25 Easy Corn Recipes Crispy And Masala Corn Recipes At Home

Posted By : Myilraj , 28/03/2020

Prepare Easy, Flavorful Corn Recipes From Home Using Tasty and Yummy Ingredients

Corn was actually originated from Mexico is a healthy veg meal. Find the best collection of corn recipes with different ingredients.

Corn is a famous cereal variety need not any special introduction. It is the common food ingredient using all over the world.

Scrumptious veggie cum cereal is the preferrable one and there are multiple snacks and the main dishes are bake from this corn.

The soft and tender corns are using for flavor, snack and notable ingredients for the dessert preparation.

From this simple corn or maize, more than 35,000 food and other products are producing for daily usage.

According to history, Corn is first grown in the Continent of America then it cultivated all around the globe.

Now it is a staple food among the countries of Mexico, Canada, Africa and other parts of the United States.

Corn Starch is the necessitate cooking ingredient using in western countries. Now a top restaurant offers many maize products.

From the peanut butter to smooth and melting ice cream all is been the part of this traditional cereal.

As a domestic cereal; and essential use of maize is an inevitable one. Whether it is a direct food ingredient or the part of our consuming oil its usage is a vital one.

However, this protein enriches food ingredients to offer various dishes to a healthy lifestyle. For the chefs and housewives, it helps a lot.

There are numerous dishes are preparing from this simple cereal to try all these dishes and decorate your dinner with his maize.

Now the sweet corn variety is the famous and ever-loving snack from the kids to elderly people. Give your cooking space for this ingredient.

People Also Ask

What Are Some Delicious Recipes Made From Corn?Corn is a staple food only next to rice and wheat but there are multiple dishes that can make from this ingredient. The dishes like bread, pancake, salad and soups and other main dishes are easily prepared from this corn cereal. Whether it is a hot cheesy pizza or sweet-savory the corn is the elegant ingredient that adds taste to this dish. As part of your meal just add this corn as a flavor or corn to add the protein content for your diet.
What Are the Recipes with Sweet Corn That's Made in a Simple Way?Sweet corn is the easily available food ingredient used to prepare snacks, sandwiches, Pakodas, pulaos and so on. For the delicious evening snack or easy homemade snack sweet corn is the main ingredient that only eases our cooking preparation. Multiple chat dishes, soup items, cutlets, and salad are ready to made dishes preparing from this sweet or baby corn. To prepare an easy sweet corn snack just boil the corn and add salt and some spice to prepare a healthy dish that offers the best taste.
What is the Best Recipe for Making Crispy Corn?The crispy and crunchy flavor of corn is an ever-lovable snack item to all. The crisp and Indian spices are adding a fabulous taste to this item. Popcorn is one of the favorite snack items comes with the spongy and crispy layers. Other than that, so many recipes are available to consume. Adding the cornflour with the blend of Indian spices and deep fry offers the crispy texture to this dish. Fried baby corns, Pakodas are the signature dishes easily find at restaurants and fast food centers.
What Are Some Good Baby-Corn Recipes?Popcorn is one of the favorite snack items comes with the spongy and crispy layers. Other than that, so many recipes are available to consume. It can be spicy and crunchy snack items or else the sweet juicy cooked corn all the texture is easily loved by all. Baby corn Manchurian, Chilli baby corn and Paneer baby corn all are the delicious and top-notch recipes cooking from corn. Now you can make these crispy corn items at your home. We enlisted multiple ingredients to enjoy your snack item.
What Are Some Yellow and White Corn Recipes?The white and yellow corns are not only differing from the color shade and size of the kernel but also in taste too. Whether it is sweet corn or plain is not determine through its color but only from the variety of corn. So, it is clear that whether it is a white or yellow color the variety and breed will determine the taste of the corn. Hence, it is a sweet yellow or white corn it offers a good taste. Try all delicate recipes from this corn.

25 Types of Corn Recipes

1. Crispy Corn Recipe

Crispy Corn Recipe

Modern and trendy lifestyle has no time to concentrate on healthy food intake. That's why we are loving the fake tasty fast foods.

However, the posh and unhealthy snacks and crispy fast foods are mostly loved by kids and adults.

To avoid such gluten consumption here we offer easy homemade recipes preparing from golden corn.

Try all those recipes then what! you can easily offer healthy dishes in the restaurant-style. All will love it.

2. Popcorn Chicken

Popcorn Chicken

First of all, Corn recipes are too good to taste and healthier than other cereal and millets. But bleached flour is the complex one.

To get the natural and authentic taste and good for kid unbleached corn and flour is the ultimate solution.

Chicken egg and popcorn is a rare and enjoyable snack item made from this pure cornflour it will be a good snack for you.

It is the new and exotic dish many of the people may new to this recipe. Give your try for this recipe.

3. Sweet Corn Soup

Sweet Corn Soup

Creamy, mild and spicy corn soup is all-time favorite one from the kids to the elderly people.

Sweet corn or the normal corn the two main ingredients helps to offer the exact taste of the soup-right

If you want to offer the mild and spicy less recipe then try your simple and easily available sweet corn.

