.

While considering the deep rooting history of soup, this dish made its magnificence of 20,000 years ago.

According to recent archaeology research, Chinese discovery they found old cookware which fills with this traditional dish soup.

Is there any special reason for choosing this food preparation method for their food hospitality? yes.

Comparing to the modern man, the older people were giving their paramount importance for nature and food hospitality.

In their shrewd awareness of food, consumption made their long living life. Boiling meat and veggies are the breaks the food fat.

As well as it never loses the nutrient values. They chose pot for their get the exact flavor without any artificial flavors.

The ancient culinary science gives its importance only for the healthy aspects than the brings out the various flavors to food.

Not only in the Asian continent, but the cooking method of soup is also a common food preparation found in Europe and Russia too.

There are multiple varieties of soup but the cooking method remains the same only adding the ingredients will offer the uniqueness to this dish.

For your delicious meal, soup is the simple and easy digestive culinary dish recommending for all age groups.

Dumping all sorts of veggies and meat and add the spices to offer classy and tasty soup. And it too easy to make.

Here we offer various kinds of soups and its preparation method to increase your soup preparation at home.

Have your great soup day!

People Also Ask

What Are Some Great, Easy-to-Make Soup Recipes? For your sizzling winter soups are the only warmful breakfast to boost your busy morning schedule. Nearly all the vegetables and meats are using to get for this soft and nourishing tone of soup recipe. Naturally, the veggies and meats contain the nutrient benefits and they enriching through the addition of spices. Simple water, salt, meat or veggies, and other essential spices and deep boiling is the methodology for soup preparation.
What Are Some Good Soup Recipes? Due to its simple and healthy and effective health benefits, many soup preparations can do at home. There are multiple varieties are soups are making in every part of India, each of the cooking offers a colorful tasty flavor. Chicken, lentils, vegetable and noodle soup and seafood soups are well suited with this soup recipe. We will enlist the multiple varieties of soups that are easy and fast to prepare at your home try it all.
What Are Some Good Vegetarian Soup Recipes? Veggies are the full pack nutrient offer multiple health benefits for our growing kid. Add soup as a regular dish to your cooking. Though, vegetarian soups are the finest and easily gettable ingredients. So, making vegetarian soups are the finest choice of cooking. There are plenty of vegetarian soups are decorate our elegant breakfast. Some of them are Carrot soup, potato soup and Mushroom soup are too relish to taste.
What Are the Best Soups to Make at Home? Well warm seasons of India offer multiple vegetables. So, making healthy and easy veggie soups are an easy one. There are plenty of soups like Tomato soup, corn Soup and Onion soups are the best for your soup preparation. Indian style meals are getting more importance while serving with en number of soups. Why we can try these soups? All these fresh vegetarian soups are an easy one to prepare at your home. Try all these soups at your home.
What Are Good Chicken Soup Recipes? Chicken Soup is a perfect meal for your Sunday breakfast Now making the chicken soup is a very easy one. Low calorie and adding incredible flavors will enrich and nourish your Sunday meal. Try this soup at your home. Adding chicken bones ad a small amount of meat and stable Indian spices are more enough to prepare a tasty soup. It is a fast and easy making dish. For the chicken lover, noodle soup, plain soup are obviously a good choice of soup filled with multiple nutrients.

24+ Various  kinds of Soup Recipes

1. Mutton Bone Soup

mutton bone soup

Mutton bone soup is a famous thick soup that offers its great taste when combined with the plain rice.

This thick soup preparing along with the easily available home base ingredients. So you can get its authentic taste anywhere.

However, Mutton is one of the healthy meat items that come with a low cholesterol level. All people can taste this recipe.

Even though this simple Chicken Soup is a homemade medicine for seasonal cough and cold. Just make it for your kids.

2. Hyderabadi Marag soup

marag soup

As a spicy flavor of the soup, this Mutton Marag is serving as a starter in the non-vegetarian feast.

Meanwhile, it is a humble recipe preparing along with multiple collections of spices and nuts and herbs.

Marag soup is the super-fast healthy food cooking with both bone and meat to get the essential nutrients.

For seeking a new dish to adore your Sunday meal then take this recipe and start to prepare your dish.

3. Green Peas Soup

green pea soup

Loading with a high level of protein and dietary fiber Green peas soups is a good one for our health.

As a cholesterol-free food from elderly people to toddler al can take this soup as their part of their meal.

Subsequently, adding green veggies bay leaf and essential cardamom adds colorful flavor and aroma to this recipe.

Try this green pea recipe at your home. It is a nutrient recipe that may at top of your home menu after serving.

4. Sweet Corn Soup

sweet corn soup

Sweet serving is one of the traditional parts of our Indian food hospitality. It is a satisfying soup item for all.

