25 Indian Sabzi Recipes: Quick And Easy Sabzi Dishes To Cook

Posted By : Myilraj , 07/04/2020

Indian Sabzi Recipes - A Great Way To Lots Of Vegetables In Your Meal.

Generally, Indian Sabzi Recipes are cooked by using vegetables along with spices and curry flavors to add more taste and richness.

Sabzi is the famous Iranian recipe cooking with the essential herbs and the array of different spices.

Generally, Sabzi is the delicious curry serving as the delicious and spicy side dish along with the rice and Rotis.

As the traditional dish of Afghan, this recipe is serving along with the wheat bread and rice too.

So, vegetarian and nonvegetarian recipes have easily stolen the heart and getting its high appreciation from the guest.

A normal Sabzi dish is preparing with the usage of the Spinach. We all know it is a healthy green dish.

Moreover, it carries multiple vitamins, fiber and anti-oxidant properties in a single green leaf.

For the goodness of healthy and fast growth and stable immunity, spinach is the wonderful recipe. Sabzi is the grant dish.

Of course, it is the grant dish commonly serving only the special occasion and particularly a new year dish in Africa.

Though it is not native to India, multiple varieties of Sabzi with the paneer, spices, and meat are serving only in India.

It is the rich recipe and usage of the healthy ingredients is offering the delicious recipe for your breakfast.

Moreover, it is the stew recipe preparing along with the multiple spices and veggies and it is the national dish of Iran.

The spicy, tanginess is the easy and initial signature for this simple recipe. So now our Indian festivities never miss this Sabzi recipes.

Iranian rice is a wonderful combination of this stew recipe. Centuries have changed but the love of Sabzi stays till now!

People Also Ask

How do I prepare the traditional Sabzi recipes?Sauteed form of multiple herbs like cilantro, parsley and fenugreek leaves are the excellent ingredients using for this preparation. Meanwhile, it is the tasty stew having its wonderful flavor with the addition of onion, chilies, and beans. To add the nutrient elements, meat ingredients also adding into this simple spicy delicacy to give an innovative taste. Finally adding the Persian lime offering the tangy taste to this rich dish. So, try this dish in Indian style.
How can I cook Ghormeh Sabzi?Ghormeh sabzi is the delicious recipe serving with the steaming rice. Still, now rice is the perfect companion to this side dish. More addition of Cilantro and colorful tomato paste are offering the rich taste to this tasty stew recipe. It is the more healthy recipe to give innovative taste with the usage of peas, potatoes, and meat. To prepare the multi varieties with the fruits, pomegranate, grapes are using for this wonderful side dish.
Give your tasty and authentic variety of Sabzi?There are multiple recipes are listing in the sole sabzi recipe. To get the easy and Indian taste of Sabzi to try this recipe. Potato and fenugreek leaves are the easily available veggies and offering the superb and signature taste to this dish. In fact, Cooking both veggies are using as the fabulous topping for the usage of this delicious recipe. Turmeric powder, cinnamon sticks, and coriander powder are the simple ingredients using for this preparation.
What are the famous types of Sabzi recipes?Sabzi is not the native dish to Indian but the usage of several ingredients is offering the innovative taste to this simple recipe. It is the rich dish, with the addition of millets, veggies, meat, and herbs are adding more taste to this recipe. So, for the vegetarian lovers and non-vegetarian lovers all can simply taste this recipe. Give your try for this recipe. Gobi Sabzi, Matar sabzi, Kaddu Sabzi Carrot Sabzi are the delicious types of this Sabzi recipe. Give your try.
What is the simple recipe for cauliflower Sabzi?Gobi Sabzi is the delicious recipe preparing with the cumin seeds, tomato, and crunchy onions and turmeric powder. Garam Masala, red chili powder, and salt are cooking for the minute. Already boiled cauliflowers are the best ones. Finally, the cooked cauliflower florets are adding and cooking for a few seconds. Try to avoid overcooking. For the diet lovers and elderly people, it is the low-carbohydrate food offering enough taste through this simple recipe.

