Instant Of Best And Delicious Home Based 15+ Rava Recipes

Posted By : Myilraj , 31/03/2020

We Have a Great Collection of Rava Recipes with Step by Step Photos

Rava Recipes are one of the widely cooking eatables in South India. A variety of dishes can be cooked with Rava for Breakfast, Lunch, etc.

Rava is the fiber-containing food ingredient using for the delicious preparation of your morning breakfast recipes.

While the consideration of your body fitness it is the delicious food ingredient carries more grams of Fiber.

As well as it is the delightful Rava containing in the considerable amount of carbohydrate with enormous minerals.

Merely taking the idlis and dosas it is the delicious and healthy nutrient ingredient. So, most of them take this ingredient than rice.

Maintenance of the heart never ignores this delightful healthy food ingredient so try this ingredient for your healthy life.

Rava is the staple food ingredient in the south-Indian kitchen. So, decorate your cooking with this Rava recipe.

However, you may be bored with the routine dishes of rice flour, idly, dosa breakfast and other millets. Then try these Rava recipes.

Some people considering that Rava is the refined form of the wheat recipe but more healthy than rice.

The addition of fresh veggies and fruits are adding the taste and healthy components in this dish. So offer this recipe to your family.

Dosas and other crispy snacks are preparing from this addition of Rava. So, add this recipe and enjoy your crispy dishes.

Among the Indian people, very familiar Rava recipes are Upma and Kesari other than multiple dishes are here.

For the upma lovers, here we prescribe multiple dishes which are too familiar and healthy too try them all.

People Also Ask

How is Rava Made? Rava is the delicious and simple food ingredient often using for instant preparation of dinners and breakfasts. Though there are various shades of Ravas are available in the Indian super-market. But the white Rava is too famous. The preparation of this ingredient is getting from the wheat flour. While grinding husk wheat we can get this Rava. So, certainly, it is the delicious healthy food. Prepare more delicious dishes from this plain Rava.
What Are Some Recipes for This Dish? There are multiple sweet and spicy dosas are preparing from this Rava ingredient for fast cooking. To offer the white and spicy texture to the flour it is the fantastic choice. Try your Rava recipe. Moreover in South-India, Rava dosa is the delightful fast preparing food for our healthy breakfast. Other than that, cake recipes, idly, dosa, laddu recipes, and some north-Indian recipes are preparing from this dish.
What Are Some Quick Rava Recipes for Breakfast? It is the simple and easy preparing food ingredient using for the preparation of quickly made recipes. Especially the Rava idly is the special dish preparing from this white Rava ingredient famous in South-India. The soaking of Rava is the easy and simple work for preparing the food recipes base on this white Rava. Sweet bonda, laddu with the addition of the nuts, ghee, and spice ingredients are adding taste to this dish.
What Are the Best Rava Recipes? Whether you are searching for a delicious snack item or heavy morning breakfast meal, This ingredient offers enough dishes. Additional veggies are adding elegance and nutrients to this simple dish. Cake to cutlet recipes can prepare from this dish. Bonda, uttapam is the mouth-watering dishes that are easily preparing dishes making from this simple Rava ingredient. From the five star hotels to simple household, hold contain this food for enough dish preparation try this Rava.

Different Types of Delicious Rava Recipes

1. Rava Kunukku

rava kunukku

Preparing an evening snack is the delightful children-loving preparation directly cooking from this simple ingredient.

As a simple snack, it requires only green chili, onion and the curry leave usage for this crispy snack.

To get the creamy base, the curd is using as the primary base. It offers a tangy tone to this Rava kunukku flour.

Just grind all the ingredients along with this flour then add some Asafodita to get the sweet aroma from this snack.

2. Rava Upma

rava upma

Rava Upma is the dish that needs any more introduction but this dish preparing along with carrot is the versatile one.

For such taste seekers, this carrot base dish is a wonderful dish along with multiple spices and garlic.

It is the multi-ingredients dish preparing along with the ground nuts, green chili, and crunchy onion.

