22 Healthy Breakfast Recipes: Keep Yourself Fresh All Day

Posted By : Myilraj , 30/03/2020

Skipping Healthy Breakfast Recipes is no More as You Can Easily Cook Following

Find a great collection of healthy breakfast recipes that can be easily prepared in minutes from your home.

Despite any reason, it's very important to eat breakfast without skipping. Breakfast gives you all the essential nutrients for all day.

Breakfast is the essential one and offering good source energy for the overall body functionality.

In our routine meal breakfast plays its vital role. Hence it offers fuel for the brain and other body parts.

To reduce their overweight, many people are skipping their healthy morning breakfast. But is not sounds good.

According to research, the loss of more calories and the imbalance of nutrients leads to gain overweight than before.

After the overnight, breakfast is the right time to eat and get the fulfilling energy for the better functionality of our body.

While taking our breakfast, it should enrich with carbs, proteins, iron, calcium, and other important antioxidants.

After a great gap between the twelve hours, all these nutrients are restoring the factory for our body performance.

As per our daily work, we regularly take the veggies, fruits, millets, and meat to compensate for the daily nutrients.

However, the doctors have their diet schedule for men women and children and they keenly describe how much calories to consume.

The balance of the elements in a single breakfast is not a possible one. So, consuming the overall from various veggies is the best choice.

Good breakfast involves the overall functionality and growth development of the kids and toddlers.

Moreover, many of us not able to consume the full nutrients like calories, proteins and essential fat contents.

So, lightweight and energy filling contents are recommending for the regular dishes on our breakfast table.

For your easy way of cooking here we offer multiple and easy preparing healthy breakfast for your daily meal.

People Also Ask

What Are Some Good, Healthy Breakfast Meals?The modern lifestyle offers various gluten foods and unhealthy fast foods. Some, preparing healthy breakfast is a crucial one. Our healthy breakfast recipes can be adding with egg whites, limited calories, minerals, and other essential vitamins. In our Indian breakfast, all these elements are filling one. So try to intake all these healthy nutrients in our breakfast. Idlies, protein enrich sambar, fiber filling are the staple breakfast procedure following in our breakfast.
What Are Some Healthy and Quick Breakfasts?Indian parents are now more workaholic. So, preparing a fast and quick breakfast is a suitable choice. Now a day kids are looking for tasty and stomach filling breakfast for their energy-boosting morning. Adding fruits, nuts, whole grains, and fresh crunchy veggies is the best idea to prepare a healthy breakfast. Dried nuts and fruits are now multiple in numbers. So, easy and fast preparing ingredients are ready to start your tasty breakfast recipes.
What Are the Best Healthy Breakfast Recipes?Delicious breakfast recipes are multiple in numbers with multiple collections of spices and veggies. Of course, vitamin containing veggies help to prepare the healthy salads for your yummy breakfast. Taking boiled egg also recommending one and essential part of the healthy breakfast in Indian food style. Fitness folks to young kids all are loving this simple but healthy part of the meal for their fulfilling breakfast recipe.
What Are Some Easy Recipes for Breakfast?Not only solid food recipes but also the simple and easy consuming smoothies also recommending for the healthy breakfast. Easily preparing muffins, toasts ad salads are the satisfying meals for your energy morning breakfast. For the fitness lover, these food items come with a low amount of calories and benefits of vitamins and fibers. Try all these healthy and easy preparing recipes for your wonderful Indian style of food preparation.
What Are Some Healthy Recipes or Meals for Kids?First of all, kids are lovers of the sweet and tangy taste. In our Indian breakfast recipes are fills with such tastes. Preparing sweet chutneys from healthy fruits and veggies are superb recipes in our Indian culinary food preparation. Kid-friendly foods with the addition of butter and cheese are the healthy ones for the perfect morning breakfast. Parathas, sandwiches, naans, idlers, and rice all are preparing with the sweet tone food preparation in our Indian food recipe.

23 Delicious and Healthy Breakfast Recipes

1. Dahi Poha

Dahi poha is the delicious north-Indian recipe and it is the perfect choice for your energy breakfast.

Though it is flattening rice offer multiple volumes of carbohydrate within this lightweight food.

From kids to elderly people it is the favorite Indian food recipe and found in every household of North-India.

Adding cumin seeds, coriander and mustard seeds are offering a different tone to the curd and all will love this recipe.

