18+ Delicious Coconut Recipes Using Fresh And Dry Coconuts

Posted By : Elavarsan , 31/03/2020

This article, a collection of lip-smacking coconut recipes using coconuts

Fresh coconuts are the most nutritious fruit which is widely used in Indian cuisine. Find a great collection of 30+ various coconut recipes.

Coconut is the delicious food ingredient that comes with the palm family. Actually it the seed used for food preparation.

Moreover, the flesh, onion, raw coconut and water all are the sweet parts offering a superb taste.

All these parts are using for the food preparation and often adding for the part of diet purpose.

Naturally occurring sweet giving the wonderful taste to this coconut relating dish preparation.

Carbohydrate is the main food nutrient fact comes in this intake of this raw coconut pieces or coconut water.

Protein is not the main supplement in this coconut dish but saturated fat is the goodness in this coconut.

In our Indian culinary process never ignore this coconut. To add the thickness it is a very useful one.

The creamy and soft paste is preparing with the base of this coconut ingredient. So, prepare this paste.

As per the nutrient elements Manganese, Copper, Thiamin are the valuable stuffing posses in this coconut recipes.

Containing the saturating fat is the healthy ingredient offering superb taste and healthy fat for our body.

Possession of lauric acid easily digestive one. So it does not stay on blood veins. So use more coconut ingredients.

The balance of carb, fat and also the essential anti-oxidants offering enormous wellness to our body.

Their multiple kinds of rice, side dishes are coming in the preparation of the coconut recipe. Try more coconut.

For your easy homemade preparation, we offer multiple dishes for your tasty food preparation taste these coconut recipes.

People Also Ask

Can you share some recipes made from coconut?The sweetness of coconut is the best and ever-loving ingredient adding in our food preparation. Whether it is a sweet dessert or spicy masala ingredient coconut plays its crucial role. For the preparation of the dish, coconut is the major ingredient to enjoy the sweet and creamy flavor. Coconut chutney is the major ingredient offering the full and full taste of this coconut. Try this recipe.
How can coconut be used in Indian dishes?To reduce the spiciness, and getting the masala flavor is need to complement with the side dish. Coconut ingredients are special as well as they never ruin the taste of our home dish preparation. For this mild flavor, most of the dishes are preparing with the addition of the coconut slices. Coconut milk is a common ingredient using for the preparation of vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes.
Which dish made from coconuts do you like the most?Coconut milk recipes and shredding coconut sweet recipes are more famous in our food preparation. For the sweet lovers, Coconut ladoo is the ever-loving recipe. The preparation of this dish is too easy. Usage of Rava, ghee and granting coconut are the staple ingredients using for the preparation of this ladoo. The addition of almonds and nuts are super energy supplements giving perfect texture to this ladoo recipe.
What are good coconut recipes with jam?There are multiple dishes are preparing with the usage of the coconut milk as well as raw coconut slices. Though, there are multiple dishes that can easily be prepared with these simple coconut slices. One of them is the jam. Most of us not know this recipe. It is the simple recipe and pf the famous recipe among the adults. So, try this coconut jam with enough addition of veggies as well as fruits. Try this recipe.
What is the best coconut cake recipe you know?The cake is a wonderful preparation whenever the home party comes to mind, the cake is the primary sweet dessert recipe. Coconut extract, coconut milk, and coconut milk are the ever-loving ingredients using for the sweet cakes. While preparing the flour to add this coconut water then bake the cake with the usage of baking powder. Shredding coconut and are the main juicy ingredient mixing with the sugar and almonds. Try this recipe.

18+ Tasty Collection Of Coconut Recipes

1. Homemade coconut sweet recipe

As the first step of this coconut sweet, just grind the coconut and add some milk powder to get the past structure.

For this sweet delicious recipes add some sugar for the extra sweetness. Add Cardamom for the aroma flavor.

Milk is the tendering juice ingredient so making the soft texture this milk so important one for this cake.

For the eye-catching color and rolling the stuff offering the wonderful base for this cake recipe.

2. Coconut tarts

coconut tarts

Pastry making is the wonderful recipe for the dessert preparation choice for your homemade dish.

Adding the sweet coconut filling is the first and best idea to give the juicy flavor for this dish.

Maida, butter and sugar the main ingredients using for this sweet coconut tart recipe preparation.

Baking all the dough with the perfect kneading is an essential one for the yummy coconut tarts. Try this sweet recipe

3. Coconut fudge recipe

coconut fudge

Coconut fudge is the traditional south-Indian coconut recipe adding raw rice gives the super taste

Milk, jaggery, and ghee are the central ingredients offering the juicy as well as soft texture to this fudge.

Soaking rice flour and adding cardamom are giving the wonderful aroma for this traditional coconut recipe.

Before the final stage of cooking add the jaggery it will offer more sweetness as well as color to this recipe.

4. Lime coconut rice

lime coconut rice

Lime coconut is a famous fried rice recipe. It is an easy dish for your morning home preparation.

Whenever you seeking the new recipe for your family members try this tangy tasty recipe. It is a simple dish.

Garlic is the main ingredient easily mixing to the coconut milk. So, a mild taste of rice is enjoying one.

The addition of Cilantro is the best thing. To get the plain try to avoid the turmeric powder for this rice recipe.

5. Coconut ball

coconut ball

Coconut snowball is the new but a tasty recipe offering enough taste as an evening sweet snack.

The addition of Vanilla and coconut milk are giving a strong base for this sweet coconut ball recipe.

Though, Coconut oil is a wonderful base for this fluffy and soft coconut sweet recipe. So, add some Cardamom.

Maple syrup is the best addition to the sweet ball coconut recipe. Try this recipe for your snack.

