Milk Recipes For A Healthy Meal Intake: 25 Easy To Prepare

Posted By : Myilraj , 31/03/2020

Find the Great List of Milk Recipes, Easy to Prepare From Home for a Healthy Meal

Milk is an often overlooked ingredient for all meals. Here, we have listed many different types of milk recipes to cook from home.

From the fresh milk to coffee, tea, ice cream, butter, ghee all are the byproducts to enrich our cooking.

Both the cow and buffalo milk are the primary ingredients for our daily food intake. Carotene is filling in Cow milk.

However, the buffalo milk is pure white and so thick to get the curd and ghee. Cheese is preparing with this milk.

For the modern diet lovers and vegans, all are taking the milk products instead of the meat and seafood items.

Calories, protein, and calcium are the major minerals and healthy ingredients filling in our natural milk food.

Comparing to the meat item, the milk contains only 4% fat. So, the kids and elderly people can consume this milk.

Although milk is a wonderful ingredient easily merge with the fruits, vegetables, sugar, and other nutrient nuts.

Regular milk is containing the presence of Lactose. This enzyme is the reason to break the sugar components.

The multiple numbers of fresh and home base food ingredients and dairy products solely depend on this milk product.

Consuming milk offer multiple benefits to our human body. However, the intake of the milk balance our acidity and save from tooth decay.

Without any side effects, it is the regular food suits to the toddlers, kids, adults and elderly people.

It is the limitless ingredient that fastly promotes sleep. So, take a cup of milk before your sleep.

There are multiple and simple milk recipes are listing in our portal. Try all these recipes and enjoy your food carving.

People Also Ask

What Are Some Good Recipes With Milk?Milk is an integral part of Indian cooking and sweet and dessert item preparation requires this basic recipe. It is the favorite drink, and a complimentary dish to prepare the juices, smoothies, and milkshakes. Moreover, from light-weight foods to solid food milk is the inevitable one. Ghee, Paneer, and butter. All these three ingredients are the best thing helps for good recipe preparation. Try all these dishes.
What Are Some Good Ways to Use an Excess of Milk?Multiple volumes of milk are using for the preparation of milk gova, rasamilai, milk kheer, and fresh juices and milkshakes. Fruit and vegetable soups are the wonderful recipes that can prepare with the multiple volumes of milk. Cauliflower, broccoli, celery soups are the finest soups that are consuming more milk. So, try these healthy recipes. Milk is the food that comes with a huge volume of protein, calcium and dietary fiber. Try this ingredient for your staple milk recipe.

25 Various Collection Of Milk Recipes

1. Arisi Paal Payasam

Arisi Paal Payasam

Payasam is the delicious sweet recipe serving only this payasam finishes the delightful function in our South-India.

There are multiple varieties of payasams are preparing to offer the exotic taste of the sweet recipe.

One among the list, arisi payasam is the notable sweet recipe that comes with enough carbohydrate and small protein.

The usage of cashews, nuts, raisins are the additional ingredients are the taste of this sweet recipe.

2. Aval Milk Recipe

Aval Milk Recipe

Flatten rice, Horlicks, chocolate, and milk are the basic ingredients helping for the preparation of flat rice milk.

Roasting the aval until getting the brown color is the right stage of getting the authenticate flavor.

Then grind the flat rice with Horlicks, sweet and other fruits are offering the creamy texture to this recipe.

The steaming milk adds to this Avil cream and the peanuts, cashews are serving with the chill. Try this Aval Milk recipe.

3. Oats and Almond Milk Smoothie

Oats and Almond Smoothie

Oats are the favorable and top ingredients in the long list of dietary recipes. So, making this recipe is a superb option.

Preparing a smoothie is the wonderful choice of food preparation at the time of the hot summer season.

The addition of almond is the protein-rich content try this recipe for your family members and serve it for your family occasion.

Smoothie is the wonderful sweet delight when it adds to the milk the smoothie gets its more taste and nutrient.

4. Barley Kheer

Barley Kheer

Barley kheer is the famous milk dish easy to prepare with the addition of cashew nuts and subodana.

Soaking barley and sabodana are very suitable conditions to grind the millets Then it using for this recipe.

Then hot milk is steaming with the addition of cardamom powder and sugar then the millet is cooking with this milk

Finally, protein enriches almonds are adding on the top of this milk kheer. Serve this milk kheer with the chill.

5. Buttermilk Recipe

Buttermilk Recipe

Buttermilk recipe is the summer cooling recipe Green chili, ginger and coriander all are mixing in this recipe.

