25 Mouth watering Mutton Recipes Mutton Gravy, Spicy, Yummy

Posted By : Elavarsan , 26/03/2020

Learn how to Cook Spicy Indian Mutton Recipes Varieties From Home

Mutton Recipes are cooked by using soft lamb meat or goat. It is a kind of special Indian recipe spiced with tomatoes, onions.

Mutton is the predominant meat ingredient that gets is a distinctive rank among the meat loversIndia.

As easily available home meat, our Sunday meals are looking forward to this delicate meat for carving.

It is the royal meat taking too much time to cook while getting the exact flavor and typical Indian taste.

Many of us tasted the mutton curries in a variety of styles. Especially, the chefs' masters of making this white meat.

Various dishes of mutton are alluring one. Still taste of meat increase the fascination to eat the tremendous dish.

Goat meat is lower in fat and cholesterol. Hence the nutritional advantage, all are loving the mutton recipes.

Apart from considerable fat, protein, and vitamin B-6 are loading with a simple mutton recipe.

There are plenty of veggies and sweet desserts are placing in a food gala, but mutton is the primary food valued and honored with more love.

Goat meat is low in calories and nearly 4o gram of intake carries all the essential vitamins and offer you fulfilled stage.

Comparing to Chicken and beef, mutton is the only meat to offer a high level of potassium and sodium mineral.

Don't avoid this essential ingredient from your cooking just because of your strict diet. Limiting 100 grams of consumption is an ideal choice.

From the soups to spicy mutton curries are preparing in more than 100 ways. We are the lovers of meat to try all these recipes.

The cooking method of meat is offering different flavors to our recipe. In India, every region has its signature style of mutton cooking.

Try all them and offer your great meat for your hungry palate!

People Also Ask

What are Some of the Best Mutton Recipes in India?The tenderness and juicy features of meat offer an elegant and appetizing outlook to eat them well. From the soft flesh to till hard bones of mutton all provide various tastes and affectionate with our health. Punjab Mutton Keema, Rajasthan Laal mass, Hydrabadi Lal gosht, and Katta meat are the best mutton dishes in India.
What is the Best and Healthy Way to Cook Mutton?Mutton is one of the dishes that get its authentic taste only when it properly cooked. Sometime too much cooking will ruin the recipe. Set a minimal temperature and cooking more than two hours offer the softness to the mutton. it is a European style cooking. Otherwise, using vinegar and cooking with a pressure cooker is the easy way to soften the mutton and mix then with spices.
What is the Best Way to Prepare Mutton Curry?Due to its spongy and elastic structure mutton takes a little bit extra time for its well cooking. In our Indian style cooking we following varieties f ways to cook the mutton meat like steaming, roasting and marinating. As per the desirable structure and flavor, we can choose the dish and easily prepare our favorite meat dish.
What is the Recipe for Mutton Soup?Mutton bones are the primary ingredient using for the mutton soup. It is the calcium-enriched recipe for kids. Turmeric powder, garam masala, Cumin, and salt are the base of the spices adding this mutton bone. Add enough water and boil the soup with the pressure cooker. After deep boiling, the aroma will indicate the soup.
What Are the Best Mutton Preparations in India?There are multiple spicy and mouth-watering recipes are making from the favorite mutton meat. Every region of India cooking their strong native style of the dish with their preferable taste. Mughlai mutton korma, Handi mutton, Dum biryani, Punjabi mutton curry, and liver fry are the famous Indian mutton recipes.

                                                25 Types of Mutton Recipes

1. Mutton Achari Gosht

Gosht Ka Achar

Mutton Achari Gosht is a special dish originated from Awadhi style of cooking in Uttar Pradesh.

The flavor of Achari Gosht follows the tangy flavor with the addition of onion and fennel seed.

It is one of the familiar North-Indian dishes easily merge with Chicken and Paneer too.

Try this pickle flavor recipe at your home. For tangy tasters, it certainly a good treat to taste.

2. Mutton Liver Masala

Mutton Liver Masala

Mutton liver masala is a delicious mouth-water meal recipe for your satisfying Sunday lunch.

It is a famous spicy north-Indian dish that offers enormous spices and offers an authentic taste.

Multiple Chettinad style and Hyderabadi styles also cooking from this spongy, healthy meat.

For the spicy lovers, aromatic cloves and garlic can add the richness of taste to this dish at your home.

3. Mutton Dry Boti Kabab

Boti Kabab

Goat intestine fry is a good starter for your grant non-vegetarian meal. There is too much texture in this cooking.

The richness of antioxidants, minerals like manganese. Otherwise Dietary cholesterol also much in this dish.

Anemia, vitamin B-12 complex and nerve relating issues are treating with this mutton boti.

It is a juicy dish that gets its right consistency when it cooking in very deep fry. Just prepare a dish at your home.

4. Mutton Kaleji Ka Meetha Salan

Mutton Kaleji Ka Meetha Salan

Cooking meat is often considering a tough task and getting the perfect texture is certainly complex work.

For such people, Mutton Kaleji Ka Meetha Salan is a simple homemade recipe that offers a delicious taste of gravy.