25 Types of Sabzi Recipes

1. Sorekai Palya

Easy juicy veggies are the delicious combo for the Sabzi recipe. It is the simple recipe preparing with chana dhal.

The blend of enough veggies and spices are offering the complete taste to this bottle guard veggie.

It is the spicy Indian stew tastes too good. It is the stew perfectly matching to the steaming rice.

Moreover, It is the best and the ever-loving recipe often suits for diabetic patients and people who are waiting for weight loss.

2.Horse Gram Masala Curry

Apart from the regular chutney, there are multiple dishes that are easily preparing from Indian spices.

Coconut slices, fennel seeds, and poppy seeds are the perfect blend of this tasty Indian spicy recipe.

Horse gram is the fiber filling ingredient. So, kids and elderly people can often add this millet for this food schedule.

Are you looking for a brand new recipe? then try this Horse Gram Masala Curry is simple and spicy stew cooking from the horse millet.

3. Aloo Matar ki Sabji

Aloo Matar Ki Sabji

Aloo Mater Sabji is the delicious recipe preparing along with the healthy veggies like green pea and potato.

It is the special Indian stew preparing from the addition of red chili powder and fresh crunchy onion.

Turmeric powder is the colorful ingredients using for this fresh juicy vegetable gravy. Try this dish.

To give the spicy tone, the mixture of ginger and garlic paste offering the Indian taste to this simple dish.

4. Aloo Tamatar ki Sabji

Aloo Tamater Ki Sabji

Aloo Tamatar Sabzi is the festival dish preparing with fresh veggies like potatoes, tomatoes and Cumin seeds.

Boiled potato is rightly using for the preparation of this delicious recipe with the spicy pepper.

Cooking the tomato, red chili powder and curry leaves are helping for this spicy aromatic Sabzi recipe.

It is the sweet tangy recipe elegantly serving the aromatic herb coriander leaves. Within 30 minutes it can prepare at our home.

5. Methi dal fry

Methi Dal Fry

Spinach and dhal offering a healthy and delicious recipe. Methi Dal Fry is a special dish preparing with multiple spices.

Chana dhal and green spinach leaves carry the protein as well as enough antioxidants and minerals.

Black gram, garlic, and jeera are the delicious ingredients using for the preparation of this delicious recipe.

Though, it is the rich vegetable stew offering the different tones to this spicy vegetable curry with an array of spices.

6. Pumpkin Erissery

Pumpkin Erissery

Pumpkin is the sweet veggie preparation of curry is a limited one. Commonly, halwa and simple dishes are only cooked with this recipe.

To reduce the spiciness and mild taste, this can be prepared along with enough spices and coconut.

However, Pumpkin erissery is the typical Kerala dish serving on Onam occasions. So try this dish.

Dry red chilies, black eye pea are the simple recipes offering the spicy tone to this sweet Pumpkin veggie.

7. Aloo Capsicum Curry

Aloo Capsicum Curry

Aloo Capsicum curry is the delicious Punjabi recipe. Multiple veggies, nuts, and spices are using in this curry.

Shimla Mirchi is the authentic veggie using for the preparation of this delicious and spicy Punjabi curry.

Usage of fennel seeds, red chili powder, and Tomato is offering the native taste to this watery stew.

Garam masala, cashew nuts, and ghee are the healthy ingredients adding into this delicate recipe.

8. Aloo Gajar Matar

Aloo Gajar Matar

For the dry vegetable curry lovers, it is the simple but delicious recipe offering the complete taste.

Not only for steaming rice but also for multiple naans and roti preparations are perfectly matching to this dish.

Ginger slices and cumin seeds ease the digestive process. Without the garlic and onion offers a unique taste.

Try this Aloo Gajar Matar dish with enough addition of carrot, potato and green peas. Garnish the dish with coriander leaves.

9. Veg Makhanwala

Veg Makhanwala

Butter masala gravy is the ever-loving recipe preparing with multiple usages of spices and simple Cauliflower.