This spicy aroma paste is perfectly adding to the buttermilk and grind until in solving to the buttermilk.

Black pepper and other spices are adding into this flavorful buttermilk. Now, this tasty milk is ready.

Whether it is simple buttermilk or a side dish to the rice is the perfect one to try this recipe.

6. Milk Cream to the Ghee

Milk And Cream to the Ghee

Malai is the clotted cream using for the preparation of the ghee. It is an easy and simple home base preparation.

Betal leaves, cardamom are the basic ingredients that are adding for this fresh and creamy ghee preparation.

It is the simple cooking process comes with the light and eye-catching and aromatic ghee. Try this recipe.

However, it is the perfect and healthy milk recipe serving with hot white rice. Milk Cream with Ghee is a healthy dish for children.

7. Badam Milk

Badam Milk

Badam kheer is the wonderful recipe suits all seasons. It is the delicious north-Indian recipe serving on all special occasions.

It is the protein enrich milk adding with the basic ingredients like cardamom and Kesar strands. Try this recipe.

For the ever-loving aroma, cardamom seeds are using for this milkshake recipe. Add the right volume of sugar.

Then serve this dish to your family all will love this recipe. It is the dish suits your hot summer.

8. Chikoo Halwa

Chikoo Halwa

Sapota halwa is the deliciously sweet dessert now you can prepare this simple recipe at your home.

The addition of maida and the creamy sapotas are the basic ingredient using for this simple sweet dessert.

Ghee is the base using for the preparation of the halwa. Raisins and cashew nuts are using for this delicious dish.

For the lip-smacking delicious dish, this chikoo halwa is the wonderful try this recipe at your home.

9. Rice Kesari

Rice Kesari

Kesari is the ever-loving dish in the favorite list of our Indian desserts. It is the sweet recipe serving only on a special occasion.

It is the mouth-watering sweet recipe and the main ingredient for Navratri. Try this milk recipe at your home.

Raw rice and milk are the major ingredients using for the preparation of this colorful sweet recipe.

Besides the addition of cashew nuts, raisins, cardamom, and ghee are offering the right consistency for this milk halwa.

10. Palada Payasam

Palada Payasam

Palada payasam is the traditional payasam recipe preparing with the usage of the milk and other essential ingredients.

To enjoy the traditional flavor ginger pieces or powder, coconut slices are using in this payasam recipe.

Dry coconut in the shredding condition increases the taste of this sweet recipe. Try this recipe at your home.

Rice flour is cleverly cooking with the base of the water and then only the milk and other spices are adding into this payasam.

11. Milk Cake

Milk Cake

The cake is the ever-loving dish from the kids to elderly people. It is an easy preparation recipe preparing at our home.

Christmas and birthday parties are never finished without the serving of this delightful cake recipe.

To add the spicy and tasty tone to the cake lime juice and cardamom are adding into this simple cake.

Cooking with the medium flame this milk attains the solid and thick cake consistency without any formal baking procedure.

12. Bengali Payesh Recipe

Bengali Payesh

Payasam is an integral part of the recipe preparing along with the milk, cardamom, sabudana, and sugar.

Though it is one of the traditional dishes of India offers a various tone of taste while serving in another region.

Moreover, it is the easy and fast preparing recipe adding with more milk presents the perfect juicy to this dish.

Resins, cashews, and color adding saffron are offering the delicious and crowd appealing taste to this recipe.

13. Apple and Oats Kheer

Apple And Oats Kheer

Though, apple and Oats kheer is a wonderful and suitable diet ingredient to maintain your healthy body.

Apple is the energetic fruit that carries multiple anti-oxidants and vitamins when it matching to the oats it offers an extra taste.

It is the special and nutrient pudding preparing along with the cornflour, badam, cashew, and cardamom.

The peeling of the apple perfectly mingles to the rice flour. Try this special sweet pudding at your home.

14. Macaroni Kheer

Macaroni Kheer

Pasta is a delicious ingredient for our breakfast. But preparing the sweet dessert recipe is a new dish.

Moreover, Rich and a thick creamy sweet dessert-loving recipe for the kids and elderly people. Try this recipe.

With the addition of the jaggery and milk is the base of this pasta kheer offers more nutrients to this dish.

Ghee, cardamom and cashew nuts are the healthy ingredients for the yummy creamy pasta dessert. Try this dish.

15. Mixed Buttermilk

Mixed Buttermilk

It is the delicious summer drink and typical south-Indian drink famous for its spicy aromatic flavor.

