25 Delicious And Easy To Cook Chutney Recipes For Idli/dosa

Posted By : Myilraj , 27/03/2020

Explore the Top 50+ Chutney Recipes to Add up With Your Morning Healthy Breakfast

Chutney recipes will give you a very tasty and delicious experience when you eat idly, Dosa and other foods.

Chutneys are the traditional dishes that need not any introduction. It is a common food serves at a hut to top-notch restaurants.

The history of Chutneys are so interesting and initially made from fresh fruits along with more spices.

During the colonial era, The British love this chutney and took them along with their journey.

Then this special dish gets its long journey to South Africa and other Islands. Now Indian chutneys are the more famous ones.

In Great Britain, the special mango chutney renowned in the name of Major Grey's Chutney and available in top hotels of England.

The special grey mango chutneys are made from the ingredients of Mangos, apples, pears, resins, and brown sugar.

To preserve the delicious taste for more days, vinegar is adding as a major ingredient. Sweet, sour, spicy all tastes come in this dish.

As per the texture and taste, the chutneys can be thin and thick. Multiple Variety rice of India simply matching with this Chutney.

Not only good at taste the color and healthy aspects of chutneys are easily preparing one at our home kitchen.

While the name chutneys are renowned for its vegetarian Thokku but multiple hot and cold Thuvayals are finger liking one.

Sauce, Pachadi are the various structures of Indian chutneys matching the grant meals without any more healthy substance.

Multiple collections of chutneys are elegantly arranging and serve with our dosas, Idlies, and chapatis. We just know a few varieties.

Enqyer recipe portal offers en number of chutney recipes for your mind-blowing breakfast. Try them all for your superb meal.

People Also Ask

How to Make Chutney?Chutneys are the preserving food dish preparing with the unique combination of spices, herbs, and vegetables in our kitchen. Whether it is a full meal or delicious evening snack chutneys are playing a major role to add new flavor to this dish. Indian street foods and crunchy crispy evening snack and chat items like Samosas and Pakoras are enriching with these chutneys. Adding the right amount of spices, herbs, and vegetables with the right ratio and add water in a considerable mount are important ones for chutney making.
What are The Best Chutney Recipes?There are more than 50 varieties of chutney recipes are available in our traditional cooking process. As a famous, all-time side dish Coconut, Mint, Coriander, tomato and onion chutneys are fabulous kinds. The balance of sweet, sour, and hot are equally carried over all these classical chutney recipes. Various thick creamy chutney recipes are listed in our portal. All are well suitable for your breakfast and dinners.
What Are the Easiest Chutney Recipes to Make?Chutney preparation is one of the fast and easy to finish the morning breakfast with idlis and dosas. The tangy tomato chutney is perfect not only for your breakfast but also for rice, naan, chapatis that easily match with it. Kara chutney, Onion tomato Thokku, and Tomato Pachadi are the famous easy quicking chutney varieties in our household. Slices of tomato fried and adding the coconut and other spices and the fine grind will offer the tangy tomato chutney.
What is Your Favorite Chutney Recipe?India is a source of multiple fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dhals. All these bases can offer mild and tasty chutney. Sometimes, the garlic and herb to more combinations are offer ever-loving recipes for chutney preparation. Apple chutney, Mango chutney, Curry leaves chutney, Ginger and carrot chutneys are one of the favorite varieties. Especially, I love Onion and Tomato combination is one of the memorable chutney for the taste buds.
What is the Tastiest Chutney to Eat with Dosa?Dosa and Idlies are the staple breakfast of our south-Indian cuisine. Chutney and Sambar are the inseparable combinations to them. Coconut chutney, Mint, Coriander, Garlic, Carrot, Beetroot are the mild chutneys easily suitable for dosas. Other than that, Deeply roasted tomato, ridge guard, and red chili chutneys also easily meet your taste junctions. Try all these veggie collection chutneys to add unique taste as well as maintain your precious health.

25 Types of Chutney Recipes

1. Urad Dal Chutney

Urad Dal Chutney Recipe

Urad dhal chutney is one of the healthiest recipes that comes with a high level of protein containment.

Coconut, red chili, curry leaves, and tamarind are adding a spicy and delicious taste to the chutney.

It is a quick and easy preparation chutney. Try this dish it well suitable for rice and dosas.

A hurry morning breakfast with roast urad chutney will boost your energy try this chutney at your kitchen.

2. Kovakkai Chutney

Kovakkai Chutney

Kovakkai Chutney or Tindora chutney is the famous Andhra style chutney serving for meal and Chapathi.

Spicy nutty taste is the authentic flavor of this Kovakkai chutney well familiar one in the Andhara style.

It is a simple dish follows the asafoetida powder to spread aroma in every chew of Kovaikkai chutney.

Just fry the vegetable until removing the raw smell and adding tomato and onion adds tenderness to this dish.

3. Vengaya Thogayal or Onion Chutney

Vengaya Chutney

A perfect blend of onion sweetness and tomatoes tangy flavor merged in this special onion Thogayal.

This dish carries the strong and deep spicy flavor with the usage of red chilies and mustard seeds.

