28+ Best Mushroom Recipes Under 10 20mins Cooking Time

Posted By : Elavarsan , 25/03/2020

Find the healthy, delicious Mushroom Recipes that can be cooked from your home

Mushroom Recipes - Mushrooms are considered as nature's reward to humans with its extra-ordinary nutritious value.

Mushroom finds all over the world and holds a special place in various food culture and world-class dishes are made from these food fungi.

As a long celebrated superfood, multi-cultures are valuing the mushroom and an array of dishes are found in all corners of the world.

Once Romans considers the remarkable gift from God and they served them only for the festive occasion.

There are thousands of mushrooms are available but few of the varieties only recommending for the edible purpose.

Though it can be few in numbers the potential benefits are more than equal to veggies and meat food

As an exclusive food substance, mushroom offers several delicate dishes as equal to the meat and veggies.

Eye-catching flavorful mushrooms are the natural resources that come with various favorable nutrients.

Fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants all are a good source of nutrients storing in this food fungus.

Free from Cholesterol and fat taking this ingredient on a regular basis provides a beneficial outcome to all.

To maintain optimal weight management and boost the immune system, a mushroom is the ultimate recommending choice of food.

According to doctors, Mushrooms are the medicinal food suppresses the growth of cancer cells in post-stage.

Controlling the blood sugar level, Mushroom is the superlative ingredient particularly aids to control type-2 diabetes.

Food and health are close to binding phenomena. Eat what the dish you love and hold the love ever!

Our Mushroom Recipes

  1. 4 Mushroom Gravy Recipes
  2. 15 Mushroom Semi Dry or Dry Recipes
  3. 4 Mushroom Snacks Recipes
  4. 6 Mushroom Recipes With Rice

People Also Ask

What is your Favorite Mushroom Recipe?There is no compromise in the food category. Every food is good when it comes to the nutrient package. Comparing to other food ingredient mushroom is the fabulous one easily offer delicious dishes with both meat and veggie combination. So, making veggie and non-vegetarian dishes are easy from typical Indian dishes to continental dishes. To find your best Enqyer digital marketing recipe portal listing with various choices of mushroom dishes try your best.
What is the Best Recipe for Making Fry Mushrooms?Multiple varieties of mushrooms fries in the globe getting their supreme places in the art of cooking. Especially in India, Mushroom chili fry is a popular dish. As the same, this dish very unique with pepper usage. Mushroom pepper fry is the ever-loving dish in South-India. Do you know such innovative recipes? Then share your tasty recipes with our Enqyer portal and introduce your renowned dish to this world.
How Can We Cook Mushrooms?Sometimes, raw Mushrooms are indigestible one by having the tough cell walls. So, proper cooking is necessary. The cooking of Mushroom differs from the cooking style and expecting a desirable dish outcome. Continental dishes are deeply sauteing with olive oils. Hence such cooking requires 5-8 minutes. Otherwise our usual ordinary cooking wit the hot water merely takes 4 to 5 minutes of deep boiling.
What are the best Mushroom recipes for Chapathi?Spicy eye-catching Indian mushroom curry is the ever best combination for your chapathi dinner. Kadai mushroom is the signature Indian mushroom dish using to satisfy your hungry belly. It is the smooth and rich gravy that offers the elegant restaurant-style of cooking for mushroom lovers. The flavor-packed dish with the cottage ghee or paneer adds the typical Indian flavor to this dish.
What is the Best Type of Dish made from Mushrooms?Mushroom biryani, mushroom Manchurian, mushroom Kadai, mushroom soup are the appetizing dishes in India. With its nutrient package, all over the world recommend this mushroom to add their daily diet. Fries, pulao, biryanis, dry fries, sandwiches, puffs are the collection of major dishes decorating our food menu. From the full meal breakfast to simple snack item all are made from this power-packed mushroom.

4 Mushroom Gravy Recipes

1. Mushroom Shorba

Mushroom shorba

Mushroom Shorba is a fairly thick consistency recipe that comes along with various veggie collections of cauliflower, capsicum and so on.

To decorate your meal with soups and stews, then the Indian style mushroom Shorba is the better choice.

As an ideal combination for your Naan and roti's Shorba is the juicy and mouth-watering choice for all.

Shorba is using to differentiate the dish from veggies and meat and a very popular one in Middle east India.

2. Mushroom Coconut Curry

Mushroom coconut curry

Mushroom curry with the combination of coconut milk cooking is the tastier one from the kids to all.

The flavor of cashews and coconut are dominating the dish and totally distinguish this dish from other mushroom gravies.

Chopped mushrooms easily merge with the nuts and coconut offers the traditional cooking flavor of Kerala.

Without any consideration, chapathi, bread, rice all are accepting this colorful gravy as an ideal course your dish.

3. Mushroom Baby Corn Masala

Mushroom baby corn masala

The fancy texture of Mushroom and baby corn masala together present the juicy and relish dish to your dinner.

Using mint leaves are offer a fine flavor with the green out shade. As a gravy coconut using to add the richness of taste.

