23 Best Potato Recipes Spicy Dinner Meals With Cripsy Garlic Potatoes

Posted By : Myilraj , 27/03/2020

Do you like Potatoes? Find Our Preparing Tips for Healthy Potato Recipes from Home

Potatoes often have it's a prime position in everyday meals. Find the great Potato Recipes to prepare and serve a rich meal.

The strong potato doesn’t need tons of a creation. This rustic vegetable is so flexible and widely recognized around the globe.

It may be baked, steamed, roasted, mashed, fried, crammed or even grilled to prepare different types of the potato recipes.

It’s a member of the nightshade circle of relatives and there are loads of different sorts grown with a variety of flavor.

Waxy potatoes, along with fingerlings and red-fleshed potatoes have a tendency to be truly wet and differ in taste.

They preserve their form properly when cooked are make a killer potato salad! The russet potato–additionally known as a baking potato–has a starchier flesh.

It’s extremely good for traditional mashed potatoes or twice baked potatoes for the preparation of the crunchy chips.

Again, there are hundreds of types of potatoes however those examples are an awesome leaping off point.

A high intake of end results and greens can advantage health and reduce the risk of many lifestyle-associated fitness conditions.

Potatoes include essential nutrients, even when cooked, that may benefit human fitness in diverse approaches.

In the end, you may mess up a potato too badly! I wish the recipes under help inspire you to cook dinner with this humble tuber!

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23 Different Varieties of Potato Recipes

1. Bengali Sikh Bhaja

Aloo Fry

Begun Bhaja is a traditional Bengali fashion dish of delicately spiced slices of potatoes which can be made easy.

It is crunchy and spicy, making it a scrumptious birthday celebration appetizers or facet-dish on your party menu as well.

This Begun Bhaja makes a wonderful side dish with for lunch on lazy weekends or a dinner to quit a hectic day.

You can serve this begun Bhaja recipe with khichri, daal rice, and even luchi and it is very easy to prepare in your home.

2. Bangla Batata

Fried Potatoes

Bengali Chicken and Potato Curry is a real dish of the Bengali cuisine that can be made without difficulty at home.

You can pair this Bengali recipe with rice or pulao and it could also be loved with chapatis, parottas, dosas, etc.

All you want to cook this non-vegetarian recipe is: hen, potato, chopped onion, tomato and a perfect mixture of spicy

Serve this delectable dish on occasions like kitty birthday party, potluck or even a family get-together ion your family.

3. Potato Veg Pancake

Potato Pancakes

Potato Pancakes are a smooth pan-fried pancake recipe made with some of the shredded potato, flour, and eggs.

The shredded potatoes offer the crispy texture to the pancakes and make for a deliciously filling dish with garlic flavor.

Serve Potato Pancakes hot together with Spicy Mexican Salsa for a delicious weekend breakfast or as a tea time snack

Potato pancakes are very crunchy on the outside, smooth in the middle and spice throughout with potato goodness.

4. Alur Dom

Alur Dom

Alur Dom is one of the spicy potato recipes that are simmered in spicy tomato onion garlic and yogurt gravy.

The potato is simmered inside the dum aloo masala for a good half-hour until all of the flavors are absorbed.

Aloo Dum additionally called Dum Aloo is a delicious spicy and tangy recipe that could be a favorite at home.

Dum is a process of sluggish cooking on low heat in which we cook dinner the rice or vegetables in its gravy and spices.

5. Sweet Potato Kheer

Sweet Potato Kheer

Sweet Potato Kheer Recipe is a should attempt candy delicacy made with candy potato, milk, and semolina.

The sweet is simmered in coconut milk and flavored with saffron strands for better taste and delicious flavor.

Adding candy potato is likewise any other manner to devour something healthy and not worry greater energy.

It is considered as one of the delightful desserts that have an excellent source of vitamins, nutrients and high proteins.

6. Garlic Potato Wedges

Chilli Garlic Potato

These seasoned Parmesan potato wedges are quick and smooth to make and pop out best every time in your home.

They are awesome as a side, appetizer, or while scrumptious evening snacks to have it with different varieties of sauces.

These might make the right blend with Perfect Burger to prepare in your homes like any game day party or functions.

