20 Simple And Tasty Dinner Recipes Easy Dinner Recipes

Posted By : Elavarsan , 30/03/2020

Quick And Easy Dinner Recipes Using Healthy Ingredients

Dinner time is the best time to spend with family together. On a busy hard day, dinner time gives relaxation. Even now, the habit of eating dinner together is followed in most of the families.

Dinner can be eaten anytime from evening to night. The timing of dinner varies from country to country and culture to culture.

Dinner menus can be either lite or royal depending on the eating culture of the people around the world.

In general it is said that we should eat dinner like a beggar, which means the dinner should be eaten lite for good physical health.

Now it has become a trend, inviting friends and family for dinner parties. The main goal of the parties is eating good and tasty foods.

In such dinner parties, presentation of the foods plays an important role. Edible glitters and edible markers are also used to decorate food items.

Most of the dinner parties are of buffet type in which all can enjoy the food of their desired need and quantity. Desserts and ice creams are very important items in the menu of dinner parties.

The south Indian dinner recipes include idly, dosa, uthappam, chapathi, etc., chutneys and sambar are the best side dish for this menu. North Indian dinner menu includes chapathi, paratha, stuffed parathas, sabzi, kheer, etc.,

In diets like paleo, keto and all the dinner recipes include chicken, meat and fish in it. Salad bowls with green leafy vegetables, chicken and cheese are the best non veg diet dinner.

Whereas vegan dinner recipes include veg soups and veg salad bowls. Instead of cheese, tofu is used in vegan salad bowls.

Choosing a perfect dinner recipe is a very big challenge while inviting guests. A perfect dinner should start from a crispy starter and should end with a lip smacking dessert.

Collection Of 20 Dinner Recipes

1. Bell pepper shanghai chicken

Bell Pepper Shanghai Chicken

When chicken and bell peppers are sauted together, the aroma fills the entire place with a delicious smell.

Bell pepper shanghai chicken is an excellent recipe to be served as a dinner in friends parties.

2. Sanna polo

Sanna Polo

A nutritious and healthy dinner recipe makes the entire meal fulfilled. Sanna polo is a dosa variety made with rice and coconut as the main ingredient.

The recipe is very spicy and simple to make and most importantly consumes very little time.

3. Rice flour puri recipe - Murrori

Rice Flour Puri Recipe

Including radish in the diet is very important as it contains lots of good nutrients. Murrori is a recipe that contains radish and rice as the main ingredient.

It is a small thick puri which is typically served as dinner. It doesn’t need any side dish and can be eaten alone as it contains many flavours in it.

4. Beef bheja fry

Beef Bheja Fry

Organ foods are usually considered as super nutritious foods as they contain lots of vitamins, iron and many vital nutrients.

Beef bheja is one among them and the best way to include it in food menu is making beef bheja fry. It can be served as a side dish for rice or roti.

5. Gurde fry recipe

Gurde Fry Recipe

Goat gurde / kidney is a nutritious food as it contains omega 3 fatty acids and is rich in nutrients and proteins.

Gurde fry recipe is very simple to make at home with very few ingredients that are easily available in every home.

6. Masala echore

Masala Echore

Jackfruit is a big gift for all vegetarian lovers. They taste so good and contain lots of fibre and it has the capacity to fill the belly soon.

So if you are looking for a delicious side dish for your rice or roti at the dinner time choose this masala echore recipe.

7. Classical tomato spaghetti

Classical Tomato Spaghetti

For friends and family parties, continental dinner recipes are most prefered. As the taste and presentation attracts everyone.

Classical tomato spaghetti is one among the dinner recipes where spaghetti is tossed up in yummy tomato sauce.

8. Gosh ka meetha salan

Gosh ka Meetha Salan

Eating a roti or a bowl of rice with some delicious non veg curry is all enough for a comfortable dinner.

Gosh ka meetha salan is a finger licking curry that can be eaten with any kind or roti. It is made with spicy masalas and so the colour and taste attracts everyone.

9. Srilankan chick stew

Srilankan Chick Stew

How nice it will be if a completely healthy packed dinner comes out in a single bowl? Isn’t it tastes so good while imagining itself?

Srilankan chick stew is such a recipe.It is a combo of all nutrients and it tastes so good. It is perfect for non veg diet freaks.

10. Kurm kurm bits

Kurm Kurm Bits

Leftover foods are often wasted almost in all homes. But we can make a delicious dinner with those leftover foods.

This kurm kurm bits is made from leftover chapati which can be done in a minimum time and with very few ingredients with no compromise in taste.

11. Chicken karalu pudi

Chicken Karalu Pudi

The organ meat from chicken is very healthy. Eating the gravies made from the organ meat are very tasty and can be accompanied with rice or roti for dinner.

Chicken karalu pudi is a recipe made with eggs, chicken liver, intestine and also with some dal or any dal sprouts.

12. Meetha rice

Meetha Rice

Meetha means sweet in Hindi. Sweet is liked by all age people and especially children's love sweets. Making a healthy sweet is always a challenge for mothers.

Meetha rice tastes so good and is a great food for children to enjoy during their meal time.

13. Rajasthani vazhaithandu dosai

Rajasthani Vazhaithandu Dosai

Vazhaithandu or banana stem is a vegetable with lots of water content in it. It is very good for kidney stones and has effects in curing it.

It tastes good in all kinds of recipes, though this Rajasthani vazhaithandu dosai is a unique recipe which tastes fantastic.

14. Plain veg salna recipe

Plain Veg Salna Recipe

Salna is a south Indian recipe that is made along with biryani and parathas. It can be made either with vegetables or with meat. Both versions taste so good.

Try this plain veg salna recipe which can be prepared with ingredients that are available at home.

15. Junka methi

Junka Methi

Including green leafy vegetables in our food menu is most important for a healthy lifestyle.

Junka methi is a recipe which includes two healthy vegetables together which are brinjal and methi leaves and the outcome tastes fantastic. Even kids will eat the recipe without hesitation.

16. Egg semiya pulao

Egg Semiya Pulao

To make kids eat some good nutritious food, then it's mandatory for mother’s to think unique and make some innovative foods.

One among such is egg semiya pulao which is the best replacement for regular semiya upma. It tastes so good and obviously looks delicious.

17. Cheese pudina dosa

Cheese Pudina DosaDosa is a favourite food for both kids and adults. To make regular dosa as a complete meal, we can add some veggies, cheese, butter or even meat as a topping.

Cheese pudina dosa tastes minty and makes the dinner more special and enjoyable.

18. Rajgira thalipith

Rajgira Recipe

Rajgira thalipith is a highly nutritious and healthy food. It can be served either as breakfast or dinner.

It is made with rajgira flour and potato as the main ingredient with some other veggies and spices. Rajgira flour is nothing but amaranth seeds flour.

19. Rogan mutton

Mutton Gravy

When we crave some spicy and tasty food, most of us choose non veg foods. Eating non veg gravies along with rice or roti gives us a complete feel of satisfaction.

Rogan mutton curry is one of the best curries to eat when we need some really spicy gravy.

20. Goat head meat curry

Goat Head Curry

Goat head is very healthy to eat when compared to other organ meats. Especially in some parts of south India it is highly recommended for new mothers.

Goat head meat curry takes a few hours to make because the cleaning and cooking process is a bit lengthy. But the effort is worth spending.