It is a spicy colorful gravy, a suitable one for all your special occasions and Sunday lunch.

Try this  spicy Mutton gravy with easily available spices. The authentic flavor will always the best one in your cooking menu.

5. Mutton And Fenugreek Leaves Curry

Methi Mutton

Methi mutton or Mutton And Fenugreek Leaves Curry is a well popular mutton curry in North-India.

For unique and tasty meat recipes fresh fenugreek leaves are added supplementary taste to this recipe.

To get the exact aroma and flavor of fenugreek the leaves are adding at the last phase of cooking.

It is one of the relishing mutton meat suits to rice and chapatis. Try this spicy mutton gravy at your home.

6. Mutton Chugur Leaves

Chugur Ka Mutton

Mutton Chugur is a lip-smacking tangy mutton gravy preparing in the style of traditional Hyderabadi style.

The tender tamarind leaves are directly adding into the gravy. It is a summer special dish in Hyderabad.

People who are seeking new and innovative dishes for their meaty treat then they can try this dish.

Enormous anti-oxidants and minerals are rich in this meat gravy for your kid's well growth meat are a good one.

7. Boti Ka Meetha Salan

Boti Ka Salan

All the aroma defining ingredient and peak of spiciness are offering the delicate treat to your family member.

Mutton boti is a soft and easy meat part to make any number of Dishes. Boti ka Meetha Salan is one of the delicious recipes.

Chilli powder, garlic, ginger, and coriander leaves are the easily available ingredient s to make this delicious dish.

As a signature Hyderabadi meat recipe, multiple hotels and restaurants are adding it as their major menu.

8. Bhindi Gosht Recipe

Bhindi Ghost Recipe

The fresh veggie and soft mutton meat is an ever-loving and less known combination in our Meat cooking.

For the veggies and meat lovers, a delicious combination of ladyfinger and mutton offers the spicy gravy.

It is a pure Hyderabadi recipe well suits to paratha and jeera rice. Try this unique flavor.

The flavor and texture of curries are the memorable combos to make a delicious meat gravy.

9. Mutton Pickle

Mutton Pickle

Pickle is one of the tangy side dish well suitable for curd rice and other variety of veggie rice.

But a mutton pickle is one of the distinctive and sounds strange to many of the housewives and moms.

Mutton pickle is a famous meat side dish recipe preparing from the spicy Hyderabadi style.

Red mutton is a suitable meat category to prepare this dish. Cumin, mustard, and ginger are a common part of this dish.

Similar to the vegetarian pickle it can be saving for money months for its awesome taste. Try this new dish.

10. Hyderabadi Marag

Hyderabadi Marag

Mutton Marg Soup is a spicy mutton soup getting its primary place in the Hyderabad non-vegetarian recipe.

It is not a simple soup but also various nuts, herbs and spices are greatly arranging the dish to the superlative one.

However, soup or semi-gravy all are decorating your delicious meal. Present both textures to your dining.

There are more than 15 ingredients are adding for this traditional mutton soup. Give your try for this soup.

11. Mutton Liver Vepudu

Mutton Liver Fry

Liver fry is one of the ever-loving nutritional balance recipes familiarly called as Veppudu in Andhra style cooking.

Multiple numbers of spices are adding to this traditional Veppudu get the spicy authentic flavor.

The less range of spices and pepper and soft tender of this fry suitable for small kids and toddlers.

Are you bored with routine meat cooking? then try this new mutton liver Veppudu at your home.

12. Rogan mutton or Mutton Gravy

Mutton Gravy

Rogan mutton is the delicious mutton gravy uniquely prepared from various regions and states of India.

Kashmir and Punjab's style of cooking adds extra taste to this taste. Hence it is a staple meat dish for the north-Indians.

Simple meal ingredients and adding curd will offer a unique flavor to this dish. The plain spices and veggies are the south-Indian dish.

To clarify, Try all these combinations and offer a grant mutton gravy as an energy treat to your family members.

13. Khashi Kosa

Mutton Kasha

Mutton Kosha is a popular Bengali dish offer with a wide variety of species and the low process of cooking offers a great taste.

The melting mutton and array of spices combo are made a traditional flavor for this worthy Bengal dish.

Besides all the ingredients, steaming and maintaining the optimal heat until the last is a crucial process for your cooking.

Moreover, It is an eye-catching deep red gravy perfectly blend to rice and hot parathas. Make your Mutton kosha today.

14. Goat Head Curry

Goat Head Curry

Every part of mutton offers a grant feast to your tasty Sunday. Goat head curry is one of the tasty dishes in your mutton favorite.

The muttonhead is a grant south-Indian recipe prepared from typical Chettinad style and finger-licking spicy style.

The soft and tender part of the brain adds the melting and soft structure to the whole dish with multiple herbs and spices.

Due to its taste and ever-loving non-veg gravy all people can taste this recipe without consideration of fat and diet.

15. Gosht Biryani

Gosht Biryani

Kachche gosht is a top-notch Hyderabadi Biryani available in all hostels and restaurants in this busy city.

