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Posted By : Elavarsan , 07/04/2020

Delicious mouth watering kofta recipes - Vegetable and meat kofta recipes

Kofta is a meatball dish that holds a special place in Indian cuisine. This kofta recipe is very famous all over the world.

The recipes in kofta are in dozens in varieties. Kofta is a fresh meatball with a mixture of spices.

Kofta is in cooked as well as uncooked or raw form. Raw kofta is made in turkey which is named cig kofta.

In Indian cuisine, kofta is mostly made as a vegetarian dish. This uses in potato, paneer, and banana as main ingredients.

Kofta can be cooked as a tasty masala curry and a spicy gravy. This kofta gravy is often served with fresh meals or slices of bread.

This recipe is a favorite side dish in Europe. Some parts serve this kofta in gravy form as well as the dry form which is kebabs.

Kofta holds two varieties in India. They are vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Both are tasty and flavorful dishes.

Generally, meat is mixed with a smooth paste of rice and vegetables. After mixing the all, the ball is made with different approaches.

In fact, you can grill, steam, fry, poach, ake or marinate the kofta balls. Then the rich spicy sauce is the best combo for this.

Instead of using meat, kofta can be made from seafood like fish. Kofta is available in the patty, meatball and cigar shapes.

Malai kofta is a famous kofta recipe that is creamy gravy. This recipe clearly holds special flavors on it.

Kota recipes are easy to make at home. Here, you can find more about the different kofta recipes and their preparation methods.

People Also Ask

What is your favorite Kofta recipe?Kofta is a favorite and famous recipe worldwide. There are various kofta recipes available in different flavors. Anyone can make this recipe using vegetables, meat, and fish. Our favorite and special kofta recipe is the delicious banana kofta. Generally, banana is the readily available fruit in every household. So preparing the kofta in a banana is not a big deal. The flavor of banana and the other spices will give extraordinary flavor to this recipe. Thus, try this delicious easy banana kofta recipe.
What is a perfect recipe for malai kofta?Malai kofta is a famous and famous recipe in Indian cuisine. This recipe uses special ingredients to make the dish wonderful. This is a very popular dish made of vegetables like potato and paneer. Similarly, this is available with rich creamy gravy. The fried kofta ball gives extraordinary flavor to this recipe. Various versions are available in making kofta recipe. Onion and tomato in the gravy give a special classy flavor. Try this delicious malai kofta recipe simply at home.
How to make vegetarian kofta?Vegetarian kofta is the most popular dish in Indian cuisine. Of course, using your favorite veggies will help in getting good nutrients. You can use all kinds of veggies like potatoes, paneer, cauliflower, carrot, and beans. Besides that, you can also use cabbage, corn too. Vegetable kofta recipe is always a simple making dish. This is a very common and special recipe in all the restaurants in India. You can make this vegetarian kofta with curry or gravy of your choice. Serve this kofta on special occasions and parties.
What is the best way to cook kofta?Kofta is a special recipe that needs a perfect cooking method to get a better taste. You can simply cook a kofta recipe at home. Choosing fresh meat is the most important factor while making kofta. In case you are cooking veg kofta, then choose fresh vegetables. Finely paste all ingredients which give a fantastic texture to the kofta ball. Make creamy curry or gravy for this recipe. Use finely chopped veggies and special masalas for gravy. Finally, give a try to this delicious kofta gravy recipe simply at home.
What are some different kofta recipes?Kofta recipes are always different and flavorful. They are available in plenty of varieties and flavors depend on places. The different kofta recipes are paneer, banana, bottle gourd, malai, and palak kofta. They are very tasty in flavors. Besides that, non-vegetarian kofta recipes like chicken kofta and mutton kofta are some different kofta recipes. Try all the varieties of kofta recipes at home. Therefore, this will be a great treat to all in the evening and also dinner times.

Collection 2 Of Kofta Recipes

1. Banana Kofta

banana kofta

Banana kofta is a healthy and yummy snack recipe. This is the most famous and unique kofta recipe for Indian cuisine.

First, all the ingredients, spices are made as a paste. Boil the banana for easy smashing and making of kofta balls.

Similarly, make the perfect shape banana balls. Since this will give a special outlook for this banana kofta recipe.

Banana holds rich nutrient contents like calcium and vitamins. Therefore, prepare and serve this recip[e to all age groups.

2. Kela Kofta Recipe

kela kofta

Kela kofta is a delicious dish popular among north Indian households and streetfoods. Generally, people call it as subji there.

Actually, this recipe holds all the vegetables not only in boiled form but also in fried form.

Hence it gives an awesome flavor to the texture.

In fact, the gravy of this kela kofta recipe is the major flavor. Since this will make everyone fall in love with this recipe.

To sum up, kela kofta is a yummiest and delicious recipe. Try this recipe at evening times and serve with bread or roti.