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Recipe Category List

folder 32 Simple Bread Recipes for Breakfast - Serve a Delicious Bread
Discover the simplest and easy to cook bread recipes from home and serve your family a delicious and yummy food. We have published nearly 30+ recipes.
folder 81+ Mouth Watering Paneer Recipes - Popular and Healthier
Paneer Recipe has become one of the most primary ingrediant in Indian Cooking. We can cook variety of dishes using paneer and let's dicuss every dish here.
folder 24+ Yummy Chicken Recipes for Cooking From Home
Chicken is the best source of protiens and other important vitamins. Find the 25+ best chicken recipes to cook from home to serve your family.
folder 25 Easy Dessert Recipes - Delicious Ideas to Cook from Home
Impress your fellows by cooking the most delicious dessert recipes in your home. Desserts occupies an important position in every occassions and festivals.
folder 24+ Breakfast Recipes: Easy to Cook, Quick and Healthy Food
Let's go through the top 25 Breakfast Recipes that can be cooked easily from home. Easy to cook and healthy morning food will make your day more productive
folder 28+ Best Mushroom Recipes Under 10 - 20Mins Cooking Time
Mushrooms are an amazing veggie with full of vitamins and minerals. Lets find the best Mushroom Recipes which you can cook from home and serve a delicious meal.
folder 15 Chicken Biryani Recipe | How to Cook Delicious Biryanis in Home?
Biryani is a most delicious food loved by most of the people. Find out 25+ top best biryani recipe to cook in your home and tasty, yummy home-made Biryani.
folder 3 Easy Egg Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - Cooking Ideas
Find the best compilation of Easy and Best Egg Recipes to cook for your lunch, dinner and breakfast. There are a number of reasons why people love eggs.
folder 18 Easy to Cook Idli Recipes: 18+ Best South Indian Idlis to Taste
The Idli cooked with steam is the most nutritrious food for all people. Find the list of 18+ best delicious Idli Recipes to cook from your home.
folder 3 Delicious Easy Homemade Pizza Recipes for beginners
Pizza Dough which is essential for cooking Pizza Recipes begins with a great pizza crust. Learn how to cook mouth-watering pizza's from home
folder 10+ Best Fried Rice Recipes - How to Cook a Perfect Fried Rice?
Find the list of best fried rice recipes to cook from home and serve your family the most delicious food. This is the most favorite of many people in India.
folder 25 Mouth-Watering Mutton Recipes - Mutton Gravy, Spicy, Yummy
We bring you the tastiest and yummy mutton recipes to cook in your home. Serve your family a hot and spicy mutton gravy with a good meal.
folder 2 Best home made fish recipes - Spicy fish recipes at home
Whether its curry or fry, fish tastes its best at any form. Many people prefer fish fry rather than curry. Homemade fish recipes are better than from restaurants
folder 16 Yummy Pulao Recipes in Restaurant Style to Cook in Home
Pulao Recipes are made of a combination of rice, spices, and vegetables. Mostly liked by kids in Home. Learn how to cook restaurant-style Pulao in home.
folder 24 Smoothie Recipes: Rich and Healthy Breakfast Meal at Home
24 best and nutritious smoothie recipes to prepare from home for a healthy breakfast. Start your day by intaking right pack of nutrient-rich fruits.
folder 25 Easy to Cook Noodles Recipes at home - 20mins for 2 servings
Noodles recipes are the best and quickest dinner ideas during busy nights and weekdays. Learn how to prepare healthy and delicious noodles at home.
folder 23 Best Potato Recipes - Spicy Dinner Meals with Cripsy Garlic Potatoes
Add some richness to your dinner by adding spicy potato recipes. Find our richest 25+ best potato recipes that can easily be cooked in the home.
folder 24 Palak Recipes, Indian Spinach based recipe
Now, let's learn how to cook Palak Recipes which is a famous north Indian Recipe. This food is prepared with steamed rice and fried papads
folder 24+ Easy Soup Recipes to Make a Good Soup for your Meal
Preparing soups at the home is a kind of enjoying the moment. Find our 25+ varieties of soup recipes and try to prepare some healthy soups in your home.
folder 12 Easy to Cook Cabbage Recipes for Roti and Rice
Cook a few delicious and yummy cabbage recipes from the various dishes listed here. Cabbage mixed with sprouts, paneer will give a great taste
folder 25 Best collection of Indian Dal Recipes - Popular Recipes
Dal Recipes are one of India's most and easy to make food from home. This dish almost occupies every home dining table both in the lunch and the dinner
folder 20+ Healthy and Quick lunch recipes for a healthy meal
A lunch meal is an important meal of the day. Learn how to cook a variety of lunch recipes for your family or at the office. Prepare a healthy lunch meallunch recipes
folder 25 Delicious and Easy to Cook Chutney Recipes for Idli/Dosa
n our site, you will find a variety of chutney recipes to decorate your dining table. Find our top 50 healthy and yummy chutney recipes to cook
folder 15+ Best Soya Chunks Recipes to Prepare a Delicious Recipes!
