Yummy And Tasty Methi Recipes Best Healthy Methi Recipes

Posted By : Myilraj , 07/04/2020

Yummy And Mouth Watering Methi Recipes - Best Healthy Recipes Using Methi Leaves

Methi or fenugreek leaves are healthy and famous greens. This methi recipes contains huge health benefits.

Actually, the methi recipes are the incredible ones to cook. This will bring a lot of energy to our body.

Generally, this methi or fenugreek is used while preparing pickles, dal, sambar powder and also vegetable dishes.

Methi provides protein, calcium, dietary fiber, vitamins, and fat. This is the most healthy food to intake daily routine.

The aroma of fenugreek leaves is extraordinary. In fact, seed as well as the leaf both of this methi can be cooked.

Fenugreek or methi is a flavoring agent used for many food products. Undoubtedly, fenugreek is a pack of multipurpose variety.

Methi recipes are unique as well as healthy. They will brighten our boring food recipes into the awesome ones by its flavor.

Even though methi is in a bitter taste, it gives a fantastic taste while adding it with the food. All the recipes can use methi.

In fact, we can make all the popular recipes like paratha, roti, pakora, poori, dal and gravy items using this methi leaves.

Methi leaves can be used to prepare salads as well as sprouted foods. This is the most fantastic recipe.

Therefore, methi gives a tangy taste to the gravy as well as dal dishes. Soaking them will give the best results in recipes.

In this, you will find more about methi recipes and how to prepare them easily at home using simple ingredients and methods.

People Also Ask

What dishes can you make best with methi/fenugreek leaves?Methi or fenugreek leaves are the best way to cook healthy recipes. This methi leaves recipe is good for all age groups. Generally, this methi leave is readily available in grocery shops. So, this methi leaves recipe is easy to make at home. You can make usual recipes like paratha, dosa, variety rice, gravy, salad, pakoda as best recipes using methi leaves. Try the all methi leave recipes simply at home. Amaze your surroundings with methi recipes like snacks and gravies.
What is the easy way to prepare a methi papad recipe?Methi papad is a famous Indian side dish recipe. This recipe is famous among Gujrat sides since it is a super quick recipe. In fact, methi papad is a gravy recipe that holds spices. Besides that, Urad dal papad is the best option for this delicious recipe. The boiled texture of the papad will give a special taste to the recipe. Masala contents in this recipe will be best in flavor. Methi papad recipe is the best snack to intake in daily routib=ne. Try this awesome recipe on all occasions to amaze your people.
What according to you is the best recipe for Aloo Methi?Aloo methi is a famous recipe called sabzi. Generally, this methi recipe can be used as the best lunch box food for kids. Actually, to make your regular meals or tiffin items you can use aloo methi recipe. This is the best option for healthy snacks. Aloo methi is an extremely healthy recipe that provides digestion benefits and stomach oriented issues. Similarly, it gives proteins and vitamins. Potatoes and spices in this aloo methi give an extraordinary flavor. You can give a try to this awesome recipe.
How to make chicken recipes using methi leaves?Methi chicken recipe is the delicious recipe. You can use methi powder as well as methi leaves to prepare this recipe. Thus, the methi chicken recipe is very flavorful and easy to make the recipe. Fresh chicken is used for making this awesome recipe. Generally, chicken in a fried form with methi leaves gives a special taste. Similarly, yogurt or curd can be used to give a special flavor. To sum up, methi chicken is a flavorful recipe that gives health benefits. This methi chicken recipe is a good combo for meal or paratha.
What is the methi Machchi recipe?Methi machchi is a healthy and flavorful gravy recipe. Actually, this methi machchi recipe made from spinach and methi leaves. First, boil the spinach and methi leaves to make this recipe. Meanwhile, prepare the masala content using spices to make methi gravy. Second, fry all the veggies like tomato and onion. Finally, mix all the ingredients in the same pan to make this awesome recipe. TO sum up, methi machchi is rich in nutrients and iron. Therefore prepare and serve this wonderful recipe to all age groups in your house.

Various Delicious Methi Recipes

1. Methi Rice


Methi rice is a delicious and easy recipe using simple ingredients at home. This methi rice s more healthy and flavorful recipe.

Boiled green peas and methi leaves give the extraordinary flavor to this recipe. Therefore, this is a very healthy recipe.

Generally, the spices used in this methi rice recipe will make everyone fall in love. This methi rice takes less time to prepare.

To conclude, methi rice is an extremely nutritious and yummy recipe. Try this awesome recipe and serve this with pickle or chutney of your choice.

2. Methi Leaf idli

methi leaf idli

Methi leaf idli is a very easy recipe to prepare at home. You need only the usual ingredients to make this wonderful recipe.

Actually, make regular idlis using idli pan. If the idli is smooth and soft, that will help this recipe more flavorful.

Similarly, the masala content in this recipe with fried methi leaves will give a distinct flavor. Try this recipe for daily routine.

Instead of making regular idli with sambar and rasam, prepare these methi leaves idli. Serve this as a dinner dish like a master chef.

3. Methi Paratha Recipe

mathi paratha

Paratha is a famous recipe that has huge fans all over the world. Methi paratha is a healthy recipe comparing to the normal paratha.

Making of this paratha recipe contains quite different procedures. Since this is a yummy and unique paratha recipe.

Actually, the wheat flour and methi leaf combination give extraordinary flavor. This is an extreme good recipe for all age groups.

Make unique parathas using methi leaves. Try this delicious paratha recipe and amaze your surroundings with distinct flavors.