Otherwise, the normal corn with spicy masala and other ingredients will add the richness to this soup. give your best.

4. Corn Pakoda

Corn Pakoda

Pakoda is a delicious and mouth-watering dish and top street food available in all corners of India.

For the spicy and crunchy evening snack, it is the fabulous one, especially among the younger kids.

Moreover, busy moms, making the pakoda is a very easy one for them. It nearly takes 20 to 30 minutes to prepare the dish.

To offer the healthy and protein content snack this corn pakoda is the primary choice to try this snack at your home.

5. Baby Corn Potato Biryani

Baby Corn Fry rice

For easy and quick delicious biryani recipe, baby corn and potato combination is new and simple one.

Grind aroma spices and a combination of corn and potato offer the tender texture to the dish.

However, the masala, spicy ingredient is a mouth-watering delicious recipe easy and fast one for your breakfast.

Obviously, baby corn is a kid's favorite. They will really love this recipe try this recipe at your home.

6. Corn Cutlet

Corn Cutlet

Corn cutlet recipes is a super crunchy recipe for your delicious evening snack. Here is your simple recipe try this at your home?

Adding en number of veggies and protein-rich content helps for the optimal level of growth. Try this recipe at your home.

The golden color evening snack is a homemade recipe suitable for all. Try this recipe for a change.

Apart from the regular snack it will certainly a delightful crispy for the children. Give your try.

7. Corn and Pomegranate Chat

Corn And Pomegranate Chaat

Corn and pomegranate chat is a new and healthy snack but a less known chat item among the housewives.

Are you searching for the perfect healthy snack item for your kids? Then try this dish for your perfect evening snack.

Obviously, it is a new blend of pepper, sweet and juicy flavor to try this nutritional chat at your home.

Adding fresh veggies like cucumber and carrot add beauty and taste to this easy chat preparation.

8. Corn Upma

Corn Upma

Upma is a basic and easy homemade preparation commonly found in all households of south-India.

We come across the common upmas of rave upma, wheat upma, and veggie upma. But corn upma is a new one?

Removing the seeds from the cob and preparing the corn upma is the well and easy one for your delicious breakfast.

It is the Marathiyan style breakfast recipe neatly matching to the coconut chutney. Taste this new dish.

9. Sweet Corn Masala

Sweet Corn Masala

Though, Sweet corn masala is the most popular evening snack and common street food found in all corners of India.

Sweet corn is the easily available chat ingredient and cooking will take only 30 minutes to try this at your home.

Moreover, the dish is a very familiar one for its potential fiber content and the sweet blend masala is loved by all.

For the children who are seeking for the mild spicy masala flavor serve this mouth-watering recipe.

10. Butter Corn Recipe

Buttered Corn Recipe

The freezing winter season and hill stations are filling with the flavourful masala recipe to satisfy your taste buds.

To enjoy the simple bur tasteful evening snack then try this simple juicy butter recipe at your home.

It is the unique recipe initially boiled with the turmeric water then the butter and masala are mixes into this blend.

For the spicy hot evening winter recipe, try this aromatic and juicy corn for your healthy snack enjoy your winter.

11. Corn Chat

Corn Chaat

Corn chat is a simple recipe elegantly mixing to the multi collection of veggies and spiceless sev.

It may be the new recipe but carries the fully loaded healthy vitamins from onion, carrot, and dhania.

Adding the pepper, onion and tomato are offering the colorful outlook to this special recipe.

Finally, the chat masala adds the aromatic tone to this colorful dish to try this dish at your home. Everyone will love it.

12. Crispy Baby Corn

Crispy Baby Corn

Corn masala and boiled corn are the common snack item serving to your kids. There are plenty of ways in cooking corn.

Masla fry is one of the items such a flavourful and lip-smacking dish easy catches your attention and a favorite dish on your list.

Cornfloor and baby corn are the basic ingredients to offer the plain and crispy texture to this common corn.

Adding salt, spices and chili powder are offering the delightful taste to your buds. Make this dish for your evening snack.

13. Capsicum Corn Cabbage Soup

Corn And Cabbage Soup

Three main ingredients - Capsicum, corn, and cabbage are the base of the dish offer tremendous soup to remove your tiredness.

It is the sweet and tangy soup getting its unique flavor from lemon juice, tomato, and water. It is a typical Indian Soup.

Adding ginger, garlic, cumin seeds, ghee, and corn starch are offering the fabulous spicy masala to this dish.

Try this recipe at your home it is the ever-loving snack item and one of the delicate evening snacks for your family.

14. Sweet Corn Gravy Curry

Sweet Corn Gravy

Rich in fiber and protein Corn is the usual ingredient recommending for the kids to the elderly people.

First of all, Corn is the dish is a common and available ingredient in all season. So making delicious side dish easy one.

Gravy is the apt and most suitable side dish for dosas and chapatis. For the masala gravy lovers here is the spicy recipe.

Adding the buttermilk and mixing the enormous masalas are offering this colorful soup for your healthy snack.