Obviously, Sweet corn soup is an easily available ingredient offer considerable volume fiber and protein.

First of all, people who want to maintain the diet schedule and free from non-vegetarian can try this new recipe at your home.

Are you looking for a fat-free sweet dessert? then try this chat pat soup for your evening snack.

5. Cauliflower Soup

cauliflower soup

Cauliflower soup is a simple but delicious lip-smacking recipe satisfy all of our desire on veggie soup.

Initially, it is a super appealing dish offer mouth-watering taste and moreover, it is dish free from gluten.

Moreover, Cauliflower contains a rich source of Vitamin B and various anti-oxidants which are aids to protect cancer.

Having all these nutrients benefits how we will spare this veggie? So, try this dish at your home today.

6. Fish And Vegetable Stew

fish  and vegetable stew

Fish is the most famous, fresh and vegetable staple food found in the coastal regions of India.ege

As an easy available Sunday meat, we easily find a variety of dishes made from this fish one is this fish stew.

A distinctive combination of fish meat and vegetables all are offering the classic tone to this recipe.

While searching the melty and tender meat to your Sunday morning then pick this fish stew for your lunch.

7. Spicy Vegetable Soup

vegitable soup

At the time of searching the best menu in the soup section, everyone easily come across this vegetable soup.

Plenty of vegetables, herbs, and spices are offering the delicious and fragrant smell to this veggie soup.

Besides, the collection of veggies is offering a nutritious meal for your fast and fresh morning.

To incorporate diet without any high cholesterol and calorie try this vegetable soup at your home.

8. Spring Onion Soup

onion soup

For your refreshing and immune-enhancing soup, spring onion is a suitable and delicious meal for your breakfast.

Green onions soup and black pepper are the customary ingredients that offer a classy flavor to this soup.

Spring onions are available only in the winter and monsoon season. So, prepare this dish for your energy breakfast.

The western countries and to-notch restaurants in India offering this famous recipe as their staple soup.

9. Drumstick Soup

drumstick soup

There are diverse cooking methods and signature style recipes are available in this south-India.

Chettinad style is one of the well-known cooking methods, especially for meat lovers. It is common for veggies also.

Primarily, adding too much spicy flavor in this drumstick soup is the familiar style of the south-Indian soup recipe.

However, this finger-licking soup recipe is too familiar and customarily served in the wedding function of Gujarat.

10. Tomato Soup


Tomato soup is the only dish to offer the perfect taste and texture whether it is too hot so cold.

On the other hand, plain and spicy structure and eye-catching colors easily attract soup lovers.

Similarly, we offer more delicious and easy to prepare soup dishes for your perfect morning meal.

Whether it is a grant non-veg gala or simple tiffin the soup will surely attract the lovers and all will love this soup.

11.Palak Soup

palak soup

Spinach is a versatile leafy ingredient carries the fruitful nutrients like Vitamins A, Magnesium, and Iron.

For the kids and adults eating spinach promotes palak soup and recommending for eyesight issues.

However, elderly people can consume this healthy greeny for the control of blood pressure and diabetes.

Try this health packing soup at your home and often add this leafy ingredient to your morning breakfast.

12.Carrot Ginger Soup

carrot ginger soup

The combination of vegetable and spice always offer a unique and tasty signature flavor to a particular dish.

While getting the top ten soup recipes, carrot and ginger is one of the top menus in that long list.

carrot Ginger soup are the two delicious combinations that offer the relish finger-licking taste to this soup.

The smooth and colorful texture of Carrot and the strong spicy taste of ginger makes this recipe as ever-loving one.

13. Vegetable And Dal Soup

Vegetable And Dal Soup Recipe

Generally, Dhal is the primary food ingredient notifying for its protein and fiber content. So multiple dishes are preparing from this dhal.

Cabbage, Palak leaves, tomato, and lemon are the incredible components ease your vegetable and dal soup.

Meanwhile, a combination of all vegetables, dhals, and spices are offering the richness to this vegetable dhal soup.

Certainly, it is a superb healthy soup recipe and tries it in your home. All fall for this delicious taste.

14. Manchow Soup

manchow soup

Manchow soup is a hot and spicy soup recipe that can prepare from a bunch of veggies, chicken corn and so on.

Not only the spices adding flour and soy sauce are the typical making style of this soup in the restaurant-style.

As the name insists, it is a famous Chinese soup cooking with the traditional Indian style and gets the thick flavor.

Though seems to be a rich dish, now you can easily prepare this recipe at your home. Make your new recipe.

15. Mexican Soup

mexican soup

Mexican soup is the famous and benchmarking dish in the multiple collections of soup varieties.