6. Coconut stuffed naan

coconut stuffed naan

Coconut stuffed Naan is the wonderful recipe serving along with the multiple spicy gravies that are the super supplements.

Kids are the best lovers for this soft and white naan recipe. So adding sweetness gives the perfect evening snack.

Besides, add shredding coconut and coconut water as the base of this sweet coconut naan recipe.

If you want to present the traditional taste use jaggery or else use sugar for the white flavor.

7. Coconut poli

coconut poli

Coconut Poli is the north-Indian recipe offering as a delicious snack for the kids and elderly people.

In the south-Indian style, dhal is adding as the main dish for this sweet and protein enrich recipe.

It is the simple dish preparing with the usage of wheat flour and the creamy butter for a soft texture.

Just add the coconut slices and making the dough is the main for this tasty snack preparation.

8. White vegetable kurma

vegetable kuruma

Vegetable Kurma is the tasty as well as delicious juicy recipe serving for the chapati and dosa.

Usage of coconut powder, ginger garlic paste, and cardamom sticks are using for this kurma preparation.

Chopped beans, carrot are the delicious veggies are using for the simple kurma preparation.

As a creamy preparation of this kurma, curd also adding for this delicious homemade kurma recipe.

9. Mushroom coconut curry

mushroom coconut curry

Mushroom gravy is a special dish preparing with the usage of enough spices and delicious coconut.

To get the traditional flavor, chili powder and green chili are using for this mushroom gravy preparation.

Coriander leaves are finally adding to get the perfect aroma of spices as well as this herb.

Besides the usage of tangy flavor is loving one by all. So add some orange juice for this recipe.

10. Kobbari podi

kobbari  podi

Moreover, it is the new dish preparing only with the dried coconut slices with the addition of the spices.

Chana dhal, urad dhal, and dhania are the fresh ingredients that are offering the traditional masala taste to this dish.

For the spicy tone for this dry coconut powder, ginger and red chili powder are using for this preparation.

It is the kobbari podi, easily matching the rice and chapati and dosa recipe. Offer this dish to your family.

11. Kobbari karam

kobbari karam

Preparing a kobbari karam is the delicious dish that easily matching your morning breakfast and dinner.

This is the special Andhra style coconut rice preparation carrying enough spiciness and taste.

The addition of enough dhals is giving the perfect base for this coconut powder recipe.

Additionally, spicy crispy dosas and soft idlies are perfectly matching to the coconut spicy powder.

12. Coconut curry chicken

coconut curry chicken

Not only the vegetarian recipes but also the nonveg and multiple chicken recipes are cooking with this coconut.

The creamy structure and thickness of the gravy getting after the addition of the coconut slices.

Coconut Curry Chicken is the special chicken dish preparing with the usage of the spices and garam masala and chilies.

To offer the delightful mild tone to this spicy recipe, the coconut milk is finally add on the base of this recipe.

13. Rava coconut upma

rava coconut upma

There are multiple dishes that are easily preparing with the usage of Rava, coconut, and spicy herbs.

It is the simple recipe but the multiple additions of the dhals and urad dhal offering the more taste.

Finally, add the fried Rava and boil this dish with enough water to get the edible texture.

After the finest cooking adds some shredding coconut as the final stage of this dish. Try this Rava coconut upma recipe.

14. Coconut burfi

coconut burfi

Multiple sweet desserts are the delicious evening snacks loved by all the kids and elderly people.

Burfi is one of the delicious recipes, prepared with the base of ghee as well as the coconut ingredient.

The extra sweetness is getting along with the sugar. Sometimes, adding jaggery is the good one.

Try this easy preparation at your home. All will love this delightful recipe. Try this dish at your home.

15. Coconut ladoo

coconut ladoo

Whenever you are searching for a delightful evening snack, some traditional dishes are coming under this recipe.

Adding the shredding coconut with the jaggery is the perfect and healthy snack for your sweet preparation.

Shredding coconut perfectly cooks along with the ghee and jaggery then it turns to the brown color.

Finally, the juicy and soft texture of the snack possesses with the cashew nuts. Offer this coconut ladoo dish to your kids.

16. Thengai burfi

thengai burfi

Coconut powder is the basic ingredient using for this mouth-watering snack item preparation at our home.

To get the extra flavor cocoa powder is using for the delightful sweet recipe. Try this thengai burfi dish at your home.

However, getting the fresh taste, the coconut paste is using instead of the coconut powder along with almonds.

Usage of ghee, cashews are the mandatory topping in our traditional snack preparation. Taste this sweet recipe.

17. Potato coconut curry

potato coconut curry

Potato is the ever-loving veggie. Other than the green vegetables it easily mixing to the potato gravy.

For the potato lovers, potato-coconut curry is the special new dish to try this dish for your breakfast.

Ginger paste and cumin are the perfect blends offering the traditional taste to this vegetarian recipe.

Finally, the coconut paste is adding to get the mild and sweet taste from this colorful potato gravy.

18. Coconut rice

coconut rice

Coconut rice is simple and ready to make rice preparation famous in our south-Indian food preparation.

Adding the shredded coconut with the urad dal, red chilies and curry leaves are offering the wonderful taste.

However, adding the juicy coconut at the final stage of the dish giving the wonderful taste to this rice preparation.

For the rice lovers, serve this dish along with the mint chutney or coconut chutney. Kids will love this rice.

19. Coconut bun

coconut bun

Coconut bun is the common and ever-loving evening snack easily available at the bakeries and sweet stalls.

The preparation of the coconut ball is not a complex one. Now we offer easy homemade preparation for this dish.

As a wonderful sweet dish, rice Rava is using for this sweet preparation along with enough sugar addition.

Comparing to the oil, the usage of the ghee is the most recommending one. Try this snack for your kids.