To add the tanginess of taste and dry structure tamarind is adding to this tasty onion Thoygayal.

Anti-oxidant components of Onion is a good one for balancing our immunity level. Kids need to consume this chutney.

4. Nellikai Thokku

Nellikai Thokku

Overloading vitamin- C is a wonderful mouth-watering dry pickle recipe storing for your delicious food carving.

Besides, Calcium, Carotene, Phosphorous, and other essential Vitamin B complex are filled in this recipe.

So, all people can use this tasty spicy dry chutney for their full meal lunch. To balance your add it in your regular menu.

Moreover, It can prepare in a large quantity and advising to refrigerate this dry pickle flavor chutney for longer usage.

5. Turai Ki Chutney

Peerkangai Chutney

Ridge gourd is a regular easy available vegetable that helps to prepare the new and innovative chutney.

High level of water, essential Zinc, Iron, Magnesium and thiamine components regulates the flexible energy to our body.

More than that, Mint, Garlic, Cumin are the special spiced adding to offer the traditional taste to this vegetable chutney.

For optimal weight management, Turai or Ridge guard chutney is the recommending recipe. Try it today.

6. Vazhaipoo Thol Thogayal

Vazhaipoo Thol Thogayal

The outer layer of Vazhaipoo is mostly removed and not particularly taking for any culinary dish.

To use this layer with the channa dhal and other collections of various spices offer delicious chutney.

Get the dry texture coconut and tamarind ingredients are mandatory in every dry chutney dish.

Vazhaipoo Thol Thogayal is an easy and spicy innovative chutney for your regular diet offer this dish to your family.

7. Malvani Lasun Chutney

Garlic Chutney

Malvani Lasun Chutney is one of the remarkable household chutneys in the traditional Maharasthra kitchen.

It is the super simple chutney that carries multiple benefits for regular takers. It easily purifies the blood.

Garlic is one of the staple food ingredients used to prepare the traditional chutneys and meat recipes.

This tasty dry chutney can be tightly storing for the maximum days of use. It is an excellent supplement for rice.

8. Dahi vada Chutney

Tamarind Chutney

For sour taste lovers, Dahi Vada Chutney is one of the famous chutney famous in the North-Indian cooking style.

And, It is a sweet chutney getting its memorable taste from Sugar and Jaggery with the addition of fruit nuts.

Dahi Vada Chutney is a famous chutney preparing from the two different combinations of Curd and Tamarind.

For the school going kids it certainly a good chutney, when you serve this dish they will like it a lot.

9. Vazhaipoo Thuvaiyal

Vazhaipoo Thuvaiyal

For an easy healthy choice of Chutney recipe, Vazhaipoo Thugaiyal is the first choice of your dish to come to your mind.

Removing the unwanted flower fibers and using the other essential parts are offering delicious chutney to your meal.

The deep roasting spices easily merge with the Vazhaipoo and offers the traditional and appetizing feel to this chutney.

It is the best Chutney serving as a lip-smacking side dish to the hot rice along with the thick sesame oil.

10. Green Chilli Chutney

Green Chilli Chutney

Dietary fiber and rich in Vitamin C, high water content and Zero calorie fill up all are makes this chutney as the best one.

For the spicy green chilly lovers can try this chutney. Hence it is a special Andhara chutney their spice is the main texture.

Try this eye-catching spicy chutney dish for your diet control. However, too many chilies are a hazard to your health.

For the goodness of children, it is not prescribing one due to the causes of side effects from too much chilly.

11. Pudalangai Chutney

Pudalangai Chutney

The flexible combination of dhal and snack gourd is the suitable and blending combination of typical Tamil Nadu Poriyal.

It is a fat-free vegetarian meal often recommending for the diet freaks and diabetes patients to maintain the optimal calories.

But Chutney is a less known recipe that carries diverse health benefits. So present this brand new recipe to your family.

It is a tangy chutney adding with tomatoes, Tamarind, and red chilies. Try this simple and lucid dish at your home.

12. Inji Puli Curry Recipe

Inji Curry

Ginger is one of the best ingredients to reduce our muscle pain, soreness and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Consuming this ginger chutney once a month offers multiple health benefits for kids to elderly people.

To boost and improve the appetite issues this will be good home medicine. Try this ginger chutney at your home.

As a result, It is one of the signature vegetarian chutney for Keralites. Spare your cooking time for this new Kerala recipe.

13. Carrot Onion Chutney

Carrot Chutney

Carrot Onion chutney is a delicious vegetarian dish containing beta carotene and other essential anti-oxidants.

The spicy-sweet recipe offers various health benefits to try this humble recipe that much suitable one for idlis and dosas.

Though it is a calorie-dense foot suitable for all especially serving in the special occasion and festival season.

However, it is not only a pretty colorful recipe but also offers abundant health benefits for its consumers.

14. Brinjal Chutney 

Brinjal Chutney

Indian style Chutneys and Pachadis are rich in multiple calories, vitamins, and other essential nutrients.

Especially this eggplant contains a good amount of protein, potassium, Fibre, Vitamin K and so on.

