Ever Green Peas Recipes: 16 Dish Cook Restaurant Style

Posted By : Myilraj , 31/03/2020

From pasta to Hummus, Green Peas Recipes are Widely Used Eatable. Find a Variety of Dishes Here.

The Green Peas are used to add greens to our food. Find a variety of green peas recipes to cook a versatile veggie food for your lunch and dinner.

Green peas are the wonderful and easy preparing food ingredients mostly using in the pulaos and biryanis.

Eventually, the immature stage of the peas is suitable as the food ingredient. So, choose them in before ripe.

Not only the green peas but also the leaves of the peas are also using for the culinary purpose of China.

It is the protein enrich food ingredient most of the time using as the side ingredient to add taste to the recipe.

Fresh peas are preparing along with the creamy butter and ghee. Otherwise, salt and pepper are enough to make a dish.

Commonly, pea soup is the ever-loving easy recipe it is the staple North-American dish preparing with innovative taste.

First of all green peas are the starchy food item but contains multiple minerals like Copper, magnesium, and iron.

However, there are multiple snacks, food items and new innovative dishes are preparing from this simple pea.

While choosing the green peas, the grades are fixing for the export purpose. The size and apt color are deciding the grade.

An ulcer is the common illness to cure this disease peas are highly recommending one. Because they easily observe the stomach acids.

Indeed, the science and technology bio-plastics are preparing from the starch that is preparing from the green pea.

So, all these healthy elements proving the importance of this single veggie. Give your cooking time for this veggie.

People Also Ask

What Are Some Good Recipes Using Peas?Green pea masala recipes are fabulous and easy to prepare recipes simply cooking from our home. Cooking the peas with Indian masala, butter or ghee is using for the preparation of the delightful side dish. It is the easy food ingredient perfectly merging with other veggies and offering the delicate taste. Masala gravies are too familiar and tasteful recipes. They are easily available as street foods. Try these recipes.
What is Your Favorite Recipe that Includes Green Peas?Whether it is plain rice, chapati or the rich pulao peas are the central and tasty ingredient using for cooking. Green pea curry recipes are the best choice which easily matching to all the recipes and dishes. Whether it is a north-Indian dish or the spicy south-Indian dish we can easily make gravies with green peas. Usage of cloves, spices, chili powder, coconut is the staple ingredient using for the favorite pea recipe.
What is Your Favorite Indian Recipe for Peas?Green pea preparation for the preparation chessy sandwich from healthy breakfast all is favorite green pea. Green pea preparing along with soft paneer, green leafy recipe masala sabzi is the favorite north-Indian dishes. Restaurants are the special doom offering the wonderful and delicate recipes preparing from peas. Moreover, the south-Indian masalas are preparing with the Chettinad style gives some try for these recipes.
What is Your Favorite Way to Cook Green Peas?There are multiple sweet and spicy food recipes are preparing from this small tasty green peas. There are multiple easy ways are using in our cooking method to prepare the delicious pea recipes. Boiling, frying and deep oil fry are the favorite ways of cooking the green peas. So, make delicious recipes in these ways. The simple addition of salt, pepper and chili powder is the lip-smacking dish preparing from these green peas.
What Are the Popular Indian Recipes that can be Prepared Using Green Peas?Multiple gravies, curries, snacks and sweets recipes are preparing from the base of these green peas. Indian spices with the merge of fresh veggies and salads are the famous Indian recipes preparing from this dish. Samosa is the ever-loving snack item preparing from the stuffing of the pea and crunchy veggies. Though it is the easily available food ingredient. So, prepare multiple tasty Indian recipes from this dish.

16 Various Types of Green Peas Recipes

1. Green Peas Soup

Green Peas Soup

Traditional dishes are the best and ever-loving recipes cooking along with fresh veggies ad meat.

In the same way, Green peas are getting their primary place in the cooking of grant festivity dishes.

Though, it can be the simple small food ingredient carries healthy nutrients so, try this soup.

As similar to the pulaos it is the juicy recipe that carries the masalas, potatoes, mint leaves, and veggies to try this Green Peas Soup dish.

2. Matar Pulao Recipe

Matar Pulao Recipe

Matar pulao is the staple and tasty food recipe preparing from this simple ingredient green peas.

While are you searching for the grant delicious dish from this green pea then try these delightful recipes.

As equal to the meat, these recipes also offering the native taste along with the multiple collections of traditional masalas.

Therefore, the richness of the masalas is offering richness with cumin, coriander and bay leaves.

3. Green Peas Poori

Green Peas Poori

Poori or Kachoris are the delicious north-Indian food recipe offers more taste and nutrients to our body.

Soaking the green pea and making the finest paste is using for the perfect base of this poori recipe.

For this dish use rice or wheat flour as similar to the common poori preparation. Add this paste as the stuffing.

Then fry the colorful poori. Kids are the fans for this simple delicious poori recipe serve this dish with chutneys.

4. Green Peas Cutlet

Green Peas Cutlet

Moms who are looking for the delightful snack item for your kids it will be the best of your choice.

To add the nutrient elements into this dish palak and mint leaves are using with potato and peas.

It is a similar recipe that carries the lip-smacking masalas and this snack preparing as the simple cutlet form.

Though it is a colorful green dish using green veggies like capsicum, green chili and served with the sweet sauce.

