Best 15+ Milkshake Recipes To Prepare Mouth Watering Drinks

Posted By : Myilraj , 30/03/2020

Find the Easy to Prepare Milkshake Recipes From Your Home and Serve a Healthy Drink

We are about to get into the summer season, find a variety of delicious milkshake recipes to prepare from home.

The white creamy and cooling milkshake is the perfect calcium supplementary for our dry hot summer season.

Milk is the common food and frequent ingredient for our human beings, It is the pure food common for all.

After water, Milk is the necessitate drink and humans are mostly using this drink rather than cows and calves.

Not only the milkshakes, icecreams, butter, ghee all these essential ingredients are preparing from milk.

Cheese varieties are the base for the western cooking recipe. Hence the white cheese prepares only from fresh milk.

However, all these food ingredients are may contain fat and cholesterol filling nutrients. Then how to prepare dishes?

Apart from fat conscious milkshakes are the finest choice without any more fat content along with nuts and fruits.

Comparing to the solid dishes milkshakes are the fast and easy digestive ingredients all kids to all fall for this.

More than butter and cheese milkshakes are perfectly merging with the dry nuts, fresh fruits, and sugar.

For your kid's wellness milkshakes are the finest choice that comes with enough calcium, minerals, and vitamins

Now a day multiple milkshake recipes come with the blend of artificial additives and color powders.

Preparing the natural and healthy milkshakes are the best option to relish the summer quench of your kids.

Fresh and delicious shake without any artificial ingredient is the less attempt for the housewives and chefs.

Multiple easily available fruits are enough to prepare healthy and tasty fresh milkshakes.

People Also Ask

What Are Some Good Milkshake Recipes? Fresh milk with the delicious thick ice cream is the best combination using for homemade milkshakes. Addition of sugar or else the fresh fruits and vegetables are the wonderful choice for your milkshake. However, try to reduce the too much sugar usage in milkshake while it serving for the elderly people. Adding the dry fruits and nuts are the perfect ingredients for the fresh and cool milkshake recipes. Try mango, banana and vanilla milkshakes with the abundant addition of fresh fruits and dry nuts.
How to Make Milkshakes at Home? For the wellness of your health preparing the rich and tasty milkshakes at home is a perfect choice. Just grind the fruits and adding the ice creams, other nuts and grind them until getting the juicy flavor. Almonds are the best of choice but they need to soak before thirty-six hours of our milkshake preparation. Kindly remember these kinds of simple notes to prepare the authentic taste of milkshakes directly from home.
What Makes a Good Milkshake? For the supreme taste of the fresh milkshake, thick milk and fresh fruits are the main ingredients to get a rich flavor. Oreo, chocolate, strawberry, mango, and banana are usually adding food ingredients in this milkshake preparation. An equal balance of sugar, milk, and fruits is making the perfect texture to this shake recipe. So, try these flavorful milkshakes in your own home kitchen. All will love this flavorful shakes.
What is the Best Chocolate Milkshake Recipe? Dark chocolates and milk chocolates with the bar pieces are the primary ingredients using for this chocolate shake recipe. Hence, dark chocolates are the anti-oxidant filling nutrients boosting the growth of our kids and toddlers. Moreover, kids are very fond of these chocolate bars. So, try this easy preparation shake at your home. Just grind or melt the chocolates, these are offering the effective color to this flavorful shake. Then add other ingredients.
How to Make Tasty and Thick Milkshakes? Adding the smooth ice creams, chocolates, nuts are producing the effective taste for your milkshake recipe. Setting the creamy structure whether it is a fruit shake or ice cream shake is the first step of shake preparation. The selection of pure milk with rich ice cream is the ever-loving combination for the thick milkshake recipe. Try to use tasty and protein enrich nuts in soak conditions easily merge with the taste and produce authentic flavor.

15+ Types of Milkshake Recipes

1. Banana Milkshake

banana milkshake

Mere milk consumption with the simple addition of sugar is the boring ingredients for the children.

Then how to make the tasty and healthy milkshake for our summer? Try this banana milkshake as your best of choice.

To offering the natural aroma adding cardamom, vanilla ice creams help a lot. Try this simple recipe.

Adding Horlicks is the unique flavor and it is the lip-smacking milkshake for the toddlers and kids.

2. Malai Kulfi

malai kulfi

Kulfi is an ever-loving cooling recipe for the kids and all. The preparation of the kulfi is now in your kitchen.

It is the form of ice cream offering the delight and cooling taste while we enjoy this kulfi’s taste.

Malai Kulfi is the famous and ever-loving simple recipe moms can easily make this recipe with milk and nuts.

This kulfi is the simple and healthy aromatic ice cream without any artificial colors it makes from cardamom.

3. Dry Fruits Milkshake

dry fruits milkshake

Dry fruits are the most recommended and low-calorie food content recommending by the dietitians.

Of course, these dry fruits are the fiber filling contents. So, the tasty and sweet milkshake is easy to prepare.

To offering the healthy summer cooling treat try this dry fruit milkshake for your young kids.

Thick energy filling dry fruits milkshake offers enough calcium and vitamin contents. Try this milkshake at your home.

