25 Tasty And Healthy Lunch Box Recipes For Your Kids

Posted By : Myilraj , 07/04/2020

Find A Variety Of Easy To Cook Kids Lunch Box Recipes For Their Lunch

It's very important to handle your kid's health. Follow our healthy lunch box recipes and prepare a delicious lunch for your kids.

Lunch is the essential mealtime that comes in the middle between the morning breakfast and the night dinner.

Comparing to the morning breakfast, taking lite lunch is the best option for the 9 to 5 schedule workers.

Otherwise, the kids and school -goers need to eat lunch with a blend of multiple nutrients and tasty foods.

Kids are active and they are energetic and playful. So offering a satisfying lunch is the best option.

After breakfast, lunch is the only healthy food option until reaching their home. So offering healthy lunch is too important.

Skipping lunch is one of the bad options. Most people skip this meal to lose their overweight.

But it is not a healthy option. For your long-lasting energy lunch recipes are more essential ones.

Preparing perfect lunch recipes are not only for the kids but also for elderly people who need to make healthy lunch.

Taking lightweight lunch is perfect for elderly people. Taking water-content and easily digestive recipes is recommending.

As per the age, the limited amount of calories of intake totally varies from person to person. So we offer different recipes.

For your kids, growth and mental health offering the balanced lunch is very important. For mom, it is a great challenge.

School lunch box recipes need to be tasty, delicious and routine dishes are bored for our little kids.

So, here we offer multiple easy preparing lunch for your healthy kids. Try all these lunch recipes.

People Also Ask

What are some ideas to prepare quick and healthy lunches for school?Preparing a tasty and healthy lunch is the toughest task for the housewives and home moms. There are multiple dishes that are easily preparing for your childern's delicious lunch box recipes. Usage of millets and multiple varieties of dosas and idly varieties are the most suitable lunch box recipes. Other than that, multiple varieties of rice and Rava and semiya recipes are waiting for your lunch box recipes.
What are the best recipes for school tiffin boxes?Simple bread recipes, noodles, idlers, Egg fried rice and pasta, salads and paneer recipes are the energy filling lunches. Grain, millets are the energy filling ingredients to prepare the delighting lunch food recipes. These are the mineral filling content and best supplements to consume as a lightweight food. There are multiple gluten-free recipes are here to decorate your wonderful lunch recipes. Find them for your lunch recipes.
What are some quick and easy lunch box recipes?Healthy oats dishes and chapati rolls are the ever-lovings as well as quick recipes to prepare for school lunches. The addition of egg, noodles, fresh veggies is the food component that helps to prepare the easy and fast lunch box recipes. Working-class people are often looking for a healthy diet as well as low-calorie foods for this preparation. Whether it is a simple veg recipe or the grant meat items all are the best for preparing the lunch recipes.
Any great ideas on healthy lunch for schoolers?Healthy school lunches are now too easy for home moms. Especially the addition of curd and milk products is enough. These are the different milk products that offer more minerals and calcium for the growth of our kids. It is the simple recipe, easily adding with the fruits and fresh veggies. Try these milk recipes. From the break of the routine dishes, it is the best option for preparing new dishes for lunch.
What do Indian parents pack in lunch boxes for school kids?Preparing an easy eating recipe is mostly recommending from the school, college and working people. For the healthy lunch box recipes, the preparation of fruit and fresh blend foods is the ever-loving option. Sometimes, the addition of banana, grapes, and apple are the easily available fruits offering the best taste. So, try these ingredients and get the wonderful lunch recipes for your light and energetic meal preparation.

25 Types of  Lunch Box Recipes

1. Dahi Poha

Dahi poha is the delicious North-Indian recipe preparing with the numerous spices and herbs of Indian cooking.

It is the delicious recipe prepares with the use of curd and flattened rice. Try this for your yummy lunch.

Besides, cumin and ginger are the perfect blends for the preparation of this delicious curd recipe.

Curd is the primary cooling agent. So, it is a suitable mouth-watering summer dish for kids and adults.

2. Arai Keerai Masiyal

Green leaves are the potential nutrient elements offering more vitamins and anti-oxidants properties.

Not only for the kids but also the pregnant ladies are often advising to consume the healthy green leaves.

The blend of green chilies, ghee, asafoetida, and tamarind are the different combination offer delicious taste.

Prepare this delicious recipe for your healthy lunch. All will love this recipe and will be one of the favorites dishes.

3. Carrot Capsicum Poriyal

Carrot capsicum is a colorful dish suitable for steaming rice. Add this Carrot Capsicum Poriyal recipe for your kids' delicious lunch dish.

All these ingredients are easily available. So, fast easy delicious recipes are ready for your lunch.

