20+ Healthy Roti Recipes: How To Make Better Rotis From Home?

Posted By : Myilraj , 30/03/2020

Indian Cuisine is Classified Diversely, Find a Great List of Roti Recipes Here.

Roti is a famous cuisine in India. It is also known as a flatbread. We have listed a great collection of roti recipes in this article.

Roti or Chapathi is the pretty low calorie, as well as the protein filling recipe, which is the staple food of North-India.

This staple ingredient offers multiple innovative and continental dishes like bread, rolls, pasta, and Pancakes.

The making of roti is the soft and easy kneading dough with enough addition of water, oil or butter.

Though there are multiple varieties of roti flavor changing one from the region and country to country.

In Indonesia, roti is the recommending food and this paratha flavor food calling under the name of roti cane.

Rolling dough is easy and preparing food; however multiple adaptations are following for this special wheat.

Wheat bread is one of the famous morning breakfast recipe and compulsory one in everyone's strict diet schedule.

Elderly people who want a great break from the routine calorie filling food can try this staple ingredient as a main dish.

There are plenty of delicious and mouth-watering food ingredients are preparing from meat item to veggie curry.

Health experts are often advising to add this food ingredient to lose weight to maintain a healthy fitness.

Are you searching for light-weight food items? then there must be this wheat item is the noticing dish.

Dietary sources are much in the volume of this wheat ingredient. So add much of this wheat for your healthy lifestyle.

Roti is the ever-loving recipe preparing with various tastes and multiple masalas to bring the native taste.

Not only the fiber and Vitamin-B are the essential nutrient components that are posses in this healthy ingredient.

People Also Ask

What is the Best Recipe for Roti? Making a perfect and soft and smooth roti recipe is the complex process while preparing this dish. Basically, the roti dish comes with the perfect kneading of the wheat dough and other ingredients. In north-India, Wheat is perfectly adding with water, butter or ghee sometimes milk also adding in this preparation. To soften the wheat base is the primary process to get the soft and fluffy roti for your regular breakfast.
How to Make the “Perfect” Roti? Sometimes hot water is using to prepare the perfect roti dough for the preparation of the main ingredient. Nearly, 10-15 minutes of kneading is a very important one for the soft and flat dough of the wheat roti recipe. Using the natural butter or the ghee offers the soft texture to this roti dough. So, follow this kneading method. The addition of other ingredients or masala stuff is perfect suits to the smooth and soft dough.
What Are the Different Recipes from Extra Rotis? Chapati rolls are the easy and instant preparation for the home moms when the left with some extra chapatis. Chapati is one of the delicious recipes offering with the spicy and enough taste while it cooking as a second time. Addition of curd, the egg is the wonderful combination offering the spicy base for this roti recipe. Homemade pizzas, Gulab Jamun, and chat items are easily preparing with the leftover chapatis. Try these dishes.
How to Make a Leftover Roti Recipes? First of all, take this leftover chapati and make them into the little pieces to enjoy the munchy recipe. While it simply adding to the oil of the butter and frying process will offer the crispy snack item for your tea-time. Otherwise, the multiple collections of veggie curry and masalas are offering the spicy and delicious taste to this dish. Preparing a home pizza with the base of potato gravy is the finest and instant roti recipe prepared from leftover roti.
How do I Cook Indian Roti at Home? Are There Any Techniques Around Roti? Indian Rotis are soft in nature. So, soaking the wheat flour is a with enough water offering the puffy texture to this roti. Moreover, too much water will not be recommending. It should be kneaded after the addition of flour. So, the right consistency should be maintained finally adding the milk offering the calcium content to this roti. These are the basic techniques and well water observing flour will offer the fluffy texture to this wheat roti.

20+ Types of Roti Recipes

1. Akki Roti

akki roti

Akki Roti is the famous north-Indian dish preparing from the protein filling wheat flour and water mixing dough.

To offering the delicious taste and produce the south-Indian flavor rice flour is using as the base for this recipe.

It is the pure and lightweight recipe that carries the multiple levels of carbohydrate so, add some lentils to get extra flavor.

Lentils are the protein filling content suitable one for the healthy breakfast recipe. Try this roti at your home.

2. Fried Chapati

fried chapati

While our preparation of chapati some time ended in some extra numbers. Then what we will prepare for these chapatis?

This fried chapati is a delicious and easy preparing food dish and healthy breakfast for all people.

To offer the spicy and crispy snack item it will be the best choice for your innovative food preparation.

Just add the spicy chili powder along with the salt and oil is the perfect combination. Try this dish.

3. Chawal Ki Roti

chawal ki roti

To add the healthy and spicy chawal ki roti here we using this recipe with the base of rice flour or jowar.