The vital ingredients are offering enough vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants to our bodies.

3. Rava Mathri

rava mathri

Young kids are the ardent fans for the crispy snack item. They are often expecting new dishes for their evening.

For them, it is the delighting treat. Rava mathri is the north-Indian snack recipe. So they will love this dish.

The perfect combination of spices, salt, and chili powder is enough for the preparation of this easy snack item.

For the children, rice flour, cumin seeds are using for this snack preparation. So, try this occasional recipe.

4. Upma Bonda

upma bonda

Upma Bonda is the mouth-watering recipe often find in the south-Indian traditional feast and breakfast.

Serving this dish with the delicious coconut chutney or spicy tomato sauce offering a good taste.

Simple upma like preparation is enough for the making of this spicy evening snack item for your kids.

Just roll the lentil enrich dish and roll them and fry the Rava rolls and serve this dish with hot.

5. Suji Cutlet

Suji Cutlet is the typical north-Indian snack item preparing from the basic stuff of the potato and other spices.

For the convenient shape of the cutlet shredding form of potato aptly suits this spicy snack item.

Although the warming stage of the potato is the right texture to hold the right shape for this evening snack.

The outer layer is rolling with this white Rava. It aids to get the crispy tone for this snack item.

6. Suji Upma Recipe

suji upma recipe

Kichadi is the relishing and ever-loving simple breakfast recipe preparing from the south-Indian cooking method.

Similar to the vegetable rice array of carrot, bean and onion are using for this suji upma recipe.

For this colorful texture, most of the north-Indian people also loving this delightful recipe as breakfast.

The combination of chutney and sambar is the ever-loving combination for this main kichadi dish. Cook this recipe.

7. Undrallu Recipe

undrallu recipe

This round sweet dessert recipe is a fabulous devotional recipe preparing as a prasadam for Lord Ganesha.

Though it is the milk recipe preparing with the perfect combination of ghee, jaggery, and rice flour.

Undrallu recipe is the protein-rich recipe offering them enough vitamins and fiber for the consumer.

To get the delicious solid base these two bases are using for this dessert preparation. Try this recipe at your home.

8. Oats Rava Dosa

oats rava dosa

Oats rava dosa is the delightful base for the preparation of this mouth-watering vegetarian Rava recipe.

Moreover, the combination of oats and Rava is a wonderful combination and apt for the fitness freaks.

For the spicy lovers, the green chili is the best ingredient adding in this oat blend healthy recipe.

Curd is the main food component using to get the creamy texture for this special dish. Try this recipe.

9. Oats Idli

oats idli

First of all, oats Idli are the healthy rich millet carrying the multiple levels of fiber content for our body.

For elderly people and diabetic patients, this is the most recommending food to maintain the optimal level of blood pressure.

Slightly using the idly rice batter is the wonderful base for getting the soft smooth type of idly.

There are multiple varieties of idly are available in our routine menu. For the new recipe, it is the best dish.

10. Rava Coconut Upma

rava coconut upma

Rava coconut upma in the formed rice is the most suitable structure to get the authentic taste and super flavor of this dish.

Green chili, chana dal, and mustard seeds are the fabulous ingredients are using for this spicy dish.

To get a more crispy and colorful texture, the fresh Rava is using in the deep fry condition.

For the innovative taste and shredded coconut and nuts are preparing along with this delightful recipe.

11. Rava Dosa

rava dosa

Dosa is the ever-loving dish in the south-Indian food menu. There are multiple varieties are come in this recipe.

Onion dosa, masala dosa, and ghee dosa are the famous varieties. But which is a suitable one for the diet-lovers.

For them, this Rava dosa is the fast and easy preparing recipe. Try this Rava dosa for your energy breakfast.

Chopping vegetables are the wonderful ingredient adding along with the rice flour. Try this delicious recipe.

12. Vegetable Fried Cake

vegetable fried cake

For the preparation of the delicious meal or the evening snack item, this vegetable fry cake is the wonderful recipe.

