23+ Mango Recipes To Try In This Summer easy To Cook

Posted By : Myilraj , 28/03/2020

From Smoothies to Salads, We Have a Wonderful List of Mango Recipes

A mango on every occasion gives the tastiest end. Prepare a variety of mango recipes to make your summer meal delightful.

Mango is a special summer fruit and predominantly known as the King of Fruit. It is the sweet and tangy fruit used to prepare juices and desserts.

50% of mango production only starts in India. So, multiple mango varieties are found here.

There are multiple varieties of mangoes are available in India. Alphonso, Dasheri, Langra, Neelam are the notable varieties.

Offering mangos is a typically Indian tradition noticing the deep love and value of friendship. Still, it is following in North-India.

Mangoes are primarily used for culinary purposes. Whether it is a mango fruit or raw mango multiple dishes are preparing fro this fruit.

On the other hand, the nutrient elements like Vitamin A, C fiber and essential anti-oxidants are making this as a vital food.

As per the doctors' advise the consumption of Mangoes is good for the protection of cancer and a good digestive system.

Other than that, improving immunity and eye-sight are the health benefits loaded with this simple summer fruit.

There are multiple food dishes from the sweet dessert all are made from this colorful and enticing sweet mango.

Kulfi, Pancakes, fresh juice and Ice creams are the primary sweet dessert preparing from this tangy delicious fruit.

The mouth-watering beverages like Lassi, milkshakes are the signature dishes made from this sweet ripen mango.

Though it is a common easily available fruit, multiple dishes and benefits are enjoyable from this fruit consumption.

Here we offering the long list of new and innovative dishes for your simple cooking. These are too simple and easy for your homemade preparation.

People Also Ask

What is Your Favorite Mango Recipe? Mango recipes are so delicious and refreshing. There are multiple recipes that can make from this mango. Mostly mango juice is the staple fresh juice commonly serving in summer. Apart from this juice so many dishes are here. Mango curry is one of the mouth-watering curry prepared from this fruit mango. It is a delicious recipe carries all the tastes. Balancing the sweet, salt and tanginess is the authentic taste of this curry. Try this curry for your energy breakfast.
What Are the Best Dishes Made from Mango? Mangoes are effective fruit that offers plenty of benefits to our health. Adding this fruit is a wise choice for your diet. Apart from the curries and chutneys, mango is the primary substance for Halwa, Lassi, Icecream and so on. There are multiple flavors of mangoes are available in India. Each offers uniques taste to the dish. Sweet flavored mangoes are mostly preferable one for dessert preparation and raw mangoes are a suitable one for cooking.
What Are the Best Mango Dishes Prepared Apart From Milkshakes? While taking the ripen mango, we often recommend this ingredient for fresh juice preparation or milkshake preparation. But now your trendy kitchen can offer multiple varieties of dishes made from this simple fruit mango. In fact, Ice creams, puddings, fruit salads are the notable kinds of dishes directly preparing from this mango fruit. These are the easy and simple dishes we can freshly make these dishes directly from our home kitchen.
What Are the Dishes Made from Raw Mango? Raw mangoes are the most available ingredient along with the collection of green veggies. It is a useable one for food preparation. The raw pieces of mangoes are the primary ingredient in South-Indian mango sambar. It offers a tangy taste to the dish. Mango Pachadi, Dal with raw mango, chutney and special mango rasam are the dishes cooking from the raw mangoes. This green mango and shredded pieces of mangoes are using for the traditional mango rice. Try all these recipes.
Good Recipes for Mango Chutney? Mango chutney is a well known and easily available chutney preparation that follows the multiple collections of spices. Ginger, Garlic, Red chilies, Cloves, Cinnamon, Cumin, Coriander are the basic ingredients sing for this traditional chutney. Mango is a very famous chutney and it more liked by the British people too. The sweet and tangy taste chutney can store for many days. Furthermore, all these collections of spices with the addition of tamarind and vinegar will preserve this authentic taste.

23+ Types of Mango Recipes

1. Mango Curd Curry

mango curd curry

Mango curd curry is a famous and less known dish for many housewives and chefs. It is the favorite mango dish of Kerala.

This special mango curd curry is mentioning under the name of Mambazha Pulissery, Give your try for this new mango recipe.

The preparation method of this Mango curry follows the authentic preparation. To get the signature taste to follow all these processes.

Certainly, The right ratio of turmeric powder, red chilies, coconut is the fabulous combination that helps for your preparation.

2.Mango Coconut Burfi

mango coconut burfi

The sweet and aromatic coconut burfi is the al time favorite and a suitable dessert for a hot summer.

The addition of ghee and coconut milk offers the soft and melting texture to this sweet mango burfi.

Well, grind ripens mango and sugar is using in the form of a thick paste and offer eye-catching color to this sweet.

Finally, the addition of cashews and pistas is elegantly decorating on the top and kids will love this recipe.

