10+ Manchurian Recipes: How To Make Manchurian Balls From Home?

Posted By : Myilraj , 06/04/2020

Manchurian Recipes, Veg and Non-Veg Listed with Detailed Step by Step Cooking Methods.

Find a great list of Manchurian recipes cooked and served as a side dis with fried rice and/or noodles. You can prepare a delicious recipe in your home.

Manchurian is the exotic food recipe preparing along with the Indian spices and the chine method of cooking.

From the topmost restaurants to preferring home food preparations start with this delicious Manchurian.

Whenever you arrange the grant vegetarian feast, this Manchurian recipes must be the great starter for the feast.

Vegetarian Manchurian and non-veg Manchurian are delicious preparations. Try these Manchurian recipes for your lunch.

It is the super tasty delicious dish preparing along with the fried veggie balls with the balance of the taste that offers the perfect flavor.

This recipe has a wonderful taste, the Chinese people who were lived in Kolkata offering this new dish.

Commonly, the multiple communities offering their delicious and different kind of recipes to India.

In this way, Manchurian is the famous recipe especially the meat dish easily decorate with this spiciness.

Vegetable Manchurian, Paneer Manchurian. Baby corn Manchurian are the ever-loving dishes preparing in the Manchurian style of cooking.

These Manchurians are elegantly preparing with the multiple veggies but the serving completes with soy sauce and tomato ketchup.

Certainly, it is a gluten-free food. So, kids, adults and elderly people can try this recipe without any limit.

Moreover, it is easy preparation comes with the collection of veggies. So, try this dish for your family parties.

Enough addition of veggies is offering vitamins, fibers, and minerals. Serve this exotic dish and enjoy your meal.

People Also Ask

What are the Manchurian Recipes? Manchurian is the ever-loving recipe that needs to mince with the cabbage, carrot, and onion-like fresh veggies. Besides, Corn starch, all-purpose flour and black pepper adding to gey the spicy flavor to this ever-loving dish. They are mixing and leaves to release the juices. Then roll them as small balls for this delicious recipe. Frying the balls and add them into the sour tomato gravy or other spicy gravy giving the superb taste.
How to Make the Best Manchurian at Home? Preparing the Manchurian recipe is too easy at home. To get the authentic taste to try this dish at your home. To get the signature dish fresh ingredients are easily preparing at our home. There are different types of Manchurian. For your easy and fast preparation try this Gobi Manchurian. It is fully prepared with cauliflower. As your wish add some carrot, beetroot and other beans for this delicious home Manchurian recipe.
How to Cook Manchurian? The cooking method of Manchurian follows the two different methods. Just frying the fresh vegetable balls. Frying the balls until they get the golden brown with fine cooking. Then separate cooking needs for the gravy. Gravy is the base for this spicy crunchy balls. So less spicy like tomato gravy is the super choice. Similar to this veg recipe, meatballs are using for the non-vegetarian Manchurian recipe. So, try this recipe.
What is an Easy Recipe for a Manchurian? Preparing a Gobi Manchurian is the easy and delicious recipe preparing with the cauliflower veggie. Using the rice flour and rice flour presenting the spicy and crispy flavor of the Manchurian recipe. Adding the chili powder and salt offering the delicious flavor to this simple Manchurian recipe. However, offering the delicious and tangy tone lemon juice is adding on the spicy hot veggie dish.

10+ Types of Manchurian Recipes

1. Idli Manchurian

idli manchurian

Idli Manchurian is a new and delicious dish. Many of us not know about this simple veg recipe.

Onion, Capsicum and Garlic are the main ingredients using for the preparation of the veg dish.

On the other side, Maida, cornflour and turmeric powder mixer dipping with the slices of idlies.

Then they fry with the hot oil then this dish cooking with the fresh veggies. So try this delicious snack.

2. Baby Corn Manchurian Dry

baby corn manchurian dry

Baby corn Manchurian is the delicious recipe and ever-loving evening snack for the kids and adults.

Boiling the sweet corns are the main ingredient for the preparation of this delicious snack recipe.

Corn flour, Maida, Salt, and red chili powder are the perfect base for this sweet Manchurian recipe.