15. Baby Corn Manchurian

Baby Corn Manchurian

Manchurian is the tasty and flavourful Chinese dish elegantly suits to the corn and collection of our masalas.

Five-star hotels and restaurants are adding this special menu for their light snack lovers. It is a mandatory chat item in India.

For the noodles, lovers place this gravy along with the main dish to enjoy the hot and spicy flavor rather than a simple noodle.

Adding spring onion, soy sauce is offering an effective and Chinese outlook on this entire dish. Try this exotic flavor at your home.

16. Corn Vada

Corn Vada

Corn Vada is the ever-green, crispy recipe and snack item in the favorite list of Andhara snack items.

For the casual tea time break and simple friends gathering try this new recipe and give your signature snack.

Minimal and easily available ingredients are the base of this vada. Try this corn vada at present this to your kids.

As the same to the no-veg curry the ingredients like ginger and garlic are easily feeling at your first bite.

17. Corn And Capsicum Tikki

Corn Tikki

Corn Tikki is a special and occasional dish most of the housewives not known this simple dish.

It is a spicy, mild and loving snack item that can serve at your family gala, kiddy parties and friends gathering.

Golden corn is a simple and favorite snack for kids too. For the special new evening snack, you can offer this.

There are multiple tikkas are preparing only from the non-vegetarian ingredients, For veggies, it will offer an exact taste.

18. Mint Mushroom Baby Corn

Mushroom Baby Corn Masala

Mint mushroom baby corn is a new but famous Thai recipe that carries multiple blends of taste and color.

Although, Mint is the medicinal herb and the addition of coconut and mushroom adds a rich look to this corn recipe.

The preparation of the recipe may be new and strange while getting the flavor and awesome aroma it will be the best for you.

This mouth-watering dish plainly matching to the rice and chapati. For new vegetarian gravy, all can try this recipe.

19. Corn Sandwich

Corn Sandwich

Corn Sandwich is the brand new but the beneficial diet meal easily blends with the bread base and spicy Indian masala stuffing.

Bread toast is the part of the meal for the fitness lovers. So, they can try this simple homemade recipe for their intake.

Multiple collections of spices and chilies are taking as a paste and they carefully applied on the bread slices.

Then the top layer perfectly garnishing with the colorful green chutney ad the steaming baby corn. Try this recipe.

20. Baby Corn And Capsicum Fried Rice

Corn Fried Rice

Fried rice is a healthy and super meal with the collection of veggies to start your busy morning full of energy.

Corn is the central ingredient to prepare this delicious fried rice for your lunch or morning breakfast.

It is the common south-Indian breakfast dish made from the various collection of veggies and herbs.

Fried rice with the combination of this golden corn is fabulous and easy to prepare the dish. Try this special dish.

21. Baby Corn Pepper Fry

Baby Corn Pepper Fry

Pepper fry is the authentic Indian dish made from the spicy and colorful non-vegetarian base. Give this try to Chinese style.

Corn pepper fry is the super side dish and a snack item to the kids and elderly people. It is the pure restaurant style preparation try it once.

The excessive fiber in corn, ginger, and olive oils are brought out this exotic recipe that is equal to the Indian style.

Try this recipe at your home. With multiple nutrient package and its delicious taste, all will love this corn pepper fry.

22. Masala Popcorn

Spicy Masala Popcorn

Popcorn is a special sack elegantly matching our movie time and this lite weight recipe with spicy is favorite to all.

For the popcorn lovers, Masala popcorn is a spongy and spicy snack. Try this recipe at your home.

Ginger, cinnamon and red chili are the aromatic and spicy ingredient offer the unique flavor from the regular taste.

Adding the aromatic powder and turmeric will offer the colorful and easy to prepare popcorn dish that is ready for you.

23. Fried Sweet Corn

Fried Sweet Corn

Sweet corn with the spicy fry of golden corn is a delicious meal suit for your simple and elegant dinner.

Adding chili, cornflour and egg are the tastemakers offer the great break from your regular sweet corn recipe.

The spicy juicy Indian flavor perfectly apt to the American sweet corn for instant preparation try this dish.

Try this special and easy preparation for your kids. They will love this recipe and offer this new recipe to your friends too.

24. Baby Corn Curry

Baby Corn Curry

Baby corn curry with the flavor of tomato paste and butter is the tangy colorful veggie curry. Recommending for your dinner.

To offer the traditional taste, adding the onion, garam masala and other spicy paste are offering the effective taste to your taste buds.

However, to manage the dinner with simple gravy try this ready to make baby corn curry. All will love this recipe.

This baby corn gravy preparing as a signature style of the south-Indian cooking method. Try this dish at your come.

25. Baby Corn Pulao

Baby Corn Pulao

Baby corn is a simple nutrient food that can offer multiple varieties of dishes from a simple snack to biryani.

Sweet corn is not only a special snack item it is the predominant and main ingredient to offer multiple dishes too.

Pulao is the ever-loving juicy ingredient making this dish with this golden corn is a new try but a wonderful Sunday meal to your family.

To match the new dish and compensate for the non-veg Sunday meal try this recipe. It may your favorite recipe.