23 Yummy Curry Recipes For A Delicious Dinner Meal At Home

Posted By : Myilraj , 28/03/2020

Find the Collective List of Curry Recipes From Indian Cuisine Style

Curry Recipes are one of the famous dishes popular in India. These dishes can be prepared quickly and easily at home.

Though this Subcontinent is famous for its variety of spices and herbs. So, our food hospitality never ignores the addition of spices.

There are so many methods and culinary science is followed to offer tasteful food along with essential nutrients.

Regular spices like Cumin, fennel, and mustard are the essential ingredients used in the traditional style od South-Indian cooking.

Besides the addition of coconut milk is an influential dish made from the ancient mariners from Srilanka.

However, the various empires and dynasties are introduced their food hospitality, especially to India. So we can find multiple dishes here.

Curry or gravy is the food item, there are so many varieties and flavors are adding into this tasty gravy.

In South-India, Spicy flavor and homemade preparation of the masala is used to prepare this vegetarian or non-vegetarian curry.

To offer more nutrition and giving new taste to the dish, north-Indian dishes are following the addition of nuts.

Due to its biodiversity and very close to other country borders, there are multiple exotic dishes are prevail in our country.

Every region of India has its signature curry it can be veggie or spicy meat the taste is ever-loving one.

Peculiarly, the coastal areas are offering the fish, Chicken, prawn and meat recipes with the unique flavor.

A fusion of spices and meat is the balancing combination to offer great taste and preparing nutrient food for your family.

People Also Ask

How to Cook Indian Curry Recipes?Indian curries are famous for their excellent source of spices and offering the lip-smacking taste while we eating. The coastal areas are often using the coconut milk to ad the mild or sweet tone to the spicy curry recipe. Mostly South-Indian curries are offering the tangy and hot tone and perfectly matching to the rice. Adding curd, egg, dhal, and flour all are offering a variety of tones to the whole dish. give your try for all these curries.
What is the Best Curry Recipe?Preparation of best and tasteful curry is not an easy joke. The perfect blend of all ingredients will offer the best curry. The selection of sices, the grinding method, and meat or other veggies that are adding into the curry is a notable one. The thick and dry flavor is most apt for our lunch and dinner. So, making the thick gravy from meat and veggies is ever-loving one. Multiple onions, tomato, coriander, and mint are the basic taste enhancer adding an appetizing look to your gravy.
What Are Some Good Recipes for Indian Style Curry?First of all the Indian curry obviously reminds the colorful meat gravies like Chicken curry, Mutton kurma, and other Fish gravies. Other than that, the tasty curries from Egg, Chickpeas, and Rajma are the delicious and crowd-pleasing recipes. Chicken gravy is the signature and ever-loving dish of India. There are plenty of shades are presenting in this curry. Bengal style, Maharashtrian curry, and Chettinad chicken are the signature recipes that offer great tastes to this dish.
What is the Best Indian Chicken Curry Recipe?The Konkani style cooking of Chicken is always a great and delicious mouth-watering recipe for the chicken lover. Without any costly and rich spices mixing the easily available spices are offering the simple but tasteful gravy. Using the chicken bone and meats is offering the authentic and nutrient value to this worthy chicken recipe. This chicken curry is village-style preparation requires a few numbers of spice to get the supreme chicken flavor.
What Are Some Good Vegetarian Curry Recipes?Similar to the non-vegetarian curry, multiple vegetarian dishes are too tasty to decorate your appetizing meal. Paneer masala, Palak curries, Potato curry, dhal recipes all are the tasty and ever-loving dishes available in the category of veggie curry. In fact, every dish carries its unique and healthy benefits through various vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. The super-healthy recipes are rich in taste. We offer a long list of a recipe to change your regular cooking style.

23 Collection Of Curry Recipes

1. Muri Ghanta

Muri Ghonto

This is a special Bangladeshi dish specially made from the fish heads and the pure veggie potato.

Furthermore, it is the rare and tasty dish preparing with the combination of both veggie and Non-veggie fish.

Besides the nutrient elements of the dish offer various proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

The juicy and gravy texture of the dish suitable for chapatis and rice. Try this  Muri Ghanta to decorate your cooking.

2. Pholifish Jhal

Fish Jhol

Pholifish Jhal is a famous Bengali fish recipe serving along with rice. The simple preparation apt one for dinner and lunch.

The spicy and mouth-watering dish offers great taste with the noticing spices of green Chilli and ginger.

It is a perfect and healthy dish offering for the kids, adults and elderly people. So, never miss this recipe.

For your hot and spicy Sunday meal with the new innovative dish can easily fill up with this Pholifish Jhal.

3. Parshe Macher Jhal

Macher Jhal

Parshe Macher Jhal is a traditional fish curry very popular and top in the dish of Bengali style cooking.