Of course, it is a healthy dish preparing with the addition of Rava, green peas and capsicum slices.

Offering the eye-catching color carrot, onions are adding in this simple Rava veggie recipe.

For the aromatic and finest taste ghee is the main ingredient using in this veggie cake. Give your try for this recipe.

13. Rava Kodubale

rava kodubale

There are multiple numbers of crispy snack items are preparing from this simple Rava. One of the famous dishes is this Rava Kodubale.

Red chili powder and green chili are the delicious combinations are adding for this mouth-watering recipe.

Besides, for the creamy and tastefulness, the white soft curd is using as the side ingredient for this snack.

It is ready to preparing dishes taking nearly 15 -20 minutes for this simple recipe making.

14. Kesari Bath

kesari bath

Kasari bath is a colorful and sweet recipe preparing along with the multiple nuts and fruits.

However, it is the colorful recipe, the addition of sugar and aromatic flavors are adding richness to this recipe.

Rava is the simple flour and it is the easy dish serving for the parties, functions and wedding ceremonies.

Karnataka is the native place of this dish. To add the taste resins are preparing along with this recipe.

15. Dalia Upma

dalia upma

South-Indian morning feast is simple completes with the serving of this light Daila upma.

Additionally. the coconut chutney is the wonderful combination for the delightful dish for your breakfast.

The broken stage of this wheat is calling as the dalia. So, it is the effective protein content in your food.

For the best and effective creamy texture butter is using for this soft and sticky upma. Try this recipe at your home.

16. Rava Sheera

rava sheera

There are multiple spices are native to our India, other than that, multiple exotic desserts are preparing from this land.

Wheat is the delightful millets that offer various shades and types of flour for our food preparation.

Rava sheera is one of the varieties without any color additives this simple but sweet dessert is serving at functions.

Sugar with the hot and sprinkle of the nuts are offering the finest tone to this recipe. Give your time for this recipe.

17. Rava Idli

rava idli

Whenever the elderly people reaching the age limit, then they suit switching to the strict diet schedule.

Diabetes is the most troubles health issue and most of the elderly people are affecting this sugar imbalance.

To maintain the optimal level of the sugar protein-enriched dishes and fiber contents are using in this Rava idli recipe.

For them, this simple traditional recipe is a wonderful solution. Try this simple and delightful dish.

18. Rava dhokla Recipe

rava dhokla

Rava dhokla is the delicious snack item very famous in the list of a north-Indian snack item.

Due to the fiber contents, and fresh vegetable usage offering the similar taste of the veggie salad.

Cumin seeds are the basic spices and offering the delightful taste and signature style of this snack preparation.

Then adding the curry leaves is the fantastic ingredient to get the excellent aroma from this recipe.

19. Prasadam Boorelu

prasadam boorelu

Due to our modern lifestyle, we almost forget the way of delicious and healthy cooking for our bodies.

According to elderly people, food is the primary medicine to eradicate new and different diseases.

For the modern women who are seeking the wonderful sweet recipe, it is the best choice that carries protein.

Balck gram is the power pack dish denoting for its protein content. So this prasadam boorelu dish is common to all.

20. Sooji Uttapam

sooji uttapam

Sooji uttapam is the common name offering for this Rava recipe preparing in the unique style of North-India.

Otherwise, uttapam is the delightful South-Indian recipe preparing with multiple veggies.

Whenever we eating this delightful recipe the crunchiness of the veggies is offering the finest tone to this Rava recipe.

For housewives, it is a wonderful choice. Try to enjoy this delicious meal for a healthy breakfast.

21. Suji Ka Upma

suji ka upma

Suji ka Upma is the routine recipe with its mild taste all will love this delightful recipe for healthy breakfast.

Sometimes, kids are always expecting an innovative dish for their energy breakfast and lunch with a simple method.

For those kids, it will be the ever-loving dish serving along with the sweet and healthy pomegranate fruit.

Besides the addition of chana dhal is ease your hard preparation and offering the fantastic aroma and taste to this Rava recipes.