Carrot is the vitamin enrich as well as a sweet veggie. So, the kids are easily falling for the sweet taste.

Other than that, capsicum comes with multiple colors and anti-oxidant elements are fills in this veggie.

4. Suji ka Upma

Upma with the delicious coconut chutney is the wonderful combination for most of our breakfast.

But multiple varieties of dishes and variations all can easily prepare through this simple ingredient.

Enough addition of fruits, ghee, tomato is offering a different tone to this wonderful recipe.

So, a colorful and healthy recipe is waiting for your delicious lunch preparation. Try this recipe.

5. Urulai varuval

Fried potato is the spicy and delicious recipe matching for the lemon rice and other rice varieties.

Usage of ginger and garlic paste offering the spicy taste to this veggie fry. All will love this recipe.

With the hot rice, this oil recipe easily Blend and offering the complete taste to this vegetarian dish.

Try this simple dish at your home. All will easily fall for this delicious spicy fry. Give your try.

6. Carrot Poriyal

There are multiple shades of carrot dishes are preparing along with the multiple nutrient veggies and fruits.

But it is the simple dish preparing only with the main ingredient of the fresh vegetable carrot.

Adding the red chilly offering the minimal spiciness and enough taste to this wonderful recipe.

For the kids, it is mild but the ever-loving combination easily suits the hot white rice.

7. Egg Pasta Recipe

Egg pasta rice is the central and ever-loving lunch recipe for the kids, adults and working people.

Tomato, fenugreek seeds, and egg are the multiple healthy ingredients offering the richness to this dish.

Not only pasta otherwise macron is also easily used for this delicious lunch dish preparation.

Try this colorful dish. Within a short span of time, this dish can easily be prepared for school lunch.

8. Tomato Vermicelli

Tomato vermicelli is the delicious lunch recipe for your school kids. It is the delicious spicy recipe.

The addition of Garlic and onion offering the crunchy taste to this lunch box recipe. Try these recipes.

Not only vermicelli, urad dhal, and Bengal gram are offering the protein richness to this delicious recipe.

Try this delicious recipe for your healthy lunch recipe. All will enjoy this simple recipe. Give your try.

9. Drumstick Leaves Rice

Drumstick leaves are a wonderful energy source for the kids and adults. So, it is the best choice for lunch recipes.

Mustard seeds, red chili and limited usage of oil are the delicious recipes for this lunch recipe.

Usage of urad dhal is the perfect combination for this delicious recipe. For eye-catching color add some turmeric powder.

It is a delicious dish matching to the hot rice. Prepare this Drumstick Leaves rice for your delicious lunch box recipe.

10. Tuvar Dal Toast

For the modern kitchen, there are multiple toast recipes are waiting to arrange your delicious lunch.

Soaking tuvar dhal is the main ingredient using for this delicious recipe. So, try some extra herbs.

Dhania, black pepper, and chili powder are the delicious ingredients adding for this special dish.

This enough stuff is perfectly supplying to the bread slices. Try this Tuvar Dal Toast recipe at your home kitchen.

11. Palak Rice

Palak Rice

Palak rice or palak biryani is the delicious spicy variety rice preparing for the lunch box recipe.

Ginger, garlic paste, cloves, cardamom, and mint leaves are the perfect addition for this rice.

Palak is the healthy leaves that carry multiple vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidant elements in a single ingredient.

However, the palak rice is the wonderful recipe when it served with curd it offers a different taste.

12. Akki Roti

Akki Roti

Akki roti is the delightful recipe preparing with the base of the rice flour rather than wheat flour.

It is the Tamil chapati that offers enough taste and carbohydrate filling nutrients to our body.

The right texture of kneading the flour is the important one for this preparation of this chapati.

Serving with the dish along with the paneer gravy or other spicy gravy offering the delightful taste.

13. Sesame Rice

Sesame Rice

Sesame seed powder is the base for the wonderful rice recipe and offers enough healthy nutrients.

To add the taste, carrot and groundnuts are adding into this delicious spicy variety rice recipe.

Chilies and tamarind are perfectly using in this rice recipe. So, it will be an easy dish to prepare.

It is the soft and hot rice preparing with a suitable balance of sour and spice. So, prepare this Sesame rice recipe for your lunch.

14. Dal Rice

Dal Rice

Though dal is the protein enrich food ingredient. So preparing this dish is a delicious choice for cooking.

Ginger, garlic paste, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and green chilies are the perfect combination.

Addition of onion, caraway seeds, and lemon are the perfect ingredients using for this rice recipe.

Dal is the protein enrich rice recipe perfectly serving along with the curd or raita. Try this Dal Rice recipe.

15. Tomato Spaghetti

Tomato Spaghetti

Whenever we going for a grant party and delicious dinner this spaghetti is the ever-loving recipe.

