17+ Raita Recipes To Cook For Enhancing Richness To Your Biryani

Posted By : Myilraj , 06/04/2020

A list of Most Popular India Raita Recipes for Making Biryani

Raita is a yogurt-based dish often served as accompanied with main dishes. We have collected a great list of raita recipes to prepare from home.

Raita is the delicious South-Indian side dish recipe. There are multiple varieties of raita is available in South-Indian cooking.

Fresh vegetables, fruits sometimes spices are using for the base of this raita recipe along with the creamy curd.

It is the ever-loving cooling agent giving contrast taste with the spicy curry, biryanis and meat kebabs.

Raw ginger and ginger-garlic pastes are sometimes adding into this simple curd. Try this recipe with numerous combinations.

Especially in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, this dish is known as "Pachadi". Raita recipe preparation can vary from region to region.

Vegetables, pulses, and fruits are the balancing combo for this curd side dish. It is the staple side dish North-India too.

Our familiar raita is prepared with curd and served with delicious dishes like Biryani, Pulao, paratha, and kebab.

Banana, Mango, Guava, Grapes, pear, and pineapples are the wonderful fruits used for the preparation of this dish.

The raita can be prepared by using vegetables like Brinjal, Pumpkin, Beetroot, Carrot, and Onion.

Serving raita is adding the richness and delicious taste to this recipe. However, it is the right food hospitality.

To reduce the spicy taste, the dish needs to serve along with any cooling agent. So, raita is serving with the main dish.

Try these different types of raita recipe for your delicate breakfast and lunch. We offer easy dishes for your home preparation.

People Also Ask

What is the easiest way to make raita? Raita is the ever-loving cooling agent when it adds with the sweet crunchy vegetables and watery vegetables that are adding to this recipe. The addition of curd helps for fast digestion and the weight loss process is motivating through this dish. Slicing the fresh veggies along with the crunchy onion is enough for the preparation of this raita dish. Adding coriander leaves, cumin and coriander leaves are the best for the preparation of this simple side dish.
What is the best recipe for raita? There are multiple raita dishes are more famous in both North-Indian and South-Indian cooking recipe. Addition of cucumber, pomegranate, grapes is adding the richness to this simple curd or pachadi recipe. Carrot, beetroot is the vitamin enrich veggies using for this raita recipe and it offers superb color to this dish. Adding enough herbs, carrots, beetroots cucumber and onion are the delicious ones for preparation of this dish.
What is the most authentic raita recipe that you have used? Adding the fresh and solid curd is the perfect one for the preparation of this simple delicious pachadi preparation. Adding more veggies, onions are the ever best combination or else use the simple fruit recipes for this curd. Using herbs along with the fresh veggies offering the delicate taste to the authentic fresh curd recipe. When using fruits try to avoid veggies like onion, curry leaves, and Coriander leaves. So, try the fruit combo.
How to make cucumber raita? Cucumber raita is the wonderful summer dish preparing along with the fresh creamy curd and wonderful veggies. However, Cucumber is the more water containing vegetable and one of the best cooling dish for the spicy dishes. Addition of carrot offering the sweet tone to this delicious side dish. Try this recipe at your home. Besides, the usage of cumin ease the digestion and to give the aroma use mint or Coriander leaves for this recipe.

17+ Types of Raita Recipes

1. Onion tomato raita

onion tomato raita

Tomato and Onion's raita is one of the delicious curd recipes perfectly matching to the pulao and Biryani.

Green chilies and coriander are offering the mild spice and ever-loving flavor to this curd recipe.

To match the recipe, tomato and onion are adding into this simple recipe. Add salt for your extra taste.

For the fresh creamy curd tangy tomato and onion are offering the colorful texture. Try this dish at your home.

2. Jeera Raita recipes

jeera raita

Cumin seed preparation is the flavorful curd recipe using for the process of fast and easy digestion.

Frying cumin is the main for this curd preparation. Adding green chili gives the spicy tone to this jeera raita recipe dish.

Usage of Coriander leaves presenting the wonderful color for this soft and creamy curd recipe.

However, the selection of the curd need to be solid don't add too much water, it will lose the consistency.

3. Beetroot carrot raita

beetroot carrot raita

Beetroot and carrot raita is the ever-loving soft curd recipe suits all the meat pulao and biryanis.

It is a different one from the normal curd recipes. The addition beetroot gives a mild pink color.

Onion, Coriander leaves are giving the crunchy tone to this wonderful recipe. Add some salt to this dish.

To give more aroma to this colorful curd mint leaves are adding in this curd. So, try this delicious recipe.

4. Mint and coriander raita

mint and coriander raita

Vegetarian rice and vegetable kinds of rice are simple and carrying the mild taste to this whole dish.

So, preparing a side dish for these main dishes need to be simple and easy to prepare at our home kitchen.

Addition of onion, green chilly, coriander leaves and mint leaves offering the green color to this delicious mint and coriander raita dish.

Full and full of green color offering the appetizing flavor to this simple and delicious side dish.

5. Mint raita

mint raita

Yogurt usage is the base for this curd side dish preparation. Usage of Cinnamon gives the new flavor.

Usage of the herbs and spices are adding the taste to this curd. So, try this mint raita easy recipe at your home.

Without any more usage, all these recipes can be easily prepared within ten minutes and serve this recipe quickly.

Adding curd ease the spice tone helps for the fast digestion process. Give your try for this curd recipe.