Sometimes atta is using for the good preparation of this roti recipe. Millet addition is the best one.

While preparing the dough addition of jeera and red chili powders are offering enough taste.

It is the white dough then knead for 10-15 minutes. After getting the soft tone applying on the Tawa.

4. Makki Ki Roti

makki ki roti

Rice millet is the perfect base for this roti recipe with the addition of wheat millet and other spices.

Kids are loving this roti in more numbers. Because little use of spices is offering a crispy tone.

In south-India, this dish is also calling in the term of Saarso roti. Try this easy to cook Makki Ki Roti recipe at your home.

Try this easy ready-made roti at your home. It will be a good diet food for elderly people.

5. Karnataka Special Akki Roti

karnataka akki roti

Most of the south-Indian recipes are preparing from the rice flour, as a staple food of south-India it easily available ingredient.

Onion, cumin and green chilly are the spicy ingredients adding into this flat smooth roti.

Try this spicy and soft Karnataka akki roti at your home. For elderly people, it will be a good recipe.

Coconut chutney is the perfect combination for this recipe try this at your home and enjoy your breakfast.

6. Coconut Stuffed Naan

coconut stuffed naan

For the healthy and energetic breakfast recipe preparation is one of the hardest tasks for the moms.

With the base of wheat flour, multiple dishes are easily preparing from this simple flour ingredient.

Sweet items are the primary choice for the kids and school-going children. For kids, stuffed Coconut Naan is a Good one.

Adding the shredded coconut, sugar is the effective sweeteners for this healthy wheat flour recipe.

7. Chapati Cutlets

chapati cutlets

Multiple naan and flat dosas are generally preparing home-based dishes in this wheat flour recipe.

To giving the great break, and trying the sweet items are possible with this easily available wheat recipe.

Carrot, potato, bread grams are the essential stuffing using in this wheat or chapati cutlet.

This new and innovative cutlet is a very useful and loving one among the kids. prepare this dish for breakfast.

8. Phulka Roti

phulka roti

Phulka Roti is the famous and signature dish common in the functions and festivals of the Gujarati people.

It is the butter flavor roti serving along with the vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries and kurmas.

For the tourists who are visiting this Gujarat, will certainly find this dish as a top menu in restaurants.

Using vegetable oil offering the unique flavor to this try this dish at your home and all will love this recipe.

9. Wheat Parotta

wheat parotta

Wheat flour and the addition of curd are the wonderful base for this typical wheat paratha recipe.

Curd is directly adding to this flour and enough water is adding to get the soft kneading base.

Moreover, it is totally free from the spices and other masala ingredients. Then rolling as the soft flour.

Serving this paratha with spicy veg curry or the meat curry is the wonderful combination for this recipe.

10. Pudina Paratha

pudina paratha

The variety of dishes is particularly identifying through the aromatic spices and herbs using in the roti.

Mint is the ever-loving herb that contains the multiple goodnesses for our healthy strong tooths.

It is the medical herb that comes with multiple fiber and antioxidants. Try this recipe for your kids.

This aromatic simple mouth-watering recipe perfectly suits for their lunch box. Try this pudina paratha recipe.

11. Masala Akki Roti

masala akki roti

Masala akki roti is a famous and lip-smacking spicy breakfast recipe prepare from our home kitchen.

It is the spicy colorful dish, the school children and kids all will love this delicious recipe.

Though it is the famous village recipe comes with multiple nutrients and the addition of carrot increase the taste.

Kurma, chutney and meat curries all are perfectly matching to this recipe. Try this masala roti for your breakfast.

12. Coriander Naan

coriander naan

Naan is the simple and soft roti recipe preparing from the combination of wheat and atta flour.

However, it is the simple and relishing recipe but the native dish from the state of Maharastra.

Most people do not prefer this plain naan for breakfast. So, trying this coriander is a wonderful dish.

It is the medical herb, comes with enough fiber and antioxidants. Try this delicious Coriandara Naan Recipe in your home.

13. Ari Pathiri

ari pathiri

Ari pathiri is the typical South-Indian dish very famous one in the region of Kerala and its coastal areas.

Thought it is the famous Malabar recipe one of the common dishes among the multiple breakfast recipe.

Within minimal usage of ingredients instantly all can prepare this dish. Try this recipe at your home.

For your kids, it is the wonderful recipe, with the base of this rice flour all will love this roti recipes.

14. Palak Paratha

palak paratha

Palak or spinach is the wonderful and delicious medicinal herb often using as a main ingredient in several countries.

To get the spicy and aromatic flavor, ginger and garlic cloves are using in this mouth-watering recipe.

While serving this recipe for your kids, they will get enough iron and vitamins from this green leafy veggie.