It is quick to make recipe gives the tenderness of taste from baby corn and te spongy ingredient of mushroom.

For the mushroom lover, the fresh creamy mint topping taste certainly offers the delicacy at your lunch.

4. Kadai Mushroom Masala

Mushroom masala gravy

Are you looking for a spicy new innovative dish? then try this Kadai Mushroom Masala for your special occasion.

Garlic, chili, capsicum, and tomato are the major ingredient enough to start your Kadai mushroom cooking.

Very hot and spicy dish of Kadai mushroom masala decorates our plate with only capsicum and red chilies.

It is a famous must-try dish of Indian restaurants. Just offer the restaurant taste to your family members.

15 Mushroom Semi Dry or Dry Recipes

1. Mushroom Thoran

Mushroom thoran

Mushroom Thoran is a very special recipe in the land of Kerala that comes with a stir fry style of cooking.

Red chilies, coconut tidbits, onion, ginger, garlic, and flavourful spices are added to these mushroom recipes.

As a side dish Mushroom Thoran well suitable one for your rice. Cooking time 0f Thoran is just 20 minutes.

Now making your innovative cooking with energy filling mushroom is ready with Mushroom Thoran.

2. Mushroom fry recipe

Mushroom fry recipe

For mushroom fry lovers, spicy soya fry mushroom is the wonderful starter found in all restaurants.

The perfect consistency of garlic, ginger, soya sauce, and spicy flavor offer the superb taste to your mushroom fry.

Using olive oil is totally free from bad cholesterol. Taking this potential dish is a good one for your diet.

Deep red and lip-smacking spicy flavor adds goodness to this fry dish. Try this starter at your home.

3. Gobi Mushroom Masala

Gobi mushroom masala

Tomato onion base of ingredient getting its spicy masala offer tempering taste from the garam masala usage.

Gobi mushroom masala is the relish Indian dish garnish your dinner with parathas, rotis, and dosas.

As an experimental food, it is more equal to the benchmark dishes of Palak paneer and other butter masala dishes.

Trying to offer different dishes to your family members then the Gobi mushroom masala is a wise choice.

4. Mushroom masala

Mushroom masala

Mushroom masala is famous Mughlai gravy made from the mushrooms. We can use a button mushroom to get the authentic taste.

Adding spices, nuts, and saffrons into the mushroom offering the creamy texture to this traditional dish.

Mughlai curries are not only giving their ultimate importance to biryanis and meat gravies but also to these veggies also.

As a grant spicy gravy, Mushroom Pasandas are serving in the season of festivals. try this festive dish at your home!

5. Mushroom capsicum recipe

Mushroom capsicum recipe

A meatless meal is a boring one for your Sunday lunch. Then Mushroom capsicum recipe is the best option.

It is the fabulous Chinese vegetarian recipe is combining with multiple veggies like eggplant, beans, and carrot.

As a fusion combination, Indian spices with Chinese cooking provide a different and elegant outlook to this dish.

Are you ready for the continental style? try this Shanghai Style Mushroom for your family dinner.

6. Chicken Mushroom Risotto With Boiled Vegetables

Chicken Mushroom Recipe

Chicken Mushroom Risotto with an array of vegetables is the notable Italian cuisine in restaurants.

As a lavish restaurant-style, the combination of wine and rich creams are available one in this dish.

To enjoy the taste with its authentic style simple and easy getting recipes are decorating this Italian cuisine.

As a continental food, it can serve with the rice as well as chapatis for the well-suitable Indian lunches and dinners.

7. Dahi Mushroom Masala

Dahi mushroom masala

Dahi mushroom masala is the cardinal Mughlai style dish made from the mushroom and curd marination style.

To offer the charming white color and reduce too much spicy flavor Dahi mushroom is the master dish.

To get the South-Indian taste, Curry leaves and asafoetida adding to get this regular North-Indian dish.

Low-fat curd and healthy Mushrooms are the better gravy for you Bread, chapatis and naan recipes.

8. Crispy Mushroom fry

Crispy mushroom fry

Mushroom marinating with the capsicum, onion, and coriander are offering the elegant style of Chinese dish.

Both Turkey and Chinese styles are offering a unique and tasty flavor to this Congee mushroom recipe.

To get the crispy flavor of mushroom, sweet potatoes and other spices can add as per your cooking style

Though mixed vegetables and Indian spices are offered the dryness to this gravy. Try this for your yummy breakfast.

9. Mushroom Vindaloo

Mushroom vindaloo

Awaiting the grant combination of spicy veggies then here is your dish Mushroom Vindaloo for your choice.

A spiky hot dish of Vindaloo is a signature Portuguese introduced to the coastal region of Goa.

Adding Indian spices to this dish offers the authentic flavor of goa style and spicy lovers never miss this recipe.

Using of Apple juice offer the uniform consistency to this Mushroom Vindaloo. Just give your try!

