20 Best Sandwich Recipes Healthy And Tasty Sandwich Recipes

Posted By : Elavarsan , 30/03/2020

Healthy And Tasty Sandwich Recipes - Sandwich Using Easily Available Ingredients

In today’s busy lifestyle, spending time at dining tables became a rare thing. Everyone wants to fill their stomach in a fast way with some simple menu.

Most of the working men and women prefer eating foods while they travel to their workplace, while driving a car or in a small interval they get during their official meetings.

Even kids prefer lite foods for their breakfast and also in their lunch boxes.

Among many instant foods, sandwiches are the best food that can be made in a very less time with the ingredients of our own preferences.

Sandwiches can be eaten without grilled or grilled, can be eaten with some butter or without butter. It tastes so good in any variations.

A sandwich means some vegetable, meat or any other stuffing that is stuffed in between two bread slices.

A basic bread sandwich is made by applying mayo & ketchup in bread slices, with some cucumber, tomato or any other veggie as stuffing.

The sandwich is then grilled in a sandwich maker with a spoon full of butter.

In many parts of the world, sandwiches have been considered as famous street foods and it is also sold in restaurants and cafeterias.

On a rainy day a warm sandwich with a cup of hot tea or coffee is a real bliss.

We can make sandwiches with omelette, boiled egg and scrambled egg along with some fresh butter.

It is a fantastic treat for egg lovers. For kids, sandwiches can be made by applying some jam, nutella or peanut butter along with some fresh fruits of your choice.Though nutella and banana sandwich tastes the best.

When going for a day out or picnic, pack sandwiches in aluminium foils and it will remain with the same softness even after hours.

Pizza sandwiches along with lots of cheese is the best for friends and kids parties.

20 Collection Of Sandwich Recipes

1. Burger salad recipe

salad burger

This is a simple burger sandwich recipe which can be done within a few minutes by using the ingredients that are readily available at home.

Burger salad recipe is made by using eggs, carrot, cucumber and tomato ketchup which is sandwiched in between toasted buns.

2. Calcutta coffee egg sandwich

calcutta coffee egg sandwich

Calcutta coffee egg sandwich is made using bread slices which are toasted after dipping in the mixture of eggs, with some added veggies and flavourful spices.

The sandwich recipe goes well with coffee and so it got this name.

3. Diet egg sandwich

diet egg sandwich

Dietetic egg sandwiches are made using brown bread. Brown bread made using wheat is a healthier option over normal white breads which are made using maida or all purpose flour.

For this diet egg sandwich, green chutney is used along with boiled eggs and so it is a best food for weight loss.

4. Eggplant cheese toast

eggplant cheese toast

For a healthy starter recipe for a kids party, eggplant cheese toast is a fantastic option. The recipe is made by sandwiching cheese in between thinly sliced eggplant.

Then the sandwiched eggplant is dipped in egg mixture and bread crumbs. It is then deep fried in medium flame for a crunchy cheese taste.

5. Yummy curd bread sandwich

curd bread sandwich

For making a curd bread sandwich, hung curd must be used to avoid the messiness because of the water content in the curd.

Yummy curd bread sandwich is made using hung curd along with fresh vegetables and some added spices. This is the best recipe for breakfast on a sunny day.

6. Sandwich lunch box

sandwich lunch box

For mothers looking for some variety lunch box menu, this sandwich is a good option. This sandwich is prepared using potato and so kids eat it with full of love. Save this recipe now in your kids lunch menu to get appreciation from your kids later.

7. Half fried egg sandwich

half fried egg sandwich

The recipe is made using half boiled egg which is fried in a pan. Half boiled egg won’t be favourite for many because of the raw smell of the egg.

But the ingredients added along with the half boiled egg will make this half fried egg sandwich a tasty food.

8. Choco banana grilled sandwich

choco banana girlled sandwich

Chocolate along with banana tastes so good and the combo makes many recipes a remarkable one.