Marination of spicy masala with the addition of ginger, cumin seed and turmeric powder stuffing into the dish.

To get the tender and remove the rawness from the fish they marinating with the turmeric then later perfectly fried with the pan.

The fried fish pieces are adding into the gravy and offer the delicious and spicy taste to the gravy.

4. Chickpea Curry Recipe

Chickpea Curry

For the vegetarian curry lovers, the richness of spicy Chickpea Curry masala on the blend of chickpeas offers the super taste to your breakfast.

Sometimes the addition of Coconut milk offers the typical Kerala style flavor and thickens the texture of the recipe.

Sweet, hot and spicy flavor covers the all over gravy and perfectly completes your chapati and poori dinner.

The enriched protein in chickpeas is the main dish that easily decorates your palate with a unique flavor. Make a try.

5. Katla Machher Jhal

Katla Macher Kalia

Bengali fish curries are the top and best recipes to taste. The blend of masalas and soft tender cooking certainly steal your heart.

Easy Indian fish curry recipe never misses this dish of Katla Macher Kaila. It is a slow cooking recipe offer tenderness to this recipe.

There are so many varieties of meat curries are waiting to decorate your Sunday meal with rice and Chapatis.

For the Bengali fish lovers here is your abundant fish recipes find the best dish and present it to your family members.

6. Aloo Macher Jole

Aloo Macher Jhole

The preparation of veggie curry with the tangy with the recipe is a good try to decorate your home kitchen.

Not only the meat ad veggie the perfect ingredients and the right method cooking is the secret of the best taste.

Aloo Macher Jole is a famous east Indian fish curry preparing with a variety of veggies and dhals try this dish.

For the fish lovers, the unique vegetarian and meat combo offer a memorable taste. Try this exotic fish curry.

7. Tengra Macher Jhal Chachhari

Tangra Macher Jhol

Coastal areas of India offer multiple varieties of fish curries and the method cooking is a different one.

Not only the fish adding the veggies and spices also offers the special taste along with a veggie.

Raddish is a power pack veggie that carries fiber, vitamins, and other antioxidant supplements.

Most of the children are just ignoring this vegetarian. So offer this veggie with the soft fish combination.

8. Fish and Vegetable Stew

Fish and Vegetable stew

Ridge Gourd vegetable is a staple Indian green vegetable offer multiple health benefits to the consumer.

However, it is the veggie using only for the preparation of poriyal and south Indian koottu and chutney.

It is the soft tender green veggie perfectly matching to the meat. Try this veggie with fish curry.

It is the famous east India coastal dish that offers new taste and the addition of potato is a unique one.

9. Raw Banana Fry

Raw Banana Fry

Moreover, Raw banana fry is a superb vegetarian combo that carries multiple fiber and essential nutrients.

Raw banana fry is the simple but soft tender main dish using to prepare a special meal for your breakfast.

Black gram, mustard seeds, and Chana dhal are the simple ingredients offer the unique taste break from regular spices.

Adding tamarind juice is the unique way of combination to offer the tangy flavor to this dish. Don't miss this new dish.

10. Dahi Curry

Dahi Curry

Dahi or curd is the staple and one of the main dairy products using in our day to day food preparation.

Especially, the summer season, dahi is the main ingredient consuming as a cooling agent to avoid overheat.

Dahi curry is the simple and special summer dish using as the cooling agent to your body. Try this curry.

Ginger, garlic, coriander leaves are the easy spices to offer the unique taste and texture to this dhal gravy. Your kids will love it.

11. Paneer Malai Kofta

Paneer Malai Kofta

The usage of Paneer balls with the collection of juicy masala gravy offers the wonderful taste to this Paneer Malai Kofta.

In fact, It is the easily available paneer dish available in the restaurant and five-star hotels. Now you can try this dish at your home.

For the paneer lover, it will be the brand new recipe. For a change from butter, masala tries this recipe at your home.

The spicy and juicy soft paneer balls will be the eye-catching dis for your family members and kids.

12. Paneer Makhanwala

Paneer Makhanwals

Paneer dishes are always a simple and superb combo to decorate our crowd-pleasing meal with a variety of spices.

Punjabi dishes are so colorful and tasty. The paneer preparation always offering in a grant manner.

Paneer makhanwala is a flavourful paneer recipe mincing with powerful spices like ginger and garam masala.

Finally, the addition of curd paneer is the two dominating flavors that offer the tangy but tasty tone of this dish.

13. Banana Stem Curry

Banana Stem Curry

Many of the housewives and chefs are not well known about the multiple tasty vegetarian curries preparing in India.

Banana steam curry is one of the rare but easy delicious dishes. How to prepare this tasty Bengali dish?

The banana stem boiling in hot water then adding to the collection of vegetables and Indian spices.