Though it is the instant buttermilk preparing along with the ginger pieces and coriander leaves.

Curry leaves are the suitable and the mouth-watering recipe preparing along with the herb coriander.

Although is the watery dish perfectly suits for our rice and try this as a perfect drink for your summer.

16. Chenna Payas

Channa Payas

Chenna payas are the sweet and delightful recipe. It is perfectly preparing along with the hot milk.

It is the delightful recipe offering the taste blend of sweet and sour with an aroma of cardamom and raisins.

In the essence of its taste, this mouth-watering dish serving at the parties, birthday parties and festivals.

Cheese balls are the wonderful sweet recipe similar to the texture of the rasagulla. Try this sweet.

17. Almond Milk

Almond milk

Almond is the superb and protein-enriched nut using for the preparation of the special almond shake.

It is the favor and ever-loving dish suits to all kids, adults and elderly people will taste this recipe.

This cooling dish preparing with the cereal powder. Soaking almonds is the best one for this preparation.

Milk extract from the almonds is the base of this milk. Give your try for this special almond recipe.

18. Chanar Payesh

Chanar Payesh

Are you waiting for the delicious and world-class Bengali recipe? then try this sweet dessert recipe at your home.

This juicy and rice flour recipe is the wonderful combination for the rotis and chapatis. So, give your try.

To attract all the age group the addition of cardamom, milk, and Pastha are using in this delicious recipe.

Bengali dishes are getting their unique place. However, sweet desserts are always a special one.

19. Rice Payasam

Rice Payasam

Rice payasam is the delightful south-Indian sweet recipe preparing along with the jaggery and ghee.

It is the easy preparing sweet recipe getting its glowing structure after the well cooking of this recipe.

Shredding coconut is a wonderful base and offers extra sweetness for this simple rice recipe.

For the sweet lovers, this recipe is the easy and quick preparing one so try this recipe at your home.

20. Rasmalai


Rasamilai is a wonderful dish preparing with pure milk. More time consumption is the specialty of the dish.

The addition of sugar is offering the perfect blend of sweetness for this special milk recipe rasamilai.

Sometimes the broken milk is using for the preparation of this recipe. So, give your time for this recipe.

A mild flame is using to get the authentic taste of the rasamilai. Prepare this delicious Rasmalai dish for your children.

21. Kinnathappam


Traditional dishes are always placing their vital position in this milk recipes. In this, it is the finest one.

Similarly, Kinnathappam is the traditional milk recipe common one in the households of Kerala. Try this special dish.

At the time of festivals and special occasions this appam preparing with the base of pure milk and coconut.

Rice flours are the basic ingredient for the delicious recipe to add the nutrients cumin seeds are adding for this preparation.

22. Aval Payasam

Aval Payasam

Aval payasam is the sweet and delicate dish serving for the special occasion of the Diwali and wedding ceremonies.

Using jaggery is the healthy option for the preparation of this special sweet juicy delightful preparation.

And also, Rose aval and milk are the basic ingredients are using for the delightful preparation of this Diwali dish.

For your kids, prepare this special sweet dessert and all will love this recipe. Try this lip-smacking milk recipes.

23. Kesar Badam Milk

Kesar Badam Milk

This is the sweet milkshake recipe, thickening milk is a suitable ingredient for this sweet preparation.

Badam milk is the ever-loving recipe while adding honey and almonds are giving the rich flavor to this shake.

In North-India is the special dish available in every corner whether it is a small hotel or restaurant is it available there.

So, now this recipe is too familiar and you can prepare this milky flavor at our home. Give your try for this sweet.

24. Bread Rasmalai

Bread Rasmalai

Bread rasamilai is the easy preparing sweet item and milk recipe well familiar in the region of South-India.

Housewives who are seeking for the new and innovative dish from the simple bread it is the delightful recipe.

Though the bread slices, almonds, saffrons are offering the delicate milk recipe with enough taste.

Besides the addition of the saffron strands are giving the eye-catching color to this tasty milk bread recipe.

25. Carrot Dates Milkshake

Carrot Dates Milkshake

Dates, the carrot is the enriched fruit and veggie ingredient using for the preparation of this milk recipes.

All these food ingredients are offering enormous Vitamin, Fiber and iron contents for our body.

Moreover, As a special summer dish try this milk recipe for your friends and family. All will love this recipe.

Besides serving with the fig and sugar its gives some delicious extra taste. Enjoy this special dish.