3. Raw Mango Chutney

raw mango chutney

Raw mango chutney is the wonderful side dish and common dish for your hot rice and the soft chapatis.

There are multiple collections of veggies are using in the preparation of raw mango chutney. But Pursley is a unique one.

Adding this Pursley leaves ad dhals are offering the delicious and thick texture to this chutney recipe.

However, the delicious and sticky flavors of this green chutney are ever-loving for the mango lovers.

4. Mango Jelly

mango jelly

Mango jelly is the tasty and delicious Indian sweet dessert easily preparing from our home. The soft and tenderness is the eye-catching one.

While choosing the mangoes try to choose the ripen mangoes and do not add any water into this mango juice.

Agar or China grass is the ingredient that comes in the jelly form to combine two different components.

This jelly substance is using to combine the sugar as well as the mango juice. The safely preserve it in the refrigerator.

5. Mango Delight

mango delight

For your hot summer, there are multiple easy coolant dishes are available to refresh and protect from this hotness.

Mango delight is one of the famous shakes offers the fresh feel to your dry tongue. It is easy and ready to make a dish.

Adding the mint springs, pepper, milk sugar are ready to get available ease your fresh mango shake recipe.

The final touch of saffron is giving the complementary flavourful to this mango shake. Try this shake at your home.

6. Mango Fish Curry

mango fish curry

Fish is the ever-loving recipe in Indian food variety. The combination of mango and meat is the perfect combination.

It is the traditional curry recipe familiar one in the coastal area of Kerala. This mouth-watering recipe well suits to our rice.

Onion, Tomato, Coriander powder, ginger are offering enough spicy and tangy authentic taste to this recipe.

Moreover, the balance of spices with the raw mango and fish curry is the tasty unique recipe to try this dish and enjoy your Sunday meal.

7. Muringakaa Manga Curry

muringakaa manga curry

Muringakaa Manga Curry is a famous Kerala vegetarian dish preparing along with the tangy unripe mango.

To offer the thick gravy consistency to this dish coconut, shallots and garlic are using in this Drumstick curry.

Of course, it is the protein filling dish with the addition of toor dhal. It offers the thick and pasty tone to this mango curry.

Drumstick mango curry is a tender and juicy dish that offers a lip-smacking taste to this yummy dhal curry.

8. Mango Rice

mango rice

The slices of raw mango rice keenly mingle with asafetida Bengal gram and mustard to offer the tangy flavor.

Already boiled rice is using to decorate this tangy layer and soft and hot rice is almost ready to taste.

To present the aroma and spiciness to match the tanginess green chili and cumin seeds are fry until turn golden color.

Finally, the rice, mango, and the cumin seeds are perfectly arranged and offering the crowd appealing taste to this dish.

9. Mango Sambar

mango sambar

Mango Sambar is a delicious and traditional dish of South-Indian cooking style. There are multiple varieties are here.

Particularly the brahmin style is too famous and offering a delicate taste to the recipe. It perfectly matches to idli and dosas.

Besides offering the healthy sambar tone and offering the healthy vegetarian sambar tomato, brinjal and drumstick are in this sambar.

It is a gravy packing with multiple veggies and herbs try this pure sambar with the addition of ghee. It's really too tasty.

10. Mango Pachadi

mango pachadi

Mango pachadi is the mouth-watering easy to prepare dish very famous one in the south-Indian food preparation.

Boiling the small pieces of mangoes and adding the jaggery offers the colorful and sweet amora to this pachadi.

Finally, the mustard seeds and green chili are adding to get the spicy flavor along with this sweet pachadi.

It is the juicy dish that can preserve and perfectly matches the white rice. Just prepare this dish and offer this recipe at your family meal.

11. Mango Juice

It is the simple yet plain juice recipe everyone can easily prepare at our home. It is the instant summer recipe to reduce hotness.

Milk is the calcium possed diary that easily observes the minerals and vitamins and antioxidants in this mango.

Mango juice is the ever-loving recipe in the list of juice category. Try this simple but elegant juice recipe at your home.

Moreover, To welcome your guest with fresh juice it is the primary recipe coming into your mind. Try this delicious mango recipe.

12. Raw Mango Dal

raw mango dal

Raw Mango dhal is a famous mouth-watering south-Indian side dish common in the Chettinad cooking style.

Obviously, mango is a supplement of multiple minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants with its ever-loving sour taste.

This raw mangai thuvayal is one of the famous traditional south- Indian dish matches to your rice.

As a result, For the best summer thuviyal, raw mango thuviyal is the best one and it is too easily preparable.

13. Mango Mocktail

mango mocktail

Mango mocktail is a famous and trendy fresh juice garnish with the ultimate sweetness and tangy taste.

In restaurant-style mocktails are easily combine with the lime juice to offer a unique flavor.

But for simple, healthy and homemade preparation never require such blends. Try this simple mocktail recipe.