It is the fiber-enriched recipe specially made from the banana stem. If it new to you try this at once.

14. Mushroom Masala

Mushroom Masala Gravy

Mushroom is the ever-loving ingredient preparing along with the tomato gravy. Yeah, it's a smooth tangy masala for your breakfast.

To offer the spicy tone to the whole dish the simple addition of bell pepper adds spicy tone to this mushroom recipe.

Capsicum, turmeric powder and other easily available ingredients are garnishing this dish with the new taste.

It is the lip-smacking hot spicy gravy perfectly matching to the chapti and Parathas. Try this mushroom masala.

15. Soya Keema Mater

Soya Keema Curry

Spicy Soy gravy is the tremendous street food that perfectly matches to the chapatis and dosa.

Soy is carrying a considerable amount of calories, protein and other essential minerals for healthy preparation.

The shredded soy pleasantly offers a great look to the recipe and it will be the wonderful side dish for your dinner.

The preparation of the gravy is simple and easy one within 30 minutes you can prepare this spicy tasty veg curry.

16. Eggplant Curry Recipes

Egg Plant Curry Recipe

As a nutrient-dense food eggplant carries various vitamins, minerals, fiber and low level of calories.

So, offering the spicy yummy gravy from this eggplant is a perfect side dish for the veggie gravy lovers.

It is a spicy kottu curry preparing along with ladies' fingers and coconut milk. Try this healthy for your perfect meal.

Although, this spicy recipe can be a delicious south-Indian dish but easily matching the staple food of Chapatis and rice.

17. Simla Mirchi Ka Salan

Mirchi Ka Salan

Mirchi kas Salan is the mouth-watering spicy green chili recipe a favorite dish of Kashmir and other northern regions.

It is the simple and spicy recipe cooking from the main ingredient of green chili and it can ready within 15-20 minutes.

In order to get the thick and flavourful consistency, coconut and garam masala recipes are adding on this recipe.

Try this spicy recipe, it is a famous winter season recipe and one of the famous recipes among the visitors and tourists.

18. Morru Kachiyathu

Moru Curry

Morru Kachiyathu is a famous vegetarian gravy especially in the state of Kerala. The array of spices giving the perfect blend to this dish.

As a cooling ingredient curd is the wonderful one for our routine food hospitality. With the addition of green chili makes it a delicious dish.

The addition of yellow cucumber and garlic are offering the native flavor to the typical curd curry.

Try this spicy and flavourful curd curry for your breakfast. It will be a good treat for your morning breakfast.

19.Soya Bean Kadhi

Soya Kadhi Recipe

Are you looking for the perfect and ready to prepare vegetarian curry for your family? Then try this curry.

Soya Bean Kadhi is a delicious mouth-water spicy gravy that is a common staple gravy found in the household of North-India.

If you are looking to offer a delicious healthy curry for your dinner it will be one of the apt dishes suitable to all.

It is the common and tasty curry you can prepare and offer this dish to your family and friends gathering.

20. Horse Garam Masala Curry

Horse gram is one of the favorite millets using in the south-Indian style food preparation as chutneys and desserts.

It is the protein enrich millet perfect ingredient for your spicy and aromatic vegetarian curry. Give your try for this recipe.

The easily available ingredient like coriander, chilies, garlic, tomato, and coconut are using to get the spicy curry.

Moreover, it is the suitable masala recipe easily matching to your naan, chapati and rice ingredient. Make this delicious recipe today!

21. Ennai Kathirikai Kulambu

Ennai Kathirikai Kulambu is a famous and unique vegetarian curry famous for its unique taste and spice.

Comparing to other curry preparation it is the new one directly cooking along with oil and brinjal.

After the smoky preparation, the addition of spices and chilies are offering the colorful and gravy texture to this recipe.

Try this vegetarian curry for your lunch. The lip-smacking vegetarian curry is never forgettable one.

22. Sundakkai Kara Kulambu

Sundakkai or Turkey berry is the nutrient vegetable that carries multiple vitamins and fiber content to your dish.

The addition of garam masala and other collection of spices are offering different color and taste to your breakfast.

It is the typical south-Indian curry gravy offer fabulous taste in every different region. The adding of spices offers this different taste.

For the curry lovers, Sundaikkai Kara kulambu is the favorite one. Try this curry for your perfect veggie meal.

23. Avarakkai Poriyal

Avaraikkai poriyal is the familiar south-Indian dish that easily matching the full meal with the addition of rasam.

Moreover, the simple and easy dish preparation taking only twenty minutes of time with the addition of masala and onion.

It is the green veggie poriyal healthy and rich in fiber content. Without any artificial flavor, it offers great taste.

As a result, Try this simple side dish without any over collaboration it is a mild dish decorate your breakfast with curry recipes.