20 Crispy And Mouth Watering Dosa Recipes Instant Dosa Recipes

Posted By : Elavarsan , 30/03/2020

Crispy And Delicious Dosa Recipes In Different Variety

Dosa is a typical south Indian breakfast or dinner recipe. From kids to adults no one will regret eating a crispy and tasty dosa.

There are different varieties of dosa. Dosa is now popular in many countries of the world because of its unique and crispy taste.

Basic and authentic dosa recipe is prepared by soaking rice and urad dal in the ratio of 4:1 along with a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds overnight.

The soaked ingredients are grinded into a smooth batter and fermented for 8 hours.The fermented batter is now spreaded over an iron kadai in a circle shape.

Cooking oil is sprinkled over the dosa and it is cooked well on both the sides by flipping. Dosa can be made either thick or thin according to taste.

Thin dosas are crispy and tastes better to eat whereas thick dosa along with some grated carrots and onion which is also called as uttapam is so soft and tastes good.

We can make many varieties of dosa by adding toppings like carrot, beetroot, onion, or any veggies of our choice.Sprouted beans are also added to make the dosa more nutritious.

Now it has become a trend of making pizza dosa in which pizza sauce is spreaded over the dosa, and then onion, capsicum, mushrooms are added along with grated cheese.

The dosa tastes so delicious and it is a healthier option to quit pizza. In the same way pav bhaji dosa is also made by replacing pizza sauce with pav bhaji masala along with some good amount of butter.

There are lots of other dosa recipes like adai dosa, rava dosa, ragi dosa which are all instant dosas where there is no fermentation needed.

Dosa can be served with many varieties of chutneys. But coconut chutney and sambar are the best combination ever for dosa.

20 Collection Of Dosa Recipes

1. Kollu kara adai

kollu kara adai

Kollu or horse gram is the best food for people who are trying to lose their weight. Making a tasty recipe with cholesterol less foods will control our food cravings towards unhealthy foods.

This kollu kara adai tastes so good and does not even require a side dish at all. It is easy to make and can be eaten for dinner or breakfast along with a cup of tea.

2. Vegetable stuffed moong dal cheela

moong dal cheela

Moong dal cheela is a very nutritious breakfast or dinner recipe. Apart from soaking time, it does not take much time for making this cheela.

Vegetable stuffed moong dal cheela is a delicious twist for regular cheela. Any vegetable of your choice can be used for making this.

3. Sabudana thalipeeth

sabudana thalipeeth

Sabudana thalipeeth is a traditional recipe of India. During fasting times, the recipe is made as sacred food in many parts of India.

It is made from sabudana that is soaked for 8 hours or overnight along with boiled potatoes with some added veggies and spices.

4. Pearl millet dosa

pearl millet dosa

Pearl millet or kambu or bajra is a nutritious millet which is rich in mineral and protein. In south India it is made as porridge and eaten along with curd or butter milk.

For people who don’t like porridge, pearl millet dosa is one of the healthiest and tastiest ways to include millets in your diet.

5. Palakura sajja pindi dosa

palakura sajja pindi dosa

Sajjalu or pearl millet is a millet with high levels of protein and minerals in it.

Palakura sajja pindi dosa is an instant dosa variety which can be made easily anytime if sajjalu and urad dal are powdered and kept.

This is a super healthy meal because we are adding palak puree into the dosa batter.

6. Javvarisi special dosa

javvarisi special dosa

Javvarisi or sabudana is naturally a grain that is gluten free and used in many Indian and continental recipes.

It is also called tapioca pearls. Javvarisi special dosa is made from sago, raw rice urad dal and some more ingredients. It is a crispy dosa variety.

7. Masala neer dosa

neer dosa

The name says it all, neer means water. Neer dosa is a typical south Indian dosa variety that is made from rice and coconut batter which is very watery in consistency.

Masala neer dosa is a tasty twist in which instead of coconut some more flavourful ingredients are grinded along with the batter.

8. Veg besan cheela

veg besan cheela

Besan cheela is an instant dosa recipe in which it can be made without minutes if we stock besan or gram flour at home.

To make the cheela more nutritious and filling, onion, capsicum, carrot and few more veggies are added which is called veg besan cheela.

9. Andhra pesarattu dosa

pesarattu dosa

Green gram is a nutritious food which aids in weight loss, controlling blood sugar and it also contains a good source of fibre and antioxidants.

Andhra pesarattu dosa is basically a dosa recipe made with soaked green gram grinded along with some ingredients.

10. Instant bread dosa

bread dosa

Making some instant meal for breakfast or dinner is the dream of many women.

Instant bread dosa is such a recipe in which there is no soaking needed and no fermentation process.It is made simply by grinding bread along with maida and some rava.

11. Adai dosa

adai dosa

Adai is basically a thick dosa that is made with lentils. Adai dosa is a complete healthy meal as it contains proteins.

The most commonly used dals in this recipe are urad dal, toor dal, moong dal and even chana dal can be added.The adai tastes so good along with coconut chutney. 

12. Wheat omelette masala dosa

wheat omelette masala dosa

Working women and bachelors won’t have enough time to prepare some healthy breakfast.

Including protein, nutrients and vitamins together in breakfast is most important for a healthy lifestyle.

Wheat omelette dosa is such a recipe because it has egg, wheat flour and also veggies in it.

13. Kids pizza egg dosa

pizz egg dosa

Nowadays kids are addicted to junk foods. They are interested in burgers and pizzas more than idli and dosa.

So making them eat healthy foods is a challenge. Try this kids pizza egg dosa which is very healthy with normal dosa batter, along with egg and veggies.

14. Appam dosa

appam dosa

Appam is an authentic recipe of Kerala and also famous in other parts of southern India.

It is typically made with raw rice and coconut grinded together, with some added cooked rice or rice porridge, fermented until the batter gets small bubbles all over.

Appam dosa is so fluffy and goes well with sweetened coconut milk and stew.

15. Mini pesarattu dosa

mini pesarattu dosa

Kids love to eat miniature food items. Especially for their school lunch box, we always have a confusion on what to send on the next day.

Mini pesarattu dosa is a healthy option for sending to school as it is made from protein rich green gram and also kids will like its miniature appearance.

16. Vegetable dosa

vegetable dosa

Serving vegetables for kids and making them to eat in an open table is not possible at all.

Hiding the veggies inside their favourite food and serving with an attractive presentation is the easiest way to make them healthy.

Try this vegetable dosa with grated carrot and beetroot for your kids' next meal.

17. Oats and suji onion dosa

oats and suji onion dosa

Dosa lovers crave for dosa even during their weight loss diets. Making a healthy and tasty alternative for our cravings is the best option to survive the diet.

Oats and suji onion dosa is the best alternative for dosa as it tastes so good and very healthy too.

18. Bengali sweet wrap using new jaggery

bengali sweet wrap

It is a sweet dosa roll made with maida and suji as the main ingredient. Jaggery is used as the sweetening agent.

Bengali sweet wrap tastes so good and in no time it will become your kids most favourite recipe. Serve it as an evening snack for your kids.

19. Egg vegetable spread dosa

egg vegetable spread dosa

Dosa is a tasty recipe but eating dosa on a regular basis will make everyone feel bored. Making some changes with new innovations will make regular dosas as special one.

Try egg vegetable dosa for your breakfast with leftover dosa batter. It tastes absolutely yummy.

20. Butter carrot dosa

butter carrot dosa

Dosa cooked with butter will fill the entire place with a nice aroma.

Butter carrot dosa is made with regular dosa batter spreaded on a iron kadai, with some goodness of grated carrot, garam masala and a spoon full of butter.