7 Tangy And Spicy Pickle Recipes Best Variety Of Pickles

Posted By : Myilraj , 06/04/2020

Tasty Pickle Recipes - Spicy, Tangy Pickle Recipes in Different Variations

Pickle recipes are the traditional dish that passes from the old to the current generation. Pickle is always an ultimate dish.

Then, these recipes are numerous in flavors and also in varieties. Similarly, preparation methods are also high in number.

Generally, pickle is achar in Indian cuisine. You can find a large number of pickle lovers all around the world.

Pickle is an all-time favorite recipe for Indians. Thus, this recipe holds a standard place in all their special events, occasions.

This yummy and flavorful recipes are the major dishes of south Indian events. Pickle is the side dish for the main dishes.

South Indian pickle recipes are made with sesame oil whereas the north Indian pickle recipes are made with mustard oil.

In fact, you can prepare pickles easily at home with simple methods. You need not be an expert to make pickles.

Generally, pickle is a low calorie and fat-free recipe to make. This recipe provides high energy sources in perfect cooking methods.

Pickles are in sour, salty and sweet flavors. Pickles are the best providers of a good source of diabetics control compounds.

Top pickle varieties are cucumber, mango, carrot, chili, and mixed pickle. Other than this, south India has plenty of pickle varieties.

Mango, ginger, garlic, lemon, vegetable mix, citron are the most popular pickle recipes in south Indian cuisine.

Try all the pickle varieties easily at home. Make use of the pickles during every occasion as well as house routine.

People Also Ask

What are some interesting pickle recipes?Pickles are in plenty of varieties and flavors. You can make pickle recipes easily at home using simple ingredients. The interesting pickle recipes are easy to make. They need simple and secret ingredients for making them. Vegetable pickle is one among the interesting and also healthy pickle. You can use any kind of vegetable for it. Similarly, sprout pickle is also a healthy and interesting recipe. Everyone can try this awesome recipe at home.
What is the simplest, quickest pickling recipe you know?Pickle is the ultimate classy recipe in Indian cuisine. You can make this recipe simple, quick and fast at home. Garlic, Ginger, lemon, mango recipes are the common south Indian pickle recipes. You can make this recipe using sesame oil. Carrot and cucumber are the other well-known pickle recipes. You can also use mustard oil to make pickles. Even though pickles are traditional recipes, these pickles are prepared by the beginners using its simple methods.
What are the different mango pickles recipes?Mango pickle is the most favorite recipe for Indians. This pickle always holds a special place in the lives of Indians. There are plenty of varieties available in mango pickles. For example, cut mango pickle and raw mango pickle are south Indian pickle varieties. In addition to that, Andhra's spicy mango pickle and Punjab's sweet and sour mango pickle are the ultimate dishes. You can try all these recipes especially, the raw mango pickle recipe. Since this dish is easy to make at home.
What are easy keto pickle recipes?Keto pickle recipe contains calories, protein, fiber, and low fat. This is the healthiest and flavorsome pickle recipe. Fermented pickle foods provide clear skin, sensitivity. These pickle recipes also help in weight loss and diabetes. Cucumber and ginger in this recipe provide large health benefits. This recipe is good for people of all age groups. The crunchiness in cucumbers gives delicious taste in every bite. Refrigerate this pickle to preserve it for later use.
Which are some unique and interesting pickle recipes?Pickle recipe is in dozen varieties. Anyone can make this recipe simply at home by using regular pickling methods. One of the unique pickling recipes is fish pickle recipe. Use your favorite fish to make this awesome recipe. Other than that, amla pickle and brinjal pickle are some interesting, unique pickle recipes of south Indian cuisine. Besides that, you can use green apple not only to raw eat but also to make awesome flavorful pickles from that.

7 Delicious Pickle Recipes

1. Pickled Eggs

Egg Pickle

Egg pickle is a most classy and tasty pickle recipe. This will clearly become a regular side dish once you make it.

Making of this egg pickle recipe is very easy. Preserve this recipe for a long time and use it whenever you eat.

Fried eggs in this recipe will give extraordinary flavor to this recipe. Ginger, garlic and all other spices give a special taste.

If you want a healthy as well as a tasty snack, you can prefer this egg pickle recipe and serve this as a side dish.

2. Amla Pickle

Amla Pickle

Amla pickle is the most healthy pickle recipe which consists of rich iron content. This pickle is very healthy for all age groups.

Some people won't eat amla in raw form for its taste. For those people, this pickle recipe is a very good option.

Amla pickle is the popular recipe of south Indian households. The spicy flavors give an extra special taste to this recipe.

Give a try to this awesome health benefit pickle recipe. Store this in a container and serve with hot meals and any other dish.

3. Lemon Pickle

Lemon Pickle

Lemon pickle is a spicy south Indian pickle. In fact, this is the most favorite pickle recipe of all south Indians.

People love this for its spicy flavors with oil. Similarly, they use this pickle for all the special occasions and daily routine.

The unique sour taste of the lemon gives the special taste to this recipe. Spices are mixed up with this lemon.

To sum up, lemon pickle is healthy and also tasty one. Thus, you can make and serve this recipe as a perfect side dish.

4. Brinjal Pickle

Brinjal Pickle

Brinjal pickle is a peculiarly unique pickle of south Indian cuisine. This pickle recipe is very simple and easy to make.

In fact, this is a very nutritious recipe that provides high antioxidants and rich health benefits to all age groups.

Brinjal pickle that is famous for its unique sweet and also sour taste. This is a perfect recipe as a side dish or main dish.

The important and surprising fact about this recipe is you can serve this as a main dish for hot meals or chapati rather than using it as a side dish.

5. Ginger Thokku

Ginger Thokku

Ginger thokku is a famous south Indian pickle recipe. Usually, this ginger thokku is made of jaggery and ginger.

Spices in this ginger thokku give extraordinary taste to this recipe. And masala flavors add yummy taste to the thokku.

This ginger thokku recipe is useful for all age groups. Since it provides digestion benefits and also nutrient benefits.

Ginger thokku is used in various ways like chutney for Tiffin items and side or main course for meal items.

6. Bitter Gourd Pickle

Bitter Gourd Pickle

Bitter gourd pickle is the most fantastic and healthy pickle of south India. This contains rich health benefits.

Generally, bitter gourds contain high irons and vitamins. This is undoubtedly a very good dish for all age groups.

Bitter gourd helps in fighting against cancer problems. So, all can use this as a regular side dish with main courses.

The spiciness and masala compounds make the flavor of this recipe awesome. The bitter taste is reduced by using spice content.

7. Green Chilli Pickle

Green chili pickle is a traditional pickle recipe of south India. This is a very good option for all spicy lovers.

Generally, chilies are the best fighters against fungal infections, cold and cough issues. They are the best nutrient compounds.

Green chilly pickle is the best option when we don't have any idea about what to cook better for Tiffin items.

This awesome recipe holds wonderful flavors. You can make this recipe very easily and serve this as a side dish, especially for snack items.