Microwave Recipes: 13 Quick And Simple Easy To Cook Recipes

Posted By : Elavarsan , 31/03/2020

Microwaves Occupy Every Kitchen, So No Way We Can Cook Multiple Microwave Recipes. Learn Here

Microwave is one of the easiest cooking tools being used in most Indian kitchens. Find a list of a variety of microwave recipes to cook in your home.

Modern food preparation methods come in multiple ways. To ease our cooking these methods are inevitable ones.

A microwave oven is the cooking tool, ease our delicious food preparation. Cake, snacks and multiple recipes are fastly prepared from this tool.

Moreover, the restaurants and hotels are offering their hygienic food with the usage of the microwave oven.

Meat, veggies all food ingredients are instantly cooking within a short period. It is possible with this oven.

Just set the optimal temperature for your cooking. It saves more time and you never control your appetite for more.

With the ease of use, many food dishes can easily reheat and taste the food with super hotness.

Some of the dishes are only cooking from the microwave oven and they are a suitable one for our stoves.

Pizzas, cakes, and muffins are the signature dishes preparing only with the use of this electronic tool.

Though it seems to be the modern style of cooking, otherwise it is an easy tool to ensure your hygienic way of food preparation.

For modern homes, the microwave oven is the basic need but more people not aware of this cooking recipe.

They are mostly known one-two staple foods are preparing from this simple microwave oven. For them we offering the list of dishes.

It is the cooking tool to provide more heat as well as reduce your precious time for your cooking.

So, the typical dishes which are preparing only from the oven are listing here try those recipes all will offer a superb taste.

Not only restaurants but also your modern kitchens are easily providing multiple tasty and delicious recipes.

People Also Ask

What are some good Indian microwave recipes?Deep fry and heavy boiling foods like soups and gravies are easily preparing in this microwave oven. Whether it is a rich meat dish or a simple veggie and cake preparation, this tool offering the apt and enough taste. Cake items are the ever-loving dessert recipe simply preparing from this microwave cooking tool. For fresh creamy cakes, these are the best choice. Now your cakes are easy to prepare with the help of this tool.
What are some easy and tasty microwave food recipes?Multiple Indian flavored dishes are easily and instantly preparing with the use of a microwave oven. Maximum 45 minutes is the limit allotted for the cooking of heavy meal items. Otherwise, two-minute muffins can prepare from this tool. Bread toast, creamy recipes are the delightful morning breakfasts are easily preparing with the addition of egg. For your high-tech holiday feast, it is the best choice to cook multiple Indian dishes at your home.
Which foods can be cooked in a microwave?Fiber enriches foods and heavy meals which are taking too much power and time can easily shifting to the oven. Oatmeal, spinach recipes, bean, and heavy root are the recipes simply and fastly preparing with the help of this tool. Some people will love the continental dishes. For them to get the authentic taste, the oven is a fast and easy choice. Lavish foods are easily and neatly preparing one at the oven. Try your dishes and share them with your friends.
What are some 2 min microwave recipes for vegetarians?Roast chicken, chocolate brownies are the easy two-minute preparation dishes cooking from the microwave oven. Not only these dishes but various international Thai and Chinese dishes are easily getting its deep cook. Just mix the veggies along with the Olive oil just fix the cooking temperature then the dish will be ready for you. Budget-friendly pasta and creamy dishes are preparing with this short term of two minute times. Give your time for these recipes.
What is your best microwave recipe?Lemon Tart, Home cooking pasta, creamy mushroom gravies, and baking chickens are the wonderful dish to prepare at the oven. The marination of masala and meat is enough for getting mouth-watering recipes at your dinner table. The addition of mint, coriander, and lime will offer the tangy taste to this whole dish try this recipe. Not only the fast cooking perfection cooking is possible with this microwave recipe. So, give your time for these recipes.

13 Tasty Collection Of Microwave Recipes

1. Maida cookies

Maida Cookies

Cookies are the sweet desserts, simple and kids-loving dish instantly preparing at your home.

With the addition of nuts and ghee are adding the taste to this simple maida cookies. The right consistency is just one.

For instant snack preparation, get your milk, oil, sugar, egg, and ghee for the tasty cookie preparation.

Grind all the blend of the ingredients then cook them with the optimal temperature until turns brown.

2. Garlic bread recipe

Garlic Bread Recipe

Garlic is the ever-loving snack and breakfast item easily found in the hotels and restaurants.

While searching for the nutritious food recipe, garlic is coming as the first and best choice of cooking.

Bread slices and the garlic clove best is the base for this dish. So, just apply this past on the bread slices.

Serving the slice with the addition of sweet ketchup is the perfect addition to this Garlic Bread delicious recipe.

