8 Tasty And Healthy Pongal Recipes Best Breakfast Recipe

Posted By : Myilraj , 01/04/2020

How to Make a Variety of Pongal Recipes at Home? Best Pongal Recipes

Pongal recipes is a famous and traditional harvest festival in south India. Especially celebrated by the Tamil community for four days with four different themes.

The four days of the festival starts from bhogi, thai Pongal, maatu Pongal, and kaanum Pongal. Hindu temples are popular in distributing the Pongal to the devotees.

Pongal is a favorite dish of Tamilnadu available in sweet and as well as spicy flavor. Chakkara Pongal is another name of Sweet Pongal and Ven Pongal is another name of kaara Pongal.

This delightful recipe usually made up of rice, yellow moong dal, milk, and jaggery. Instead of using jaggery, pepper and ginger mixed with this food.

Pongal is a very healthy food that consists of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and proteins. Pepper and ginger in ven Pongal help in cold and cough, digestion works, body infections.

The different varieties of Pongal are Varagarisi Pongal, Kudhiraivali rice Pongal, saamai, and thinai rice Pongal with different packets of rice.

Tamil people dress like a traditional way and celebrate this festival with Pongal and sugarcane. As like Pongal, the families will also create sweet memories.

Here you can find more about the mouth-watering recipes made with Pongal.

People Also Ask

How to Cook Pongal at Home?Pongal and vada are on the top list of every hotel in Tamilnadu. People fall in love with this recipe once they eat that. This is a very uncomplicated recipe to prepare at home. Yellow moong dal and rice are soaked well before boiling it. Sweet Pongal starts with boiling the rice and dal in a pot or any other vessel. Adding the jaggery with this boiled rice and dal mix gives the real flavor of Pongal. Finally, fry the dry fruits and cashew on the ghee and mix this with the Pongal. Sweet and tasty Pongal is ready to serve. For ven Pongal, the preparation methods are the same as sweet Pongal recipes. But instead of using jaggery, use pepper and ginger on the boiled rice and yellow moong dal. Both the dishes are easy to cook and fast to prepare. Try this Pongal recipe in your home for the festivals and house warming functions or you can prepare this for routine.
Is Pongal Good For Health?Pongal holds much-hidden health benefits. This consists of proteins, vitamins, fiber contents, minerals and digestion contents. Ven Pongal or Kaara Pongal carries many health benefits causing ingredients like pepper and ginger. Sweet Pongal contains jaggery which helps in cleaning the liver, purifying the blood and boosts immunity. You can healthily make this Pongal by using a different kind of rice variety instead of the same. Moong dal consists of high antioxidants, rich potassium, vitamins. Eating Pongal is as much healthier than eating fast foods or junk foods. This takes a smaller time to cook and easier steps to prepare. Prepare and deliver this healthy and fine Pongal recipe to your loved ones on every special occasion.

8 Types of Pongal Recipes

1. Ven Pongal

Ven Pongal

Ven Pongal is a kind of delicious Pongal recipe which carries a salty, spicy flavor. This is the main recipe of south Indian breakfast. This is in the top list of all the hotels in Tamilnadu for breakfast.

Hotels give this tasty ven Pongal recipe with vada which is the best combo ever. Preparing this ven Pongal is easier.

First of all, take the yellow moong dal and raw rice for soaking. Then take all the ingredients like cashew, pepper, ginger, curry leaves, and chilies.

In a pressure cooker, ghee is added and all spicy ingredients are roasted. The soaked rice and dal are added to that with the addition of water.

Add salt as required and close the cooker. After some more time, open the cooker. The tasty ven Pongal is ready to serve with chutney or sambar.

2. Wheat Rava Pongal

Wheat Rawa Pongal

Wheat is the most organic staple food which carries larger benefits in providing nutrients, fiber, preventing heart disease, strokes, diabetes control, healthy digestion.

Moong dal is soaked well and ingredients like red chilies, curry leaves, and cumin reads are added in a vessel.

Add the soaked moong dal and wheat Rava in the mixture and mix well with water. Put salt as the needed amount. Then make the Pongal in high flame.

After some time, the healthy wheat Rava Pongal is ready to eat. You can make the chutney or sambar as a side dish for this tasty Pongal.

3. Bellam Pongal

Bellam Pongali

Bellam Pongal is a sweet Pongal which is used in temples to give for the devotees. In Tamilnadu, it is a prasaadham which is given to people who came to pray god.

Raw rice is washed well and soaked before preparing this Pongal. Boil the rice with cardamoms in a pressure cooker for getting cardamom flavor on the rice.

Add the jaggery and sugar for extra sweet taste and mix well. Include the ghee fried cashew and currant on this Pongal for the special flavor.

Delicious sweet Bellam Pongal is ready to eat as prasaadham in temples and the perfect food to eat in the evening time.

4. Aval Sweet Pongal

Aval Sweet Pongal

Aval or Poha is a healthy food which favors of carbohydrates, rich iron content, probiotic, lower calory levels. It controls blood sugar levels.

Roast the aval in a pan till the raw smell goes off and soak it for some minutes. Similarly, roast the moong dal in a pan and cook it for getting softer texture.

Use powdered cardamom to get a nice aroma. Add this cardamom powder in the moong dal mixture and cook it well.

Jaggery is cooked with water for getting the correct consistency. Aval and moong dal is added in this jaggery mixture for boiling.

The sweet aval Pongal is now ready to serve. You can add roasted cashews and currants to this Pongal for getting an awesome flavor.

5. Sweet Pongal

Sweet Pongal

Sweet Pongal is a common and popular recipe all over Tamilnadu. It serves as a special dish in festivals and temples as a holy Prasadha.

This Pongal recipe is easy to prepare. First, soak the rice and yellow moong dal well and boil both in low flame.

Boil the jaggery with water for getting a perfectly sweet taste in Pongal. Add the boiled rice and moong dal with this mixture and stir it well.

Add roasted cashew and dry currant roasted with ghee to this awesome sweet Pongal and serve this. This is the most favorite dish of all age groups.

6. Khara Pongal

Khara Pongal

Khara Pongal is a spicy good treat to all people in the morning. This contains healthy ingredients as well as spicy taste too.

Soaked yellow moong dal, rice and are using for this Khara Pongal. Besides, Ingredients like jeera, pepper, ginger, chilly, and curry leaves need to be fried.

Then add the boiled moong dal and rice in the mixture. the required amount of salt adds spike to the sweetness.

Serve this Khara Pongal with coconut chutney or with your favorite side dish.

7. Vegetable Pongal

Vegetable Pongal Recipe

Vegetable Pongal is very famous in both rural and urban food culture. This dish carries healthy vegetables along with essential nutrients.

Take the vegetables by your choice or use carrot, cabbage, and potato. Cut all the vegetables in the smaller size to get the perfect look.

Fry all the vegetables in ghee with curry leaves and cumin seeds. Boil rice and moong dal in a cooker with green chilies and pepper.

Mix all and garnish this with coriander leaves. Serve this full-flavored Pongal dish with chutney or sambar.

8. Samai Pongal

Samai Pongal or little millet Pongal is healthy and protein-rich in general. This is a good recipe for kids since it provides a lot of health benefits.

This Pongal is rich in magnesium which helps us to keep our heart healthy. This provides calcium and this reduces the risk of diabetes.

Fry the red chilies, curry leaves, cumin seeds and pepper on the oil or ghee. Add Samai rice and moong dal onto it and mix well. Then add salt in the required amount. Cook well the mixture. 

Finally, Samai Pongal is ready to eat. Serve this delicious Samai Pongal with coconut or tomato chutney.