4 Best Indian Street Food Recipes Homemade Street Foods

Posted By : Elavarsan , 07/04/2020

Indian street food recipes - Famous and delicious recipes from Indian street foods

India is a country which has different peoples and cultures. But the only thing that unites India is street food.

Of course, India is the largest country that has numerous street foods. That all has different varieties and flavors.

You can't find a street without at least one food stall. Thus, every street in India is loaded with street food stalls.

One big advantage of street food is you can go anytime and eat. This will be more fun with friends and families.

The major plus of street food is that it is available at a reasonable price. Similarly, available with classy flavors.

While eating street food, you can enjoy the fresh air and relax for a minute.

This is an awesome feature right?

Street food is available in the sweet dishes as well as spicy dish flavors. There are a lot of street food lovers in India.

Nowadays, foreigners also become a fan of Indian street foods. They came to India especially for tasting foods.

Some of the vegetarian street foods are pani puri, bhel puri, sev puri, samosa, corn roast, pav bhaji, and vada pav.

Similarly, biryani, fish fry, chicken chilly, tandoori, omelet, egg-chicken paratha are some nonvegetarian foods.

Additionally, snacks such as sundal, corn, gulfi, vada, bajji, pakora, boli are some best street foods in India.

Moreover, idli, appam, dosa varieties are the healthy and best Indian street foods. Here you can find more about Indian street foods.

People Also Ask

What are the best street foods in India?India has enormous street food varieties comparing to other countries. The dishes and flavors differ among the places. For example, north India will have a lot of sweet foods. Similarly, south India will have a lot of spicy foods in the streets. But the chaat items of north India will be very spicy and mouth-watering. Paani puri, masala puri, bhel puri are famous. Other than this, kothu paratha, egg dosa, chili chicken, vada, bajji and fish fry are the most common Indian street foods.
What's your all-time favorite Indian street food?Indian street food contains plenty of tasty and yummy street foods. There are enormous lovers for all these food recipes. Paani poori is the all-time favorite street food of India. You can find a paani poori stall in every street of India. The poori with onion and liquid soup will give an extraordinary taste. Mashed potatoes with the mixture are the deadly flavors. Finally, the texture with chat masala topping will give a mouth-watering taste. This is all-time favorite Indian street food.
Which Indian city has the best street food?All Indian cities have a large number of street food dishes. They are Kolkatta, Mumbai, Delhi, Amritsar, and Chennai. But compared to all, Kolkatta has mouth-watering dishes. This city has a large population as well as large street food items. Some of the delicious street foods of Kolkatta are puchka, Kathi rolls, tele bhaja, aloo puri, ghugni, jhal muri and singara. These are the most famous and favorite street foods of Kolkatta. Try all the recipes whenever you go to Kolkatta.
What are some good street food dish ideas in India?In general, there are various street foods that reside in India. They have become the major identity of the cities in India. India has street foods like chaats, noodles, tiffin items and also Briyani. Besides that, there are a lot can add to this. Instead of going with fast food items, Indian street foods can make healthy foods using millets, spinach and sprouts. Moreover, there is enough number of food items. So, we can add soups, dumplings, and salads in Indian street foods.
Which are good healthy Indian street food?Actually, you can't find healthy food everywhere. But there are some street foods that have healthy compounds on that. Indian street foods such as roasted corn, sundal, dosa and idly varieties, bread omelet are the healthy ones. Other than this, boiled groundnut, badam milk, puttu and atho are some of the healthy Indian street food items. The snack items such as samosa, kachori, vada pav, pav bhaji, veg rolls, dal pakora are the healthy street foods.

 4 Tasty Collection Of Indian Street Foods

1. Fish Fry

Fish Fry

Fish fry is the most popular and favorite recipe of Indian street food. This is the crispy and flavorful recipe ever.

This recipe actually needs fish as the main ingredient. Therefore, choose the fish of your favorite for making this recipe.

The masala contents from chilly powder and pepper powder will give spicy fish fry. Use fresh oil for this fried recipe.

Fish fry is the best option during holidays and evenings. Give a try to this wonderful fish fry recipe simply at home.

2. Aloo Chop

Aloo chop

Aloo chop is the delicious and famous street food recipe of Indian cuisine. This is obviously a perfect nack box recipe.

This aloo chop recipe uses potato and egg as the main ingredients. Besides that, the onion will give a crunchy bite to the recipe.

In fact, the fried form of the recipe gives crispy flavor. This aloo chop is very easy to make a recipe at home.

Since it needs only the basic ingredients for making. Aloo chop is a crispy and crunchy recipe of Indian street food.

3. Bread Pakora

Bread Pakoda

Bread pakora is a famous and crispy recipe of south Indian cuisine. You can't find a street food without this pakora.

This recipe actually uses fresh bread for making delicious food. Similarly, besan flour gives a perfect coating to this.

The spices like red chilly and turmeric give flavor as well as colors. Moreover, ajwain is the main ingredient in this.

Generally, fried snacks are the favorite and flavorful recipes. Therefore, try this crispy recipe at evening times at home.

4. Chana Vada

Chana Vada

Chana vada is the most popular and delicious Indian street food. This recipe has huge lovers for this fantastic taste.

Usually, this chana vada recipe uses chana dal as the main ingredient. This is the main recipe in all south Indian events.

Besides that, onions and chili add an extra special flavor to the recipe. This chana vada is the best combo with sweet payasam.

To sum up, chana vada is a perfect street food recipe to prepare at home. Try this awesome vada recipe with sauce or chutney.