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Posted By : Myilraj , 07/04/2020

Variety of Rice Recipes - Recipes Using Leftover Rice/ Best Rice Recipes

Rice is one of the most important ingredients of Indian cooking. Most of the Indian families more specifically south Indian families won’t pass even a single day without eating rice recipes.

Rice is cultivated in many parts of India. Not only in India, but rice is also used in many continental recipes as a basic ingredient.

There are many varieties of rice, which includes basmati, sona masuri, rajabogam, ponni, red rice, mota rice, idli rice, jeeraka sala, etc.,

Few of the traditional rice varieties which can also be listed as millets are varagarisi, thinai arisi, samai arisi, etc.

Rice is the basic ingredients of many south Indian breakfast and dinner recipes like idli, dosa, Pongal, uthappam, paniyaram, appam, puttu, idiyappam, akki roti, etc.,

Sweets like arisi payasam, athirasam, sweet pongal, pudding, here, and kachayam are also made out of rice only.

Once the water is boiled, washed and soaked rice is added into the boiling water and have to keep it in a fire until the rice cooks completely.

Excess water is then drained and the rice is now ready. By cooking rice in this process, extra carbs in the rice gets reduced and makes the rice more healthy.

Rice along with sambar tastes heaven. Variety rice recipes like tomato rice, curd rice, lemon rice, etc., are the best lunch box menu for both adults and kids.

Fryums that are made from rice tastes so good along with the variety of rice recipes. Red rice and mota rice have high nutritious value and it is good for people who are carbs concentrated.

Rice is also used in making sushi recipes and Chinese soups. Many continental recipes and simple one-pot recipes can be made out of rice.

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19 Varieties of Rice Recipes

1. Rice Ball Recipes

rice ball recipes

When you are stuffed with a bowl of leftover rice and find no way to finish it, then this rice ball recipe will sort out your problem so easily.

This tastes so cheesy and kids will definitely love it as it is filled with a good amount of grated cheese.

2. Banana Sweet Rice

banana sweet rice

Banana sweet rice recipe is a kids favorite menu. It can be served as breakfast or as a snack for kids.

It is highly nutritious as it contains the goodness of rice, banana, jaggery, and ghee all together.

3.Rice Kesari

rice kesari

Kesari is a simple and familiar sweet that is made during birthdays and on festival days in most of the south Indian houses.

The basic Kesari is made using Rava/sooji as the main ingredient. This rice Kesari is made using raw rice as the main ingredient and it's a good innovation.

4. Rice Payasam

rice payasam

If any friends or guests visit your home without any prior information, then this recipe is a handy one that you can prepare in very less time.

And without any doubt, it will be a real hit even if you are an inexperienced cook. Try this rice payasam today and get a tasty experience.

5. Kinnathappam


The recipe is made using rice, sugar, and coconut as the main ingredients.

Kinnathappam is a traditional Kerala recipe which is very tasty and healthy. It takes only a few minutes to cook this recipe.

6. Varagu Arisi Veg Pulao

varagu arisi veg pulao

Including millets in our menu is an important thing for a healthy lifestyle.

Varagu arisi which is known as Kodo millet is a highly nutritious millet and varagu arisi veg pulao is a delicious way to include it in the food menu.

7. Steamed Rice Cake

steamed rice cake

Steamed rice cake which is also known as kutsinta is a sweet recipe made out of rice. The cake looks like a jelly and you can give it to kids instead of store-bought jelly.

Rice flour and brown sugar are the basic ingredients of the recipe.

8. Rice Pakora

rice pakora

This is a pakora which is shallow fried in less oil. The rice pakora can be made with leftover rice.

Only a very few ingredients are needed for the recipe and is a good evening snack along with a cup of hot tea or coffee. It can be served with tomato ketchup for a good taste.

9. Vegetable Rice Soup

vegetable rice soup

If you are on a weight loss diet and not able to control your cravings for rice, then this is the best recipe for you.

It is prepared using very little rice and lots of veggies. The vegetable rice soup is one of the best dinner recipes.

10. Pothichoru Recipe

pothichoru recipe

Pothichoru is a traditional Kerala recipe. It is prepared by using all meats of choices, veggies of your choice, pickle, chammanthi, all together.

The selection of ingredients is completely up to your taste. But the most important thing is, it is traditionally served in banana leaf.

11. Erachi Soru

erachi soru

Erachi soru is a famous Malabar recipe which is made using matta rice or mota rice and beef as the main ingredients.

Most of the ingredients used in this recipe are exactly like for biryani but it tastes slightly different because of beef and mota rice.

12. Rice Kheer

rice kheer

This is the most simplest kheer which can be prepared by using three simple ingredients which are rice, milk and jaggery.

This rice kheer or patali gurer payesh recipe must be chilled before serving for the best taste.

13. Bhuna Khichuri

bhuna khichuri

Bhuna khichuri is a healthy lunch box recipe as it is made using rice, green gram along with nutritional vegetables.

It is a one-pot recipe and can be prepared in very little time. The recipe tastes so good when it is served hot along with fryums.

14. Rice Khichdi Recipe

rice khichidi recipe

On a lazy day, when we crave for some tasty one-pot recipe, then choose to make this rice khichdi recipe.

This recipe which is also called as kathiyawadi khichdi is a famous Rajasthani rice recipe.

15. Gobindo Bhog Rice Kheer

gobindo bhog rice kheer

Gobindo bhog rice kheer is a rich creamy and delicious kheer recipe. It is made using condensed milk and fresh milk and is so tasty to eat.

Kids will definitely love this recipe and it should be served chilled for an awesome taste.

16. Beaten Rice Payasam

beaten rice payasam

Payasam is a traditional south Indian recipe that typically resembles the same preparation method as for kheer.

Beaten rice payasam is a very healthy payasam recipe and tastes good when served warm.

17. Bengali Rice Pudding

bengali rice pudding

Bengali rice pudding which is also known as Bengali payesh is a kid friendly pudding recipe as it doesn’t contain any gelatin in it.

The addition of condensed milk or milkmaid makes this recipe very creamy and tasty altogether.

18. Akki Poori

akki poori

Poori is a favourite breakfast recipe for many. The poori recipe which is made using rice flour is called akki poori.

This is a traditional recipe which is also known as akki haviya hapala. It can be stored for a long time and can be eaten with any curry of your choice.

19. Rice Puttu

rice puttu

Rice puttu or ari puttu is a traditional breakfast recipe of Kerala. It is very nutritious as it is steamed preparation.

The flavor of coconut is the highlight of the recipe. Traditionally it is served along with kadala curry(chickpea curry), papad or else with jaggery or brown sugar.