15 Healthy And Instant Oats Recipes Rolled Oats Recipes

Posted By : Elavarsan , 30/03/2020

Healthy And Time Saving Instant Recipes Using Oats - Rolled Oats Recipes

Oats are a great alternative for people who are on a ‘No Rice Diet’. Oats is a fibre rich food which keeps our tummy feel full for a very long time.

Oats are also rich in many nutrients which are needed for the human immune system.
Oats can be used in many kinds of recipes.

It is the best replacement for carb rich foods in our diet. Oats can be used for making cookies, cakes, pancakes, upma, dosa and much more.

The most simplest oats recipe is making oats porridge. It is so simple to make and tastes excellent and even kids love it.

It is made by boiling 2 tbsp of oats with half cup of water and half cup of milk together. Need to cook the mixture until the oats gets completely cooked.

For a spicy version, just add a sprig of curry leaves, 1 tbsp of freshly grated coconut, a pinch of red chilli flakes and salt to taste.

Serve it hot for the best taste. For the sweet version, to the cooked oats add sugar or honey along with any fruits of your choice and serve chilled.

Another trending recipe with oats is overnight oats. It is now getting popular among fitness freaks and diet food lovers.

For making overnight oats there are many versions. The basic recipe is soaking 2 tbsp of oats in half a cup of milk along with a tbsp of chia seeds and a few pieces of banana.

The mixture should be soaked overnight and should be in the fridge. The next morning just before eating honey should be added.

Few alternatives for this are adding cocoa powder along with the mixture for chocolate taste, or adding coconut cream for creamy texture or even protein powders can also be added.

So oats is really a magical ingredient which can be converted into any tasty recipe by some innovative ideas and tricks.

Collection Of 15 Delicious Oats Recipes

1. Oats cookies with simple ingredients

Oats Cookies

Everyone loves to eat cookies during tea breaks. But because of the sugar and carbs in cookies, many of us are controlling our cookie cravings.

This oats cookie can be made with simple ingredients and tastes so good which makes our taste buds feel refreshed.

2. Healthy oats cake

Oats Cake

From birthdays to all kinds of celebrations, cutting cake has become a trend. Most of us are very much concerned about eating cakes because of its gluten content and calories.

Oats cake is now specially for all cake lovers with its real flavour mixed with healthy nuts combo.

3. Oats cutlet

Oats Cutlet

Cutlets are made with a variety of ingredients. Bread cutlet, potato cutlets and chicken cutlets are most commonly prefered cutlet varieties.

Oats cutlet is made with oats as the main ingredient along with some fresh vegetables and added seasonings. It is a very healthy and best snack recipe for both kids and adults.

4. Apple oats kheer

Apple And Oats Kheer

Kheer is a sweet recipe of India that is made during festival times. Generally kheer is made with rice, semiya or sabudana.

Flavours like cardamom, rose water are also added in kheer. For a more healthy version apple oats kheer is a tasty option.

5. Healthy oats sprouts toast recipe

Healthy Oats Recipes

Including oats in breakfast makes our meal completely nutrient and keep us energetic throughout the day.

Making a healthy oats sprouts toast is quite a lengthy process but the result will give us a feel of worth spending time on cooking the recipe.

6. Oats and suji onion dosa

Oats Rava Dosa

Running out of regular dosa batter yet craving for a tasty dosa? Then this instant oats and suji onion dosa will give you the feel of eating regular dosa but in a more healthier way.

It can be done in less than half an hour and can be enjoyed with any chutney of your choice.

7. Oats vegetable idli

Oats Idli

Oats vegetable idli is prepared by mixing grinded oats powder along with regular idli batter with some goodness of added veggies.

The recipe tastes so good and perfect breakfast for almost everyone. Diabetic people can include this oats vegetable idli in their diet for at least once in a week.

8. Oats bisi bele bath

Oats Bisi Bele Bath

Oats are the best replacer of rice for many recipes. One among them is bisibelabath in which the common recipe is cooking rice along with toor dal, bisi bele bath powder and some fresh veggies.

In oats bisi bele bath, rice is replaced by oats yet the recipe tastes the same with the same flavours.

9. Oats bread toast

Oats Bread Recipe

Bread toast is in the menu of almost everyone because of the busy morning routines. Making variations in toast recipes will give us a break from regular bread toasts.

One among them is oats bread toast which can be done quickly and can be sent as a lunch box recipe even for kids.

10. Chinese chicken oats

Chicken Oats

Oats taste good even if it is mixed with chicken or any meat. Chinese chicken oats is a chinese inspired recipe made with basic chinese sauces like soy sauce along with bell peppers, spring onion and chicken sausages.

The recipe tastes so good if more chillies are added.

11. Crispy oats dosa

Crispy Oats dosa

This is an instant dosa variety which can be done within 30 minutes or less. Crispy oats dosa recipe is similar to rava dosa for which roasted and grinded oats powder is added additionally.

The dosa is very crispy because of added rava and rice flour and can be served with chutney or sambar.

12. Oats green leaves vada

Oats Vada

Vada is a famous south Indian recipe in which the process of vada is a bit lengthy from soaking, grinding to making.

Oats green leaves vada is an instant vada recipe which is made using wheat flour, besan flour, oats and methi leaves. The vada is very healthy and tastes delicious.

13. Crunchy oats biscuits

Oat Biscuits

Many of us think making biscuits without an oven is possible. But this crunchy oats biscuits are made without an oven.

It is made by using wheat flour, maida and oats together with baking ingredients and sugar for sweetness. The dough is then shaped and deep fried in oil.

14. Oats roti

Oats Roti

Roti or chapati is a famous Indian food. Roti can be made in a variety of methods using different ingredients.

Basic roti recipe is made using atta or wheat flour. Oats roti recipe is made using oats and wheat flour as main ingredients.

This roti is a variation for normal roti and is very healthy.

15. Homemade oats moong dal tikki

Oats Dal Tikki

The word tikki always reminds us of aloo tikki in which cooked and mashed aloo along with some seasonings is shaped into small circles and den shallow fried.

Oats moong dal tikki is a tasty and healthy replacement for aloo tikki. Kids will definitely love this recipe and this recipe can be served as a starter or evening snack.