It is the healthy recipe soaking the jeers with the thick curd offering the delicious taste to the creamy gravy.

Mixing the tomato, onion, nuts, and garlic are grinding as the creamy paste. It offers the base for this recipe.

Jeera and bay leaves are fried and finally, the paste is adding into this spicy gravy. Add the boiled cauliflower to this dish.

10. Gajar Matar Recipe

Gajar Matar Recipe

Punjabi culinary dishes are preparing with enough veggies and multiple spices are giving the signature taste.

Ginger slice, carrot and green peas are the perfect combination for this delicious vegetable Indian stew.

Gajar Matar Recipe is the simple dish enrich with Vitamin A and Protein well suits for the kids and elderly people.

Garam masala offers an even spicy tone. With the addition of mint or coriander offers a delicious taste.

11. Dum Aloo Punjabi Recipe

Dum Aloo Punjabi Recipe

Dum Aloo Punjabi recipe is the delicious stew baby potatoes. Methi leaves are a healthy ingredient.

To equal, the biryani, enough addition bay leaves, ghee, and nuts are offering the elegant to this dish.

Cloves, fennel seeds, Cinnamon sticks are offering the Indian flavor to this traditional Persian dish.

Cashew nuts and curd are the delicious combinations using for the traditional Sabzi recipe. Give your try.

12. Aloo Gobi Matar

Aloo Gobi Matar

Whenever ready to prepare the Sabzi recipe methi leaves is the simple ingredient that gives the signature taste.

Moreover, Bay leaves, Turmeric powder, Cumin seeds, and ginger garlic paste offering the fabulous taste.

Instead of oil, ghee usage only offers the authentic taste. Try this tasty Punjabi recipe for your home recipe.

Cauliflower and potato are the delicious combinations for this vegetable matter. Try this Aloo Gobi Matar spicy dish.

13. Jeera Aloo Recipe

Jeera Aloo Recipe

Preparing a delicious recipe with authentic taste presenting through garam masala and turmeric powder.

The richness of color and spicy lovers it will be a wonderful dish for your mouth-watering Sunday meal.

Indeed, Coriander powder offering a complete taste. Ginger and green chilly offering the spiky tone.

Elderly people are offering for this dish. The usage of Jeera eases the digestive process. All will love this Jeera Aloo recipe.

14. Mix Vegetable Recipe

Mix Vegetable Recipe

Are you looking for a restaurant-style of cooking? It is the Dhaba style of easy preparation.

Drumstick, Tomato is the healthy veggies are giving the complete taste to this ever-loving stew.

Red chili powder and garam masala are the delicious ingredients are using for the spicy South-Indian stew.

Capsicum, Onion is the crunchy veggies are delicate taste to this Mix Vegetable Recipe dish. Try this tasty dish.

15. Aloo Bhindi Recipe

Aloo Bhindi Recipe

Moreover, Aloo Bhindi vegetable is the delicious mouth-watering recipe preparing with enough mango, Ladyfinger.

Authentic sour taste can get from the usage of raw mango slices or the dry mango powder on this sabzi.

Cumin powder, red chili, coriander seeds, and potato are the common ingredients using for this vegetable stew.

To get the more nutrients, ladyfinger and ginger garlic paste are offering the complete veggie stew.

16. Roasted Baby Potatoes

Roasted Baby Potatoes

Potato roast is a delicious and mouth-watering dish. Most of the people love this simple side dish.

Whenever you seeking a delicious and fast preparation of a delicious dish. It will be the first choice.

To offer the ever-loving tangy taste lime and tamarind ingredients are using on this tasty stew.

In fact, it can serve as the instant sambar for your grant meal. So use some amount of sambar powder to this dish.

17. Lauki Yakhni Recipe

Lauki Yakhni Recipe

So, many vegetables are using for the preparation tasty as well as a spicy vegetable stew. Bottle gourd is a new choice.

For the hot summer, tasty and watery is a suitable dish for your morning breakfast or lip-smacking lunch.

