8 Healthy Millet Recipes Best Ways To Cook Millets In Tasty Method

Posted By : Elavarsan , 31/03/2020

Tasty and Healthy Recipes With Millets - Including Millets in Healthy Diets

Millet is a category of highly fluctuating small-seeded grass. This is a cereal crop or grain extensively grown around the globe.

Asia and Africa love to produce the millets in a large amount. Because dry and high temperatures will not violate the growth of them.

Almost the earliest parts of the world contain millets. The important crop production of India and Africa is a Pearl millet.

Besides that, finger millet, proso millet, little millet, pearl millet and foxtail millet are some of the popular millets worldwide.

Millet is a good source of rich nutrients, provides high fiber and controls blood sugar, cholesterol levels while comparing to rice or wheat.

This is highly recommended as a regular diet for people who are conscious about their health. Millets are easily digesting crops.

There are dozens of millet recipes all over the world. That depends upon the methodologies and preparations to prepare that.

Millet recipes are the best option to intake during breakfast times. They will undoubtedly provide enormous health benefits.

The millet upma, millet dosa and millet salad are the perfect millet diets. These recipes provide rich health benefits and good to all age groups.

Ragi koozh, ragi dosa and kambankoozh are the most famous and healthy dishes of south India especially Tamilnadu.

Here, you can find more about the benefits of millets, how to cook millets healthily and what are all the easy to make millet recipes at home.

People Also Ask

What are some good millet recipes? Millets are the best way to start and brighten your day. If you intake millets as breakfast you will get enormous health benefits. You can use fresh veggies like carrot, cauliflower, tomato and fruits like banana, mango for making healthy millet recipes. In addition to that, you can prepare famous dishes like Pongal, dosa, pulao, idly, sambar rice, idiyappam and also paniyaram using millets. Millet can be a healthy snack to give for children if you prepare it in the right way. Try this wonderful recipe and make your people healthier.
What are some of the traditional recipes with millets? Millet recipe holds a special place in Indian tradition especially, south Indian tradition. Plenty varieties are available in millet recipes. Moreover, all the people in south India traditionally intakes the millet recipes regularly to get rich nutrients and energy sources. Ragi koozh, adai, paniyaram, uthappam, idly, Pongal, puttu, murukku are some traditional millet food recipes of Tamilnadu. Therefore, millet is the most healthy diet food to intake in various ways. Try the all millet recipes to make your surrounding healthful.
What are the best simple recipes that use millet? Millet is incredible, easy to make a recipe with large health benefits. People love millet if you cook that in a unique and tasty way. In fact, preparing a millet recipe is an effective way to make every people in your household become a healthy and energized person. You can try millet salad, millet dosa, millet idly, and millet paniyaaram for breakfast. Then you can try millet murukku, pakoda, chips for snacks. Simply, you can make any millet soups for morning and evening time. This will bring the energy source to the body.
What are some awesome recipes utilizing millets? Firstly, millets are the best way to get all the nutrients. Therefore, uniquely preparing millet recipes will help us to gain all good sources. In general, some of the recipes use millets to make a perfect millet dish. Various methods and preparations are used in this. For example, you can prepare simple millet recipes like lemon millet rice instead of normal lemon rice. This will help to gain nutrients. Similarly, millet Pongal, millet upma, millet dosa, and millet idli recipes are some examples to utilize millets in awesome ways.
How does one cook the perfect millet? Cooking the millet recipe in a perfect way will help to gain energy sources. Soaking plays a major role in cooking the millets. Wash the millets well and soak them for hours. This will make the millet to become softer in texture and flavorful in taste. In addition to that,m toasting the millets before cooking also plays a vital role. Finely roast and cook the millets for getting a perfect taste. To sum up, clearly wash the millet and perfectly soak them. This will help the millets to get perfect texture while cooking it.

8 Types Of Millet Recipes

1.Millet Burfi

millet burfi

Burfi is always an ultimate favorite and famous recipe for all age groups. Preparing burfi in a healthy way is to use millets for them.