Once you taste the traditional Mexican recipe with the array of vegetables and collection you never say no to this soup.

The perfection of soup cooking and boiling the vegetables all are important ones in this soup preparation.

Even though the traditional recipe cooking takes 40 minutes to ease your preparation we offer the easy way of soup preparation.

16. Vegetable Rice Soup

vegetable rice soup

Vegetable rice soup is a typical recipe that offers enormous energy and good nutritional benefits for your health.

With the addition of rice offers the full package of meal structure and easily prepare at home within 30 minutes.

Potatoes, onion, green chilies, cabbage, capsicum are the delicious and colorful ingredients using for this soup preparation.

Balancing the spicy, tangy and crunchy flavor all are perfectly matching in this delicious recipe. Give try on this vegetable rice soup.

17. Hot and spicy pepper Soup

pepper spicy

For instance, pepper spicy ingredient carries multiple health benefits and adds its spicy flavor for the overall recipe.

Stimulating appetite and balancing weight management are the primary health benefits of pepper intake.

For the people who are waiting to reduce their massive weight can take this soup as their part of the diet.

Antibacterial elements in Pepper easily treating the seasonal cold and cough. Present this new soup to your kids.

18. Butter Mutton Soup

butter mutton soup

Mutton is low-fat meat and marvelous one for satisfying your Sunday meat appetite. Here we give a new texture to meat.

In fact, not only mere butter mutton soup, onion, curry leaves all are offering the native taste to this dish.

Try your delicious mutton soup with the soft butter and soy sauce adding enough water and ginger garlic paste gives the mouth-watering taste to this soup.

Try to choose the meat with bone, it sustaining your health as well as the taste also. Have your special Sunday!

19. Noodles Soup

noodles soup

Undoubtedly, Noodles soup of China and there are more than 5000 varieties of noodles around the globe.

To offer the international feel to your function then add this soup noodle to your feast meal.

Noodle is a conventional meal of China but it elegantly matching to our Indian spices and herbs.

So, Kids are always expecting a tremendous and new recipe from your kitchen for them to offer this noodle soup.

20.Capsicum-Corn-Cabbage Soup

capsium corn cabbage soup

Corn, Capsicum, Cabbage soup - All these three primary ingredients are a well suitable one for every food culture.

Making soup from these three-ingredient offers plenty of health benefits and massive change to your routing cooking style.

Obviously, homemade cooking never spoils of our health. So, trying the innovative dishes at h0ome is the best choice.

Moreover, all these ingredients are possessing a good amount of vitamin protein and fiber. Try this soup at your home.

21. Spring Onion Chicken Soup

spring onion chicken soup

Are you waiting for the soup made from the exciting combination of meat and veggie? Here is your favorite soup.

Furthermore, delicate spring onion and chicken is a wonderful combination for preparing a new soup recipe.

The juicy chicken and crunchy chicken offer a satisfying and appetizing dish for your energetic breakfast.

Multiple varieties of spices are adding great taste to this recipe. Try this tasty soup at your home.

22. Creamy Leek And Potato Soup

potato soup

Fresh cream soups are one of the delicious and easy home preparation offer elegant structure to your soup.

Moreover, all the collection spices like garlic, cloves, spinach all are a simple packing foodstuff balance your diet.

The deep and aromatic fry of the veggies and thick creamy offers an elegant outlook to this soup recipe.

Calcium, vitamin, mineral and other essential vitamins come in this single dish. Make this creamy soup at your home.

23. Sea Food Thai Soup

seafood thai soup

Seafood Thai soup is always a vital vitamin and protein source needs to add our regular food habit.

The exotic flavor of taste and Indian spices are always the finest option to balance taste as well as health.

Here is a typical and famous Thai recipe waiting to offer a unique taste to your precious cooking.

Just try this new combination of Mushroom and prawn and offer this new taste to your family members.

24. Thick Coriander Chili Chicken Soup

chili chicken soup

Thick coriander chili chicken soup chili soup recipes is an ever-loving and favorable combination for Indian food lovers.

Our traditional food combination always offers the potential as well as medical benefits to your health.

Chilli and chicken is our traditional folk medicine offer multiple benefits for the people who are suffering in Cold.

Try this spicy soup recipe at your home. For Kids, it will be the super homemade medicine to cure a cold.

25. Palak Chicken Soup

palak chicken soup

Palak Chicken soup recipes are a wonderful combination when it consuming along with the Hakka noodles.

This dish preparing with the addition of white gravy and cornflour is the eye-catching combination to eat.

Moreover, it is a simple and new dish combining with the unique combination of palak and chicken.

Try this white flavor soup and everyone in your home will certainly love this recipe. Try it a while!