24+ Yummy Chicken Recipes For Cooking From Home

Posted By : Myilraj , 25/03/2020

Chicken is an incredible ingredient to decorate lunch with a variety of dishes. Chicken recipes are an all-time favorite from kids to elderly people.

A different flavor of Chicken can be expecting from North-India's typical taste as well as south India's fragrant masalas.

What else to say there is no exception for chicken recipes around the world. The highest relishing dishes of India never miss the Chicken variety.

Non-vegetarians and meat eaters around the world certainly give some extra space in their stomach for chicken dishes from India.

Due to various climatic condition the culinary method of cooking varying from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

In our country, we found various pulao is a preferred form of cooking in the snowy regions like Kashmir.

The central region from Punjab and Haryana are cooking chicken in the form of dry style and serve them as their unique style.

Other than that, the West part of India like Kolkata and Assam are Cooking the chicken with their unique style.

Stuffing the chicken with the bamboo shoot and present the dish with the flavor of tradition is a unique one.

However, Nagaland's Chicken Naga is the well-known and hottest chicken recipe around the globe. What else to say!

There are plenty of chicken dishes are waiting to relish your taste buds.

Famous Indian Chicken Tikka is a mouth-watering dish mostly predicting as authentic Indian dish but it was originated from Scotland.

People Also Ask

What are the Best Chicken Recipes in India? Chicken is one of the ingredients making with a variety of tasteful recipes like Tandoori, Kebab, butter chicken and Chicken Handi. Especially Amristar Murgh Makhani, Kerala chicken roast, Chettinad chicken are the signatures dishes of India.
Which are the Best Easy to do and Healthy Chicken Recipes in India? The skinless chicken is the healthy one and carries an excellent source of the protein itself. Apart from the fatty skin. choline and Iron are then nutrients elements of the chicken. Certainly, it can decorate your dinner table with more variety.
What are Good Quick Chicken Recipes? Simple salads, Cooking with pasta and a combination of sandwiches are good are the quick and easy recipes to prepare. These simple recipes enrich with more protein and recommending as a power-packed dishes for all age group.
What Are Some Good Roasted Chicken Recipes in India? The flavor of typical Indian masala and the perfect preparation of roasted chicken is a delicious version for cooking. Appetizing color and smoky flavor easily arrest the foodies. Tandoori and grill chicken are top of the list.
What are the Best Indian Whole Chicken Recipes? Fabulous Chicken biryani to hot spicy gravies with multiple flavors of chicken gravy love in all corners of India. Especially, Pepper chicken, Kukuda Jhola, Kodi Kura and Chettinad Chicken are the mouth-watering chicken recipes in India. For the meat lovers, our Enqyer Digital Marketing Company offers other more dishes to impress your taste buds. All our recipes are easy to prepare and abundant with many nutrients benefits. Just try all these recipes.

                          24+ Types of Chicken Recipes

1.Chicken Broast

chicken broast

Presenting the tasty and crunchy chicken dishes for the kids, then Chicken broast is the main one coming for your consideration.

The juicy and spicy flavor of chicken is the different one. This boneless chicken is one of the warm-welcoming recipes in your home.

This spicy, crunchy recipe is very famous only by its easy making. Just check out this dish and give your try.

2. Bell Pepper Sanghai Chicken

bell pepper sanghai chicken

The spicy and tangy coating is a distinct flavor of this Bell Pepper Sanghai Chicken comes in the form of semi-gravy.

Without any diet restriction, all can try this gravy as part of their meal. For homemakers who want to explore an exclusive new dish then it certainly one of the dishes liked by all.

Feel free and try this innovative brand new dish for your family members.

3. Bengali Chicken Curry

bengali chicken curry

To note a new dish in your cookbook, then Bengali chicken curry is a rare known recipe for the chicken lovers.

The authentic and cherishing masalas are bringing together and making this awesome recipe as a spicy flavor of Bengal.

The richness of five spices took this recipe for the next level. For meat-eaters, it should be a big treat!

4. Chicken Karalu Pudi

A unique chicken curry easily blends with the cluster of veggies like cluster bean egg and offers an exceptional taste.

The various blend of spice like Garam masala, coconut shows all are making this dish as a typical Andra Pradesh dish.

It is a rare combination of cuisine that comes with the combination of both veggies and Chicken. Don't forget to try this chicken karalu pudi.

5. Shahi White Chicken

shahi white chicken

A signature Mughlai dish and it is a well-known recipe of North-India made with the usage of curd and spices.

It's a very special recipe cooked with the enormous cereals and a nutrient spices to add the core taste to this shahi white chicken dish.