Now, this delicious rich recipe is preparing along with the tomato. Try this recipe for your lunch.

Addition of tomato, onion, red chili flakes is giving the loving tone to this simple rice recipe.

Black pepper, lemon, and tomato ketchup are the spicy and aromatic ingredients adding into this simple recipe.

16. Fried Chapati

Fried Chapati

Simple and plain chapatis are the wonderful choice for your delicious lunch recipe and it saves time.

The preparation of chapati is the simple one. But when you prepare more chapatis it can easily use for lunch.

Just the addition of red chili powder and mustard seeds are giving the spicy flavor to this tasty recipe.

They are cutting into the simple slices and offering the spicy tone to this lunch recipe. Try this dish.

17. Meetha Rice Recipe

Meetha Rice

Meetha rice is sweet as well as the delicious recipe can easily prepare at our home with limited ingredients.

The plain cup of rice is using for the delightful rice recipe with the addition of ghee and milk.

Cardamom seeds, dry dates, and sugar are the perfect food ingredients using for this special rice preparation.

Almonds are the ever-loving nut perfectly adding into this sweet rice recipe. Try this rice for lunch.

18. Potato egg recipe

Potato Egg Recipe

Potato egg rice recipe is the famous variety of rice recipe perfectly suits for the lunchtime meal.

This potato is the carb food and the addition of the egg and multiple spices offering enough taste to this dish.

Coriander powder, pepper powder are the two main spices adding for the food preparation. Try this food.

Moreover, Oil, turmeric powder, and chili powder are giving the spicy tone to this special rice recipe. Try this dish.

19. Egg Semiya Pulao

Egg Semiya Pulao

Semiya pulao is a delicious and spicy dish. Equal to the biryani there are multiple herbs and ingredients that are added into this recipe.

Lavang, bay leaf, cinnamon sticks, red chili powder are the effective ingredients using for this pulao dish.

Addition of black pepper giving the wonderful base for this rice recipe. It is the dish famous in North-India.

Usage of Cashew nut, star anise, ginger, and garlic are using for this spicy rice preparation at our home.

20. Moong dal Cheela

Moong dal Cheela

Moong dhal cheela is the delicious and spicy north-Indian breakfast recipe. Try this recipe for lunch.

Basically, it is the tasty chapati recipe stuffed with the moong dal, potato, carrot, and tomato.

Ginger, garlic, black pepper, and green peas are using for this delicious preparation of the dish.

With the base of the moong dhal, this special chapati preparing with the vitamin-enriched ingredients.

21. Rajgira Recipes

Rajgira Recipe

Rajgira thalipith is an Indian recipe that looks like chapati. Preparation of this dish offering a spicy tone.

The addition of Cumin seeds, Potato, ginger, and green chili are the base of this delightful recipe.

Raigira is the special flour using for the preparation of the traditional dish. So try this recipe.

Whenever you looking for a new and delicious dish it is the best choice. Try this dish and offer it to your family.

22. Kambu Dosai

Kambu Dosa

Kambu dosa is a delicious recipe and so simple one. The addition of kambu and urad dhal is a perfect combo for this recipe.

To offer the traditional taste to the recipe, green chili and onions ar adding into this recipe.

Ginger, Cumin, coriander leaves are offering the minerals as well as enough flavor to this recipe.

Moreover, While our dosa preparation crispy texture is an important one. So add some rice flour for this lunch dosa.

23. Vetrilai Poondu Curry Sadam

Vetrilai Poondu Curry

Betel leaves with the addition of the garlic is a unique and new recipe. So, try this mouth-watering recipe.

Most of the kids are often looking for a new and innovative dish. For them, try this new rice recipe.

Cumin seeds, garlic tomato, and dry chilies are the perfect combination for the easy preparation of this variety rice recipe.

Tamarind is the simple and sour taste offering the completeness to this rice recipe. Try this dish.

24. Chilli Idli

Chilli idly

Chili idly is the delicious recipe preparing with enough spices. For the cooks and housewives, it is the Typical South-Indian dish.

Moreover, the area of Karaikal is the staple food preparing with the simple cooking procedure.

Cabbage, carrot, and curry leave also adding into this wonderful lunch recipe. Taste this spicy dish.

For the kids, who are looking for the delicious spicy lunch box recipe. It is an apt one. So, try this chili idli.

25. Japanese Omelette

Japanese Omelette

Omelette is the yummy combination of side dishes preparing from the simple egg and salt and pepper.

For the omelet lover, we are presenting the traditional and special Japanese omelet recipe.

The multiple additions of fresh veggies and chili powder are offering the yummy taste to this dish.

Add some coriander leaves, they will be offering the super and ever-loving texture to this egg recipe.