10+ Best Fried Rice Recipes How To Cook A Perfect Fried Rice?

Posted By : Myilraj , 26/03/2020

Working People Find it's Easier to Cook Fried Rice Recipes for their Breakfast

In this post, we have listed some top-rated and healthy fried rice recipes easy to cook from home.

Fried Rice is one of the simple and delicious dishes, tastier food that's extremely easy to prepare in your home.

Cooking a fried rice recipe cooking with various interesting approaches is the shortest feasible time based cooking for your lunch.

It is an ideal go-to dish for each rice lover and you can make this delicious dish healthful and delectable.

You just need some ingredients to make delicious recipes to have elements and you're desirable to go!

Here in this article, I would suggest you to how you make this lip-smacking recipe at home by following simple methods.

Made with greens and cooked rice, it's miles a healthful meal, which can be served for lunch in your home.

You can add your twist to this delectable rice recipe, to make a much more scrumptious recipe to eat.

It irresistible highly spiced you may begin by using frying some dried pink chilies or green chilies in tava.

Once the veggies are fried and ooze out a smoky flavor you can add cooking rice and stir fry for high-quality taste.

The best element of approximately this recipe is that you may tweak components as in line with your palate desire.

To accentuate the taste of this clean rice recipe you can add cottage cheese (paneer), soya chunks, fried eggs, etc

If you are a fitness freak, you could make this incredible dish with cooked brown rice and masses of veggies,

It tastes first-class whilst served with crispy chili paneer, pepper powder, chili bird or Manchurian.

You can garnish this simple rice recipe with freshly chopped coriander leaves for your best diet plan.

People Also Ask

What is the Best Fried Rice Recipe? Schezwan Fried Rice Recipe - It is an easy and brief recipe that most of the people like to cook dinner or lunch. If you're craving for something spicy and scrumptious Chinese Schezwan fried rice is an excellent recipe. Schezwan fried rice is an excellent option for lunch or dinner meal with the taste of deep spicy chili - garlic taste. It is effortlessly made at the house with an available factor in your kitchen. Almost all vegetarian people will like to eat.
What Are Some Authentic Chinese Fried Rice Recipes? Chinese Fried rice is very famous in Malaysia in reality which includes Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore. Fried rice is quite simple to make. But you may have a difficult one with plenty of elements which are not important in the case. You want to whip up a bowl of briefly fried rice for dinner or lunch then you can just choose Chinese fried rice to eat. Chinese fried rice can be prepared simply by the use of cooking oil, soya sauce, eggs and a sprint of pepper.
What is the Best Recipe for Chicken Fried Rice? There are numerous pleasant recipes that you can use to prepare dinner for chicken fried rice in your home. Asian cooking has quite a few variations that you may pick out from to add that creativity in your cooking style. It simply desires your cooking prowess to make the fine tasting recipe. And a depend on choosing your choice of fresh components. One of a favorite recipe is marinating chicken fillet for some hours with lemon & fish sauce is cooked in a basket. By the usage of your favored oils, spices and vegetables to add greater taste to your chook fried rice.
What are some Good Recipes for Fried Rice Without Eggs? Vegetable fried rice could be a very smooth and tasty recipe and it is one of the great kids friendly recipes. This is one of the favorite Indo Chinese recipes. As the flavors of the greens pop out thoroughly on this Chinese fried rice recipe. Moreover, It is also a vegan recipe and can be made gluten-loose if you use gluten-unfastened soy sauce in your cooking. Vegetable fried rice still holds an important position in all people's choice of menu in all restaurants of India and neighboring countries.
What is the Recipe to Make Egg Fried Rice? If you are seeking out the best-fried recipe you should try Egg Fried Rice Recipe which is easy to cook. You could make it through the use of a microwave oven or any basket in your home with fewer efforts to prepare. The outcome of this scrumptious recipe is as suitable as the eating place fashion and could be a higher flavor. You can also add onion, garlic, ginger, french beans, capsicum, peas and soybean in the rice to make it more taste.

                    10+ Different Types of Fried Rice

1. Schezwan Fried Rice

schezwan fried rice

Schezwan Fried Rice, a spicy rice dish from Indo-Chinese e delicacies, is very similar to Chinese Fried Rice

But has one unique aspect; "Schezwan Sauce", which gives it a deep spicy chili-garlic and spicy chili flavor.

If you're a spicy meal lover, then it is an appropriate recipe for you because it has a delicious taste and flavor.

And also it is very smooth to make at home in just 15 mins with pre-cooked rice and Schezwan sauce.