This deep fry is cooking along with onion, chilies and soy sauce. Try this sweet spice combination.

3. Gobi Manchurian

gopi manchurian

Gobi Manchurian has its two different texture of juicy flavor as well as dry texture as per our taste.

Here you can try the juicy cauliflower for your delicious lunch or dinner. Then how to prepare this dish?

Enough addition of ginger garlic paste, boil cauliflower and maida all are offering the crispy texture.

Then cooking the crispy cauliflower along with onion, chili and sauce are offering the juicy flavor.

4. Chilli Mushroom

chilli mushroom

Chili mushroom is the delicious recipe perfectly cooking with the aromatic spices and white mushroom.

Small pieces of mushroom, onion, green chilly, capsicum, tomato and soy sauce are cooking in a pan.

Then the juicy spicy mushroom is preparation again cooking with the onion, green chili, and tomato.

Addition of tomato sauce offering the gravy base then cooking the mushroom preparation adding into this gravy.

5. Bottle Gourd Manchurian

bottle gourd manchurian

Bottle gourd is the ever-fresh veggie offering the minerals and enough water content to this dish.

Shredding bottle gourd is adding with the ingredients like pepper, cornflour and all-purpose flour.

This is the base for this crispy veg ball preparation. Otherwise, onion and green vegetables are using for this preparation.

Enough onion, vinegar, tomato sauce, and chili sauce are using for the preparation of this delicious gravy.

6. Gobi Manchurian Dry

gob manchurian

Dry Gobi Manchurian is the ever-loving recipe preparing along with the coriander powder and other spices.

Commonly, chili powder is mostly using in this preparation. Corn flour, pepper, red chili are using for spicy balls.

Spring onion, ginger slices, Cumin powder, Soya sauce, and chili sauce is using for this gravy preparation.

The thick gravy paste cooking along with the cauliflower ball. So try this easy recipe at your kitchen.

7. Baby Corn Chili

baby corn chili

Restaurant styles of baby corn cooking never miss the spicy baby corn chili dry recipes for your lunch.

Black pepper, corn starch, baby corn, and all-purpose flour are using for this delicious recipe.

Long slices of the corn offer the good and best texture to this spicy mouth-watering dry recipe.

Capsicum, ginger, garlic paste, onion and soy sauce are the sweet and spicy ingredients using for the gravy.

8. Veg Ball Manchurian

veg ball manchurian

Veg ball Manchurian is the ever-loving recipe preparing with the collection veggies. It is a colorful recipe.

Carrot, bean, onion, cauliflower are the fresh veggies are using for the tasty vegetarian balls.

Consequently, to increase the spicy mingle sweet taste both salt and sugar are adding in this ever-loving ball.

As usual, onion, soy sauce, chili sauce are adding for the preparation of this spicy gravy along with capsicum.

9. Paneer Dry Manchurian

panner dry manchurian

Paneer dry Manchurian is the ever-loving recipe preparing with the base of paneer and other spices.

Carrot, onion, besan flour, bean, cabbage, capsicum are the blends using for the vegetable ball.

Though, the white flour offering the crispy and soft texture to this Manchurian ball recipe. Try this recipe.

Cooking the addition of tomato sauce, onion and spring onion offer the juicy flavor to this recipe.

10. Veg Manchurian Dry Recipe

veg manchurian dry recipe

Carrot, cabbage, french beans, spring onion whites and green base are using for this delicious preparation.

It is the colorful veggie collection giving the crunchy taste while biting the fresh veggies of this ball.

To add crispy spicy texture, cornflour, and Maida is the perfect base of this vegetarian ball.

Garlic, soy sauce, tomato ketchup, and corn starch again using for the delicious preparation of this veg Manchurian dry recipe dish.

11. Mix Veg Manchurian

mix veg manchurian

To offer a more juicy flavor and the soup lovers it is the best choice of a simple recipe for your lunch.

Corn flour, cabbage, coriander leaves, green capsicum, carrot, and beans are the wonderful color combination.

The addition of black pepper in this veggie ball gives the spicy tone to this mouth-watering mix veg Manchurian recipe.

Red chili sauce, tomato sauce, soy sauce are the juicy ingredients using for the gravy base of this dish.