6. Capsicum raita

capsicum raita

Capsicum Raita is the delicious North-Indian recipe. Usage of onion, curry leaves, cumin is the best ingredient.

Red chilly, mustard seeds are the spicy flavor for this fresh curd recipe. Most of the recipes giving a fresh tone.

While fry the cumin and mustard seeds are giving the spicy aroma for this delicious curd recipe.

The cooking of Capsicum removes the raw flavor. So, enjoy the spicy and crunchy taste along with this recipe.

7. Tomato raita

tomato raita

Tomato is the primary veggie using for this curd recipe. Within a few minutes, it can easily prepare at our home.

Other than the recipes, it is the dish using minimal veggies and ingredients. Try this dish for your home feast.

Onion is the staple ingredient for the preparation of the curd recipe. But we simply remove this veggie.

Simply, lemon juice, Coriander leaves are offering the tangy taste for this simple curd recipe.

8. Cucumber onion raita

cucumber onion raita

For the fast and quick side dish preparation this the ever-best choice coming under the category of curd.

Cucumber Onion, Green Chilly, cucumber, and coriander leaves are the basic ingredient using for this delicious side dish.

Whenever we ready for the delicious dinner at classy restaurants, this is the ever-loving curd recipe.

Giving the fresh aroma is the plus of this dish. So, the addition of this Coriander gives enough aroma.

9. Boondi raita

boondi raita

Boondi Raita is the less known colorful recipe preparing with the spicy besan flour snack recipe.

Pepper powder adds the extra spiciness to this simple curd rice recipe. Then how to add more taste?

Lemon juice. mint leaves are offering the tangy as well as ever-loving fresh smell for this recipe.

Cumin is the spice adding for this delicious curd. Try this simple curd side dish at your home kitchen.

10.Sweet raita

sweet raita

It is a sweet dish. So, for your home feast, it will be the main dish preparing with the curd.

For ease, the bowel movement and Cumin is using for our Indian culinary tradition. So, use this spice.

To serve the chill dish ice cubes are using in this delicious curd recipe along with sugar and coriander.

Equal to the milkshake, this sweet curd is the delicious recipe. Try and serve this chill dish for your kids.

11. Vegetable raita

vegetable raita

Vegetable raita is the ever-loving recipe preparing along with multiple spices and vegetables.

Carrot and cucumber are the ever-loving soft veggie using for this delicious creamy raita recipe.

Onion, Capsicum is the crunchy veggies offering the colorful texture to this curd side dish.

Addition of Cumin, Coriander, Mint leaves, Pepper is the spicy ingredients adding to this side dish.

12. Pomegranate raita

pomegranate raita

Pomegranate is the delicious fruit offering multiple nutrients like vitamins, anti-oxidants and so on.

First of all, Curd is the less fat and rich content offering enough calcium of dietary fiber.

Besides, the Cumin powder is the fragrant spice offering the complete taste to this curd recipe. Try this dish.

Addition of salt, Mint leaves are the perfect blend of aroma for this delicious curd recipe.

13. Bhindi raita

bhindi raita

In this bhindi ratio is the delicious curd recipe preparing along with lady's finger and other aroma spices like Cumin.

To add the thickness Coriander seed powder and red chilly powder offering enough color and taste.

Frying the ladyfinger until it loses the raw taste is the best choice for cooking. Use this method.

Except the frying veggie other blends are offering with the fresh and delicious taste. Give your try.

14. Mango raita

mango raita

Mango is the fabulous summer dish preparing along with the multiple veggies. It is the new recipe.

Dry chilies, Mustard seeds, Coriander leaves, and yogurt are the pleasant and ever-loving dishes for this preparation.

Addition Mango slices present the blend of sweet taste as well as sourness to this simple curd.

While choosing the curd, it should be fresh without any sourness it will offer a delicious taste.

15. Fruit raita

fruit raita

Are you looking for a fresh and delicious fruit recipe? then try this delicious fruit recipe at your home.

Apple, Banana, Pomegranate, and grapes are the collection of fruits offering in this simple dish.

Though, it is the sweet dish but the usage of the red chili offering the delicious blend of sweet as well as spiciness.

Salt, sugar is the blends adding in this simple curd recipe. So, try this all taste recipe for your evening.

16. Pineapple raita

pineapple raita

Pineapple is the ever-loving fruit carrying the Vitamin-A and the dietary fiber for this delicious curd recipe.

However, it is the sweet recipe when it mixing with the curd, it offers the unique texture of sweetness.

More than a raita the sweet and fruit blend curd recipes are offering as the summer dishes.

Salt, Cumin, Black Pepper, Mint, Coriander are the ever-loving herbs using in this delicious milkshake.

17. Aam ka raita recipes

Aam ka raita

Aam ka raita recipe is the delicious curd recipe, preparing this recipe in the North-Indian style offers the good taste.

Instead of ghee, mustard, fenugreek seed, red chilies are using in this delicious curd recipe.

The addition of sugar and salt are the perfect blends for this curd then these fried spices are adding on this recipe.

Lassi like texture finally adding with the mango. Try this ever-loving recipe at your home.

18. Makhana raita recipes

makhana raita

Pool makhana is the delicious and fiber filling and protein enrich recipe offering the perfect blend to this dish.

Frying the main dish and getting the juice is the ever-loving ingredient for this curd recipe.

Chili powder,  dhaniya are the ever-loving spicy and healthy ingredients are adding into this recipe.

Finally adding the mixture to this curd and sprinkling the coriander on the top offers the complete taste.