2. Sorekai Palya

Bottle gourd is the main ingredient of this delicious and energy filling breakfast recipes and all will love this simple dish.

Besides the addition of chana dhal is offering a unique and different flavor to this healthy breakfast.

Though it is the simple dish preparing with the easily available spices and ingredients. Try this Sorekai Palya recipe at your home.

However, it is an important veggie that contains the essential detoxifying elements needs for our body. So, try this healthy veggie.

3. Tomato Coconut Chutney

Using raw tomato is the wonderful choice for preparing a healthy easy breakfast recipe for your delicious morning.

Instead of this tomato, other veggies can produce raw smell and taste. So, most of them preparing after the deep fry.

Tomato chutney preparation is a different one after the preparation of this chutney, light fry is following in the cooking method.

So, for your fast and easy chutney preparation is the immediate choice for healthy breakfast preparation.

4. Fruit Dosa

Dosa is one of the delicious and ever-loving dishes in the list of south-Indian food preparation methods.

There are multiple varieties of dosas are available in this broad category. Making this dish unique is the best choice.

Fruits are a delightful combination of this dosa recipe and kids are the lovers for this sweet and nutrient enrich dish.

Small mango slices and pomegranate are the colorful and sour taste providers for this simple easy breakfast.

5. Carrot Capsicum Poriyal

Lightweight foods and fresh veggies are effective supplements to offer a great meal for your breakfast.

In this crunchy breakfast recipe and tasty vegetable Carrot is the primary and eye-catching ingredient.

Perfect supplement of Vitamin A and carotene are effective sources to delighting energy for your meal.

The colorful combination of capsicum adds the extra outlook to this simple and easy preparing meal. Have your delicious breakfast.

6. Suji Ka Upma

Upma is the lightweight dish common to all the north-Indian and South-Indian recipes with multiple varieties.

Rava usage is the base of this staple breakfast preparation with multiple tasty ingredients along with spices.

Adding fruits are the eye-catching flavor for this delicious recipe and kids will loving it more.

While searching the best and tasty Rava recipe this suji upma is the instant choice try this rava recipe.

7. Samai Pongal

Samai Pongal is the traditional and protein enrich traditional recipe adds with a variety of spices.

To offer the creamy texture to this dhal moong dhal is adding to this traditional tasty recipe.

Besides, the cumin seeds and pepper are the flavors filling ingredients that help to prepare this Pongal dish.

For the Pongal lovers, it can be the flavorful and lip-smacking dish to all. Try this special Pongal.

8. Beetroot Fry Recipe

Shredded beetroot poriyal is the common staple food and recommending to add at least weekly once is the better choice.

Moreover, the kids and women this is the recipe easily increase the blood circulation. Try this beetroot recipe.

It is the simple dish that required only the staple ingredients like curry leaves and mustard seeds.

For the balance of sweet and spicy poriyal, it will be the best choice. Try this Beetroot Fry recipe at your home.

9. Samai Adai

Little millet is the fantastic nutrient filling ingredient that carries minerals like iron, calcium and potassium.

Due to the addition of moong dhal is the secondary fillers offering the delicious taste to this adai recipe.

Ginger, chilies, fennel is offering an excellent taste to this simple traditional recipe adai.

Saamai adai is the healthy breakfast recipe suits to all group try this recipe to offer an innovative taste.

10. Red Chili Coconut Chutney

Coconut chutney is the fast and staple breakfast recipe for your yummy and healthy morning breakfast.

Kerala and Other south-Indian coastal areas are frequently preparing this delicious chutney for their breakfast.

Red chili is the main spicy ingredient and adding wonderful color to this tasty breakfast recipe.

Within 30 minutes, all can easily prepare this dish. Give your tasty try for this recipe.

11. Kara Chutney for Dosa

Kara chutney is the spicy ingredient perfect side dish to all the major recipes of Indian breakfast.

Whether it is a soft butter naan or the pepper filling Pongal kara chutney is the fantastic combination.

It is the dish getting its authentic spiciness from pepper and green chilies and ginger-garlic too.

To reduce the over spicy tone and add eye-catching taste and color tomato is adding to this recipe.

12. Avarakkai Sambar

For the gravy and creamy texture lovers, traditional sambar recipes are the best choice for your healthy breakfast.