To get all those nutrients eating them in a form of chutney will offer all the nutrient values and benefits.

Toddler, Kids, and adults all can consume this wonderful vegetable for their daily diet. So, try this recipe.

15. Sago Chutney

Sago Chutney

Making routine chutneys and familiar tastes will bore your family. Here we offer multiple chutneys for your new try.

Sago is one of the delicious and rare recipes for the ultimate chutney lovers. Many of them not aware of this recipe.

These are the calorie fill up dish available one in all corners of India. So making this Sago chutney is an easy one for all.

For boosting immunity and offer the new chutney recipe sago is the best ingredient. Give your try on this dish.

16. Betel Leaf Chutney

Betel Leaf Chutney

As an auspicious leaf Betel leaves are using on special occasions, functions and grant Hindu festivals.

The great source of Calcium of essential vitamins is filled in this Betel leaf. So try this leaf for your cooking.

Betel chutney is one of the rare but delicious dishes easily match for your energy breakfast. Try this chutney.

It is a medical herb that instantly gives relief from pain and helps to the healing wound. To get more benefits to add it in your cooking.

17. Pirandai Thuvaiyal

Pirandai Thuvaiyal

Pirandai Chutney is an easily available creeper and offers multiple health benefits but many don't know these benefits.

Resolving digestive problems and Inducing the hungry are the major health benefits attain at your regular consumption.

The mild and delicious sour chutney easily preparing a dish and all can taste this chutney without any fat scare.

18. Drumstick Chutney

Drumstick Leaves Chutney

To add the nutrient level the array of spices and herbs are adding to enrich the special taste of Pirandi chutney.

Drumstick leaves are the iron packing and vitamin filling ingredients need to add for our daily food menu.

Many of them using these leaves for their tasty instant side dish and easily pair with our staple rice.

The simple nutrient filling chutney prepares within twenty minutes. As a power pack containment, it suits for kids.

To offer the delicate and enriching flavor for your food try this new dish drumstick chutney.

19. Sprouts Chutney

Sprouts Chutney

A single cup of Green gram offering the enormous energy from its healthy components of potassium and other proteins.

Green gram is one of the traditional ingredients often using in our daily cooking. It is very low in fat.

For the people who are seeking an easy way for reducing their weight then take this sprout chutney.

It can be a mild as ell as spicy chutney depends upon our adding ingredients. It is the best combination for dosas and chutney.

20. Snake Gourd Chutney

Snake Gourd Chutney

Promoting skin texture and improving hair growth is the noticing benefits that come in this snack gourd consumption.

The fresh and mild chutney is a fast and easy preparation dish using as the instant pickle for your food.

Similarly, To offer the unique taste chana dal, black gram and garlic are added to this lip-smacking chutney dish.

Moreover, It is a fast and easy dish preparing within a short span of 15 minutes. Try it and offer it to your kids.

21. Coconut Chutney

Coconut Chutney

Coconut is the first and primary chutney dish well known easy dish suits for all dosas and chapatis.

To escape from the routine taste and cooking style here we offer the distinctive style of Malnad cooking.

Moreover, It is the eye-catching spicy chutney making with the usage of both black pepper and red chilies.

Especially for kids, this chutney carries multiple nutrient benefits and offering to control cold and cough.

22. Thakkali Kara Chutney

Kara Chutney

Chutneys are offering more fiber content and offer delicious flavors when eating in a dry condition.

To get the exact form of vegetables, nut or greenies the mild chutney paste is the welcoming dish.

And also, For fast and easy preparation of morning breakfast and soft smooth idlis, it is the superb combination.

Thakkali kara chutney is the famous south-Indian recipe offer good taste with the common spice usage.

23. Brahmi Chutney

Brahmi Chutney

Brahmi is one of the medicinal valuing herb getting its fame all over the world. Preparing chutney with this herb is a good one.

To protects the eys sight and memory power Brahmi chutney is the ever best combination for the kids and adults.

Mint, garlic, ginger, and Jaggery are all tasteful spices that offer the overall good taste to your chutney.

Although, loading with multiple health benefits try this easy and dry texture chutney and serve this to your family.

24. Vallarai Keerai Thuvaiyal

Vallarai Keerai Thuvaiyal

For the lovers of traditional and spicy rural chutney variety this Vallarai Keerai chutney satisfies your taste buds.

Vallarai Keerai is the superb herb get is primary reputation and consideration in our Ayurvedic medicine.

Frying the fresh green leaves adding the healthy spices and grind the chutney are the easy steps of cooking.

In addition, To enhance your cooking style with the ever-fresh Vallarai leaves this is the best and loving spicy chutney.

25. Cucumber Chutney

Cucumber Chutney

Cucumber is the summer season superb cooling agent easy to consume with spices as well as a raw gourd.

And, Have you ever preparing the chutney from this soft gourd? yeah, it is a super cool dish for your family.

The preparation of Cucumber is the typical Gujarathi style chutney preparation found in the top best menu list.

As a result, For your great vegetarian meal and traditional dishes of idli and dosa perfect blend with this Cucumber chutney.