Best Navratri Recipes Sweet And Snack Recipes For Navratri

Posted By : Myilraj , 06/04/2020

Tasty and Healthy Navratri Recipes - Best Sweet and Snack Recipes for Navratri

Navratri recipes are the festival recipes that are famous among all over India. People prepare these recipes since they do fasting.

This is a special Hindu festival that compass for nine days. People in India celebrate this traditional festival every year.

Actually, people celebrate this festival in different ways. Thus, depending upon the culture, they celebrate this festival.

In general, Navratri recipes are prepared for all the nine days. Therefore, each day holds its separate, unique recipe.

Usually, people make different snack recipes to eat at this festival time. That differs from people to people.

There are plenty of Navratri recipes available. South Indian recipes and north Indian recipes may differ from each other.

South Indian recipes include Pongal, laddu, payasam, sundal and vada, bonds. Besides that, they make different kinds of rice.

North Indian recipes include ghee foods, sweets, here, malpua, banana, honey. Besides that, they make rice kheer.

In addition to that, People make vada Pappu, sweet boondhi, Pongal, Kesari, puliyogare in Andhra for this festival.

All the Navratri recipes are easy to make recipes. Generally, it needs only normal ingredients and preparation methods.

No need for any other special ingredient for these recipes. Since all the recipes are the usual daily routine recipes.

Here, you can find more about Navratri and Navratri recipes. You can try these recipes during Navratri as well as the daily routines.

People Also Ask

What is a special recipe for Navratri? Navratri is a special nine-day festival with different recipes. Usually, you can make the all recipes at home. The special festival needs special recipes. Here are some recipes you can make during this Navratri festival. Some special recipes to make at home easily are sabhudana kichadi, sabhudana kheer, aloo Kashi, atta puri. You can make these fantastic recipes using simple ingredients. Serve this during the fasting time to your people.
What are some quick and healthy Navratri fast recipes?During Navratri, people do fasting for the goddess. Therefore, they need to intake healthy foods at that time. Some quick Navratri recipes are fried potatoes, atta dosa, and fruit raita. You can simply make these quick recipes. Besides that, you can simply eat fruits during the fasting time. This will give you a lot of energy and health benefit. During Navratri fast, one can make healthy recipes like dishes in sprouts, millets. This will help in better fasting.
What do you usually eat for Navratri? First, one can simply make Navratri recipes in easy methods. Recipes will help in all nine days of Navratri. In fact, Navratri recipes are plenty in varieties. You can make your own healthy Navratri recipe simply at home. Tapioca pearls kichadi, potato curry, millet pulao are some usual recipes. These recipes are commonly eaten by people. Other than that, people usually eat sundal, sprouts, fruits, and nuts. Try these all usual Navratri recipes at home.
What are some Navratri prasadham recipes? Navratri prasadham is the special recipe. This is given and eaten by people who celebrate the Navratri festival. South Indian Navratri prasadham includes sundal, variety rice, Pongal, payasam, sprouts, snacks, and laddu. In addition to that, rice puddings, milk sweets, rave laddu, milk drinks, and poli are the other recipes from different places. Try all these Navratri prasadham recipes easily at home. Make your Navratri festival as a special one ever before.
What is to eat during Navratri vrat? Navratri is a special festival where you need to make fasting. Make healthy recipes for this fasting time at home. One can simply make fruit salads and eat raw vegetables, drink milk and juice during this Navratri vrat time. Besides that, you can eat recipes like wheat pakoda, wheat dosa, samai pulao as a healthy diet in Navratri vrat. One can simply make snacks using wheat, samai. These all will help in a healthy and perfect Navratri vrat.

Types of Navratri Recipes

1.Samai Paal Payasam

Samai or little millet is one of the healthy food. You can make any kind of dish using this samai or little millet.

Hence, samai or millet payasam is the most healthy recipe. This recipe is easily made at home with simple ingredients.

Soak well the little millet before making this recipe. Milk and samai are important ingredients for this recipe.

Cashews and badam will give extraordinary taste to this recipe. Give a try to this awesome recipe in Navratri.

2. Samai Kunukku Recipe

Samai kunukku is the crispy and crunchy snack recipe. This is the best healthy recipe to prepare for Navratri.

Little millet presents essential nutritional compounds. Thus, it gives calcium, potassium, vitamins, and minerals.

Soak all the essential ingredients like samai, moong dal, Toor dal, and all other spices. The ball shape will give a classy look and flavor.

You can try this crispy and crunchy recipe for Navratri. Similarly, you can make this recipe for daily routine.

3. Samai Upma

Samai upma is a healthy diet to prepare during the Navratri festival time. This recipe will give the energy source to the body.

Instead of making the normal upma, one can make this awesome samai upma. This is very easy to make a Navratri time recipe.

Soaking the samai rice before cooking will give extraordinary texture. Other ingredients like onion and tomato will give an extra taste.

The regular upma making method is needed for making this. Try this delicious upma recipe at your Navratri time.

4. Varagu Urundai

Varagu urundai is a simple healthy snack recipe. This is an easy recipe to make during the Navratri festival.

In general, this garage urundai is very healthy, rich in nutrients. This recipe is a good choice to eat in Navratri.

Jaggery and all other deals in this recipe will give awesome flavor. Ghee is a special compound to this recipe.

Sweet is always a favorite dish for all age groups. So, make this wonderful recipe in the Navratri festival time.