You can easily prepare this delicious potato recipe in your home within 20 to 30 minutes for your side dish at lunch.

7. French Stick Potato Fries

Spicy French Fries

Ask any teenager, that is their favorite dish even as eating out and pat will come to the reply – French Fries.

These skinny and oh-so-indulgent potato fries aren't any less than a comfort meal for many and can be prepared easily.

French Fries are one of the high-quality side dishes that you could have and are best enjoyed with chicken and fish dishes.

Many people confuse this dish’s beginning to that of French cuisine; but, that’s not authentic in any respect.

8. Bread Potato Snack

Potato Bread

It is a scrumptious and hearty Indian snack which can be served as a starter, appetizer or truly night snack.

This smooth bread cutlet recipe makes use of bread, mashed potatoes, boiled green peas, and few veggies

And also you can use a shallow fry method to make them stomach filling and wholesome delicious recipes at home.

Whether you serve it with tea or conventional Indian inexperienced chutney, you are going to love every chew of it.

9. Lal Kumro Alur Ghonto

Pumpkin Potota Curry

Kumro Chakka is a traditional Bengali vegetable dish made with pumpkin, potato or aloo and black Chickpeas.

It does now not have onion, garlic, and any dairy primarily based product so it can be used as a Vegan recipe too.

In the summertime, it's miles very hard to cook dinner, so at the side of a few steamed rice it can be an ideal meal.

The method of cooking this dish differs slightly but has its version and the most important components are always the same.

10. Sweet Potato Tamarind Red Gravy

Sweet Potato recipe

Sweet tamarind and potatoes are the best combinations for its savor, spicy and sweet flavor and taste.

Sweet Potato recipe is one of the famous cuisines in southern India to prepare with sweet potatoes, tamarind, coconut, and spices.

It is one of the scrumptious mixers of sweet and tangy flavors for your taste buds and it has many health benefits also.

You can easily make this recipe within 20 to 30 minutes in your home by adding simple and fewer ingredients.

11. Aloo Cubli Chut

Aloo Podimas

Aloo Cubli is a famous Bengali cuisine and is mostly liked by the people who want to try some new dish in their meal plan.

This easy-to-make recipe is prepared with simple elements like chickpea, potatoes, tomatoes and a melange of spices

If you're a foodie but do now not want to compromise for your health, this dish is perfect for you, which is tasty as well as nutritious.

You can serve this scrumptious recipe on events like kitty celebration, pot luck, sports night time or even occasionally.

12.Aloo Sandwich

Aloo Sandwich

Potato Sandwich is a mouth-watering breakfast recipe that may be cherished by using people of several age groups.

This North Indian recipe is made with mashed potatoes that are a wealthy source of carbohydrates and can burn down your hunger immediately.

Along with that, it's far added with the diffusion of spices consisting of turmeric powder, cumin powder, garam masala, etc

Clutch your apron and attempt out this scrumptious sandwich recipe today a new and scrumptious snack recipe.

13. French Potato Role

Potato Roll

Potato Rolls is a scrumptious snack recipe which is prepared the use of potato, flour, crimson powder, green chili, etc

This scrumptious snack recipe can be easily prepared at domestic and savored by way of each kid and adults, alike.

it is easy and the delectable vegetarian recipe can be served on events like kitty parties, birthday events, picnics, etc

Strive to make this filling snack recipe and couple it with chutney or tomato sauce and revel in together with your circle of relatives.

14. Aloo Matar Kalonji

Aloo Matar

Mughlai Aloo Matar Gobi as the call indicates is an ordinary Indian aspect dish higher on the spicy facet with the flavors.

If you are making plans Indian menu for the birthday celebration than this dish could healthy in nicely and compliments.

During winter cauliflower and green peas are abundant to be had in the market so this recipe may be attempted all through the season.

It is simple and yet delectable to the palate. Serve Kalonji Gobi Aloo with warm Phulkas, Curd and Cholar Dal.

15. Aloo Briyani

Aloo Biryani

A unique manner of creating conventional biriyani recipe with baby potatoes and a few more Indian masalas.

The recipe follows the traditional manner of making a dum fashion biriyani with an additional dum aloo cooking technique.

Hence the result has the flavor of each recipe making an ideal veg dum biryani recipe with different styles.

