13+ Variety Of Sambar Recipes Sambar Recipe For Rice

Posted By : Elavarsan , 31/03/2020

Sambar Recipe For Rice / Tiffin - Variety Of Sambar Recipes Using Vegetables

Sambar is a delicious thick dish that includes vegetables, lentils, and all the other herbs. This is the most favorite and famous dish of South Indian cuisine.

For a typical South-Indian morning breakfast with idly and dosa never completes without this Sambar side dish.

Many households prepare this sambar regularly for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The preparation of the sambar varies from each other.

Simply, it is a damn good option for rice, breakfast items. This is the signature dish in all the festivals and events in Tamilnadu.

Usually, this delicious dish contains the base of boiled toor dal, an array of vegetables, and a spicy masala flavor.

With the collection of multiple energy sources, vitamin and protein is the best option for our morning breakfast meals.

Although, multiple varieties of Sambar available in every region of India. All are unique and offer an excellent taste to your main dish.

South-Indian Sambar is especially noticing for its creamy and colorful spicy texture. Channa flavor is common in North-India.

The texture of this sambar differs from its variety by adding the vegetables, masala, and dal. But each sambar variety holds its special taste.

One of the noticing vegetarian side dishes, Sambar is available in top hostels to a simple household recipe.

However, masala is the heart of the dish. Masal for this sambar preparation is mostly completed at our house.

Many housewives and homemakers are preparing this main ingredient on their own to get an authentic and tasteful flavor.

Sambar vada and sambar idly is a common dish easily getting at any part of India. Now a day foreign restaurants never miss this sambar to offer the traditional Indian feast.

People Also Ask

What Is The Best Recipe for Sambar?Sambar has its original mouth-watering taste. This recipe holds a special place in south Indian cuisine. This contains nutritious factors with healthy vegetables in different forms. This recipe is the best combo with meals. Sambar is made up of boiled toor dal and vegetables. The mashed toor dal gives extra taste to the recipe. Masala contents in sambar make every people love it. Try this extraordinary sambar recipe in your home easily with fresh vegetables, toor dal, and sambar masala. Serve this with a hot meal.
What's a simple recipe for homemade Sambar (dish)?Sambar is a very easy recipe to prepare at our home. Easily available veggies are enough for this Sambar preparation. Preparation of sambar powder starts with the using of main spices like turmeric powder, red chilies, daniya, urad dal, and fenugreeks,etc., Fresh and well-cooked vegetables are offering mild tenderness and juicy flavor to the veggie sambar. The goodness of Sambar lies in its thick consistency. It also depends upon the masala contents which are using to prepare this sambar.
How is sambar made?There are numerous varieties of sambar are available around the globe. Special masala and pure veggies make this sambar damn special in taste. The first step is cooking the toor dal well until it gets soft. Then adding the fresh veggies adds the veggies easily mingle to this dal. To add extra taste to sambar, tamarind, and ghee are adding to this vegetarian dal dish. Try this dish at your home. Fry the spices, curry leaves in oil and pour it over the sambar. This gives a special and nice aroma to the sambar.
What are some popular sambar recipes of Karnataka?Sambar recipe from Karnataka is very tasty and flavorful. This recipe differs from all the other sambar recipes of south India. Karnataka sambar recipes are numerous and rich in spicy flavor. They contain a unique culinary methodology to prepare this Sambar. Some of the popular sambar recipes of Karnataka are udipi sambar, bisi bell bath (Karnataka sambar rice), Kumbalkayi sambar (Karnataka pumpkin sambar). Sweet as well as spicy flavors are high in the Sambar recipes Karnataka. Taste is fabulous and an extraordinary one.
What is The Original Recipe of South Indian Sambar (dish)?Sambar is a traditional dish of South India. This has its unique flavor with spices and vegetables. The original sambar recipe is quite different. South Indians use sambar as a compulsory dish for their daily routine. Drumstick plays a major role in south Indian sambar. The whole masala for the sambar contains all spices and herbs in a thick form. This sambar recipe will make all of us addict to it. This south Indian sambar recipe will be the best combo for meals, idly and dosa varieties in all south Indian events.

13+ Tasty Collection Of Sambar Recipes

1. Sheem Moong Dal

Sheem moong dal

Sheem moong dal is a simple and delicious sambar recipe of Bengal. This carries health benefits in the form of green grams.

Split skinned beans and moong dal plays a major role in this sambar. This gives a special taste to this awesome dish.

Green grams is a zero cholesterol food. This gives vitamins, calcium and helps prevention from heart diseases. You can eat this in the form of a sambar.

This is sheer moong dal is a very flavourful and healthy recipe. Serve this not only with hot meals but also with slices of bread or roti.

2. Sambar Dal

Sambar dal

Sambar dal is a unique mouth-watering recipe. In Tamil term, called as Idichi vitta sambar or arachu vitta sambar in South India.