For the fresh juice lovers, it will be the chill and cool treat and serve this new juice to your family members.

14. Mango Berry Mocktail

mango berry mocktail

Mango and berry are the two different varieties of fruits primarily offer the perfect color to the recipe.

Both these fruits are the best ones for their sour taste and potential antioxidant nutrient fillings.

For children, fresh fruit juice is easily consuming and it is an easy intake than the fruits.

This mango berry mocktail is a new and fresh and a fusion recipe. Try this ever-loving combo at your home.

15. Mango kulfi

mango kulfi

Indian food hospitality offers various kinds of healthy food ingredients to pleasing our valuable guests.

In this line, fruits and desserts contain sweeter and they are an integral part of our food feast.

Mango Kulfi is the best and easy dessert offering the richness of mango taste. Try this recipe in a simple style.

From children to elderly people all will love this recipe and it can be the favorite dish to your kids.

16. Mango Egg Curry

mango egg curry

Mango is not only a famous fruit but its usage in culinary is common and many countries are following this cooking method.

In India, Portuguese people are offering their too many exotic dishes in the form of veg and Non-veg chicken gravy.

For tangy curry lovers, this mango egg curry is one of the best options and carries multiple health benefits.

To offer the innovative dish to your dinner table try this mango egg curry. All will love this mango recipes.

17. Mango Lassi

mango lassi

Lassi is the famous Punjabi style drink prepares with the base of yogurt. It is the traditional drink that carries a unique taste.

As per the season, the multiple vegetables, herbs, and fruits elegantly produce the best dish to this lassi.

Similarly, To enrich this summer drink, Mango, sugar and cardamom powder are adding into this delicious drink.

Are you looking for a healthy and energetic drink? try this mango lassi to your kids and family.

18. Aamer Chutney

aamer chutney

Aamer chutney is the famous Bengali style mango recipe that comes in the blend of soup and chutney.

For the Bengali vegetarians, this Soup cum Chutney is the regular and the most awaiting dish at their breakfast table.

To enhance the sour taste, this recipe sprinkles with a few amounts of sugar. Try this soup for your lunch with mango recipes.

Raw mango is the right choice for getting the apt flavor of this chutney. Try this new Aamer chutney!

19. Mango Oats Pancakes

mango oats pancakes

Now people are entering into a strict diet and consuming the low-calorie level of dishes to lead to maintain their health.

For them, oats are the best and recommending ingredient regularly present in their diet schedule.

The routine oat dishes may offer boredom. Try this tasty oat pancake for your healthy meal.

Besides mango offer the cherishing taste to this dish. Kids will be the fan of this Mango pancake recipe.

20. Mango Date Chutney

mango date chutney

Mango dates chutney is the Bengali style chutney and a famous dish offers the final touch to a great meal.

The seedless mango and dates are perfectly cooking in the right pressure until its getting the gravy form.

Then the collection of mustard seeds, red chili are using to fry and applied it into the mango date gravy.

Finally adding two to three cup of water and getting the texture of soup it will ready for its preservation.

21. Kacha Amer Chutni

kacha amer chutni

The sticky thick and sour flavor is the base of the typical mango recipe. Bengal style cooking has more dishes preparing from this style.

On this list, this Kacha Amer Chutni is one of the famous and ever-loving dishes perfectly matching to rice.

The presence of raw mango and the addition of sugar offers a wonderful taste to the dish. Try this summer dish.

While considering the routine juice and mango rice it is the complimentary mango recipe that shows your perfect style of cooking.

22. Macaroni Mango Curry


For the fast and tasty breakfast, Macaronis is the wonderful choice of cooking for modern moms.

Children are now very fond of restaurant-style cooking and admire the fast food taste. So, offering such dishes are complex.

However, considering their health, many moms presenting their food with a healthy and modern style.

Macaroni Mango curry is a famous recipe cooking with a blend of sour and spicy tone. Give your try.

23. Mango Chammanthi

mango chammanthi

Mango Chammanthi is an aromatic spicy mango recipe more famous in the Kerala style cooking method.

Chammanthi is nothing a new recipe but the traditional texture of chutney called under this term of Chammanthi.

And also, Every region has its own cooking style. In that way, this spicy aromatic chutney carries more fiber nutrients to all.

With the addition of tomato, coconut, and green chili it gives the simple but mouth-watering taste to this Mango recipes.

24. Mamidikaya Pulihora

mamidikaya pulihora

Mamidikaya Pulihora is a special Andhara style mango recipe that easily completes your breakfast cooking.

Groundnut, green chilies and the addition of mango slices are the primary ingredients for this tangy mango recipe.

Moreover, It is the full pack nutrient comes with the protein, vitamin and mineral collection. Try this dish for your breakfast.

To clarify, Commonly pulihora is preparing from tamarind to get the new flavor we can try these mango recipes.