Biriyani recipe is known for its flavor and spice it has to offer in every bite with adorable taste and flavor.

16. Bengali Dimer Chop

Drumstick Potato Curry

Bengali Style Dimer Chop Recipe is a changed model of eggs, wherein the eggs are not only stuffed with highly spiced.

However also coated with masala, breadcrumbs and then deep-fried until crisp and fried till rolling in breadcrumbs.

This recipe is in near resemblance with Awadhi Style Nargisi Kofta Recipe that is historically made with minced meat lined eggs.

Serve Bengali Style Dimer Chop Recipe as a celebration starter with onion slices, Homemade Dijon Mustard Sauce Recipe, Tomato sauce.

17. Bengali Sojnedata Aloo Posto

Bengali Dum Aloo Recipe

Sojnedata Aloo Posto is one of the Unique Recipe of Bengal Delicacy” is a veg recipe of West Bengal.

Sojne information (Drumstick) curry is the preparation of poppy seeds paste and chili with a few collective whole spices.

This recipe is a flavored veg side dish that may be very appropriate with hot steam rice or parottas to eat with your family.

In Bengali family ‘Kasundi’ is a fave coaching to serve with this curry and rice as a facet dish in any function.

18. Smiley Potato Chips

Spicy Potato Smiley

Homemade Potato Smiley is one of the famous American recipes made the use of potatoes, cornflour, and cheese.

This short and easy-to-make recipe is an all-time child favorite snack and is good for events like birthdays or night snacks.

This snack recipe is positive to be a success amongst all the garlic lovers as it has a terrific portion of garlic in it

Pair those scrumptious potato smileys with some sweet chili sauce and you are finished for the day with a smile.

19. Fast Chilly Potato

Aloo Chilli

Honey Chilli Potato is a completely famous Chinese snack recipe that has a large fan following, specifically in India.

It is a crunchy and flavourful appetizer recipe that can be enjoyed on any occasion or function in your home.

Honey Chilli Potato is one of the popular kid's recipes and no Chinese food lover can ever say no to this recipe.

It goes nicely with liquids, cola, and any summertime beverage and although it's far frequently served as a starter.

20. Cauliflower Potato Khichuri

Cauliflower Potato Curry

Bengali Bhoger Khichuri or Niramish Khichdi or Bhuni Khichdi is particularly made for Pooja and fairs in Bengal.

It is likewise a have to make at some point of Durga Pooja as a presenting Ma Durga on Ashtami as a part of Naivadhya

This Khichdi is made by way of roasting the yellow lentil or moong daal which offers a very high-quality flavor

However, if it isn't to be had then you could use any quick grain rice to make this delicious Bhoger khichuri.

21. Indian Potato Bhuna

Aloo Curry

Potato Bhuna is a special festive dish that is prepared only during the festive seasons in India consisting of tomato and ghee.

This curry is simple, quick and tastes so good because of addition to tomato puree adds a nice tang of tomato and color.

Indian Potato Bhuna is very easy to prepare by using baby potatoes to cook a visually appealing recipe from home.

The curry takes a drastic turn when it travels from East to West and North to the South within the territory of India.

22. Potato Makhmali

Spicy Potato Masala Curry

Potato Makhmali is one of the amazing stater recipes to start your dinner which melts in the mouth.

As the name says Makhmali stands for soft with perfect blend spices, potatoes and just too have with food.

Making potato Makhmali is super easy in your home with very few ingredients ready to be relished.

Most of the people in the north have this delicious recipe with coconut chutney or pudina chutney.

23. Mutton Potato Curry

Mutton Potato Curry

Mutton Potato Curry is a spicy, and creamy potato recipe originated in Pakistan and spread over all parts of North India.

This recipe is cooked in a hot pot with mutton chunks simmered with low warmness with cubes of potatoes in it. Added some fresh spices to make rich.

Steaming hot pot of mutton chunks simmered over low warmness with cubes of potatoes dunked in freshly ground spices to make rich, thick gravy.

Mutton with aloo is an exquisite Bengali dish, mildly spiced and flavorful has potatoes cooked with lamb or mutton in a thick stew.

This gravy is a mix of many different spices and has to be carefully balanced to convey out the taste and flavor