This recipe has a huge fan base for its taste and flavor. Nut burfi and coconut burfi are some famous burfi recipes of south India.

Especially this millet burfi gives a lot of health benefits to getting energy, vitamins, and proteins. This is very easy to make millet recipe.

Millets in this recipe will give awesome, crunchy flavor in each and every bite. Give a try to this delicious recipe and amaze your children.

2.Millet Halwa

millet halwa

Halwa is a sweet dish recipe that holds a huge fan base equal to burfi. You can see a large number of halwa lovers worldwide.

Millet halwa recipe is the right way to get nutrients. This recipe provides not only a good taste but also a health benefit.

Preparing this millet halwa recipe takes less time to prepare. You can use simple ingredients for making this awesome recipe.

Fully ground millets give extraordinary taste to this millet halwa recipe. Give a try to this delicious recipe and serve as a snack.

3. Thinai Puttu

thinai puttu

Puttu is a famous and favorite recipe of the state Kerala. This recipe is served with kadala curry which is a chana gravy in Kerala.

Thinai puttu or millet puttu uses a perfect millet for getting rich health benefits. Therefore, eating this as breakfast will bright up your day.

In general, well-soaked thinai or millet is used for this recipe to make this awesome recipe. Coconut flavor gives an extra special taste.

Try this awesome flavorful thinai puttu recipe simply at home. Serve this with the same chana gravy or any other gravy of your wish.

4.Millet Porridge Recipe

millet porridge

Millet porridge recipe is a good treat during summer times. This recipe is a damn good option for all age groups to get energy.

Kambu, cholam and curd on this recipe will give extraordinary health benefits. Therefore, drink this recipe as a breakfast dish.

Millet porridge in hot summer will help to prevent all the health issues. This is a very easy recipe to prepare at home with simple ingredients.

To sum up, millet porridge recipes provide nutrient benefits and awesome flavor. You can try and serve this to your people with onions and pickles.

5.Thinai Payasam

Thinai payasam

Thinai payasam is a traditional as well as tasty sweet millet recipe. Obviously, this is a healthy recipe.

Firstly, roast the ragi or finger millet and oats by using pure ghee. Thus, both will give rich health benefits beyond our imagination.

The sweetness taste from jaggery gives the extraordinary taste to this millet payasam recipe. Along with that cashews and dry fruits will give a special taste.

Try this sweet and flavorsome thinai payasam easily at home. Serve this on special occasions instead of doing the same payasam dishes.

6. Samai Thinai Payasam

Samai is a healthy millet which provides all the good energy components. This is not only good for children but also good for old age people too.

First and foremost, soaking takes a major part while making this recipe. Soak well the samai millet before cooking that on the pan.

Add all the usual ingredients of payasam along with the samai millet. This recipe will be a good option to give kids healthy food in the form of sweets.

You can easily prepare this recipe using simple ingredients available at home. Serve this with cashews, nuts for extra flavors.

7. Ragi Mudde

Ragi mudde or ragi kali is the healthiest dish among worldwide. There is no other dish that will compete with this traditional dish.

This recipe is good for all age groups and you can easily prepare this at home. Besides that, this is a very nutritious recipe.

Additionally, this ragi mudde recipe gives whole grains and proteins. So, eating this as breakfast instead of fast food will be very healthy.

To conclude, ragi mudde or ragi ball is a nutritious recipe with all health benefits. Try and serve this recipe with chilies and onions.

8. Samai Upma

Upma is an ultimate famous dish among all over the world. Every household prepares this upma as breakfast in the daily routine.

Prepare samai upma to make your boring usual upma recipe as a healthy and tasty one. Samai millet plays a major role in this recipe.

Wash well the samai millet and then soak it well for hours. This will give the softer and tasty texture to this samai upma recipe.

Finally, try this awesome samai upma recipe as a breakfast or dinner. This will help you to overcome from your regular boring upma recipe.