Though, it seems to be the simple dish the addition of the Biryani ingredients is offering the super taste.

The addition of curd is using at the last phase of the delicious dish to get a creamy and soft consistency.

18. Baingan Bhaja

Baingan Bhaja

Although, there are multiple dishes and veggies are using for the easy and tasty preparation of the vegetable curry.

But the simple and tasty preparation is a challenging task. Only a few ingredients never offer a delicate taste.

However, the right choice of ingredients is giving a balanced taste. Simple Brinjal is the best choice.

In fact, Using Sugar, Salt and turmeric powder are giving the tasty vegetable stew at our home kitchen. Try this recipe Baingan Bhaja.

19. Potato Curry for Masala Dosa

Potato Curry For Masala Dosa

Tomato and potato are the delicious combinations to prepare the tasty and easy-spicy vegetable stew.

Turmeric powder, Onion and green chili are the perfect Indian cooking ingredients offering the completeness to this dish.

Indeed, Mustard seeds and cumin seeds are the tasty and effective taste of this delicious recipe.

This dish easily applying on the dosa to offer the completeness to this simple and rich dish. Offer this Potato Curry For Masala Dosa is new dish to your family.

20. Palak Saag Recipe

Palak Saag Recipe

It is the ever-loving dish preparing along with multiple veggies like brinjal, reddish and potato.

Obviously, it is the delicious rice serving along with the steaming rice and soft Rotis. So match this Palak Saag recipe for your home gala.

To get all the healthy minerals and vitamins, it is the best recipe offering all the nutrients for your fitness.

Try this energy recipe for your healthy breakfast all will love this simple spicy vegetable stew.

21. Aloo Gobi Dry

Aloo Gobi Dry

Aloo Gobi dry is an excellent dish preparing along with the simple and easily available species.

Red chili powder, coriander powder is the ever-loving ingredients that are adding to this delicious mouth-watering dish.

Although it is the famous Punjabi recipe preparing along with the two simple veggies potato and cauliflower.

It is cooking as the dry recipe. So, simply matching to your steaming rice and soft fluffy wheat Rotis.

22. Gobi Matar Recipe

Gobi Matar Recipe

Gobi mater is the simple vegetable curry preparing from the easily available masalas and spices.

Though, Fresh cauliflower is the main ingredient of this delicious recipe. Give your try for this spicy dish.

However, Garlic, green pea, and ginger are the delicious ingredients are using for the ever-loving sabzi recipes.

Try this dry dish for your home parties. Serve this exotic dish to your family guests and friends.

23. Potato Sagu

Potato Sagu

A different taste of potato curry is the ever-loving option for the kids. Then how to prepare a new dish.

Usage of the Bengal gram offering a different tone to the spicy recipe. For more taste use some black gram.

Consequently, Green chilly, Mustard seeds are the spicy ingredients are using for this delicious preparation of this simple dish.

Onion, Potato is the mild and crunchy ingredients are using to add the rich texture of this simple sabzi recipes.

24. Yam Stir Fry

Yam Stir Fry

Yam is the healthy and starch filling food offering the more fiber content. For tasty gravy, it will be the best dish.

It is the best equal side dish for your home preparation. Usage of sambar powder gives the routine taste to this dish Yam Stir Fry .

Urad dal and Mustard seeds are offering the crunch tone to this simple delicious dish. Give your try for this dish.

For elderly people and kids, it will be the super choice as a new dish. Limit this dish to diabetic patients.

25. Punjabi Bhindi Fry

Punjabi Bhindi Fry

Punjabi dishes are the best north-Indian recipe getting its fame through ever-loving veggies and healthy herbs.

Subsequently, the usage of chili powder, turmeric powder is offering the eye-catching color to this sabzi recipes.

Apart from the gravy, Cumin seeds, Cumin powder, and spinach are easily blend and offering the best taste.

Some times more addition of ladyfinger and other veggies are offering the sweet dry nature to this dish Punjabi Bhindi Fry.