For authentic biryani recipe, Hyderabadi biryani is a pinnacle to all. The spicy fragrant recipe offers an exotic taste.

Nutrient balance and low-calorie contamination yet all people can eat this recipe utmost to full.

Spoonfullof ghee and lemon are offering the tanginess and Stealing the food under flame offers sweet aroma for this dish.

16. Spicy Mutton Curry

Spicy Mutton Curry

Bhukara black pepper mutton curry is a very mouth-watering dish or your Sunday feast

As an authentic pepper gravy bones and mutton meats are together used to offer the rich taste.

Not only the various spices but also the dry fruit of plums are adding to this dish to get a unique taste.

The colorful semi-gravy recipe is the serving of the meal. Try this pepper mutton gravy for your delicious meal.

17. Mutton Curry With Coconut Milk

Mutton Curry Coconut Milk Gravy

The soft tender mutton cooking with the coconut milk and aroma spices are the signature Kerala treat for your Sunday.

Similarly, The perfect blend of meat and melting gravy with the sweetness of healthy coconut milk add pretty to this dish.

Though it is a rich mutton gravy we offer the simple and easy step for this fast making mutton recipe.

People who are waiting for the perfect mutton gravy must be the special and good food for your tasty dinner.

18. Bihari Mutton

Bihari Mutton

Alluring and lip-smacking north-Indians are plenty but zesty and easy mutton preparation is a considerable task.

Making an innovative touch in every recipe is a complex work for housewives. For them, Bihari mutton is a good choice.

Mutton is the perfect stomach-filling ingredient for our grant Sunday lunch. Try this ever-loving dish.

Although, Bihari mutton gravy is a Bangladeshi dish many of your guests not taste this before offer this exotic meal to all.

19. Mutton Potato Curry

Mutton Potato curry

Mutton Potato curry is one of the famous classic foods originates from Pakistani and North-Indian Cuisine.

While cooking the meat, balancing the spices, aroma, color, and taste are the most complex phase.

Meanwhile, Mutton potato curry is the wonderful recipe and everyone loved to taste this recipe.

To offer the brand new dish for your family then present this mutton for your kids surely they will love it.

20. Mutton Paya

Mutton Paya

Mutton Paya is one of the famous North-Indian breakfast dishes Idiyappam, appam, and dosas are the main courses serve with this dish.

Chettinad styles are major South-Indian cooking styles for this delicious Mutton Paya. It is an effective homemade medicine for leg pains.

Mutton Paya Soup is a famous stew made from lamb's leg. it is a super feast for the appetite foodie.

Are you planning for granting a Sunday meal? then add this soup into your Sunday meal. All will love this.

21. Butter Mutton Soup

Butter Mutton Soup

For easy and delicious mutton recipe differ from the routine soup, Then give your chance for this butter mutton soup.

Moreover, every region of India, adopted with new culinary style and colorful different flavors.

Try all these new recipes that will make you a superb chef in your home kitchen. Just give your try

And grinding paste of spices is the effective medicine for seasonal cold. Present this new dish to your kids.

22. Mutton Chilli Deep Fry

Mutton Chilly Fry

For delicious meal side dish mutton chili deep fry is the superb choice for your hungry stomach.

Flavourful spicy aroma, rich eye-catching color, and tiny red pieces will surely tempt you to eat.

Comparing to multiple vegetarian dishes non-veg making is too simple and easy to prepare at your home.

Similarly, This delicious side dish serving and fantastically mingle to sambar and full meal taste this spicy side meal.

23. Boneless Mutton Gosht In Chettinad Style

Boneless Mutton Recipe

Mutton is a superb-pack healthy meat preferable one for all age groups. Various cooking styles are added beauty to this dish.

Full of freshly roasted spices and meat is an ever-loving combination to get the authentic taste of a non-vegetarian recipe.

And Chettinad style is a traditional Tamil Nadu style of meat cooking following decades. Try your mutton recipe with this style.

For healthy goat meat recipe (mutton recipes) with instant preparation boneless mutton ghost is a primary choice for your cooking.

24. Home Made Kadai Gosht

Mutton Kadai

Deep fry mutton meat with the conventional Mughal style is one of the lip-smacking dishes and a common menu in North-India.

Mutton Kadai is a delicious spicy recipe cooking with various versions. Here you could find the best Mughlai version.

Moreover, Fully cooked meat with the aroma spices and perfectly gets its texture until it turns in the color of brown.

Try this type of mutton recipes at your come. Dry and semi gravies are perfectly matching for rice and chapati main courses.

25. Ginger Pepper Mutton Roast

Mutton Roast

The good pungency of Indian spices and their sweet aromas are creating an elegant outlook to the meat feast.

Ginger and pepper are the major spikes of ingredients carrying multiple health benefits. So, mutton roast to be your favorite one.

Mutton pepper roast with the combination of garam masala is an extraordinary combination for spicy food lovers.

Moreover, It is the traditional Kerala style cooking comes with the ready to eat texture. Try this meat at your home for mutton recipes.