16 Yummy Pulao Recipes In Restaurant Style To Cook In Home

Posted By : Myilraj , 27/03/2020

Let's Explore the Different Kinds of Pulao Recipes to Cook at Home

Pulao Recipes is one of the spicy dishes prepared at home which is a combination of spices, veggies, and rice.

India is enriching its food dignity with the sources of native spices and holds a special place for the exotic style of cooking.

Most of the north-Indian dishes are following the Mughal, Persian and Arab style of cooking. Many invaders marking their dishes in India.

Pulao is the noticing cuisine of India which carries multiple facts and interesting backgrounds of rich pulao.

However, Pulao and Biryani are the two different dishes often puzzle with a similar structure and cooking style.

Pulao is a dish that needs to prepare in the structure of non-sticky and separate rice can feel while consuming.

The bright shiny outlook in each grain of the rice comes from the rice soaked in water for several hours.

Italian style of cooking uses this Pulao for its seafood cooking. Saffron is the main ingredient in their dishes.

Biryani is a food preparing from semi cooking of rice and differently arranging as a layer the final phase of cooking.

Pulao is the dish made from water, veggies, and meat all are taken in the right ratio to get the dryness with perfect aroma.

In ancient days pulaos are mainly cooking to prepare vegetarian dishes. Paneer, corn and tomato pulaos are the famous dishes in this category.

Fancy and tasteful pulao recipes are plenty in numbers just try them all and fill your kitchen with innovative new recipes.

People Also Ask

How to Prepare Pulao?Pulao is a tasty satisfying meal prepared with various vegetables, spices with the addition of rice. To add fragrance to the dish bay leaf, cinnamon and cloves are using in this vegetable mix pulao recipes. Not only these limited ingredients various spices and herbs also using to prepare the pulao recipes. This dish equally paring with the yogurt, pickle, and papads to enjoy the melting flavor of authentic pulao.
What are the Best Pulao Recipes?This fragrance Indian style recipe comes with multiple varieties. Each region follows its signature style of pulao cooking. Kashmiri pulao, Bengali Mishti pulao, Shahi pulao, and Tawa pulao are some kinds of pulao varieties rooted in India. Each of the pulao is good at the taste and offers a delicious and satisfying meal for your hungry stomach.
How to Make a Vegetable Pulao Recipe?For your super quick delicious meal vegetable, Paulos is the preferable choice. preparation of this dish is a simple one. Consequently, Basmathi rice or other variety of rice is the base for this ingredient so, add your rice at first. Next add the mint, coriander leaves and other spicy masalas for the typical Indian pulao style preparation. Finally, the multiple collection veggies are further adding as the grant topping for your tasty Paulo. Here we enlisting multiple Pulaos for your easy pulao making.

16 Different Types of Pulao Recipes

1. Matar Chawal Pulao

Matar Pulao Recipe

Matar Chawal pulao is the simple recipe cooking only from the green peas. Additionally ginger, garlic, and cloves are offering the fragrance.

Steaming of the veggies provides a special perfection to this dish. A delicious meal instantly prepares for morning breakfast.

The collection of green chilies, garlic, and mild spices are the full packed nutrient package in this dish.

Without any diet limit, all can taste this pulao. present your unique variety of pulao dishes to your family.

2. Malai Pulao Recipe

Veg Pulao

Malai pulao recipes are the heart-melting delicious recipes made from full of vitamin enrich veggies.

Easy veggie loading pulaos are the base of this dish and complement with the non-veg gravies.

Vegetarian pulao recipes are rich in taste and aroma, try this malai pulao at your home for dinner.

Ever-loving malai pulao will be the preferable choice of your kids to try this dish today!

3. Pasta Pulao Recipe

Pasta Pulao Recipe

Pasta dishes are very delicious and rich in taste when it adds to the multiple varieties of Indian masala.

Indian pulaos not only rich in taste but the multiple varieties of pulaos are easily decorating your Sunday meal.

As equal to biryani pulaos are offer the same food fragrance and multiple health benefits with the excellence of veggies.

Pasta is a new and juicy ingredient that offers a delicious tone to your new style of pasta making.

4. Cottage Cheese Pulao

Cheese Pulao

Cottage cheese is the handful ingredient to make multiple varieties of dishes in the pulao category.

Pulao made from cottage cheese is the fast making recipe presenting here for housewives and home moms.

While we searching for a new recipe for breakfast and dinner for instant completion it will be the best one.

Cottage cheese pulao is a rich and exotic dish surely a wonderful dish for the vegans. Try it soon.

5. Baby Corn Potato Biryani

Corn Pulao

For your easy lunch preparation, now potato is baby corn are the simple main ingredients garnish your dish.

Besides, the Spicy baby corn pulao recipe is a colorful and warm flavoring dish a lip-smacking feast to all.

For a healthy meal and showcase your modern kitchen try this baby corn pulao at your home

Are you loving to try out new recipes and cooking? then initiate your preparation of Baby Corn Potato Biryani.

