24 Tasty And Healthy Breakfast Dishes: Recipes For Kids

Posted By : Myilraj , 18/04/2020

Find Different Kinds of Children's Dish to Cook With Our Recipes for Kids

Building up smart dieting habits in children from childhood is critical. They need special attention to their food.

There are a lot of recipes available for kids with different flavors. But the recipes with health benefits are still in demand.

The major problem with kids is they omit the good foods for their flavor. But eat unhealthy foods for its yummy flavor.

Moms in allover the world make various plans to give their children solid recipes. They are turning out to be more intelligent these days.

But almost a lot of them are struggling to prepare healthy recipes for kids. They put a lot of effort into preparing them.

Kids will love the crispy and yummy recipes always. They need a different variety of foods with awesome flavors every day.

Starting from breakfast, lunch and ending with the dinner, they expect a variety of food to eat all time.

Some kids are struggling with their height and weight. Both are should be equal to getting better growth.

This is because of the food habits they are following. They need to eat food with all the health benefits.

Recipes for kids include regular solid foods and special drinks. Besides that, it includes some healthy snack items.

Of course, you can make special healthy drinks with millets and fruit. They will boost energy and also immunity.

Similarly, you can make healthy snack recipes. Here are the recipes and procedures to make a healthy diet for kids.

People Also Ask

What are some fun food recipe ideas for kids?Kids need to eat essential nutrients and have to get fun at the same time. There are a lot of yummy lunch box recipes. For example, chicken noodle soup, veg pasta salad, and pocket pizzas are some fun food lunch box recipes for kids. Besides that, you can prepare south Indian dishes such as rice varieties, chapati rolls, bread sandwiches for lunch. Also, you can try unique recipes such as methi parotta, fish Manchurian and rajma pulao for a healthy lunch box.
What are some easy dinner recipes for kids?Dinner is a major part of the children's world. During the dinner, kids will expect unique and delicious foods to intake. Therefore, preparing the yummy dishes will make them eat well. For dinner, you can make soups, rolls, and rice. The soups should be semi-liquid and solid form. They can be creamy veg soup, mixed vegetable soup, and pasta soup. Similarly, you can prepare biriyani varieties such as mushroom, paneer and vegetable biriyani with aloo curry.
What are the best healthy recipes for kids?Healthy food is an essential factor for the development of kids. There are plenty of healthy recipes available for kids. Breakfast is the most important time to eat healthy food. So, you can prepare oats idli, bread upma for breakfast. Besides that, you can prepare veg masal dosa, uthappam, puttu, palak poori and millet dosa for healthy breakfast. Similarly, you can prepare healthy recipes like stuffed paratha, poha, masala omelet, and wheat-apple porridge.
What are some healthy recipes or meals for kids?Plenty of healthy recipes available for kids. Especially, there are a lot of meal varieties that kids love to eat. For example, egg briyani, paneer fried rice, mushroom briyani, vegetable pulao are some favorite healthy kids foods. The variety of rice like carrot rice with peanut poriyal, lemon rice with potato fry, curd rice with chenna masal is the best combos. You can prepare meals in rajma with bindi masala, mint rice with masal papad and cabbage fries rice with egg masala.
What are the best recipes for school tiffin boxes?School tiffin box is the major part n a kid's life. They need to enjoy food and also get healthy nutrients at the same time. You can prepare vegetable paratha, corn with capsicum rice, green peas pulao, broccoli paratha for tiffin boxes. Similarly, you can make vegetable stuff, rolls with fries or curried masala items. This stuffs will be a good treat for kids. Otherwise, you can go with preparing egg rice, chicken rice and also millet rice as the tiffin box recipes.

24 Types of Recipes For Kids

1. Salted Lassi Recipe

salted lassi

Salted lassi is healthy and also an easy recipe to prepare. This recipe mainly needs curd for preparing the lassi.

In general, lassi provides large benefits such as boosting immunity, helping in digestion and improving bone health.

Therefore, lassi is a very healthy drink to give for kids. Moreover, this recipe requires only three ingredients.

The curd, salt, and lemon juice. So, prepare this easy and healthy salted lassi recipe and serve it to your kids.

2. Rice Rava Upma Recipe

rice rava upma

Rice rava upma recipe is a delicious and healthy recipe to prepare. This upma recipe needs only simple methods.

Generally, rice rava upma is a good source of energy and gives thiamine, folate vitamins while eating it.

Therefore, this rava upma is a portion of healthy food to give to kids. The essential main ingredient is rice rava.

Similarly, other ingredients such as onion, chili, dals and curry leaves are needed. Serve this recipe with sambar.

3. Sooji Upma Recipe

sooji upma

Sooji upma recipe is the simple and easy breakfast recipe. Actually, this is a very healthy recipe to give for kids.

Generally sooji helps in increasing hemoglobin and keeping the heart very strong. Also, this is rich in iron.

In fact, sooji is low in cholesterol content. Therefore, this gives numerous health benefits to kids and also adults.

