2 Delicious Rajma Recipes Best Side Dish For Chapati/rice

Posted By : Elavarsan , 31/03/2020

Simple method of making rajma recipes - Best side dish for chapati, roti and rice

Rajma or Razma is a vegetarian dish that is popular among all over the countries especially in northern India.

Indian cuisine is unique, replete of tradition, flavor and spices. Indians take their food very solemnly and cooking is contemplated as an art.

This recipe seats red kidney beans in the form of thick curry with many Indian whole spices. Protein and Vitamins are rich in this.

Rajma can usually be served with rice. They are very nutritious and healthy and easy to cook.

Kidney beans are not originated from the Indian subcontinent. It is a regular diet food recipe in Nepal and Northern India.

Rajma beans hold about 140 calories, and protein, fat, carbohydrate in 5.7 grams, 5.9 grams, 18 grams.

This is the top favorite recipe of North Indians and Nepalis. It contains healthy ingredients and one of the routine food in Nepal.

Punjabi style Rajma masala is a rich, spicy and buttery flavored mouth-watering dish. This spicy hot recipe prepared in the form of a tandoori style.

Rajma boti chawal is a very popular staple food of southern parts in Orrisa. Check out the delicious Rajma recipes and prepare these traditional recipes to re-live the memories and create new ones.

Types of Rajma

The unique rajma bean is in shape like a kidney, has a strong flavor with a powdery texture and reddish-brown.

Rajma is nutty in flavor and musky in the aroma. This bean is fully loaded with amino acids and proteins.

In addition to this, it consists of carbohydrates, dietary fiber, minerals, potassium, iron, essential vitamins, and antioxidants.

According to Indian foods, there are three forms of rajma: Red kidney beans, Kashmiri kidney beans, Chitra kidney beans.

1.Red Rajma

This rajma is red in color and highly flavored. They hold their shape well throughout cooking and occupy flavors easily.

2.Chitra Rajma

Chitra rajma is very popular and special in Kashmiri cuisine. This is white in color and soft texture in nature.

3.Kashmiri rajma

This curd based rajma curry is famous all over the Himalayas and simply cooked. Come out best when soaked for about 4-5 hours before cooking. Comparing to other rajma, Kashmiri rajma is sweeter.