5. Green Peas Fry

Green Peas Fry

Green pea fry is the simple and easily available snack item from the top departmental stores to street shops.

With the consideration of health and hygiene, this green pea recipe is easily preparing at our home.

Boil the green peas then add the masala fry which is preparing from the tomato, coriander, and red chili powder.

Then mix the spicy and green peas along with a considerable amount of sugar. All will fall for this green pea recipe.

6. Pattani Masala

Pattani Masala

Pattani masala is a delicious snack item preparing with the collection of dhania powder, chili powder, and groundnut.

With enough nutrient element, it is the delicious snack item suits for the kids, adults and elderly people.

To offering the tangy flavor to this recipe lemon juice is finally adding on the top of the snack dish.

Present the crunchy tone onion, mixtures are adding in this snack item. Give your valuable time for this recipe.

7. Green Peas Curry

Green Peas Curry

Green pea curry is the signature dish preparing in the style of traditional Gujarati style. Try this recipe.

North-Indian dishes are giving their primary importance for the veggies like tomato and Brinjal.

For the routine Sunday meal, try this grant recipe as a trendsetting recipe from your home kitchen.

Hence, presenting the north-Indian flavor Masalas are perfectly adding in this simple green pea curry.

8. Sprouts Cutlet

Sprouts Cutlet

Sprouts are generally recommending food for the diet followers and the people are seeking for weight gain.

To add the tastiness, corn kernels, green gram sprouts and chili powder are adding into this spicy dish.

For the school going kids, it is a wonderful snack item. So, prepare this dish along with coriander like aromatic flavors.

Black chickpeas are a suitable choice for this simple snack preparation. Try this Sprouts Cutlet recipe at your home.

9. Green Peas Palya

Green Peas Palya

For the special gravy preparing from the green pea, it is a wonderful choice. Give your try for this recipe.

Most of the kids not like veggies like cabbage, onion, tomato and potato cooking in our normal way.

Try this green pea gravy along with this spicy veggie curry. Poppy seeds add richness to this taste.

If you want to present the spice tone add some more red chilies. Then it will be the super veggie curry.

10. Aloo til ki Sabji

Aloo Til Ki Sabji

Preparation of sabzi dish along with the potato and green peas are the wonderful Indian gravy. Give your try.

Addition of garam masala spreading the Indian flavor to this whole dish. For more flavor add ginger and garlic.

Sesame oil is the nutrient enrich food oil offering the unique taste to this whole dish. To serve this dish for your guests.

Are you looking for the innovative dish for your family functions then it is a good and delicious choice.

11. Soya Aloo Curry

Soya Aloo Curry

Green pea is the easy mingling veggie with the other veggies and adds taste to the curries and snacks.

Soy is the easily available veggie that comes with the nutrient elements. To offer a unique curry try this Soya Aloo Curry recipe.

It is the special dish preparing along with the yogurt, sugar, coriander leaves, tomato and ginger paste.

The addition of crunchy onion and cooking with the oil offering a different color and appetizing taste to this recipe.

12. Aloo Matar Dry Recipe

Aloo Matar Dry Recipe

For the lovers of lightweight food, and diet followers chapati is their favorite meal for their dinner.

Using too many potatoes may easily ruin their strict plan then how to make the delicious side dish for chapati.

Now you can try this delicious gravy recipe for matching your crispy and tasty chapati recipe. All will fall for this Aloo mater Dry recipe.

It is the recipe carrying all the spiciness, to attract your kids you can add maggie masala into this dish.

13. Matar Paneer Recipe

Matar Paneer Recipe

Whenever you want to taste the green pea recipe the restaurants are having their primary choice of Paneer matar.

However, to increase the creaminess to this recipe butter and paneer are using for the gravy preparation.

Getting Indian flavor is not a simple one. With the addition of ginger and garlic offer this taste.

Tomato is the tasty and tangy veggie using to present the Indian taste for this tasty easy made gravy.

14. Potato Peas Masala

Spicy Potato Peas Masala

Kurma is the spicy and ever-loving Indian dish preparing along with the multiple collection masalas.

Certainly, it is the rich creamy gravy preparing along with the veggies and grated coconut. So, try this recipe.

Dhania is the rarely using dish for the veggie preparation. Meat is often cooking along with dhania.

So, Potato Peas Masala is a rich dish preparing instead of meat. Green peas are the best in this choice with multiple dishes.

15. Peas Kachori

Peas Kachori

Spicy and flavorful poori is the ever-loving dish made from Maida for the kids to our elderly people.

Grinding the green veggie along with the ginger garlic paste and green chili is the dough for this dish.

Maida is the easy food ingredient perfectly suits for this pea base paste. So stuff this green paste.

Then roll the maida along with the green paste. Finally, fry this colorful poori. It is a delicious dish to all.

16. Chana Masala Curry

Chana Masala Curry

Chana masala is the flavor to get the typical north-Indian dish. It is the royal curry preparing with multiple veggies.

Using milk is a unique way for this dish preparation. Poppy seeds, cashew nuts, tomato, cumin seeds are giving the flavor.

Garlic and bay leaves are the wonderful stuffing for this Chana masala gravy. Coriander leaf is topped on the gravy.

Whether it is a jeera rice, naan or chapati it is the suitable vegetarian gravy. All will for this recipe.