This recipe is a vitamin and protein-rich. So, try this wonderful sooji upma recipe as a breakfast for kids.

4. Chana Vada Recipe

chana vada

Chana vada recipe is the delicious and crispy snack recipe. Kids will fall in love after tasting this yummy recipe.

Generally, chana dal is a healthy food packed with whole nutrients. Also, they are very rich in protein content.

Similarly, chana dal helps in better digestion and provides prevention from chronic disease attacks to kids.

This recipe follows regular vada preparation methods. Try and give a treat to your kids with this snack box recipe.

5. Aloo Matar Ki Sabji

aloo matar ki sabji

Aloo matar ki sabji is the delicious and spicy recipe to prepare. This recipe is a famous and favorite recipe for kids.

Actually, this recipe contains potatoes with masala stuff. Potatoes are healthy nutrient foods in nature.

Similarly, potatoes give the super energy source to kids in the form of fiber, folate, vitamins and carbohydrates.

Therefore, prepare this wonderful sabji recipe to amaze your kids. Serve this recipe with meals, chapati or roti.

6. Shakkar Pare

shakkar pare

Shakkar pare is the traditional sweet recipe with crispy taste. This recipe is famous among north Indian cuisine.

Actually, north Indians prepare this recipe on special occasions. This recipe is easy to prepare with maida and sugar.

There is no doubt that sweet is always a favorite dish for kids. Shakkar pare is a great option to treat your kids.

You can preserve this recipe for some time to use as a better snack. Try this amazing shakkar para sweet recipe at home.

7. Sago Ladoo Recipe

sago ladoo

Sago Ladoo Recipe is the yummy and favorite sweet recipe. This recipe contains sabudana as the main ingredient for making laddu.

Of course, laddu is an all-time favorite for all age groups. Sabudana is rich in vitamin and folate that helps strengthening muscles.

These aides in managing the internal heat level. Therefore, sabudana ladoo is a perfect summer snack to present for kids.

Likewise, sabudana is rich in protein, iron, and calcium. So, try this healthy snack recipe and serve this to your kids.

8. Aloo Vada

aloo vada

Aloo vada recipe is a crispy and delicious snack recipe. This Aloo vada is mainly prepared using fresh potatoes.

Of course, potatoes are the favorite food of all age groups, especially kids.

So, this Aloo vada will be a good treat for them.

Aloo vada is road nourishment enchant that you can prepare without much of a stretch plan at home during rain time.

Actually, potatoes are rich in fiber, potassium, and vitamin. Therefore try this healthy snack recipe to amaze your kids.

9. Semiya Kesari

semiya kesari

Semiya Kesari is the famous south Indian dessert recipe. This is a festival sweet dish on all special occasions.

Actually, this Kesari recipe requires vermicelli as the main ingredient, and this is readily available in all households.

The superior taste of this sweet with ghee is fabulous. This will be the best option to prepare in the evening times.

Of course, vermicelli is free from fat and cholesterol. So, try this semiya Kesari recipe as a quick snack to kids.

10. Nariyal Ki Barfi

nariyal ki barfi

Nariyal Ki Barfi or simply a coconut burfi is a traditional and most favorite sweet recipe in south Indian cuisine.

This is very easy to prepare the burfi recipe because it requires coconut and sugar as the main ingredients.

Coconuts are particularly tall in manganese, which is essential for bone wellbeing and the digestion system.

Similarly, they are too wealthy in copper which develops red blood cells. Try this perfect and yummy snack recipe.

11. Kulcha Recipe

kulcha recipe

Preparing a healthy breakfast for kids is a fundamental part. Kulcha Recipe is the best option for this.

Actually, kulcha is similar to maida roti with sesame seeds. Kids will love this kulcha recipe once ate it.

Kulcha is a spongy and soft flatbreads best combo with curries. This is a better option for regular routine breakfast.

You can use maida or wheat to prepare this recipe. Try and serve this kulcha recipe to kids with aloo curry.

12. Sago Vada Recipe

sago vada

Sago vada is the delicious and unique recipe popular in Indian cuisine. This is the unique version of vada recipes.

This recipe requires sabudana and potato as the main ingredients. Both are rich in nutrients such as proteins and vitamins.

Of course, potato is the favorite food of kids. This will be a great snack recipe to prepare at the evening times.

Likewise, sabudana will help in gaining weight. Therefore prepare this awesome healthy sago vada recipe at home.

13. Bhatura Recipe


Bhatura is the simple but awesome puri recipe of Punjabi cuisine. This recipe is famous among the north Indian households.

Actually, this bhatura recipe is very easy to prepare at home. It requires maida, curd and sooji as main ingredients.

You can use wheat flour if you are not satisfied with the maida. Overall, this is a soft and yummy recipe to eat at dinner.

Try this bhatura recipe at home to amaze your kids. You can serve this with aloo curry or any other gravy.