2. Spicy Chilli Garlic Rice

chilli garlic rice

Chilli Garlic Fried Rice is one of the famous Indo-Chinese rice recipes which is a healthful rice dish with garlic and Vegetables.

This famous Indian street food is extremely attractive with highly spiced chili flakes and dominant garlic flavors.

You will love this restaurant fashion Chilli garlic fried rice, that's pleasingly highly spices with a hint of sweet flavors.

And also, It is an incredible alternative for vegetarians because it does not require any particular side dish with it to eat.

3. Fried Ghee Rice With Dry Roasted Onions

onion fried rice

Rice is one of the staple global staple meals and It comes in many types that can be used all over the globe.

Ghee rice is an Indian recipe this is cherished with the aid of anybody which requires lengthy Basmati rice.

It is a bowl of scrumptious and simple rice that's perfect for packed lunches, picnics and evergreen favorite food for kids.

To prepare this smooth recipe you simply need basmati rice, onion fried rice, inexperienced chili, nutmeg, garlic, ginger, ghee, and different spices.

4. Soya Carrot Egg Rice

soya carrot egg rice

Egg fried rice Indian style – a short and easy rice recipe that has rice flavored with Indian spices and Greens.

You can add eggs to make it a just filling meal. It is likewise a great lunch box recipe for you all the time

While the Indo-Chinese egg fried rice is very famous in restaurants, this model of egg rice is easier to prepare it.

It is an exquisite source of proteins, nutrients, and nutritions and the egg especially carries vitamin D which reinforces power.

5. Thai Spicy Basil Chicken Fried Rice

chicken fried rice

Thai Spicy Basil Chicken Fried Rice is one of the tastiest and super easy to prepare in your home for your lunch.

It is one of the best diet plan food as it contains many nutrients, vitamins, fibers, and digestive ingredients.

It is preparing with rice and chicken with few more spicy recipes in the instant pot with little steamed for taste.

This short and easy fried rice is great flavorful with the aroma of basil, soy sauce, and crunchiness from the cashews.

6. Spinach Fried Rice

sponach fried rice

Spinach may be a quite easy addition on your dinner desk to make it so attempt out this Spinach Fried Rice recipe.

A quick and easy vegetarian and vegan vegetable fried rice recipe with greens is an easy and flexible dish best for vegans.

It’s organizes the usage of spinach leaves with basmati rice that is crowning with soy sauce, garlic, coriander leaves.

Spinach is a fantastic source of fiber and is loaded with vitamins and minerals. It allows enhancing eye fitness, blood stress, etc.

7. Singapore Chicken Fried Rice

singapore chicken fried rice

When a Chinese dish is given a Singaporean twist, you’re most probable to look into highly spices Chicken Singaporean fried rice.

Many people claim Chinese meals to be their consolation meals in all situations. However, it isn't always usually convenient to get Chinese meals.

Therefore, we gift to you an awesome chook Singaporean fried rice recipe so that it will activate your flavor buds.

Follow this easy recipe and make scrumptious chook Singaporean fried rice at home in our Enqyer Digital Marketing Company blog.

8. Baby Corn And Capsicum Fried Rice

baby corn and capsicum fried rice

Baby Corn And Capsicum Pulao is a scrumptious North Indian recipe to enrich your flavor buds.

This smooth-to-make recipe may be made in a few mins the usage of simple elements that are rice, infant corn, etc

Serve this delectable recipe with chilled raita and experience its tempting flavors with your loved ones.

Feel free to experiment and add a few greater greens to this dish to decorate flavors to attract the dish.

9. Jeera Pulao

jeera rice

Jeera rice is a completely simple and flavorful rice and can be prepared in a few minutes in your home.

This dish could vary from easy steamed rice to spice-rich biryani recipe which can be served with and without any aspect dish.

Jeera pulao is one of the simple and tasty recipes which is made with lengthy grain rice and cumin seeds in your cooking.

It's far normally served with a preference of dal recipes, ideally dal tadka recipe, but maybe serves with any gravy.

10. Chinese Mushroom Fried Rice

mushroom fried rice

Garlic Mushroom Fried Rice Recipes is a delicious Indo Chinese rice stir-fried at the side of mushrooms.

It is a simple and easy dish of rice and mushrooms cooked with flavourful ingredients like ginger, onions, and sauces.

Moreover, The highly spiced flavor of this dish warms your palate and tickles your taste buds to savor its taste and flavor.

And, You can easily able to find the preparation details in our Enqyer Digital Marketing Company food portal blog.