Soya bean cooked with chilly and added with spices makes people love more. Find the list of wonderful mouth-watering soya chunks recipes cooks from home
folder 25 Spicy and Delicious Vada Recipes for Best Home Based tips!
Vadas are a crispy and fried snack that has its prime place in Indian cuisine. Prepare a variety of yummy vada recipes to add more spicy to your meal.
folder 13 Brinjal Recipes: How to Make Delicious Brinjal Curry?
Find the best collection of easy and delicious brinjal recipes. Brinjal is a healthy and nutritious vegetable that can be cooked from home
folder 11 Beetroot Recipes: Collection of 12+ Best Dishes to Cook at Home
Beetroot plays an important role in maintaining good health for toddlers and kids. Find the various beetroot recipes for breakfast and dinner dishes
folder 16 Drumstick Recipes: Easy and Quick to Prepare Delicious Meal
Drumstick has its primary role in cooking delicious meals for lunch and dinner in many Indian households. Find the varieties that are easy to prepare
folder 14 Ladies Finger Recipes | Tasty and Yummy Bhindi Recipes
Ladies finger is also known as okra has a lot of medical benefits for kids. Learn how to cook the healthiest ladies finger recipes for your meal.
folder 25+ Delicious Vegetable Recipes - Easy to Prepare from Home
We have listed a lot of yummy and tasty vegetable recipes. Prepare a delicious food at your home using the ideas from these recipes listed on our site.
folder 23 Yummy Curry Recipes for a Delicious Dinner Meal at Home
We have created a lot of quick and easy to cook curry recipes. You can find some mouth-watering and lip-smacking recipes for your today's dinner.
folder 23+ Mango Recipes to Try in this Summer -Easy to Cook
Mangos occupy a prime place in summer and must-have a veggie. Find the collection of best mango recipes to transform your summer a delightful one.
folder 25 Fast Starter Recipes for Lunch and Dinner Meal
We have listed many different varieties of starter recipes. Prepare some delicious starters along with your meal to make your dinner or lunch richer.
folder 25 Easy Corn Recipes - Crispy and Masala Corn Recipes at Home
Prepare a crunchy and delicious dished using corn. Find the list of best corn recipes that will decorate your dinner and breakfast with health.
folder 22 Healthy Breakfast Recipes: Keep Yourself Fresh All Day
We have a great collection of easy to cook healthy breakfast recipes for your busiest mornings. Prepare these recipes from home and make yourself healthier.
folder 17+ Super Refreshing Beverages - Hot and Cold Beverage Recipes
A beverage is something that refreshes our mind. It can be either cold or hot, it is all enough for a happy refreshing day. How to make milkshakes at home?
folder 20 simple and tasty dinner recipes - Easy dinner recipes
Preparing dinner is the toughest job for everyone especially on a busy day. Here are some easy and simple dinner recipes that can save your day deliciously
folder 18+ Healthy salad recipes - Vegetable and chicken salad recipes
Salads are a healthy combo of fruits, vegetables, green leaves or any meat of their own choices. They are the best meals for people who need to stay healthy
folder 20+ Healthy Roti Recipes: How to Make Better Rotis From Home?
Rotis made from whole wheat flour consists of many essential vitamins. Learn to prepare roti recipes from your home following our collections
folder 20 crispy and mouth watering dosa recipes - Instant dosa recipes
Dosa is a typical south Indian food which is served along with chutney and sambar. Instant dosa is a life saving recipe which can be made in a few minutes
folder 20 Best sandwich recipes - Healthy and tasty sandwich recipes
Sandwiches are the best food to start our day with a healthy breakfast. Any stuffing can be used to make sandwiches whether its spicy, sweet or neutral taste
folder Best 15+ MilkShake Recipes to Prepare Mouth Watering Drinks
We have created a list of many different types of milkshake recipes using various ingredients like chocolate, banana and strawberry flavors.
folder 15 Healthy and instant oats recipes - rolled oats recipes
Oats are a healthy option for people who are diabetic and it is a best food for people who want to lose their weight. It makes us feel full for a longer time
folder How to Cook Restaurant Style Bottle Gourd Recipes in Home?