The non-veg recipe comes with various ingredients and especially the adding of almond with this chicken is a distinct one.

Once you try this dish, then it will be your favorite one among the ever-liking dishes in your kitchen.

6. Chicken Kasha

chicken kasha

An ever-loving dish of Kolkata, Chicken Kasha is a famous recipe regularly find in the table of Bengali household.

Solid thick gravy added with the different combination of sugar, lemon to produce the various flavors to taste.

Well-known dish of Kolkata, it is a healthy recipe recommending for all age group from elderly to small kids.

The juicy marination of chicken serving with parathas and rice as the all-time favorite combination of Chicken Kasha.

7. Kerala Spicy Chicken Kondattam

chicken kondattam

Commonly salted curd chilies perfectly merge with the chicken and offer the typical hot flavor as a taste of this dish.

Kondatta mulaku / thairu mulaku are the other familiarise names offer for this dish in Kerala state.

The crunchy outer layer but the inside full of juiciness is the style of Chicken Kondattam serve in full gravy as well as sem-gravy.

For the hot chicken lover's it must be an enticing dish offers a unique aroma of Chilli flakes. To know just try kerala spicy chicken it once.

8.Chicken Vada

chicken vada

Chicken is a familiar one for decorating a meal of your dining table. Other than that, making a snack also an innovative one.

For the snack lovers, Chicken vada is a delicious recipe mostly less-known among the housewives of India.

Loaded with more spices, dhal, and greenies, Chicken Vada is the healthy evening snack for your children.

Without any too much time consuming, you can easily prepare the dish within 30 minutes and instantly servable.

9. Kalmi Kabab

kalmi kabab

Kalmi kabab is another chicken marinated Mughlai cuisine recipe that provides the appetizing flavor with yogurt.

As a delicious party starter, Kalmi kabab is well-known and placing as a top one in the lavish dining.

Adding of lime juice, coriander leaves are the taste and aroma spikers of this dish. As a side dish, it loved by all.

From a simple meal to a grand party meal without any second choice, Kalmi kabab loved by all.

10. White Chicken Briyani

white chicken briyani

Briyani is a colorful and famous spicy recipe need not any special introduction to the biryani lovers.

For them, certainly, white chicken Briyani sounds a new thing. limited spices are the reason for this color.

Badam, cardamom, and pepper are the spicy elements adding without any other blunt of colorful spices.

Distinct taste and flavors are replicating in the flavor of this dish. But taste-wise more equal to usual biryani.

11. Murg LajaWab

murg lajawab

Mild tangy chicken gravy is made up of the long list of spices and nuts. Adding healthy vegetable add more delicacy with murg lajawab.

With the more intense cooking method, the flavor and taste of the dish never failed to arrest your taste buds.

As a delectable chicken gravy, you can prepare this for your grand functions and festive ceremonies.

A combination of greenies, nuts, and aroma spices are totally offered different tastes which never known before.

12. Pokra Stuffed Egg

Crunchy egg flavor with the well-cooked chicken is the finest combination to taste. Pokra stuffed egg is special for all.

Simple and regular spices and giving the tone of the egg is a wonderful flavor serving as the evening snack for all.

The perfect marination of chicken, egg, flours and pepper powder all are well balanced to produce the authentic taste.

With a small number of spices and easy cooking method, anybody can try this simple recipe at your home.

13. Hunan Chicken

hunan chicken

A mild touch of Chinese flavor and Indian spices combination adding a new flavor to this international dish.

Hunan Chicken is a versatile dish can be made from five-star hotels to our simple home kitchen with various styles.

Higher-end sauce and veggies can be added to offer an elegant outlook to this typical Chinese dish.

Otherwise, simple and daily using species also offer neat and keen taste to your taste buds. Try it once!

14. Green Mint Chicken Gravy

green mint chicken gravy

Hydrabadi cuisines are famous for their spicy and enrich the flavor of tastes. Green mint chicken is a notable one in the list.

Mint is a carries multiple packages of nutrients and adding the spices offer a full-packed healthy dish for your meal.

Green mint chicken gravy well suitable one for rice and chapati combination. Usage mint is offering a trendy taste to this dish.

Meat and chicken merge dish adding with the coriander leaves and strong spices to produce the signature taste.

15. Spicy Chicken Liver Fry

spicy chicken liver fry

For quick and tasteful non-veg recipe Spicy Chicken Liver Fry is the wonderful choice for the cooks and housewives.

This stir fry dish using as an eye-catching starter in luxurious restaurants. The deep fry process makes it unique.