10. Mushroom Dhingri Dolma

Dhingri mushroom

An Awadhi style of cooking never forgets the semi-dry recipe Mushroom Dhingri Dolma.

As a scrumptious side dish, mushroom and paneer are the major ingredients added to this dish.

The slightly sweet taste of the gravy from Indian spices perfectly matches the parathas, naans, and rotis.

It is the royal dish of Lucknow still stealing the heart for its creamy colorful texture. Give your best try.

11. Chilli mushroom

Chilli mushroom

Very tasty and delicious. chilli mushroom is very good for health. we can prepare in our home in simple steps so let us enjoy the taste

12. Garlic mushroom recipe

Garlic mushroom recipe

Very tasty and spicy and healthy garlic mushroom can be prepared very simply in our home, garlic and mushroom both are very good for heatlh.

13. Kadai mushroom

Kadai mushroom

Kadai mushroom recipe is the tasty dish and it is very easy to make in the home with simple steps and with simple ingredients.

It can be made by the bachelors and enjoy the ingredients we use in the kadai mushrooms dish is easily available near the home.

14. Methi mushroom recipe

Methi mushroom recipe

Methi mushroom recipe is the tasty dish which is easy to make in the home with simple steps and with simple ingredients.

It can be eaten by every religion people and it is liked by every age people.

15. Mushroom gravy

Mushroom gravy

Mushroom gravy or mangalorean mushroom ghee roast is titled or named by mangalorean style, It is a ghee roast containing rich taste and delicious manner.

All group age people love these curry ot gravy type. Households can prepare these easy and quick manner.

4 Mushroom Snacks Recipes

1. Mushroom Pakodas

Mushroom pakodas

Mushroom dipping with the cornflour and gram flour is the easy way to make your crispy mushroom pakodas.

Usually, our evening snack Pakkodas are made from potato stuff, as an easy cooking mushroom using for this recipe.

With the excellent energy source of potassium mushroom, pakodas are suitable ones from kids to elderly people.

The spicy flavor of the snack is ever-loving street food and the using butter dip adds the crispy texture to your pakodas.

2. Paneer Mushroom Methi Malai Tikkas

Mushroom tikka

Malai Paneer Tikka is the famous North-Indian starter often found in five-star hotels and restaurants.

Chicken and Tikka masalas are routine and may come with the obstacle to your strict diet.

For them, we recommend the tasty mushroom Tikka with enriching masalas as a feast to your taste palates.

It is the restaurant-style mushroom Tikka now available at your home kitchen. Try this snack today!

3. Creamy mushroom pasta

Creamy mushroom pasta

Creamy mushroom pasta is indo Chinese restaurant style breakfast as well dinner time recipe.

the tasty and creamy mushroom pasta is rich and delicious where we have added butter and cheese for creamy texture. It is good to have with any sauce or chutney recipes.

4. Mushroom tacos

Mushroom tacos

This is a vegetarian roll which is a Mexican style food.

The filling is prepared using common Mexican vegetables like sweet corn, mushroom, onion, capsicum, chili and black pepper to make it hot and it is the topped with a layer of plain Mayonnaise.

6 Mushroom Recipes With Rice

1. Mushroom Spaghetti Recipe

Mushroom spaghetti recipe

As a universal ingredient, mushroom and Spaghetti are the twins to offer the delicious dishes to our dinner.

For the creamy and soft food lovers, mushroom Spaghetti Recipe is a wise choice. All can try this.

The meatless dinners are sometimes unavoidable ones. Such times Mushroom spaghetti is a wonderful choice.

Easily available ingredients are making your international treat to your home. Try and serve it to your family.

2. Mushroom Fried Rice

Mushroom fried rice

Whatever the gravy, soup, and sauce are made from mushroom, fried rice is one of the loving dishes.

The stir fry cooking mushroom fried rice is the common cooking style found in the food culture of China.

The fast and easy cooking procedure of fried rice offers healthy vitamins and nutrients to your dish.

Now India is more familiar with this fried recipe, to preserve your royalty in cooking try your own style.

3. Mushroom Biryani

Mushroom biryani

For a grant meal, all are expecting the biryani. For biryani lovers, we offer this authenticate mushroom biryani.

Whether it is a Chettinad style and royal Mughal style mushroom is the best one for your veggies biryani.

A sprinkling of spices with the right ratio and adding the mint of coriander leaves all offer the aroma balance to your dish.

Whether it is a school lunch or routine office lunch biryani will disappear well soon!

4. Mushroom rice

Mushroom rice

Very tasty and healthy mushroom fried rice can be prepared very easily in our home with out any difficulty let us know the process.

5. Mushroom pulao

Mushroom pulao

Very tasty and delicious mushroom pulao can be prepared very simply in our home it is very easy to prepare and best recipe in the pulav items.

6. Chettinad mushroom biryani

Chettinad mushroom biryani

Mushroom biryani is most famous veg biryani and it is also famous chettinad cuisine, All group age people like these yummy and tasty veg mushroom biryani, It can prepared with in few minutes and every households can prepare these at home.