Unlike other recipes, this idichi vitta sambar consists of an ideal flavor. Besides that ground sambar masala gives a special taste to this recipe.

Sambar dal is the best option for all to replace the routine poriyal and rasam Sambar is a healthy pack of nutrition dishes.

This sambar dal recipe is a famous and traditional dish of Tamilnadu. You can serve this recipe with any tiffin snack, idly, dosa or Pongal.

3. Mullangi Pulusu

Mullangi pulusu

Mullangi pulusu is one of the yummiest dishes made up of radish and brinjal. This is a very easy and famous recipe of Andhra.

This recipe plays a vital role in all the households in their routine life. Radish consists of rich nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Radish sambar recipe is the best option to get the vital minerals and vitamins. Brinjal adds an extra flavor to this dish.

Mullangi pulusu recipe is a great treat to all people in their breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all the dosa varieties, meals and idly.

4. Masala Dal

Masala dal recipe

Masala dal recipe is a yummy and tasty recipe made with chana dal. This can be easily prepared at home and suits well for meals or roti.

The Bengal gram is usually called chana dal in the Indian language. Using coconut for this recipe adds an extra creamy flavor to this dish.

This masala dal recipe is a good treat to serve with meals, chapathi, roti, and various grains of rice. The aroma of this recipe is so relishing one.

A recipe is good for all age groups for its full package of health benefits. It is the all-time favorite recipe to taste.

5. Noolkol Sambar

Nookol sambar is a totally different and delicious recipe of south India. This can be made easily without adding additional vegetables.

Noolkol or Kohlrabi is a kind of cabbage vegetable from the cabbage family. It is rich in vitamins, calcium and lowers in calories.

This thick consistency noolkol sambar offers finger-licking taste. A delicious outlook and aroma will make us eat this sambar.

Noolkol sambar will give a unique taste in every bite. Hence, this is the perfect recipe to serve with meals and idly, dosa varieties.

6. Murungaikai Sambar

Moreover, Murungaikai sambar or drumstick sambar is a very popular and favorite dish of south Indian cuisine.

This murungaikai sambar is at the top list of every household and hotel. Therefore, preparing this sambar at home is very easy and simple.

Drumstick gives a distinct flavor in the sambar while comparing to all other vegetables. You can frequently prepare this.

You will fall in love with this recipe after trying it. Try and serve this recipe along with hot meals and idly.

7. Murungai Keerai Sambar

Murungai keerai sambar is one of the healthiest and delicious sambar. This sambar plays a major role in south Indian cuisine.

Drumstick leaves give protection to fight against all bacterial diseases and provides healthful compounds while eating it.

Eating the drumstick leaves in the form of sambar is a benefit for all age groups. Apart from this, you can make soups, vada and fry using this drumstick leaves.

This murunga keera sambar will be the damn good combo for hot meals and bread varieties without a doubt.


8. Kathirikai Murungakkai Sambar

Kathirikai murungakkai sambar is a well-known sambar recipe of south Indian cuisine. it is a delicious and spicy sambar dish.

This sambar is made with brinjal and drumsticks. These two different veggie combination makes this sambar as a distinct dish.

Finely cooked vegetables with a unique sambar masala make the sambar tastier. You can prepare this recipe easily at your home.

Serve this kathirikai murungakkai sambar with hot meals or tiffin varieties as your wish.

9. Drumstick sambar

Drumstick sambar

Drumstick sambar is one of the easy and tasty recipe of south Indian recipes, This recipe is good for lunch time meals with boiled or steam rices. very tasty and delicious vegetable sambar can be prepared very simply in the house let us prepare the recipe.

10. Mullangi sambar

Mullangi sambar

mullangi sambar is one of the easy and tasty recipe of south Indian recipes, This recipe is good for lunch time meals with boiled or steam rices, this recipe can be done easily with simple steps with south Indian spice ingredients. Radish is good to eat in summer season for cool our body and prevent from heat.

11. Vengaya sambar

Vengaya sambar

Venkaya Sambar is the traditional south Indian recipes. It is the best companion for both the meals and breakfast recipes. It can be prepared quick and easy with simple steps. The small onion gives a different taste for sambar.

12. Brinjal sambar

Brinjal sambar

brinjal sambar which is also known as Kathirikkai sambar in Tamil, Is the famous sambar recipes of South Indians, We also can make different sambar using different vegetable, It is the best Combo with Hot Plain Rice.

13. Moong dal tadka

Moong dal tadka

Moong dal is nothing but the split yellow gram which are rich in nutrients and good to add in our regular diets including lentils, Here i used to cook the moong dal tadka recipe which gets the wonderful flavor of garlic and other spices.

14. Sambar podi

Sambar podi

Samba powder is the traditional way of making the powdered ingredients which can be make instantly in South Indian cooking recipes, now a days we are leading a busy life so that we can add various ready-made preservative powder ingredients which is not good for health.

So that we can made the samba powder with freshly and easily available spice and ingredients at home in clean and hygienic.