The addition of toor dal is undoubtedly a protein enrich ingredient and equally matching to the white rice.

Further, adding tamarind powder and cloves are producing the native taste and aroma to this delicious sambar.

Try this delicious traditional sambar at your home. Fiber filling avaraikkai offers a delicious taste to this dish.

13. Poondu Chutney

Garlic is the blood purifying and anti-oxidant rich element for our healthy manner of daily food intake.

To remove the pungent taste, the addition of tamarind and thick sesame oil offers the signature taste to the recipe.

Are you looking for the good and tasty chutney recipes to delight your family members? then try this recipe.

This sweet-spicy mixture taste of chutney is the best and ever-loving dish for all. Try this tasty chutney.

14. Murungakkai Sambar

There are multiple sambar recipes are available in this south-Indian style of food preparation.

To get the lip-smacking taste multiple spices and masalas are using in this traditional dish.

Asafoetida is the aromatic spice adding at the end of this sambar preparation to get a unique flavor.

Fenugreek, coriander are the main ingredients to get the authentic taste of this sambar recipe.

15. Egg Pasta Recipe

Egg macaroni is the healthy and delicious breakfast recipe preparing as the regular dish of South-India.

Exotic taste and its flavor are perfectly merging to the pasta and macaroni. It is an ever-loving fusion dish.

The base of the Indian masala and outlook of the Creamy pasta is a delightful one for your yummy breakfast.

For the creamy pasta lovers, it will be the big treat to try this deliciously creamy recipe at your home.

16. Tomato Vermicelli

Tomato Vermicelli or Kichadi is the staple breakfast recipe serving in the yummy breakfast of South-India.

The addition of urad dhal, Indian spices, and green chili is the mouth-watering component of this recipe.

Along with the spiciness, tangy taste offers a juicy flavor to this dish. Try this recipe at your home.

It is the only recipe vary from the regular kichadi. So, taste this new dish with your family.

17. Murungai Keerai Sambar

Moreover, this dish is a wonderful one in taste, as well as the fitness freaks, can eat as a lightweight food.

The full filling iron content is the major reason for adding this greeny into our daily breakfast.

Sambar is one of the delicious recipes when it preparing with the nutrient base all will love this.

Try this lip-smacking sambar at your home. It can be the crowd-pleasing dish for your family.

18. Kathirikai Murungakkai Sambar

Veggies are power-pack ingredient carries the more antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins over the meat ingredients.

Most of the lightweight meals are preparing from the veggie. So, try this veggie dish at your kitchen.

The combination of brinjal and drumsticks are a wonderful one for your healthy breakfast recipes.

To get the traditional taste along with the two different veggies, this Kathirikai Murungakkai sambar is the perfect recipe.

19. Ponnanganni Keerai Poriyal

Ponnanganni keerai is the supplementary breakfast recipe that perfectly suits to your morning breakfast.

This greeny leaf carrying the powerful antioxidant that mostly helpful to the wellness of eyes.

Adding this poriyal with your weekly meal schedule, you won't care about your eye health.

So, try to add this recipe at least twice in a month. It is the tasty recipe loved by all. Give your try.

20. Ragi Mudde

Ragi ball is a famous and healthy rural dish offering eminent nutrients to our body fitness.

Taking regular millet recipes like this ragi ball will easily reduce your overweight. So, try this recipe for your healthy breakfast recipes.

Apart from calories, protein enrich dishes are playing a vital role in our diet plan schedule.

So, try to add more antioxidants and mineral elements to this perfect dish. Taste this protein fill ragi ball.

21. Samai Upma

Upma is the recipe preparing with the perfect steaming base of millet and other minerals enrich millets.

Samai is the delicious and healthy nutrient filing content most of the time adding into the south-Indian dish.

To give the break from the regular dish try this delicious and healthy recipe preparing from samai millet.

For the fitness lover try this recipe for your morning breakfast, surely it will be the lightweight food for you.

22. Thinai Adai

Thinai with the addition of moong dhal, toor dhal offers the unique flavor to this typical adai recipe.

Adai is the small flatten dosa like recipe preparing with a healthy meal like wheat and millets.

Thinai is the perfect and easily available millet and the preparation of the dish is too easy.

To change your food style with the relishing taste try this recipe at your home and enjoy your breakfast.