The soft and tender chicken easily comes into the tone without any more marination procedure. The quickest recipe is suitable for all.

Moreover, Typical south-Indian dish, easily gain its attention by its unique taste and simple cooking method.

16. Hard Chicken Sukka

chicken sukka

Hard Chicken Sukka is a tempting dish with a tangy flavor that preparing from Rajasthan culinary style.

The dry flavor of this chicken dish famous one in all corners of the North-Indian region with its top spicy flavor.

To bring a new and innovative dish for the table certainly, this hard chicken Sukka meets all these qualities.

Equal balance of spices, spicy and tangy flavors are offering the benchmark of Rajasthani chicken.

17. Chicken Liver Cashew Curry

chicken liver cashew

Chicken fry is a common dish using with a variety of Indian masalas. But Chicken liver cashew curry new for many people.

A dish free from fat without any hesitation offering for the elderly people to all meat lovers.

Using of Cashews, curry leaves and coriander are offering the typical Indian flavor to this dish.

The touch of reddish tone and combination of garam masala provides the exact flavor with this chicken liver cashew curry.

18. Dahi Chicken Curry

dahi chicken curry

Yogurt and enormous spice marination offer a predominant taste for this taste Dahi Chicken curry.

For the tangy chicken flavor, Tomato is the primary ingredient other than Yoghurt is the second choice.

Ginger, Garlic, Garam masala and addition these two tangy ingredients made this dish as a superlative one.

This lip-smacking dish of Bangladesh surely an awesome treat for your Sunday meal.

19. Drumstick Chili Chicken

Variation of a chicken recipe founds in every corner of India. For food lovers of India, Chicken is the preferable one.

Chicken is the only ingredient merge with all veggies, spices, and egg. Drumstick chili chicken is here for you.

The finger-licking chili chicken can be made both in sweet as well as a hot spicy flavor as per your choice.

Adding to Honey, Sauce made this difference otherwise the hot and spicy chili chicken easily overlap drumstick flavor.

20.Butter Cashew Chicken

butter chicken

The usage of butter is the experimental process that offers various variety in the category of chicken recipes.

This butter ingredient is offering more fat and calories. So, balance the butter is the noticeable one.

For the fitness freaks and the chicken-lovers can try this in the form of an evening snack. Here is the recipe.

Butter Cashew chicken is the enriched nutrient recipe that comes as an evening snack for your diet purpose.

21. Tamarind Chicken

tamarind chicken

There is endless love for chicken dishes in India. Do you hear about chicken cooking with tamarind leaves?

Such innovative and amazon taste is too familiar in Thai. A combination of sweet and tangy flavor is a feast for you.

As a remarkable unique flavor tamarind chicken is a fabulous one for all. Without any limit, all can eat well.

The love of chicken is boundless one when you serve this tamarind chicken to your wonderful meal.

22.Chicken Fry Piece Biryani

chicken fry piece biryani

When you explore the spicy favorite biryani in Andhara then you can never miss this Chicken Fry Piece Biryani.

The special chicken fry is calling as "Veppudu" separately prepared and add into the cooked biryani.

However, the usual flavor of Dum biryani is varying from this chicken Fry Piece Biryani.

For the biryani lovers, Chicken Fry Piece Biryani is a unique relish dish. Give your try.

23. Guntur Chicken Gravy

guntur chicken gravy

One of the most familiar styles of chicken gravy found in Guntur district. Undoubtedly a typical Andhra recipe is here.

Adding coconut paste and ground spices are offer the special flavor for this Guntur Chicken Gravy.

Roasted chicken also a unique flavor and a different variety of Guntur Chicken using in this gravy.

All restaurants of Andhara never forget to add this dish to their menu list. Now made this dish at your home.

24. Spicy Kaju Chicken

spicy kaju chicken

To decorate your feast with the different combinations of chicken, then Kaju chicken is one on the list.

Spicy Kaju Chicken is a stir fry exotic dish from south-India still remarkable one in Indian restaurants.

Cashew nuts are the potential nutrient ingredient to add trendy taste to this chicken gravy.

Different styles of flavors and colors and tastes are the common cooking grade of India. Try your own.

25. Nattu Kozhi Varuval

nattu kozhi varuval

Not only in South-India, but Srilanka is also familiar with this authentic Nattu Kozhi Varuval dish.

Comparing to the healthy aspects of Nattu Kozhi dishes come in the first place so many people liked it a lot.

The mouth-watering level of spic and dark flavor are the special qualities of the dish loved by all.

According to culture and tradition, the cooking may differ. Try your new style and share them with us.