Choco banana grilled sandwich is made using home made choco sauce along with bananas which are sandwiched in bread slices and is grilled using sandwich maker or normal pan.

9. Grilled idli veg sandwich

grilled idli veg sandwich

The recipe can be made using leftover idlis or freshly made instant idlis from store bought idli flour or batter.

The grilled idli veg sandwich contains puree of potato and green peas along with some spices. The sandwiched idli is then grilled in a pan or griller.

10. Mushroom and tandoori chicken sandwich with cream cheese

mushroom and tandoori chicken sandwich

Bored of simple homemade sandwiches? Then you can make restaurant style sandwiches easily at home by following a few simple steps.

Mushroom and tandoori chicken sandwich tastes so good because of its rich taste along with cheesy flavour.

11. Cheese and chocolate grilled sandwich

cheese and chocolate grilled sandwich

To get out of a sweet tooth, we must treat our taste buds with some good sweets often.

Though chocolates are enough for the sweet craving, a cheese and chocolate grilled sandwich which is topped with some strawberry sauce and cherry tastes so good.

12. Triple layered sandwich

triple layered sandwich

Triple layered sandwich is so filling which is packed with a lot of healthy stuff in it.

The sandwich is layered with chicken cubes, coleslaw salad, grated cheese along with some mayonnaise and ketchup.

The sandwich is full of layers and is all enough for starting a good day.

13. Bread sandwich fry

bread sandwich fry

Bread sandwich fry can be made using any kind of filling. Chicken, mutton, beef or any veggies can be stuffed in between bread slices and have to deep fry it in oil.

Beef sandwich is made using minced meat along with some seasonings and veggies as main ingredients.

14. Corn bread toast

corn bread toast

Sweet corn is favourite for many kids because of its mild sweet flavour. It is used in patties, fried rices and in many recipes as a taste enhancing ingredient.

Corn bread toast tastes so good and it is made by using some authentic flavours to treat taste buds a little more.

15. Healthy and tasty egg spread on bread with crispy capsicum

egg spread on bread with crispy capsium

Egg spread on bread with crispy capsicum is an innovative twist over normal breakfasts. The recipe is so simple and can be made as a busy morning meal.

On a bread, a layer of egg and chopped capsicum is added with some seasonings and is toasted in a pan.

16. American breakfast platter

american brealfast platter

The american breakfast platter is a complete combo meal with a chicken sandwich, stir fried sausages along with a boiled egg.

The chicken sandwich is made using boneless chicken pieces which are boiled and roasted with onion and garlic.

A spoon of mayo is added in the sandwich for a creamy texture.

17. Stuffed bread sweet corn

stuffed bread sweet corn

Sandwiches made with potatoes and sweet corn tastes so good even without cheese and mayo.

When boiled potato is mashed along with sweet corn and some seasonings it is all enough for a tasty stuffed bread sweet corn sandwich.

The sandwich is grilled in a pan with a good amount of butter.

18. Tasty bread omelette

braed omelette

Bread omelette is a famous street food of India. Now it became trendy street food in many parts of the world.

The recipe is made with egg mixture that contains any veggies and seasonings of choice.

Bread omelette can be made either by stuffing omelette in between bread slices or by dipped bread slices into egg mixture.

19. Crispy mutton stuffed biscuit sandwich

mutton stuffed biscut sandwich

Biscuit sandwich is a completely unique and innovative sandwich recipe.

Crispy mutton stuffed biscuit sandwich is made using mutton keema that is cooked along with some spices, stuffed inside biscuits and then coated in egg mixture and deep fried for best taste.

20. Spinach corn sandwich

spinach corn sandwich

Spinach contains many nutrients and it is mandatory to include spinach in the food menu for a healthy lifestyle.

Spinach corn sandwich is made by using blanched and pureed palak along with boiled corns stuffed inside bread with some seasonings and toasted with butter.