6. Chana Pulao

Chana Pulao

Chana pulao is a traditional dish famous in the region of Kabul. So, this dish is otherwise known as Kabuli chana pulao.

Firstly, Chickpeas and rice are the major and easily available ingredients to prepare this delicious meal chana pulao.

For our optimal diet balance protein from chickpeas and carbohydrates from rice is a preferable choice.

To add the Indian flavor onion, garam masala, coriander leaves are the placing in this traditional pulao recipe.

7. Kerala Pulao

Kerala Style Pulao

Making different styles of Indian pulao with rich spices is a tasty option for your family breakfast.

For such dedicated pulao lovers here are your favorite and colorful Kerala pulao. Make your first try.

To offer the native taste curd, chicken curry, vegetable curry, mint, and coriander all are adding in this recipe.

With the consideration of nutrient welfare shallow fry cashews and raisins, all are adding as the topping to this dish.

8. Carrot Pulao

Carrot Pulao

A healthy delicious meal is the looking forward recipe in the long list of our typical Indian cooking.

It is the delicate dish not only the colorful ingredient but also with the richness healthy aspects.

However, we are running out of an idea to what is the recipe we are going to cook? such a dilemma is the best option.

Get start your creative try with the Vitamin C enrich carrot veggies and addition other fresh vegetables.

9. Baked Beans Biryani

Spicy Beans Pulao Recipe

All-time fresh beans are the easily available veggie that offers a tremendous feast of beans biryani.

Obviously, it is, delicious but rare course of the main dish using for the fresh pulao making with various nutrient elements.

One of the familiar recipe in Hyderabad there is a peak of spiciness is an ever-loving element in pulao.

And also add extra cashews and raisins are elegantly offer the decorative look to this recipe Carrot Pulao. have a happy meal.

10. Yogurt Pulao

Yogurt Pulao

Rice with optimal steaming and adding the curd can make the ever-cool yogurt pulao recipe.

Moreover, Urad dal is the second ingredient that comes with the full package of protein and vitamin filling.

Turmeric powder, dry chilies are the color cherishing ingredient that offers the yummy flavor to this recipe.

As a nutrient package recipe try this dish at your home and it must be ever loving recipe for kids.

11. Chider Pulao

Chirer Pulao

However, Chider pulao is a famous Bengal recipe common in every Bengali household at the festival seasons.

Poha or flattened rice is the main ingredient that helps to prepare this colorful vegetarian pulao.

This is the simple dish serve with the addition of raita or other spicy pickles to enjoy the native flavor.

Easy preparation of dishes leads us to cook the dish whenever we want. Offer this pulao meal to your family.

12. Morog Pulao

Morog Pulao

Gluten-free food is now a choice of modern adults. Home cooking is the finest option for this major issue.

Although, modern kids are getting bored with the routine dish and seeking the delici0ous taste from fast food.

Multiple pulao recipes will satisfy the spicy lovers and direct home preparation is a healthy one too.

For the meat-eaters, we offer the delicious mouth-watering Morog Pulao for your Sunday meal. Have your special pulao.

13. Spicy Sweet Corn Pulao

Spicy Sweet Corn pulao

Sweet corn is one of the staple ingredients found in the modern kitchen of Indian households. How can I use this?

There are plenty of recipes that are simply made from this ingredient. As an enriched protein content, all can use this.

Almost, Sweet corn Pulao is a slight mild recipe for the pulao lovers. The making of the dish takes only 30 minutes.

Whenever your kid needs an alternative dish and expecting a new recipe this pulao will instantly help you.

14. Gobi Beans Pulao

French Beans Pulao

Gobi pulao is the full veggie packing pulao recipe rare recipe offering for your special cooking.

Even though, Cauliflower is a vitamin-rich vegetable mostly avoid for the biryani and pulao preparation. Are you like this veggie?

And, We offer a keen and clear recipe for your tasty pulao making. Follow our recipe and taste your brand new pulao.

For your refreshing kitchen cooking, it is the superb option and all will enjoy this spicy homemade pulao.

15. Navratan Pulao

Navratan Pulao

As the name insists it is the colorful delicious recipe that comes with the healthy blend of veggies and fruits.

The cluster of dry nuts, fruits and veggies are offering the unique structure to this vegetarian pulao.

Serving the pulao in special occasion shows your humble food hospitality. Try this for your family occasion.

Moreover, From the kids to elderly people all will enjoy this dish and offers enormous benefits to your diet.

16. Kashmiri veg pulao

Kashmiri Biryani

Abundant fruits and vegetables are decorating your extraordinary meal with this Kashmiri veg pulao.

It is a special dish using the multiple fruits to add extra sweetness to the tender pulao recipe.

This special pulao is a native Kashmiri recipe, because of its simple preparation now found in all north-Indian region because of its simple preparation.

The combination of veggies, fruits, and our native spices provides a unique and tender texture to this dish.