18 Easy To Cook Idli Recipes: 18+ Best South Indian Idlis To Taste

Posted By : Myilraj , 25/03/2020

Now, Let's Find the Various Idli Recipes and Learn How to Cook for Your Breakfast

Now, let me explain to you the value of Idli and few top Idli Recipes that can be easily cooked from home.

If you may move within the south, there are the best handful of dishes that you will never able to forget and one is Idlies.

However, it doesn't mean that there are fewer dishes there but still, they are more dietary recipes in the south.

Some dishes are extra famous than the others and one of the famous recipes is evergreen idli.

It is known as one of the famous dishes of the South Indian cuisine all over the Indian states.

This satisfactory food can be enjoyed with a mouth-watering sambhar and different types of coconut chutneys.

Most of the people also like to have garlic chutney, tomato chutney, pudina chutney for its extra tasty flavor.

Traditionally, idli is made with the usage of soaked basmati rice, urad dal, and fenugreek seeds.

The vitamin content material of idli is very high and most of the doctors suggest to have for patients.

It's far crucial to analyze extra things about the resources and features of vitamins that are available in food.

Energy has a close association with body weight. When our power consumption is greater than energy output, frame weight is going up.

Therefore, it is critical to pay attention to the balance between energy intake and output so one can hold healthy body weight.

Idli is a great meal of India which is made with steaming a fermented black gram and rice batter.

It makes a critical contribution to the weight loss plan by supplying essential protein, calories and nutrients, especially B-complex nutrients.

Other legumes include soybeans and Great Northern beans using instead of black grams in the cooking of idli.

People Also Ask

What is the Recipe for Idli?Idli is a conventional breakfast made in every South Indian family also called Rice Rava or par cooking rice. It is not only famous in Indian states but it has a great name in foreign countries like Singapore, Malaysia and even in the United States. Idlis are certainly vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, easy digestive and make for one of the healthiest breakfast. Soft idli may be made in 2 ways, one is the usage of rice and the other the use of idli Rava in your home.
What is Your Favorite Idli Recipe?Though Idli is origin from South India, still it is well-known for miles and available all across the country. There are many methods to prepare idli recipe and it's eating with varieties of chutneys. The traditional idli recipe is made the usage of rice flour and a few people make it using rava too. Most of the people love this idli recipe both are delicious and tasty through its flavor.
How to Make Soft Idli at Home?Idli is the healthiest breakfast of South India and is preparing by way of proper mixing urad dal and rice. In proper ratio soak them one by one in water for about four to 5 hours along with methi seeds. Mix the batter in content and then grid separately in a grinder until it comes to smooth and soft. Many people add two teaspoons of flattened rice and baking soda to make more fluffy idlis.
Which are Some of the Unique Varieties of Idli?Three are plenty of varieties of idlis are available in India and few of them are: 1.Ragi Idli Recipe- It is of the very easy to prepare recipe famous for its soft and nutritious. 2. Vegetable Idli Recipe-You can prepare this idli with rice and all the vegetable for a good diet plan. 3.Oats Idli Recipe- It is one of the famous healthy breakfast recipes which we can prepare instantly.
What are Some of the Delicious Idli Recipes?It is the only dish most of the people in India love to eat all seasons as a breakfast. There are plenty of delicious idli recipes are available and few of them are : 1. Soft idli recipe - It is one of the famous and delicious dishes because of its taste and flavor. 2. Colorful fried idli - You can prepare this recipe with leftover idli in the evening snacks. 3. Gravy fried idli - It is another one famous idli recipe that you can prepare with cheese also.

                              18 Different Types Of Recipes

1. Rajasthan Kura Idly Kaima

Kaima Idli

Rajasthan Kura Idly Kaima one of the famous Rajasthani breakfast prepared with different types of spices.

It is one of the quick snack recipe made with rice, tomatoes, curry leaves, Indian masalas, and mustard seeds, etc.

And also Rajasthan idly Kaima is easy and simple to make a recipe that you can easily cook this recipe within 20 to 30 minutes.

You can prepare this for any special occasions and your kids would love to eat for lunch and evening snacks with tea.

2. Spicy Methi Leaf Idli

Methi Leaf Idli

This Methi idli is one of the famous breakfasts in India especially Karnataka prepared with methi leaves and idli batter.

There are thousands of different varieties of idli recipes which is a gluten-free and vegan breakfast to eat all the time.

You can prepare this spicy as well as sweet breakfast and serve with coconut chutney or pudina chutney for taste.

Methi leaves are rich in vitamins they prevent anemia and helps digestion, weight loss control and good for hair loss.

3. Chilli Bread

Chilli Bread

Bread idli comes under the categorized as a south Indian dish prepare with seeds and bread with ghee or butter.

Most of the people don't want to take a tedious process of making it any recipes at home for their breakfast.

Hence nowadays life has become so simple with bread and butter in our day to day activity to make it easy for everything.

It is one of the easy to make a quick breakfast menu and you can prepare this within 10 minutes. Happy cooking!

4. Kanchipuram Idli

Kanchipuram idli

Kanchipuram idlis are a famous variety of idlis that are preparing especially in Tamilnadu and Kerala regions.

It is the naivetya to Bhagwan Vishnu in the Varadarajan perumal temple in kanchipuram place.

The preparation of these idlis is steamed in a basket with bauhinia plant leaves and with saltwater in it.

And these idlis are served with chutney and spiced with cumin, pepper and ginger powder for better flavor.

5. Thalimpu Idly

Masala Idli

Thalimpu idli is also called mini idli tadka is one of the best snacks in the evening or lunch box for kids.

It is also one of the famous south Indian breakfast for veggies with all seasoning to eat delicious idlis.

You can prepare this Idly with less effort in your home with minimum simple ingredients like rice, batter, etc.