People Also Ask

How to Cook Rajma?Rajma is an awesome and tasteful recipe with red kidney beans in the form of gravy. This rajma recipe will give you a thick and delectable dish that you can serve with plain basmati rice or jeera rice, chapathi or non. This is a favorite dish in many households in North India. Channa masala, dal makhani, chole and rajma are some of the most familiar curries from north Indian cuisine. Rajma is always included in restaurant menus or often made in households regularly and this is a heart-healthy food. This recipe is fat-free and carries many health benefits since these are rich in fiber, folate and magnesium. Making of rajma masala is an important factor if you are a tasty lover. Serving this rajma masala with rice is the best combo.
Choosing the RajmaRajma is good for eyes, skin, bones and provides proteins, energy, diabetics control, it is very useful for all age groups. Fresh rajma is to be chosen since the old ones will not be cooked well. Always check the packaging date before buying a product. As already known, rajma is in different types and that is the benefit of rajma. You can choose the required one with your interest. These red kidney beans can easily be cooked when we choose the right one for the recipe. You can add your favorite vegetables.
Soaking the RajmaWhile making rajma recipe the kidney beans have to be cooked well. They should liquefy your mouth when you bite into them offering no resistance. It ruins the texture in the recipe when the rajma is overcooked. Sometimes, restaurants also face this crucial issue while dealing with rajma. It's not about spoiling the recipe but also the issue which affects your stomach. So, it is major to soak the rajma overnight before cooking it. Soaking and cooking the rajma will properly enhance the bioavailability of nutrients. This rajma is also used in salads which brings energy while eating it.
Making the Rajma MasalaChoosing the best ingredients will give great results in the recipe. It includes normal Indian spices and the main ingredients are kidney bean, tomato, ginger and garlic. Onion plays a major role while making masala. Adding all the spices with chopped onions and tomato will make the curry more palatable. The spices which are used to make the rajma curry will give outstanding fragrance if they cooked before the oil leaves the pan. Garnishing with coriander leaves adds a special flavor to the rajma masala. The combo of rajma and rice is outstanding.
How to Cook Restaurant Style Rajma RiceAll of us love to prepare some of our most favorite recipes like a restaurant-style. Rajma is a wholesome meal of northern India which is a spicy curry. This is the best combo when we serve this with boiled or steamed rice. Adding rajma in your diet may provide benefits for weight loss, lowering cholesterol and primarily good for heart health and diabetics. Lot of steps involved in the recipe to get a flavorful restaurant style rajma masala. Rajma is washed and soaked in enough water for nearly eight to ten hours or overnight for getting the perfect term. The next day, water in the rajma or kidney beans should be completely drained and thoroughly rinsed off to avoid ruining the recipe. All the ingredients like ginger, garlic, tomato, onions, chilies and other spices should be added to get perfect aroma in the recipe. Garam masala and dried mango powder should be added with the other normal masala powders that will result in restaurant style rajma. Boiled basmati rice can be used to serve with this rajma which is perfect in a restaurant-style manner.
What is the Best Recipe for Rajma Masala?The best recipe for rajma masala is Punjabi Rajma Chawal. Rajma is a red kidney bean in a thick gravy manner and chawal is rice especially the part of a dish. Like many other Indian dishes, each house has its recipe to make it and with a slight variation over some parts. It becomes a people owned recipe which passes from generation to generation. Punjabi dishes are distinct from local ways of cooking. A formal way to make the recipe with rajma masala is to make it as spicy vegetarian curry. This is a more common special recipe.
Punjabi Style Rajma RecipeRajma chawal or rajma curry and rice is solace food for many Indians and the popularity of the composite is increasing day by day around the world. Punjabi style rajma holds a special place in all age group people because of its finger-licking taste. This recipe is spicier and buttery. Soaking plays a major role while making the rajma for this recipe. Adding main ingredients mainly onion, tomato and ginger garlic paste makes the dish more delicious. Mustard oil, amchoor powder, and garam masala hold a special place in this recipe. You can freeze this Punjabi rajma masala for later use.
Easy Recipes in RajmaRajma can be used in several ways to make different recipes which is a perfect snack for all especially kids since it provides rich nutrients. Rajma kebab, rajma pakodaas, refried beans, crunchy rajma, rajma salads are the easiest recipes for households as well as parties. You can prepare the rajma recipe by your style in various ways under the need. It is simple and easily cooked without adding ginger and garlic. Kebabs are the best recipes that are crispy and tasty. It includes sweet kebabs as well as veg kebabs in the form of spinach, cauliflowers, corns and all other veggies. Rajma is the best option for all the mothers who prepare snacks for the children in a healthily and easily

2 Delicious Collection Of Rajma Recipes

1. Rajma Pulao

Rajma Pulao

This is a recipe for rice dishes that usually involves cooking and adding spices and other ingredients such as ginger garlic and onions.

Soak the rajma well and drain the full water for getting the finest rajma. The soaking time should be eight to ten hours or overnight.

Soak the basmati rice with water for its perfect cook. Use the pressure cooker to prepare the rajma pulao. Indian bay leaves, cardamoms, cloves give special aroma and rich flavor.

Add the finely chopped onions with pasted ginger, garlic and chilies. Afterwards add the rajma or red kidney beans for making the recipe. Add all spices for providing yummy flavor.

Finally the soaked basmati rice added to the mixture. After pressure comes down, the recipe is ready. Serve this with your favorite raita or salad or mango pickle.

2. Kidney Beans Masala

Rajma Masala

This special and extraordinary kidney beans masala is rich in protein content. Cooking this classic recipe is very easy.

Soak the kidney beans well and drain the water. This will make the kidney bean to soften and remove the outer cover of the kidney bean.

The inner bean which is white in color is took for making this masala. All the spices and primarily onions, tomatoes and ginger, garlic, chilies mixed with this bean.

An egg is the main ingredient for this delicious masala recipe. Before making the recipe, boil and cut the egg into small pieces

Adding the boiled eggs in this mixture gives an outstanding flavor to this texture. Serve this hot kidney beans masala garnished with coriander leaves.

This recipe is rich in nutrition, proteins and vitamins. As a result, this is the perfect treat for all age groups.