4 Tasty Momos Recipes Easy Way Of Making Momos Recipes

Posted By : Myilraj , 31/03/2020

Tasty Momos Recipes - Spicy Dumplings Recipe, Boiled/Fried Versions of Momos

Momos recipes are the traditional food of Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Northeast regions and Darjeeling regions of India.

This is a dumpling recipe, popular among south Asia regions and now all over the world.

For easy preparation, Momos are recipes made up of bread, flour or potatoes.

This exotic snack item filling with meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, fruits, sweets,etc.,

Baking soda gives a more doughy texture to this food and offers the perfect manner of puffiness.

Momos can be steamed additionally it can be fried. These can be served in two ways. One is Kotey momo and another one is C-momo.

Kothey momo is a fried momo (half fried and half steamed momo) and C-momo is a steamed momo.

Momos are available in full round shape as well as half-moon shape. Twisting and dumpling is an important matter while dealing with momos.

The richness of spices and healthy ingredients makes it useful for all age group people especially kids.

It can be filled with healthy ingredients like vegetables, different types of meats, cheese, and milk solids.

Vegetarian foods can help in increasing lifespan, give healthy skin, high fibers, improvements in metabolism.

Momos are now prepared in bulk amount and supplied to all the street food stores especially in Delhi.

Here you can find more about momos recipes, how to make prepare and what types it can be prepared.

People Also Ask

Is Momo Good for Health?When it comes to dumpling food, we all have a question: whether it is good for our health? Firstly, not all the foods contain a whole amount of health benefits however you can make them healthy food. By decreasing the number of calories and using the wheat flour to make its outer dough will reflect in health benefits. We should prefer to eat the momos when they are steamed and not too deeply fried related to health. Then it can be the most healthy food. Particularly veg momos are healthier than the non-veg momos.
How Momos Can Be Made?Main steps that include making the outer covers, inner veg pieces of stuff to give the rich texture to this recipe. Then finally shaping and steaming them produce momos. Some people prefer to fry the momos instead of steaming. Mixing up the flour with water and oil is used to make the momo’s outer dough. Then choose the vegetables by your choice for making the inner stuff for the momo. Chop all the vegetables you have chosen and keep that ready. Add the onions and chopped vegetables in a pan and stir fry the vegetables in a lower to medium flame. Add spring onions, salt, and sauce as required. Cut the dough into small pieces and put the stuff inside the dough. Shape the momos. Finally, steam or fry them the way you want.
How Long to Steam or Boil Momos?Boil the water in large steam. Lightly oil the steamer surface before putting momos onto it. That will make the momo by sticking onto the metal. Preparing the momos with no sticky manner gives the best results in taste. Add the momos and steam them for 10 minutes when the water is boiling. You will get a perfect momo, serve with hot sauce.
How Long to Fry the Momos?Heat enough oil in a pan. Put the dumplings one by one on it and deep fry them for 5 to 6 minutes. Make them as golden brown. The time mentioned here is for frying momos at one time. Prepare sauce or chutney for this. This will make the momo more delicious. The tasty fried momos are ready to serve. You can use this as starters for parties.

4 Types of Momos Recipes

Here you can find the most popular momos recipes for evening dinners, parties and as per your needs.

1. Darjiling Momo

Darjiling Momo

Darjeeling Momo is the familiar food in Northeast India. It is a steamed pastry with vegetable stuff or minced chicken.

This can be a veg momo or chicken momo. It contains finely chopped carrots, cabbages with black peppers.

The addition of Ajinomoto gives delicious stuff dumplings. This provides a lot of health benefits. This steamed stuff is distinct in flavor.

Serve this delicious and tasty Darjiling momo with hot sauce.

2. Momo With A Schezwan Cheesy Filling

Chicken Momos Recipe

This is a very nutritious recipe prepares with the cooking methodology of steaming the momos. This can be a good treat to people who loves cheese.

It contains minced cheesy chicken fillings, fried onions, red chili flakes, black pepper and mainly garlic powder.

All the ingredients are healthy in their special nutrient. It is round or half-moon shape and steamed well.

The Schezwan Cheesy Filling momo is ready to serve with red chili flakes and sauce.

3. Chicken Steamed Momos

Steamed Chicken Momos

This recipe is very popular in the Northeast and as well in Tibet. This is a famous street food among youngsters these days.

Onion and all the other spices are mixing with this boneless chicken. The addition of soya sauce gives a special taste to everyone.

Boneless chicken in the steamed stuff is very healthy and provides protein. Steamed chicken momo can be a good option for events.

Serve the fresh chicken steamed momos with your choice of sauce.

4. Veg Momos

veg momos

This is the most famous and favorite recipe for kids today. This is the perfect snack.

Veggies are the best option to get nutrients and that helps you to maintain your body healthier.

Veg momo is a mixture of healthy vegetables like carrot, cabbage, and onion. Steamed with flour in a required shape of your choice

This is the best option for kids who don’t eat veggies. Veg momos can give fiber and potassium, the important nutrients.