You can cook this in about 20 to 30 minutes in your home of healthy and good breakfast recipes.

6. Oats Vegetable Idly

Oats Idli

If you starving then oats are very healthy to the human body enough to cover your stomach the whole day.

It is the best diet plan to lose weight as it contains full of fiber, nutritious and vitamins and proteins for you.

Along with oats, you can add some rava and yogurt for taste and baking soda to get soft idlis to eat restaurant-style.

So today in this article I am going to share delicious oats with mixed vegetables recipe details so stay connected here.

7. Grilled Idly Veg Sandwich

Grilled Idly Veg Sandwich

Idli sandwich is one of the innovative and creative ideas of cooking idli with entirely something new traditional method.

It is one of the traditional recipes with a twist and creative recipe in most of the restaurants to attract customers.

You can prepare this in your home only by using leftover idlis and varieties of different vegetables for diet.

The normal preparation time is within 10 to 20 minutes and serve it for breakfast or snacks or lunch boxes for kids.

8. Barley Idlis

Barley Idli

Are you looking for a good breakfast to start your good day? then you must try this barley idli today.

It is one of the modified versions of snacks prepared with a batter of barley, rice, and urad dal for taste.

Barley Idlis are famous for different varieties with colors, flavors, shapes and of course more healthy recipes for you.

This is only the idli recipe that can able to prepare without oil and easy to digest within a few hours.

9. Stuffed Masala Idly

Stuffed Masala Idli

If you are bored of getting the equal old regular idli over and over, then I would suggest you try this stuffing masala recipe.

It is one of the super delicious idlis preparing with a roasted potato peas masala to enhance the taste.

However, it is one of the lovely recipes for kids for their lunch and also you can take this for your long travel.

Stuffed masala idly is rich in proteins, vitamins, fiber, nutritions and you can cook this recipe within 20 to 30 minutes.

10. Banana Idlis

Banana Idli

It is one of the easy recipes that you can prepare with ripened bananas as your breakfast.

Moreover, it is very easy to prepare in your home within 10 minutes instant recipe for your tiffin or snack.

Do prepare this Banana idli once in your home like any special occasion and enjoy this delicious recipe.

It is one of the favorite recipes for babies, toddlers, and kids to have it during the morning or lunch.

11. Idli Shaped Cakes With Decoration

Idli Shaped Cake

It is one of the favorites and quick kids friendly recipes that can able to prepare without oven in your house.

The tastes of these idlis are very similar like devious cake and very soft to eat and feel the taste at your mouth.

It is preparing with rava, chocolate sauce, nuts, fruity, dry fruits and some amount of honey for taste.

You can easily prepare this within 15 minutes and it can serve as evening snacks and morning breakfast.

12. Idli Manchurian

Idli Manchurian

This is a great south Indian recipe preparing with a traditional touch and is loved by everyone.

Idli Manchurian is a great way to use leftover idlis in your home to prepare a quick breakfast recipe in the early morning.

To prepare this delicious idli Manchurian you need to use medium or large-sized idlis basket for design.

Click here to learn more about the ingredients and cooking methods of Idli Machnurian in your home. Cook and serve your family.

13. Sweet Corn Stuffed Idli

Sweet Corn Stuffed Idli

It is one of the famous north Indian breakfasts but loved by all over the country and widespread across the world.

These are very so smooth to eat and it just melts in your mouth like ice cream to eat at any time in a day.

Sweet Corn Stuffed Idli is preparing with ginger, sweetcorn, masala to kick start your day with energy and boost power with corns.

This recipe contains more nutrients, vitamins, fiber for your healthy diet program plan and to reduce your weight.

14. Idli Batten Balls

Idli Batter Bonda

Idli Batten Balls are one of the good ways to finish your leftover idli batter in your home with a scrumptious dish.

All you need to prepare this delicious batten balls is leftover idlis, batter vegetables and your favorite spicy.

It is one of the alternatives and instant recipes to cook in your home easily with fewer efforts at any time.

You can serve this recipe for breakfast, evening snacks, kids' lunch boxes, and something light food.

15. Rava Idli Stuffed With Mix Of Potato & Capsicum

Rava Idli

Rava idli is one of the healthiest breakfasts because it includes veggies as stuffing without oil in a recipe.

You can prepare this recipe with some potatoes, tomatoes, and vegetables to give more flavor to idlis.

It is very light food to enjoy anytime with your favorite vegetables and spices in your home.

I am pretty sure you will love this recipe and you just follow this article to find more details of idlis.

16. Fried Masala Idli

Fried Masala Idli

Fried idli or masala idli is one of the great sources of nutrition, patients, vitamins and light food.

Apart from many recipes with leftover idlis, masala idlis are the tasty and crispy ones to prepare it.

It is very easy to prepare this tasty recipe for a snack made with Indian masalas like red chili powder.

You can use red chili powder and pav bhaji masala powder for a lesser spicy taste and better flavor.

17. Suji Ki Idli

Suji Ki Idli

Rava idli or suji ka idli the best collection recipe from the famous south Indian breakfast recipes list.

It as prepares with rava, vegetables, Indian masalas for taste served with coconut chutney or sauce.

Suji Ki Idli prepared at home whenever we need some easy and fast making breakfast recipes in the early morning.

This is the best light food for all people and whenever you feel illness also you can have it for good health.

18. Idli Upma

Idli Upma

This is a great way of cooking leftover idlis in your home in different ways and a variety of cooking methods.

The idli fry, Indian Manchurian, masala idli, kheema idli are different ways to use leftover idlis in your home.

It is one of the fast preparation recipes in your home within 10 minutes for your breakfast as well as snacks.

Idli upma is the best way to enjoy your evening snacks or early morning healthy breakfast. enjoy the food!