14. Banana Sheera Recipe

banana sheera

Banana sheera or banana halwa is the traditional recipe of Indian cuisine. This recipe is a famous and favorite dish of all.

Actually, bananas are rich in vitamin c, manganese and potassium which all are the essential components for a healthy life.

Instead of eating raw bananas, try this banana sheera recipe. This will give an awesome flavor of bananas in a unique way.

Similarly, bananas help in better digestion and give energy. So prepare this banana sheera recipe to amaze your kids.

15. Chivda Recipe

chivda recipe

Chivda recipe is the healthy and crunchy recipe in Indian cuisine. This recipe is mainly prepared with healthy poha.

Poha is a healthy food with rich irons and low calories. In fact, poha is a favorite food of kids for its awesome flavor.

The ground nuts and coconut in this recipe gives a special taste. They also give health benefits while eating them.

Chivda recipe is the best option to prepare for evening snacks. Try this wonderful chivda recipe and give a special treat.

16. Dal Ka Halwa

dal ka halwa

Halwa is the favorite sweet dish for everyone. Dal ka halwa will be the best version of halwa to prepare at home.

People will fall in love while eating this dal ka halwa recipe. Actually, dal contains many health benefits.

Dal provides healthy vision and helps in nourishing the teeth and bones. So, this is undoubtedly a healthy dish for kids.

In fact, this halwa recipe is very easy to prepare at home. Therefore try and serve this recipe in the evening times.

17. Onion Rava Dosa Recipe

onion rava dosa

Onion Rava Dosa is the healthy and tasty dosa recipe. This is the most popular and favorite recipe in Indian cuisine.

You can find a large number of lovers to this onion rava dosa recipe. In fact, this is the healthy breakfast recipe.

Actually, onion rava dosa is an instant recipe with simple ingredients. This is the best option instead of trying regular dosa.

Onion rava dosa provides large health benefits while eating it. Therefore, prepare and serve this recipe with sambar and chutney.

18. Poori Recipe


Poori is the popular and favorite recipe in Indian cuisine. This recipe has a huge number of fans for its soft and crispy texture.

Generally, poori is made of wheat flour which has large health benefits. Poori with aloo curry is the best and popular combo ever.

Poori is in many varieties with different flavors. All are the favorite recipes for kids due to its crispy and fried form.

This recipe is great to prepare for dinner times. Therefore prepare and serve this recipe at home with aloo curry.

19. Idli batter

idli batter

Idli batter is the easy process of preparing the spongy idlis. This contains the sample preparation methods on it.

Actually, this recipe requires mainly rice and black gram as ingredients. Soaking them is the major process in this.

The more time you soak, the more spongy idli you will get. The usage of black gram also plays a major role.

Idli is the most healthy food during breakfast time. So, prepare the idli batter and idli easily at home.

20. Ginger Tea

ginger tea

Nothing beats the tasty and refreshing ginger tea of Indian cuisine. Ginger tea is the most favorite recipe for many people.

Ginger tea travels with people all around the world, starting from the morning till the night depends upon their needs.

This tea is extremely beneficial with its rich vitamins, magnesium, and minerals. This is a soothing beverage of India.

Ginger tea improves stomach performance and blood circulation. So, prepare this recipe in evening times.

21. Onion Paratha

onion paratha

Onion paratha is the delicious and yummy recipe of Indian cuisine. This recipe has huge health benefits with onions.

Actually, onion provides large health benefits in many forms. Onions are best in boosting bone density.

Similarly, onions are good in providing nutrients and heart benefits.

Moreover, paratha with onion is the best option.

Because paratha has become a favorite food of everyone. So, try this amazing onion paratha recipe to amaze your kids.

22. Thengai chutney

thengai chutney

Thengai chutney or coconut chutney is a famous dish in south Indian cuisine.

Coconuts and chana dal are the main ingredients.

Actually, this is a common recipe with all the tiffin items and a variety of rice items. People make this recipe with different flavors.

Coconut provides large health benefits. Therefore eating this recipe at breakfast times will give enormous benefits.

Other than this, coconut chutney is very good with the fried snack items. So, try this thengai chutney recipe with any fried snack.

23. Curd making


Curd making is a simple process with milk to get pure curd at home. Curd is a healthy food that improves immunity.

In fact, curd provides healthy skin and digestion. Therefore preparing a pure curd at home is a good option.

This requires simple ingredients such as milk and curd. So, preparing healthy curd has a simple process.

You can make rice varieties and energy drinks in curd. This will be helpful to kids in the hot summer times.

24. Onion pakoda recipe

onion pakoda

Onion pakoda is the most popular and favorite street food recipe in India.

This pakoda recipe is easy to prepare at home.

In fact, many households prepare this recipe during the evening tea time.

Onion pakoda with tomato chutney is the best combo.

Moreover, this onion pakoda is famous for its crispiness. So, kids will fall in love with the recipe after eating this.

Onion provides large benefits in health with special compounds. Therefore, prepare this recipe with tomato or coconut chutney.