4. Banana Shake

banana shake

Banana is the rich content carries more level of potassium and other vitamins. So, this preparation is too easy.

Almonds are the weight gaining ingredient often recommending for the well-growth of the children.

Almonds, banana, and milk are the basic three ingredients that are enough to prepare this sweet shake.

Try this easily available banana shake at your home. All will love this healthy milkshake recipe.

5. Chikoo Shake

chikoo shake

Chikoo or the sapota is the base ingredient to prepare this strong, delicious and thick milkshake recipe.

The soft and tasty fruit offering enough vitamins and fiber content to our body. So all can taste this recipe.

Without any more nuts and dry fruits, it is the easy fast preparing dish carrying various benefits.

So, as a natural healthy milkshake prepare this shake and offer this delicious shake to your kids.

6. Carrot Dates Milkshake

carrot and dates milkshake

It is the delicious mouth-watering milkshake preparing from the base of three strong nutrient-filled ingredients.

Besides the addition of milk and carrot is offering the loving texture and color to this shake recipe.

Carrot and Dates are the healthy and rich fruit offering the iron content and enough sweet for this recipe.

A combination of carrot, dates, fig is an easy and effective food source to present the thick milkshake.

7. Apple Juice

apple juice

Apple juice is a common and healthy shake recipe preparing along with the milk and sugar ingredient.

Whenever we are waiting for the exotic taste of the juice this apple juice is the best of your choice.

Besides adding the color and healthy flavor wine syrup is adding into this juice recipe. Try this shake.

It is the restaurant-style shake easy to prepare and offer this cooling juice for your special guests.

8. Apple Milkshake

apple milkshake

In essence, apple milkshake is the eye-catching thick milkshake preparing along with multiple fruit toppings.

Apple is the base of fruit ingredient to prepare this shake recipe to get fine aroma cardamom is adding to this shake.

To offer the delicious taste and color strawberry toppings and honey are adding in this milkshake.

Now, this sweet and healthy shake is the favorite one for all your members. Try this and serve with the chill.

9. Banana Smoothie

banana smoothie

Banana smoothies are the favorite and easy to prepare to shake recipes available at the dinner desk.

To offer the mild flavors of sweet and chocolate tone sugar and chocolate sauce are adding in this recipe.

Honey is the fabulous and tender tasting ingredients offering the unique taste to this banana smoothie.

Easily available banana with the delicious chocolate aroma offering the richness to this recipe.

10. Strawberry Milkshake

strawberry milkshake

Mild and pinky flavor milkshake is the ever-loving smoothie available in all restaurants and hotels.

However, the fresh milkshake recipe is the wonderful combination and the sweet pour taste is the best to taste.

Besides, the direct addition of strawberry into the grind offering the rich red color to this shake ingredient.

The smooth addition of milk and sugar giving the mild color to this milk recipe. Try this dish at your home.

11. Papaya Banana Milkshake

papaya banana milkshake

Papaya and banana are the summer fruits that come with multiple energy filling vitamins and fibers.

The blend of these two ingredients offering the delicious taste and richness to this fruit shake recipe.

To offer the different tastes, simple dry grapes are adding into this milkshake recipe. So try this recipe.

Children will love this recipe and one of the fast to make a shake at your favorite list of milkshakes.

12. Carrot Milkshake

For the dietary benefits, the carrot is the first and best veggie recommending for your fitness and well health.

Without any addition of other fruits and veggies, it is the shake directly to get its taste from carrot extracts.

While serving this juice to your kids add sugar, milk and serving this dish with enough chillness.

Try this fresh and energy filling juice for your kids and elderly people can also try this for their diet schedule.

13. Avacado Banana Almond Milk Smoothie

Moreover, the name of the milkshake keenly describes what are the ingredients using in this milkshake recipes.

Avacado is the rare and seasonal fruit that offer enough protein and vitamins to our healthy body.

Adding the apt and medium level of sweetness is enough for this recipe. You can try honey for this shake.

Almond and banana are the ever-loving combination offer the wonderful taste to this recipe.

14. Avil Milk Shake

Avil milkshake comes with multiple collections of fruits and sweetness. Try this milkshake recipes.

Whether it is a good taste or aromatic milkshake all will love this delicious milkshake without any doubt.

Addition of date syrup and vanilla ice cream offering enough iron for this tasty avil milkshake.

For your grant parties and function serve this special shake to your guests and kids. All will enjoy this taste.

15. Pomegranate Milkshake

Pomegranate is the healthy fruit and multiple antioxidants offering the rich taste to this fruit.

Preparing a healthy milkshake from this fruit is a wonderful choice. Try this shake at your home.

Moreover, this delicious mouth-watering dish offering the deep rich flavor to this icy shake.

For the good of your children serve this easy and delicious milkshake at least a week once.

16. Strawberry Almond Milkshake

Strawberry is the recommending fruit content comes with enough amount of Vitamin C nutrient.

Preparing a healthy milkshake with the base of this fruit is the easy and best choice for moms.

Within five minutes we can prepare this shake recipe with the addition of almond and cardamom.

As an ever-loving recipe with a mild aromatic taste, all will fall for this taste. Share this recipe with your friends.