18+ Healthy Salad Recipes Vegetable And Chicken Salad Recipes

Posted By : Elavarsan , 30/03/2020

Healthy And Tasty Salad Recipes - Salads With Sprouts, Fruits, Vegetables And Meat

Salads are the best comfortable foods that can be taken as lunch or dinner. Some people prefer salads even as their breakfast.

Salad can be made with veggies, fruits, eggs or even with meat. Green leafy vegetables, lettuces are also used in salads.

Salads taste better with some dressing in them. The simplest salad dressing is mixing up some lime juice with some salt and pepper.

Other than this, mayo, french dressing, italian dressing, curd with some spices are also used as salad dressing.

Croutons are also added in some salads for some extra crispness.

For vegan salads, veggies like avocado, cucumber, onion, tomato, lettuce, etc,.are used with some tofu as topping.

For this vegan salad squeezing some lemon juice along with salt and pepper is all enough for a tasty filling lunch or dinner.

For non veg lovers, salads are made with chicken, mutton or at times with beef. Though chicken salad tastes so good compared with other meat salads.

For chicken salad, tender chicken is cooked in a pan or else grilled in oven with some olive oil, salt and pepper.

The cooked chicken is shredded or chopped into small pieces and mixed up with lettuce, onions, avocado and any veggies that suits our taste, Simple lime juice dressing or some other dressing can be added for best taste.

For fruit salad, apples, pomegranate, banana, grapes and any fruits can be added. It can be topped with some nuts while serving for kids.

Fruit salad tastes better when served after chilling for some time. It can also be served with custard or ice creams. Including salads in our food is a must as our body needs all nutrients.

Salads are a healthy combo of fruits, vegetables or meat which are in fact with less calories which makes us feel full for a longer time.It is also considered as a super nutritious and healthy food.

18+ Delicious Salad Recipes

1. Healthy dry fruit snacks

dry fruit snacks

Dry fruits contain lots of nutrients and help in improving the immune system. Cashew, almond, pista, dry grapes are few commonly eaten dry fruits.

Making healthy dry fruit snacks with the combo of all these dry fruits together is the best way to make it more delicious.

2. Chopped chickpea salad

chickpea salad

Chickpea contains a lot of minerals and nutrients and also a good amount of fibre and protein.

Chickpea can be made as curry, cutlet, hummus, etc., but one of the healthiest options is making a whole packed yummy chopped chickpea salad.

3. Beetroot creamy curd salad

beetroot creamy curd salad

Most of us don’t like beetroot because of its strong smell and sweet taste. But beetroot contains a good amount of iron and it helps in improving hemoglobin levels.

To make this vegetable kids favourite, try this beetroot creamy curd salad which tastes absolutely so good.

4. Rainbow egg salad

rainbow egg salad

Eggs are protein packed food that is very much liked both by kids and adults.

Making a colourful twist with some unique flavours and few veggies makes the eggs into a complete breakfast, dinner or lunch. Try this rainbow egg salad for a tasty and healthy change.

5. Fruit and veggie mayo salad

fruit and veggie mayo salad

We are not including fruits and veggies in our menu on a regular basis. But it is most important to include everything for a good life style.

Mixing up goodness and taste together is a tricky thing and this fruit and veggie mayo salad comes under that unique tricky food category.

6. Carrot sprout salad

carrot sprout salad

Sprouted millets are very healthy as they contain lots of proteins. Kambu or pearl millet is very rich in nutrients when sprouted.

Carrot sprout salad which is made using sprouted kambu and carrots are very good for people who are trying to lose weight.

7. Spicy cucumber oi muchi

spicy cucumber oi muchi

Cucumbers contain good amounts of water and are helpful for the body to retain its water content during hot summers.

Cucumbers taste very mild and sometimes kids feel bored eating them. Spicy cucumber oi muchi is a chinese based salad that tastes so good and kids will certainly love it.

8. Roasted chicken and bow tied pasta saladroasted chicken and bow tied pasta salad

Eating a typical dinner makes everyone tired. Making some changes in the menu gives some relaxation to our taste buds.

Roasted chicken and bow tied pasta salad is made with pasta and chicken together tastes so good and it's absolutely scrumpalicious along with cheesy sauce.

9. Broccoli salad with french dressing

broccoli salad with french dressing

Broccoli is a green vegetable from the cabbage family. It looks like green coloured cauliflower.

It is very healthy and included in diet for a healthy lifestyle. It tastes so good even eaten raw or blanched.

Making this broccoli salad with french dressing is a great idea to make it more interesting to eat.

10. Chicken salami salad with salad and croutons

chicken salami salad

Chicken is the best protein rich food for non veg lovers who are on a diet.

Chicken salami salad is made with grilled chicken breast, along with some lettuce, along with carrot, capsicum and onion with some added mayo and grated cheese as dressing.

Croutons are added in this salad for some extra crispness.

11. Fresh fruit salad with fresh cream

fresh fruit salad with fresh cream

Adding fruits to the kids menu is a challenge for many mothers. Yet we need our kids to be healthy. So making a delicious combo of fresh fruit salad with some fresh cream will be a good option to feed our kids healthy food.

12. Kiwi dates salad

kiwi dates salad

Kiwi is a fruit with lots of goodness in it. It has a lot of antioxidants, vitamins and also a good source of fibre.

The flavour of kiwi is so good and we can make many recipes with kiwi as the main ingredient.

Kiwi dates salad along with dates, mint, zucchini with a dash of honey and lime is a healthy option.

13. Nachos with salad and salsa dip

nachos with salad and salsa dip

Watching movies at theatre or home without nachos will not be fulfilling.

Nachos with salad and salsa dip is not such a difficult recipe that can be eaten only outside. It can be easily made at home with few ingredients and enjoyed at any time of the day.

14. Coleslaw salad

coleslaw salad

Cabbage is packed with vitamin c, contains antioxidants and is good for digestion. One of the best ways to include cabbage in our diet is making coleslaw salad.

It is made with shredded cabbage along with some carrots with capsicum as an option but not necessary.

15. Cold chicken salad

cold chicken salad

Cold chicken salad is a non veg salad recipe which is served after cooling in the fridge. It is made with chicken and egg with some cooked pasta, and a good amount of carrots, capsicum, cabbage, onion and beans.

Mayo and olive oil is used as dressing along with some pepper and oregano for some good flavour.

16. Lachha salad in lime juice

lachha salad

A salad recipe with simple ingredients from our fridge is most needed on a busy day.

This lachha salad is made with cucumber, onion, carrot, tomato and chilli with some lemon, sugar and salt seasoning. It can be eaten as a lunch or a dinner meal.

17. Aloo chana chaat

chana chaat

Chaat is the most prefered street food in many parts of India. Chaats are made from various ingredients, but in most of the recipes aloo is included.

Aloo chana chaat is made with aloo and chana as main ingredients with some onion, tomato and few seasonings.

18. Andhra style muntha masala

muntha masala

Muntha masala is nothing but a chaat recipe made with murmure as the main ingredient. It is a famous recipe of Andhra.

It tastes so good and can be taken as evening snacks. It is made with murmure along with groundnuts, onion, tomato and some chaat masala.

19. Chicken pasta salad with mayo dressing

chicken pasta salad

Chicken salads tastes heaven when served cold with mayo dressing. This chicken pasta salad with mayo dressing is a simple one pot recipe made with boiled penne pasta, boiled chicken with some veggies and mayo dressing.