Bottle gourd also is known as sorakkai in Tamil has a lot of vitamins. Learn how to cook a healthy bottle gourd recipes in your home to serve your family.
folder 17+ tasty and healthy cauliflower recipes - simple cauliflower recipes
Cauliflower recipes are very simple to make. They are a very delicious vegetable. They are rich in fiber and hence considered as a diet food for weight loss
folder Milk Recipes for a Healthy Meal Intake: 25 Easy to Prepare
There are many different types of dishes can be easily cooked with Milk. Find some famous milk recipes like strawberry milkshake, sour-milk cake, etc.
folder 13+ variety of sambar recipes - sambar recipe for rice
Sambar is a traditional south Indian food that is served along with rice, idli and dosa. Basic sambar recipe is prepared using toor dal and some veggies
folder 30+ Quick Healthy Dinner Recipes that are Easy to Cook
Discover the best, quick and easy to cook healthy dinner recipes from home. We have a great collection of healthy dishes for a healthy dinner
folder Instant of Best and Delicious Home Based 15+ Rava Recipes
Rava is one of the prominent eatables in Indian Cuisine. Find the variety of Rava recipes like halwa, kheer, upma which can be easily prepared from home.
folder 4 Tasty Momos Recipes- Easy Way of Making Momos Recipes
Momos is a traditional food of many countries. During monsoon seasons, momos recipes along with its chutney is considered as a divine food or snacks.
folder Microwave Recipes: 13 Quick and Simple Easy to Cook Recipes
We have listed some of the healthy microwave recipes. These dishes are very easy to cook from home and quickly serve your family delicious and healthy food
folder Tomato Recipes: 15+ Easy to Cook and Healthy Dishes using Tomato
Tomato is the best fruit for all kinds of a healthy dish. Prepare some of the healthy tomato recipes like from pasta to salads to salsas in your home
folder Variety Rice Recipes: A Collection of 25 Indian Rice Recipes
Discover the most popular collection of 30+ Indian Variety Rice Recipes for you to cook. Some common recipes are lemon rice, tomato rice, etc.
folder Ever Green Peas Recipes: 16 Dish Cook Restaurant Style
Find some great varieties of green peas recipes and cook restaurant-style green peas masalas in your home. Serve your family a mouth-watering dish.
folder 18+ Delicious Coconut recipes using Fresh and Dry Coconuts
Coconut is a sweet, fleshy tropical fruit that is being used to cook a variety of dishes. Find some healthy coconut recipes to cook from your home
folder Carrot Recipes: 15+ Healthy Dishes Cooked Carrots with Love
Here, we have shared multiple varieties of carrot recipes for a healthy serving. Add some richness to your every day with a nutritious vegetable with carrot
folder 8 Healthy millet recipes - Best ways to cook millets in tasty method
Millets are a really healthy ingredient that everyone must include in their diets. It can be prepared as porridge, dosa, idli, sweets and many different recipes
folder 4+ Homemade cookies recipes - Perfect cookies for best snacking
Cookies are the best snacks that most of the kids love. Cookies dipped in hot milk are a real bliss. It can be easily prepared at home within a few minutes of time
folder Spicy and Yummy Maggi Recipes - Best Maggi Recipes
Maggi recipes is a favourite food recipe of many kids and adults. It can be cooked under 10 minutes with many variations. It is very tasty and has yummy.
folder 4 Best snack recipes - Easy way of making snacks
Whether it's morning or evening, craving for snacks always makes us search in the kitchen. Making a healthy and yummy snack at home is a challenging task
folder 5 Lovely and Yummy Ice Cream Recipes - Best Home Made Recipes
Ice cream recipes is the best way to relax the mind.The chillness and the texture is all enough to lit up moods. Everyone love this ice cream recipes .
folder 2 Delicious rajma recipes - Best side dish for chapati/rice
Rajma is a popular curry/gravy dish of north India. It is served along with rice, roti / chapati. Rajma has high nutritional values and is good for health
folder 25 Yummy Sweet Recipes for Festivals and Family Functions
Prepare some delicious and tasty sweet recipes from home during festive seasons. A variety of recipes is listed with step by step photos and videos
folder 25 Homemade Cake Recipes, Make Your Weekend Tasty
Check our grand collection of tasty and lip-smacking homemade cake recipes. Prepare cakes from your home and serve your family during weekends.
folder 8 Tasty and Healthy Pongal Recipes - Best Breakfast Recipe
Pongal recipes is a south Indian breakfast recipe. It is typically served along with sambar, chutney and urad dal vada. It can be prepared easily at home.
folder 10+ Manchurian Recipes: How to Make Manchurian Balls From Home?