Using the refinery oil is the best one for getting the authentic flavor. Try this fabulous dish at your home.

15. Methi Paratha

methi paratha

For the lightweight recipe seekers, it is the superb dish recommending for the healthy dinner.

Methi Paratha is the unique recipe preparing from the fenugreek seeds along with the wheat flour.

The addition of the coriander leaves offers the aromatic flavor to this simple paratha recipe.

Sometimes the addition of the fenugreek leaves also the best one for the preparation of this delicious recipe.

16. Ney Pathiri

ney pathiri

For the Malabar food lovers, this recipe is an easy and fast preparing one. Try this ney pathiri recipe at your home.

The addition of cumin seeds is presenting the energetic and ever-loving flavor to this food recipe.

Give your try for this delicious recipe along with the staple ingredient of Kerala, coconut. Give your try.

Your family members will certainly fall for this ever-loving recipe. Try this healthy for your breakfast.

17. Soft Chapati

soft chapati

For the authentic roti, lovers are falling for this simple and mild layers of the soft chapati dish.

Offering such a mild and simple recipe is a wonderful one. the cooking preparation is a different one.

These three-layer chapatis are obviously large in size. So, serve this chapati recipe at your home functions.

Kneading method of the recipe decides the quality and taste of the chapati recipe give your best try for this roti recipes.

18. Maida Puri

maida puri

Panipoori is the ever-loving north-Indian chat item and street food available in all corners of India.

It is the small size poori preparing along with maida puri, wheat flour, and rava for the crispy texture.

Kids are the big fans for this crispy and spicy street foods, So while considering the hygiene try this recipe at your home.

These protein dishes are favorite one for all people, So give your home try for this chat recipe.

19. Lachha Paratha

lachha paratha

However, Lachha paratha is the delicious chapati roll preparing from the what and other maida enrich flour.

The kneading and rubbing of the flour are the same and moreover familiar with the other rotis and parathas.

But the addition of the melting ghee and adding the soft skin and texture to this soft paratha recipe.

Then preparing the roll from the kneading flour and aptly placing the tawa is special to this dish.

20. Masala Roti

masala roti

Masala roti is the ever-loving roti dish adding with fresh veggies and medical herbs to get the tasty flavor.

Rice flour or wheat flour is the tremendous base for this vegetable enrich roti or chapati recipe. Give your try.

Besides the addition of beans, carrot, ginger and green chili are the perfect ingredients for this masala roti.

So, try this easy preparing vegetable roti for your delightful morning breakfast. All will enjoy this roti recipes.

21. Tandoori Roti

tandoori roti

Tandoori is the spicy and ever-loving meat recipe that easily decorates our wonderful plate at a Sunday meal.

This roti is the special dish preparing with the basic stuff of this chicken recipe with dry fruits.

While chewing this soft and melting chicken recipe, it replicates the Mughlai style of cooking.

The perfect blend of onion, chicken and safely stuffing in the maida are the juicy chicken for you.

22. Chicken Paratha

chicken paratha

Chicken is the soft and easy cooking meat that comes with multiple flavors of cooking and offers tasty dishes.

It is the chicken preparation following the delightful cooking method of the Bengali style preparation.

Addition of coconut cubes, chili and cucumber are the wonderful combinations try this recipe at your home.

For the kids, such tasty and easy preparing food will offer a tremendous taste. Share this recipe with your friends.

23. Gobi Paratha

gopi paratha

Gobi Paratha is a tasty and crispy texture dish adding with the multiple spices and aromatic herbs.

Adding the red chili powder and the coriander leaves are the best ones for the paratha recipe.

Cauliflower is the wonderful veggie solely caries the vitamins and antioxidants. So, try this roti recipes.

For the school kids, it will be the lip-smacking breakfast recipe. Give your try for this dish.

24. Arisi Roti

arisi roti

Arisi roti is the typical south-Indian flavourful dish that comes with the collection of herbs and spices.

Jeera, Pepper, Asafotedia are the common spices making this roti is an ever-loving dish for your house.

In essence, for the growing children, it will be a single dish carrying the multi-nutrient elements. So, give your try.

For the vegetarian feast, add this dish as a basic roti recipe for your energy breakfast. Enjoy your meal.

25. Bengali Breakfast Platter

bengali breakfast platter

Bengali breakfast roti is the flavorful and preparation of the roti is a totally unique one than other recipes.

Adding the eggplant and coconut milk are the cornerstone ingredients to get the different tastes of the roti flavor.

For the roti lovers who are seeking the exotic taste and delightful recipe, they can try this roti recipes.

So, for your kiddie party and special occasions try this special recipe at your home all will fall for this recipe.