3. Potato roll

Potato Roll

Without any long time preparation, potato roll is the delicious dish easily preparing at your home microwave oven.

Boiling potato is the superb supplement for the making this spicy mouth-watering roll recipe.

Though it is the simple recipe the addition of the cumin seeds is offering the signature taste.

For modern moms, it is an easy and fast preparing recipe. Give your tasty time for this veggie roll.

4. Vanilla sponge cake recipe

Vanilla Sponge Cake

The cake is the ever-loving easy preparing recipe instantly cooking with the base of the maida and milk.

Vanilla is the easily available ice cream flavor using for the preparation of the sponge cake.

Some times, the essence vanilla is enough for this delicious sweet dessert cake. So, try this recipe.

Besides, the addition of cashew nuts, almonds, and raisins is using for this delicious recipe Vannila Sponge Cake preparation.

5. Pineapple cake

Pineapple Cake

Pineapple essence of pineapple juice is the basic ingredient using for the preparation of this fruit cake.

Egg and baking powder is the base using for the puffy structure of this cake. Just bake this recipe within 20 minutes.

Although the outer layer is easily covering with the cream. Try this simple recipe for your delicate dessert.

The sprinkle of the nuts, cashews, and raisins are the effective tasty toppings adding on this cake.

6. Orange cake

Orange Cake

Get the sweet orange slices, sugar and egg are using for the preparation of the easy and tasty orange cake recipe.

Try to reduce the water content. Too much addition of water will ruin the spongy texture of the cake.

First, prepare the maida tough with the preparation of baking soda. Then only it gets the puffy tone.

These watery dough adding into the oven within 20-30 minutes your favorite cake recipe Orange Cake is ready now.

7. Carrot cake

Carrot Cake

Carrot is the carotene enrich food ingredient so, preparing a cake recipe with this carrot is the finest choice.

Egg, vanilla and shredded cake are the base of this delicious carrot cake recipe. Most of us not known about this recipe.

Moreover, it is the first recipe preparing with vegetable usage. Try this simple sweet carrot recipe today in your home.

Children are the die heart fans for this cake recipe. So, offer this healthy recipe for your kids and family.

8. Dry fruit cake

Dry Fruit Cake

There are multiple cake recipes are available in Indian cooking style. But only kids are eating this recipe.

All of us love this sweet dessert. But diabetes patients stay away from these cake recipes.

For preparing the cake suits all people, this dry fruit cake is a wonderful choice. Try this recipe.

To present the more aroma, pasta is adding for this delicious recipe. serve this cake at your kiddie party.

9. Biscuit brownie

Biscuit Brownie

Brownies are the effective, eye-catching and lip-smacking recipes available in our dessert preparation.

But biscuit brownie is a new and innovative recipe. Moreover, it is easy to prepare the dish at our home.

Add the aroma, butter and limiting usage of coffee offering the unique flavor to this sweet dessert.

The chocolate usage is the finest choice for the preparation of this sweet dessert. Give your try for this cake.

10. Banana cake

Banana Cake

Banana is the easily available fruit and it is the more vitamin enrich fruit apt for our cake preparation.

The Malabar style or Kerala style food lovers it is the best choice. So, try this dessert banana cake at your home.

Sugar, ghee, Raisins, and cardamom powders are the tasty and aromatic ingredients are adding in this dessert.

For the easy dessert preparation, it is the best choice. So, try this crowd-pleasing recipe at your kitchen.

11. Vanilla cake

Vanilla Cake

After the decision of preparing a delightful cake, it is the wonderful dessert item using for your parties.

Butter is using in this base to get the creamy texture and don't forget to add the baking powder.

As a fast and easy preparation, the dough is adding with the vanilla essence. It is also easily available.

For your delicious preparation of Vanilla cake, it is an easy method. So just mark it and all will love this recipe.

12. Butter cake

Butter Cake

Baking is not a staple profession for housewives, but cake preparation is a too easy one. Milkmaid butter cake recipe is here.

While it serving for the kids to try to add fruits, nuts like cashews, raisins then they will consume it more.

Melting butter and dough are the basic ingredients for this delicate buttermilk cake recipe.

Just stir the butter with the dough with 15 mins Then add the topping and bake it in the microwave oven within 20 minutes.

13. Cheese sandwich

Cheese Sandwich

The sandwich is the blend of healthy meat or veggie preparing along with the bread. So, try this recipe.

For the veggie lovers, it will be a good treat to try this recipe at your home with enough vegetables.

Black pepper, cabbage, tomato are the basic veggies are using for the preparation of this sandwich.

Add cheese and milk with the stuffing. Then bake this dish Cheese sandwich at microwave oven the tasty sandwich is ready.