Manchurian Recipes are cooked by adding the spicy sauce. Find the different varieties of Manchurian recipes to serve your next meal with richness.
folder 17+ Raita Recipes to Cook for Enhancing Richness to your Biryani
Preparing Raita can be a wonderful work, and it will add more richness to the biryani. Find a collection of delicious raita recipes for your next meal.
folder 150+ Delicious and Mouth watering Non veg Recipes in India
Find the collection of best non veg recipes in India. We have listed a lot of various types of non veg dishes collected from various parts of our country
folder 9 Yummy and Mouth Watering Beef Recipes - Best Beef Recipes
Beef is the meat of cattles and is eaten by people all around the world. It is very healthy and a good source of iron. Beef recipes can be prepared as gravy
folder Best Navratri Recipes - Sweet and Snack Recipes for Navratri
Navratri is a famous Indian festival. On navratri days, every evening, some divine sweet navratri recipes are prepared and distributed for devotees.
folder 7 Tangy and Spicy Pickle Recipes - Best Variety of Pickles
Pickles are the best combination to eat with rice or chapati. On some lazy days, definitely the stored pickle recipes will give us a hand to eat tasty food.
folder 6 Best Buttermilk Recipes - Tasty and Healthy Buttermilk Recipes
Butter milk is prepared from curd. It is a healthier option to maintain a good body temperature. There are many versions of buttermilk recipes.
folder 11 Best Bitter Gourd Recipes - Tasty and Healthy Bitter Gourd Recipes
Because of its veg taste, many people avoid bitter gourd recipes from their food menu. But it is a healthy vegetable which can be prepared into tasty dish.Bitter Gourd Recipes
folder 15+ Healthy Baingan Recipes - Best Tasty Baingan Recipes
Baingan is one of the best ingredients for vegetable lovers. When roasted in flame with a dash of oil, salt and pepper, baingan recipes tastes its best
folder Best Sweet and Snack Recipes for Diwali - Diwali Recipes
Diwali is a festival of lights and is celebrated by exchanging sweets with family, friends and neighbours. There are many homemade diwali recipes.
folder 10 Cheese Recipes - Yummy and Tasty Cheese Recipes
Cheese is a healthy and tasty ingredient that can be sprinkled or stuffed in many food recipes. Mozzarella cheese recipes melts better than other cheeses.
folder Vermicelli Sweet and Spicy Recipes - Best Vermicelli Recipes
Vermicelli recipes is a fantastic ingredient that can be used for making kheer, upma and many more recipes. It is mostly used after roasting in ghee or oil
folder Yummy and Tasty Methi Recipes - Best Healthy Methi Recipes
Methi is a healthy green leafy vegetable which is also a tasty ingredient in most of the Indian methi recipes. It tastes slightly bitter but delicious
folder Best veg recipes for vegan lovers - Simple veg recipes
Vegetarian foods are loved by people all around the world. Even non veg lovers prefer veg foods when they crave for simple and healthy foods
folder 16 Best tasty and healthy capsicum recipes
Capsicum is a green vegetable that is added in most of the Indian and continental recipes. Chinese cuisines are incomplete without adding capsicums
folder 4 Best Indian street food recipes - Homemade Street foods
Street foods are famous in many countries of the world. Indian street foods consist of many flavourful ingredients and taste excellent
folder Coconut Milk Recipes: 4+ Easy to Cook Coconut Based Dishes
Follow our simple and easy to cook coconut milk recipes and prepare tasty, creamy dishes to add some richness to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner
folder 20 super delicious banana recipes - best recipes with banana
Bananas are used in many Indian and continental recipes as a major ingredient. Best recipes using ripe bananas are here which are very healthy and tasty
folder Best chaat recipes - Spicy, sweet and tangy chaat recipes
Chaat is a famous north Indian snack recipe. It can be served hot or cold as preferred. It tastes sweet, spicy and tangy all together
folder 2 Easy and tasty kofta recipes - Best kofta recipes
Kofta is a meat or vegetable ball that is fried in oil and added in gravy or curry of our choice. It is served along with chapati, roti and rice
folder 7 Easy Baking Recipes: How to Prepare Cakes, Buns From Home?
Everyone loves to eat cakes, buns, sponge cookies. Learn how to prepare baking recipes from home using our simple step by step preparation methods.
folder 25 Indian Sabzi Recipes: Quick and Easy Sabzi Dishes to Cook
Discover the mouth-watering and delicious Indian Sabzi Recipes. Easy to cook under 30 minutes with ingredients list and step by step procedures.
folder 25 Tasty And Healthy Lunch Box Recipes For Your Kids
Prepare a tasty lunch for your kids by following our variety of lunch box recipes. These recipes listed here are very good in taste and healthy.
folder 10+ Mouth Watering Rasam Recipes - Variety of Rasam
Rasam recipes is a typical south Indian recipe which is served along with rice. Rasam can be prepared in many versions and it is very tasty recipes.
folder 19 Rice Recipes - Best of Variety Rice Recipes Learn Here
Rice is a main ingredient used in many of the Indian and Continental recipes. Rice recipes can be used to make a variety of mouth watering delicious dishes.
folder 24 Tasty and Healthy Breakfast Dishes: Recipes For Kids
Prepare tasty recipes for kids by following our variety of delicious recipes. These recipes listed here are very good in taste and healthy dish.